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While the world seems to be tumbling further into an abyss of politics and conflict, millions of people are turning to mobile gaming for an escape from reality. Just months after band released its 16th studio record, The Book of Souls , and embarked on a global tour, fans now have the Maiden experience at their fingertips. The game, conceptualized by a Vancouver based mobile gaming company called Roadhouse Interactive, is available now for free.

But a lot has changed in the world of gaming since the guys put out the computer game, and Roadhouse knew they needed it to be modern, and accessible to a global audience. It transports you through time and space in the discography and realms inside the world of Iron Maiden. Game Director Hamish Millar, who formerly practiced law in Australia, has come a long way from property transactions. We spoke to Millar about how he and his team created the alternative universes in which Eddie roams and battles.

Noisey: Can you give me some background on how this game came together? He had an opportunity to pitch them on the game. Do you think that was a reservation? I mean, they did do the Ed-Hunter game… That was really innovative at the time, so that was pretty risky too. I think that the caution is definitely around quality, if you look at some of other bands and their brand extensions, they have compromised. Although, Bruce Dickenson has a huge passion for war-gaming. The band came to visit the studio, so we hung out with them and walked them through the game.

You have songs coming from different albums, crossing time periods, they have characters that they continually go back and refer to. It was a huge privilege for us to have so much content to then go and interpret in the form of the video game. Is that challenging or helpful because of fan expectations? Part of that is there is such mystery and that gives us lots of flexibility in terms of how we want to implement some of it into the game.

A lot of band inspired apps and games tend to suck. This is an RPG style game right?

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About a year and a half and over 30 people. Core gameplay, think of a drastic evolution of the old Final Fantasy games, but free to play and operating as a live service. Beast of a light for Iron Maiden Tallinn. More press releases. June 27, Set the perfect look and feel in your room with new Philips Hue with Bluetooth. June 26, Find your workspace through connected lighting. All press releases. We'd love to hear from you. Contact us. The Ice Conduit had recovered from the blast, blinking in an icy mist next to Cole. So he used one last power. One way time travel. He could… transfer his memories to anyone through contact.

Kuo's mind was flooded with Kessler memories, or at least the relevant ones. Breaking free, Kuo backpedalled and screamed at Cole.

37 Years Ago: Iron Maiden Unleash ‘The Number of the Beast’

That was one way travel! You'd leave me to fight non-Conduits in this reality. I am The Beast! Controlling himself, Cole's voice softened. With the parting words, Cole flared up his power.

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The cathedral cracked and groaned under the pressure of Cole's power. The strain on Cole was greater though. He could feel himself and reality tearing apart as he focused all of his power into turning back time. And in a blast more devastating than the first, Cole MacGrath was gone. Weightlessness was all Cole felt as he opened his grey eyes. And a void greeted them. Instantly Cole realised something was wrong, his body ached and he did not find himself in New Marais or Empire City.

Looking round, all he saw was endless black, except for one, fiery figure. You died when you gave me your powers. I just felt like lightening the mood. Grey and crimson eyes stared at each other as John spoke once more. So what I do now may not have the… desired effects. Power surged between the two, giving them some time to say their goodbyes. Empire City's saviour was infuriated that John would just warp him without saying a proper goodbye. Rage did not last in Cole's system for long, because rather than the bustling Empire City, he was towered over by trees. Something was horribly wrong, and it wasn't the splitting headache Cole received from no electricity sources nearby.

Not that Cole could complain about his surroundings, the forest was beautiful and calm.

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  • A nice change of scenery concrete and wires. Good things never last however, as gunshots rang out in the distance. A thunder storm eased Cole's aching as he sprinted into the field ahead. Yet Cole was not ready for what he saw. A woman wearing a white blouse with a brown vest, also she wore golden armoured, heeled boots. Suspending herself high in the sky, she summoned lightning just like his Ionic Storm.

    Two figures dodged each strike, moving adeptly beneath the girl. As the storm faded, Cole's headache returned, but he ignored it. More gunfire sounded from the figures below, yet the bullets hit nothing and were deflected. Is that woman a Conduit? Suddenly tree leaves rushed past Cole and circled the woman in the sky, freezing over with a wave of her hand.

    This girl is powerful! The frozen leaves rained down on the two figures, and should have cut them to shreds. Amazingly the two were relatively unharmed. And they were not alone. Sprinting down the path was a third assailant, clad in a red dress with two swords on her back.

    Iron Maiden - Children of the Damned

    Seeing a new enemy, the woman in the sky launched a fireball at her from thin air, adding pyrokinesis to her list of powers. This attack did very little as the crimson woman jumped over the ball and summoned shards of what seemed like glass. Returning the shards in similar fashion to the leaves, the crimson woman knocked the tanned woman from the sky, creating a small crater where she bounced off the soil.

    Recovering quickly, the tanned girl fended off her assailants in close combat with expertise, but Cole watched as the girl was hit by an explosion at her feet. Screaming in pain, the girl looked unhurt, but was visibly exhausted.

    Release date: 22nd March 1982

    Unable to watch any longer, Cole drew his Amp and sprinted to help the girl. He thought his help would be unnecessary as the girl surprised the trio with a blast of air. The grey-haired teen launched, mechanical feet first at the girl, only to be shocked with a lightning bolt. Turning, a fireball launched into the ground near the green-haired girl, which Cole thought was odd given the girl was clearly in front of her.

    Correcting her aim, the multi-powered girl hit her opponent dead on, knocking her down.