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Author Christophe Grenier. Read Open Access. Freemium Recommend to your library for acquisition. ISBN: DOI: Grenier, C. In Cormier-Salem, M. Grenier, Christophe. Cormier-Salem, Marie-Christine, et al.. New edition [online]. Cormier-Salem, M. Cormier-Salem, Marie-Christine, et al. Your e-mail has be sent. Size: small x px Medium x px Large x px. Catalogue Author s Publishers Selections Excerpts. IRD publications are aimed at a large audience research, training, education, political and community representatives keen to be informed about scientific issues on development and environment research, and their economical and social repercussions in southern countries.

Cloth cover, gilt title on front cover, dj. Large format: Published by the Northern Province of New Caledonia to celebrate the centenary of Japanese involvement in New Caledonia, first with indentured labour, nowadays as nickel-ore buyer. Pictorial card covers. They taught us to pray with closed eyes. When we re-opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible. Political deportees after the Paris' Commune Expulsion of Japanese settlers, after Pearl Harbour July edition.

The state of agriculture of New Caledonia: in graphs and tables. Imprimerie de Auguste Herissey. Marbled boards, cloth spine, gilt title on vignette on spine. Marbled endpapers. Ageing of paper, some foxing. Still a very good copy. Successive governors in Australia from Phillip to Brisbane and Darling. Ferguson: a. Based on the edition of Histoire des Colonies penales de l'Angleterre dans l'Australie Ferguson: Editions France-Empire. Soft cover, dj. Pages uncut, light foxing of edges. Bibliotheca Australiana No. Facsimile reprint of original. History of the navigations towards the Southern Lands.

Sold as a set. Volume 3, Decembre Tahiti et l'Occident Paris. Light foxing. History, discovery, daily life Editions Nemo. Historical novel.

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Pierre Tequi. Fp: L'Amiral Febvrier des Pointes. Institut d'Emission d'Outre-Mer. June Annual report for Population, Economy, Salaries, Welfare Industry, Mining French text.. Volume 1: 1st Ed. Text in French and English. Editions Ouest-France. Pictorial laminated stiff cover.

Dynamiques Economiques dans le Pacifique Paris. Tonga: cultural identity and trade, by Paul van der Grijp Government Printing Department. Eps: Map of French Polynesia. Traditional society, first contacts Spaniards, English , French colonization. Guide to each island of the Group. Editions le Motu. Editions Le Motu. Bilingual issue No. English translation by Anne Rocca. Editorial by J. Hyvert and preface by Tauhiti Nena.

English and French text. Independence or Kanaky, liberty or France?? April - October issue, bi-lingual edition. Texts in French and English. On the end of the airport's expansion and its official opening of April Editions Haere Po No Tahiti. Inside front cover: Map of French Polynesia with extinct or endangered birds. Oblong: 21 x Bulletin No.

French text with abstracts in English, French and Ma'ohi. Editorial by Pierre Alla. Signed and dated by Dorothy Shineberg on front endpaper. Librairie E. Brown cloth cover, gilt device on front and spine. On the French explorer Bougainville, his life and his circumnavigation. Thoughts on the discovery of France by Aotourou The myths of the noble savage. Editions Jean Picollec.

Editeur des Annales. Bound copy of the 2 volumes. Quarter bound, gilt title on spine. Signature of previous owner on front endpaper. Edition limited to copies. Volume 3 in Collection Elles. Fp in colour : Portrait of a Vahine by Michel de Lafargue. Pictorial soft cover with a few nicks.

Covers slightly soiled. Pages uncut. Very good copy. SEH publication No. A study of the traditional history of the island of Belep. The actual synthesis of the pre-European contact knowledge of the Isle of Pines. Editions Anthropos. XX, PP with 10 maps. Eps: Map of the New Pacific.

Hard cover, cloth spine, dj. From the trade of sea otter and beaver pelts bought from the Indians and sold to China, to the post Vietnam war era and the end of the Cold War. From Ocean to outer space, by Ben Finney Spices and sprays, a maritime history of the Pacific, by Serge Dunis Quest for identity in Australian literature Heritage Press. Dunmore Press. Hard cover, gilt title on spine, dj. Melbourne University Press. National Library of Australia. Facsimile edition, limited to numbered copies No. I: Facsimile edition of the original, published at Quimper in IV, 55 PP. Soft cover, medallion on front , slipcase.

