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Some games are more valuable than others, and Mario Kart 64 takes the crown for the highest value. Who are you gonna call? The appraiser, of course! If you have one of these Ghostbusters toys then you might be in for an early payday. Today, Ghostbusters films are still going strong with a new one as recent as A chance to pick up more toys! As well as toys, there were merchandise, hats, t-shirts, mugs, and action figures.

No wonder they keep creating more dinos in the lab! Look out for the Carnotaurus, Gallimimus and the T-Rex. Furbys were electronic toys which boasted their own language, much to the annoyance of parents everywhere. Their gibberish was screamed across the room and their eyes rolled around — bizarrely becoming one of the biggest toys of the s. In the s there were million little ponies sold in the US, which is absolutely mental.

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From , they became an instant hit for young girls with their magical and colorful designs. Even today their popularity is still going strong. Make sure you still have some of the original packaging and treat yourself to a high reward! For now, nostalgic players will be able to remember this game as one of its best. I Joe has always been a popular toy among s kids, and he often came with many accessories. One piece of merchandise was particularly desirable: the battle tank. Parents everywhere tried to get their kids this piece of army action. Remember, it should probably be kept in its original boxes and mint condition.

If you played with one of these, you might be in for a treat! Everyone loved these cartoon characters in the s.

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Well, if you had the toys back then, you might like them a little more! No need to rely on pristine condition: get selling today! Talk about a strong return on investment! We like those odds. For most, the Sega Genesis was the first video game console they ever had. Special shout out to Sonic the Hedgehog — the game that kept kids busy for hours after school each day. This is one of the rarest games that belong to the PlayStation from the early s. Because of the attack, the distribution was restricted and only a number of copies went for sale.

The reason it was restricted is that it features an American flag getting burnt in the game. This, rightly, was deemed inappropriate and its sales suffered.

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Do you have a copy lying around? The rivalry between these two companies divided kids in the playground for years, with these players enjoying Mario games and Zelda. Tetris, anyone? In the s, every kid had their favorite Power Ranger. By , the franchise was still going strong and the toys back then are worth a mighty amount today. Unfortunately, the reboot failed to attract the same attention. Yu-Gi-Oh was never as popular as its rival, Pokemon, but it still left a deep hole in pop culture. Do you have any Yu-Gi-Oh cards lying around at home? Well, it appears people are willing to cash in on the nostalgia.

Alongside celebrities, people will also bid for cartoon characters from popular shows in the s. This figurine will bring you quite the profit if you still have it in its original box. The Masters of the Universe franchise was in full force in the s and everyone had a He-Man toy.

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If you have one still in condition, you might want to hold on to it — these will only rise in value. This teddy from was a dream for parents who could press play on pre-recorded messages sung from the bear. Each night, children would fall asleep to the words of a bear while the parents could blissfully relax in the other room away from their children.

These things were taken off the shelves in but not before they gained a cult following. Today, it is considered one of the most important and impactful pieces of literature from Latin America. Due to an initial misprint, there is an exclamation point where a period should be. Even though this was amended in later editions, the original typo can get you thousands! These little collectibles were popular in the s and s among young girls everywhere. Kids could purchase different themes — such as princess, mermaid, or more — and set them on display. Good news for hoarders: if you held on to the entire sets for all these years you could be in for a financial treat.

He captured the hearts and minds of millions of kids around the world who played with their merchandise at home. Today, one particular toy could make you a fortune. These once-niche toys from the s have reentered the mainstream culture ever since the revival of the franchise from film director Michael Bay. With approximately 58 films made since the early s, toy owners are enjoying a jump in value for the original toys. Well into the 21st-century people are still enjoying their new sets and films.

These soft, round-faced sculpted baby dolls entered US markets in and were hugely popular at the time. If you held on to yours, you might be able to be rewarded for it. Many people will remember He-Man — the popular comic book character who was made a television star in the s. Once he became the go-to show, naturally kids wanted merchandise. The Eternia playset was part of the He-Man universe and can with a few additional characters that children could play with after they watched their show. Parents hated Tamagotchis due to the incessant care and attention they required at practically all times.

Invariably, children got bored of the adult responsibilities after a few days and so it was up to them to keep it alive. Weirdly, these things have made a comeback from their time in the s, even being cared for by Katy Perry. These models captured imaginations for years and are still popular today, even though interest among the masses has wained a bit.

Make sure to check all your cupboards and attics for these treasures! According to The Telegraph, investing in Lego is a safer bet than investing in gold! Since , the value of gold has increased by 4.

