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Yvain, le chevalier au lion by Anne-Marie Cadot-Colin

With the aid of Laudine's servant Lunete , Yvain wins his lady and marries her, but Gawain convinces him to leave Laudine behind to embark on chivalric adventure. Laudine assents but demands he return after one year.

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Yvain becomes so enthralled in his knightly exploits that he forgets to return to his wife within the allotted time, so she rejects him. Yvain goes mad with grief, is cured by a noblewoman, and decides to rediscover himself and find a way to win back Laudine. A lion he rescues from a dragon [1] proves to be a loyal companion and a symbol of knightly virtue, and helps him defeat both a mighty giant, three fierce knights, and two demons.

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After Yvain rescues Lunete from being burned at the stake, she helps Yvain win back his wife, who allows him to return, along with his lion. It survives in eight manuscripts and two fragments. It comprises 6, octosyllables in rhymed couplets. Hindman discusses these illustrations as reflecting the development of the role of the knight, or the youthful knight-errant , during the transitional period from the high to the late medieval period.

Jocelyn states that he rewrote the 'life' from an earlier Glasgow legend and an old Gaelic document, so that some elements of the story may originate in a British tradition. The name of the main character Yvain, at least, ultimately harks back to the name of the historical Owain mab Urien fl. Yvain had a huge impact on the literary world. German poet Hartmann von Aue used it as the basis for his masterpiece Iwein , and the author of Owain, or the Lady of the Fountain , one of the Welsh Romances included in the Mabinogion , recast the work back into its Welsh setting.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Arthurian Romances First ed. London: Penguin Classics.

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Yvain Le Chevalier Au Lion

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