Editions Orphie. Foreword by J. Name of previous owner on front endpaper. The London Missionary Society. Fp: The "Duff". Hard cover, illustrated front. Presentation plate on front endpaper. Front cover with a crease. Signature of previous owner, and date of purchase in Honiara at top of first page. Very faint foxing on outside edges. Rennellese or Bellonese and English text. Two Polynesian outliers South of the Solomon Islands.

Fp: 2 views of Fare at Huahine. Pages mostly uncut. Including descriptions of the natural history and scenery of the Islands- with remarks on the history, mythology, traditions, government, arts, manners, and customs of the inhabitants. Bernice P. Bishop Museum. Slight ageing of paper on outside edges. Charles Scribner's Sons.

Engraved cloth cover, slightly chipped dj. A very good copy. Settlement of Easter Island. Secretariat of the Pacific Community. New edition of Issue No. Texts in French some in Maohi and French. An anthology of texts on: Anthropology, Ethnology, History, Astronomy.. Editions J. Second part: A guide for the tourist, island by island. Tim et al. VI, 88 PP with 31 figures. Pictorial soft cover, spiral bound.

Oblong: 17 x Cultural identity and French Polynesia, by Louise Peltzer. Kanak cultural identity, by Octave Togna Presses Universitaires d'Aix Marseille. Issue , April Oblong French text English abstract for each paper. Includes: Women in the Australian circus, the changing patterns of female games in Tonga only text in English Nouvelles Editions Latines.

Many pages uncut. Pictorial card cover, dj. XXX, 2 , 34 PP 2 , plus 1 map, 1 drawing and 2 coloured engravings. The discovery of Tahiti in by a young apprentice attached to the Bougainville expedition. PP with tables and 3 figures. Opposition between the language spoken at home and in use at school.

Writing of the Reo Maohi in the Society Islands Editions Maisonneuve-Larose. Fiji Museum. Edited by Prof. Patrick NUNN. Emergence of the Fijian Identity, by Judith Croasdell. Folder containinig 8 sheets printed on recto only. Format - Sheet: Published at the time of an exhibition on the various faiths and ethnic groups in Fiji. Hibiscus festival. Hard cover, title in blind on front cover and spine, dj.

French texts with an English summary. Peter Brown Studio Magenta. French text English translation pages to Oblong: Pictorial discovery from the air, while travelling extensively through New Caledonia on board an ultra light. Stamp of previous owner on front endpaper. The changes which confronted Tahiti and its inhabitants in the 20th century.

Ryebuck Publications. Preface by David C. Rites, courtship, adult life, war, death Fp: The binding of Liliuokalani's Hawaii's Story. Title page: vignette Hawaiian coat of arms. Cloth cover, decorative vignette on front, gilt title on spine. Editions Eric Koehler. Title page: The Frog and the Manta Ray. Smithsonian Institution. April edition. VI, PP with 32 figures. Soft wrappers. Browning around edges, pages largely uncut.

Ex-library copy with 2 stamps on front cover. Fishes of the Philippines Seas and adjacent waters. Pierre Roger. Translated by Georges Feuilloy. The Friends of the Turnbull Library. Twentieth century whaling operations at Whangamumu and Campbell Island, by J. Murray-Oliver, Michael E. Hoare, Janet Davidson and David G. The Milton Collection, by K. Editions Otaha. New edition of the original, introduced, increased and illustrated by Daniel Margueron. Discreet stamp of previous owner at top of title page.

Archaeology in the New Hebrides Vanuatu. L'Harmattan 1st Ed. Preface by Jean-Jack Queyranne. Conseil Culturel National du Vanuatu. Editions du Cagou. Hard cover, gilt title on front cover and spine, dj. The voyages of Jules Garnier through New Caledonia, between and , where he studied mineral deposits and gave his name to the nickel ore Garnierite.

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An exceptionally good book. XII, 2 publications , 14, PP, 2 tables , plus 3 engravings. Some of them collected by Louise Michel in the s. The feast as a traditional bond: its history, its inner meaning and significance in communities throughout the Pacific. Stamps: images of a country.

Natural history: Gropers, Dugong, Gecko. Sport with the 12th South Pacific Games of Fiji Researches in the French speaking Pacific Natural history: Turtles, sperm whales. Painters: Adrien Trohmae. Sport with the 15th World championship of Hobie Cat Natural history: Dolphins, Sharks, Birds lorikeets Sixty years of Red Cross in New Caledonia. Natural history: endangered birds kagu, lorikeets Kanak heritage: Kanak music, Sculpture Volume , December Includes article from P. Volume I: , 2 PP with tables, maps, graphs. Volume II: , 4 PP with 6 maps and 24 tables. Volume II: Contemporary migrations in Oceania, lands of exile.