The building toys have found new popularity in recent years, so you might want to check your attics! Transformers merchandise has proved to be valuable for years after their purchase. Of course, it is even more valuable in its box untouched. But back in the day when people were less delicate, they were probably outside playing with this instead of keeping it in the box. The franchise entered pop culture in and has shown no signs of slowing down with new films, television shows, and comic books being made today. They were kept hidden for 40 years and have recently been made available to the public.

If you get your hands on one of these toys or bought one from before they were banned! Before Pokemon, before Tamagotchi, there were these adorable animals that kids would collect and keep on display. Each one had their own personalities and character traits, causing headaches for parents everywhere.

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In the s, Pound Puppies were all the rage. It turned into a successful TV show that ran for two years. Today, these Pound Puppies are worth a pretty penny. What are you waiting for? No need to paws and think about it! Many parents probably hated being forced to enter the American Girl store due to the excessive amount of collectible items from its catalog. One of these toys.

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Please note that the cape MUST be made of vinyl — this is what makes it so valuable! After , the vinyl material was changed to cloth. No one could have predicted in just how big the Harry Potter franchise would become. With countless reprints, movies, spin-offs, stage plays, and amusement parks, the 1st edition books are only rising in value.

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Did you ever read about the wizarding world? You might be in for a treat! These dolls were everywhere in the s due to the popular cartoon series between Kids everywhere were running to pick up their toys and playing in the garden. Make sure you explore your cupboards at home and see if there is one still in the box — you might just be able to buy yourself a vacation! These cuts and cuddly toys each have different patterns on their bellies, making them unique to each owner. Time to check out the storage cupboards….

Vinyl records appear to be enjoying a resurgence in popularity in recent years. What was once the only way to enjoy music at home is now just one way people are exploring new music tastes. You can thank your dad for collecting them in the s! There are many reasons for this, but fans of old music consider old vinyl records to be like first edition books. Somewhere, a VHS is jealous. Magic cards first started gaining popularity in the mids, and the game still has 12 million active players in the world today.

Everyone loves a comic book toy. And when you consider that everyone in the s loved Elastic Man, it makes sense to sell him as a Batman. Well, look no further! The Batman Mego Elastic doll was released in and was a constant hit throughout the s. Holy smokes, Batman!

A special first edition and signed! Today, the books are still popular. As of , the book sold 20 million copies. There is a special limited edition figurine that will have fans scrambling all over the world! The very first PEZ was made in in Austria. It was designed by people whose sole aim was to make a candy dispenser with sanitation in mind. You can put any character on top of their heads, making them incredibly popular and relevant for generations. If you have any of the old Atari games lying around at home, you might be unknowingly sitting on a goldmine.

However, like most things on this list, most of their value can be made when they are in their original packaging. Do you have any? For everyone who used to make fun of you and your stamp collection — it looks like you will have the last laugh! Some stamps, if kept unused and in good condition, can sell for thousands of dollars. If you ever want to buy a new house, you might want to consider selling your Pokemon cards!

She earns a steady income, something unimaginable in her native village, and can even send her children to decent schools. Far from being mired in hopeless poverty, Kibera is a community of strivers who have ingeniously created a life for themselves from the meanest of materials and opportunities. The community's residents have been told their eviction will be temporary and they will be able to come back to the area and live in the new housing.

But they have good reason to distrust the government. Similar projects have resulted in housing being expropriated by government officials and their allies -- in one case, by the president's wife, according to Adhiambo -- and sold on the open market for inflated profits. Adhiambo, her husband, Fred, and her neighbors organize to stop the demolition. For the government and the United Nations, the Kiberans' resistance is misguided. After all, says the United Nations' Candiracci, "You need to have a big project to have a big impact.

Burgess touts the project's ability to create employment, build modern infrastructure and ensure food security in the area. But Dominion's indigenous neighbors don't see poverty being solved; they see quite the opposite. Farmer and schoolteacher Jackson Omondi and his family have flourished in the area for generations by growing crops and grazing cattle in the fertile wetland. Refusing to abandon his property, Omondi begins organizing his community, writing letters, holding meetings and staging protests. Good Fortune 's behind-the-scenes account of the struggles by Adhiambo, Omondi and their communities to protect their livelihoods, and the very mixed results they achieve, serve as a dramatic wake-up call to the international development community and its allies in local governments.

No longer can poor people be seen as passive recipients of international aid programs -- and the political and economic machinations that come with them. Good Fortune is a tragic, heartening, infuriating and revelatory report from the poor people's side of the global development struggle.