Girl Guides' Association, Fiji. Soft cover lightly soiled. Staples starting to rust. Cloth cover, gilt device New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands on front cover of each volume.

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Volumes contained in 2 slipcases. Top of slipcases and top corner of back cover of Volume I with old water marks. A near fine set. Pictorial history of New Caledonia. Vol I: Explorers, Missionaries and Settlers. Vol II: Military Governors: convicts, communists and early setllement. Vol III: Agricultural settlers and mining industry.

Hard cover, title on front board, dj. Entertaining book for would-be student or ethnologist, with lavish illustrations. Les Nouvelles Hebdo. Article pulled out from Weekly issue, No. Large formet: Selected Poems Canberra. Pandanus Books. Text of the poems in English and French. Fiji Ministry of Information. The Pacific. Folder with Masi design. Documentation used to promote the suggestion that Fiji be considered as the Headquarters for the International Seabed Authority. A rare document. Manners, Laws and Cloths of the people from New Caledonia.

The Century Co. Fp: Eruption of volcano on the island of Kyushu. Illustrated cloth cover. Book plate of previous owner on front endpaper. Historical and travel material. Discussion of native problems: personal and social. Discussion of the political problems involving Australasia, Asia and America. Editions de l' IRD. GEO 9 in the series. Le Rocher-a-la-Voile. Changes in Hawaii, by Huetz de Lemps Before geosymbols Tongoa , by Richard Bedford The link with land: questions about change, by Gerard R.

Circling the centre: the pursuit of an Australian Heartland, by Joe M. Foreword, Introduction and abstracts in English. Editions A. Eps: sketch map of French Polynesia. Fp: Rev. Thomas Haweis. Eps: Map of Central Pacific Archipelagoes. Spine of dust jacket slightly rubbed. Their impact on the political, social and religious life of the Pacific islanders. Essays in honour of H.

Maude Melbourne. Oxford University Press - 1st Ed. Fp: Picture of H. Stiff content page loosely inserted. Compagnie Coloniale des Iles Banks. Hard cover, gilt title on spine, fine dj. A near fine copy. Scarce in this condition. Adam and Charles Black. Fp: The Tropic Bird. Cloth cover. Hinges weak and with short tears.

Ageing of paper and light foxing. Signature and bookplates of previous owners on front endpapers. Voyage from Papeete to the Marquesas on Gauloise. To Fiji on the Taveuni. To Samoa The author, an anthropologist from the University of Kansas, lived there between December and November Hargreaves Company.

Top corner of front cover lightly rubbed. Oblong: 19 x Title page: Pitcairn Island. Hard cover, decorated front. John Murray. Maroon cloth cover with a few light marks, gilt title on spine. John Sands. Cloth cover, gilt title on front cover. XVI, 2 , PP with 7 maps, photos, and tables. Dedicatory note on title page, dated and signed by the author. Recent history and politics in the three French territories and in the Condominium of New Hebrides now Vanuatu.

Editions Catherine Ledru. Richard C. Little, Brown and Company. Special issue published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the voyage of the Kon Tiki raft between Peru and the Tuamotus.

Space and Time in the Voyages extraordinaires

Kon Tiki, Polynesia and archaeology, by Donald P. Kon Tiki and philately, by Christian Beslu University of Hawai'i Press. Cloth cover, gilt title on front cover and spine. Colonial Reports - Annual, No. Diseases in the New Hebrides, , by Dr. Vernon Davies, M. Foreign Office. Annual Series. The consular report on the Trade, Commerce and Agriculture for the year High Commissioner for the Western Pacific, August Introduction by Jimmie Rodgers. Author Imprimerie Saint-Joseph. Soft cover, dj chipped.

Signature of previous owner on FFEP. Includes a loosely inserted folded map of Tahiti 50cm x Fp: Oiseau des Iles goelette en rade de Papeete. Dedicatory note on front endpaper signed by the author. Linguistic Society of New Zealand. Spine lightly sunned. Editions Peeters. Volume 13 of Langues et Cultures du Pacifique series.

Fp: Photo of Maurice Mweaou. No pagination, 28 PP with colour illustrations by Isabelle Goulou. French and Iaai text. Translated by Martine Marin. Preface by Oskar H. Reprint of the French edition. Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Paperback edition, in Peoples of the World series. Another singular aspect of this work is its scope.

While not exhaustive, I have tried to provide at least snapshots of pre-modern images of India in France before focusing on the long nineteenth century. In terms of academics, this book rather ambitiously stretches from the Enlightenment to the early twentieth century. Another undertaking of this work is to compare the kinds of writing that described India across different academic fields like Indology, Sociology, Anthropology, Linguistics and Philology, and History and analyse whether the writings corresponded to field-specific models or whether they revealed consistent themes based on arguably external influences, such as France's colonial policy.

Admittedly, the material researched for this work was scholarly and primarily meant for an intellectual, even academic readership. Beyond a typical historian's fascination with obscure works, why should anyone care what kinds of images the French produced about India? Did it even matter? Here, I make my biggest gamble. I want to convince you about the importance of all these images. They did matter. They set the path for ordinary thousands, millions of Europeans, who knew nothing about India except what they were told in newspapers, entertainment and schools.

Particularly, in schools. Most Europeans, and in fact children of the Francophone world, encountered India first, as a distant country in their school textbooks. This is where they first learned of its existence and its history. This is where they formed their first opinion of India. Beyond France, histories of India in French school textbooks were taught all over the French colonial world, as well as in French-speaking countries like Belgium. The impact of these works reached far beyond the geographical confines of France. And these textbooks were hybrid accounts of all the various images of India that had been [Page xxxv] created in abstruse works on Indology, Sociology and the like.

PhD Thesis, University of Madras, I refer to India as the people who inhabit the South Asian region, comprising roughly the modern nations of India and Pakistan. This led to multiple definitions of India, each bounded by specific geographical, ideological, philosophical, and cultural agendas, each necessarily lacking in a holistic view of India. Priolkar Bombay: Bombay University, This is not to say that the French India posts have never seen any communal conflict.

However, the records of the Chaudrie, or local Tribunal courts would indicate that skirmishes between castes were more the rule. Religious conflicts, when they did occur, were often due to outside influence, and as such, the French administrators were not particularly concerned with the possibility of religious tensions between Hindus and Muslims. Narayani Gupta also notes that caste distinctions were emphasized in the Comptoirs while religion was the basis of distinction in British India.

Cited in Schwab, The Oriental Renaissance : Lang, Klincksieck, Edited by Catherine Weinberger-Thomas. Paris: Purusartha, Marseille: AGEP, He provides the example of Louis Renou. Inden criticizes this as being too reductionist in explaining the Indian within one single rubric or logic. In this book, I have examined the French intellectual elite's efforts in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to understand India, and the relationship of this endeavour to the creation of colonial knowledge.

From the early formulation of India as a great Brahminical civilization, then as the home of Buddhism to the home of the Aryans and finally the creation of a complex Hindu identity full of contradictions, simultaneously advanced and oppressive, the study of India in France during the nineteenth century proceeded side by side with French colonial expansion. Sometimes coincidentally, but more often not, India was used as an example to support the prevailing colonial ideologies of race, assimilation and association.

She was also an intrinsic part of the continuing national rivalry with England, at once an example of British self-centeredness and of the superior French colonizing mission. The work was inspired, in part, by the need for such an intellectual focus. While scholars have long paid attention to the literary and artistic impact which India has made upon France, 1 and more recently examined how the French popular press represented India, 2 the roots of this [Page ] familiarity with India, which lay with the Parisian school of Indology during the nineteenth century, have not been examined.

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In this book, I begin the task of recovering the image of India that French universities and research institutions created. According to S. Sen, French historical writing on European activities in India really started in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. However, I think Sen is mistaken in his analysis. Undoubtedly, a great burst of writing about colonies took place with the colonial expansion of Napoleon III and Jules Ferry, but a steady stream of writing from the eighteenth century characterized French images of India.

What distinguished nineteenth-century writing was its compartmen-talization into institutional forms;writing on colonies came to be demarcated into literary, historical, and Indological linguistic, philosophic, religious and cultural studies on India genres. Described as a religion which imbued its followers with a warlike, greedy quality, their narrative believed that Islam eventually destroyed ancient civilizations such as India.

This history was one in which a presumably superior Aryan race, intermarried with inferior races and thereby lost its superior qualities and indeed, lost its superior civilization. Unlike England, where Empire was pursued by merchants, industrialists and financiers, the French colonial enterprise was [Page ] taken up by geographers, journalists and intellectuals who saw Empire as a means to restore national pride after humiliating defeats to England and Germany during the course of the nineteenth century.

The colonial progress of France in the nineteenth century was very much reflected in the writings on India. The romanticism and military vainglory of the eighteenth century was present in most works of the period on India, which praised France for her efforts to understand and associate with such an ancient civilization. The Revolution was a huge break when France was too busy with her internal conflicts and the crushing colonial losses to England to pay much attention to her empire.

Colonial dreams, which were resurrected with Napoleon, soon died a quiet death. The Restoration government under Louis Philippe was as timid as the King himself. Having concluded several peace treaties with England which stripped France of her most lucrative colonial possessions, France was in no position to challenge England. Colonization proceeded sedately and unremarkably. The proclamation of the Second Republic in and the rise of Louis Napoleon once again fired France's colonial dreams.

The period saw the introduction of colonial policies of assimilation, followed in the s with the Third Republic and the stewardship of Jules Ferry in the s, with the policy of association, which proclaimed France's greatness and uniqueness as a colonial power and also her real desire to civilize her colonies.

The French colonial lobby pushed their spiritual and religious image of India in an attempt to challenge British dominance in India by pointing to the superior achievements of India in philosophy and intellect. German [Page ] Indological work, deeply influenced by France 7 presented India through a lens of Romanticism and spirituality, furthering this image. In addition, one has to remember that nineteenth-century Europe was still a land where French was spoken and understood more than English.

Therefore, the consumption and imagination of India on French terms was far stronger than the British representations of India even though Britain was well on her way to establishing her empire in India. In stark contrast to the image of British India suffering under constant famines, and back-breaking poverty, the French comptoirs were consistently represented as peaceful, content towns, sleepy little outposts of la plus grande France.

Simultaneously colonial leaders lost no opportunity to criticize British rule. The relationship between France and India was therefore not a simple imposition; if French was im ported into the Comptoirs, Sanskrit was ex ported, underlining the French desire to preserve the civilization of India. The notion that this civilization was as artificial and imposed, a construct of those in power, as the selfsame British, was not important to address.

Despite British territorial dominance in India, the conception of India as a land of spiritual and intellectual greatness was still strongly French and it continues to endure in Europe even today. This fact alone necessitates the study of how and why the French chose to involve themselves so closely with the study of India.

This book begins that fascinating journey into the politics of academic portrayals and their accuracy. Philips London, Revised edn. German Indologists were among the first foreign students of these French Indologists in the early nineteenth century and took back the ideological framework of Romantic thought in viewing India with them. Thereafter they continued to work with a strong Romantic current, which is reflected even today.

Edited by Rose Vincent Kailash Editions: : Mathew ed. French in India and Indian nationalism — Table A3: Articles on india by topic, Journal des savants , — Table A6 Comparison of article content among articles on india, Journal asiatique , — Most recently, she was a Lecturer at Morgan State University for 11 years. She currently serves on the Board of Editors for , after having served several years as Reviews Editor and List Editor. Mohan has published articles in , , and , as well as in edited anthologies of academic essays like. CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people.

Remember me? Back Institutional Login Please choose from an option shown below. Need help logging in? Click here. Don't have access? View purchasing options. Online ISBN: Online Publication Date: June 03, Print Purchase Options. Copy to Clipboard. List of Tables. List of Figures. List of Images. Exposition Coloniale 8. Gaebele Yvonne Robert. Pondichery : Imprimerie du gouvernement , Gaudart Edmond. Martineau Alfred ed. Bibiographie d'histoire coloniale: — Paris : E.

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VIAF ID: 64195351 (Personal)

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Dufrenoy L. Du Jarric Fr. Oxon : Routledge Curzon , reprint. Duruy Victor. Histoire de France. Histoire de l'Orient. Histoire des Temps Modernes depuir jusqu'a Paris : Librairie Hatchette , Eichoff F. The Muhammadan Period. Edited by Dowson John. London : Trubner Company , — Esquer A. Essai sur les castes dans l'Inde. Pondicherry , L'Inde perdue. Forces spirituelles de l'Orient. De La Flotte. Fontaine Maurices. Foucaux Philippe Edouard. Doctrine des bouddhistes sur le nirvana. Paris : Benjamin Duprat , Foucher Alfred. Paris : Payot , Tassy Garcin de. Labitte , 2. Gnanadicom F.

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New York : H. Fertig , The Land of Tawny Beasts.