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The setting should define the plot. Writers must spend plenty of time on world building. There are also plenty of sub-genres here. Speculative Fiction. These stories are created in worlds unlike our real world in certain important ways. This genre usually overlaps one or more of the following: science fiction, fantasy fiction, horror fiction, supernatural fiction, superhero fiction, utopian and dystopian fiction, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, and alternate history.

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This genre involves pursuit and escape. The threats to the protagonist can be physical or psychological, or both. Young Adult. YA novels feature diverse protagonists facing changes and challenges. There are many sub-genres in this category. Magic Realism. Magical events are part of ordinary life in this genre. The characters do not see them as abnormal or unusual. They are a natural part of the story.

One Hundred Years of Solitude is a classic in this genre. Literary Fiction. This genre focuses on the human condition and it is more concerned with the inner lives of characters and themes than plot. Changes In Genres With the advent of self-publishing and ebooks, these genre guidelines have become less strict.

My Very Own Scary Story Ideas for Writers to Develop

Posted on 15th January , views. Mark laughs at the story, not knowing his friends wouldnt see him for days. Until the 2nd to last story, of Gregory reading his story. Anyone who comes in is cursed by the libraryif take a book read it, whenver you die, by whatever the book decides sits well to your character your on a journey of your own, the moment you die, your in the book for another person.

Sealed and trapped in the library. Each has its own story, idea, and uniquiness creating many many many episodes. Not barely ever hear what happens to the first person or persons you meat early. Their for most part for future checkouts, in a purgatory, of their own, good or bad.

You hear a voice coming from the windpipe, it calls you to come downstairs, you are afraid that you hide in your covers, then the voice comes again, this time telling you to look at the door, so curious you do, a figure of something dark is standing, you hide in your covers, you think it is a dream, but wait, you have insomnia! I never liked working as a security guard in a mental institute, especially alone and at midnight to dawn, I work alone and the doctors helped me somewhat and comforted me by saying all patients are locked, and I should not worry about anything, I went to my office were a dozen of cameras lurked, I saw a face staring and smiling to the camera in the cellar, I froze, I decided to go investigate, but was interrupted by the man standing in front of door, he had a machatte and was covered with blood, he said, don't worry I don't bite,His eyes were all black and his fingers were rotten and blackened, he did not seem human.

I wake up to the sound of something breaking," not again"I thought, you see, my neighbor's dog likes to enter my house, and this neighbor cannot seem to control his dog, But after moments of breaking precious artifact, There was an eerie silence, not a single sound, I was so scared and frightened that I was too scared to open my door, I looked beneath my door, and to this tiny opening I saw feet, someone was standing infront of my door, I live alone, I gently opened the window and there was a crowd of people staring lifelessly at my house, I heard the door open.

Your same amazing story with some description, though I strongly believe yours was better. As I made my way through the misty road, returning home, I heard a knock, I thought it was just in my head but the voice sounded closer now, I heard my heart pounding, I shuddered with fear, cold and alone, fear made me run, I ran frantically and alas reached home, but that eerie feeling followed me, I summoned some courage and turned around, but only emptiness lurked, My heart still pounded, pounding like roaring thunder, I checked the laundry room, nothing was there only clothes washing, I've must have washed earlier, I went upstairs, headed to my room, and there was a man standing, with a dark grin etched on his face, his devilish looks frightened me, He walked towards me, Running for my life was i, only after some steps, tripped in the middle of the floor, At this time my heart was pounding so heavily it almost made my ears deaf, There I lied crying and pleading for mercy, crying, hoping it might go away, then I heard a voice asking "what is wrong?

Is this a good story? I went home… Hearing a knock, I thought it was just in my head I thought my heart was pounding, I ran ran and ran to home, I closed the door shut, afraid of what the next thing I would here, I was terrified, terrified to turn around. I got the courage to turn… nothing was there, I heard my heart pounding, like it was out of my chest.

How to Write Psychological Horror

I went upstairs to my room, I looked and there I saw, standing, was a man, he was walking… toward me then I heard the pounding again I knew I wa running for my life, so I ran, I ran, and tripped, right in the middle of the floor, the pounding was so loud it hurt my ear drums. I was sitting there panicking crying to myself over and over. It was a dream, one of the illusions I had….. I don't know but today, I saw my friend's drawing, she drew the thing, was it real? I love horror stories. They are my favorite types of books to read. One of my favorites is Frozen Charlotte. It is so good you should really read it.

This is cool text because at school we are writing a horror story and you gave me lots of information about the story. I have a story that made my arm hair stick up. My friend told me a story of how her Aunt asked her dying Mother, after she passes to come to her in her dreams so that she knows her Mother is in heaven and is happy.

Her dying Mother tells her she will come to her. After her passing the daughter waited and hoped to dream of her Mother but she never came, until one day years later she did come to her in her dream. Daughter was so happy to see her and ask her about heaven and it's wonders. The daughters asks "Mom are you happy is heaven beautiful?

Still gives me chills. Did you ever encounter it? The "it" that wears a black hood and a mask? The one who kills a part of your innocence each time you meet? I want to write a new short horror story, I have themes in my head, don't know which is better; Please don't copy.

A mother finds her 5-year-old daughter digging a hole, she hears a voice coming from it. Thankyou guy's soo much for giving me these ideas. I am writing an essay on a Gothic horror story and this helped soo much. The worst kind of scary stories is the ones without blood and Gore they have to have it or else people like me won't read them.

My story is called the green dragon, its about a girl who found a drogon necklace that can make dark wishes, and it never comes of. I have recently become very enticed in the horror genera. These ideas are very helpful to explore my own twisted imagination, and write it down. When I was six, I remember my mother hiring psychologists, trying to tell why was I talking to walls, but little did they know I was not talking to walls, but the figure that lived in it.

ME: Damn it why did they learn evil things from me. I don't talk about horror stuff anymore since my youngest brother in grade 3 starts talking about murdering people. I am a bad influence. The old serial killer story idea murdered me. What if someone s actually doing that I remember babysitting a child one day, and she like all children had dolls, but what was funny she named one girl doll jack, I asked if she wanted to play hide and seek, she agreed on one condition, Jack plays too, I did not mind, after all, my doll kitty was with me too when I was a child, I played and almost instantly I found her in the closet, I told her it was bed time, but she said the game was not over, Jack was yet to be found, i said it was enough and i would get in trouble if I let her stay up late, she started crying and said in a trembling voice if you do not find him, he finds you.

I went home after her parents came, and my front door was open and the lights were out, there was a note on the front porch,. Ahmed Hussein- When i opened the door to my room. I realized something odd. I left my doll on the chair with the rest of the dolls, but it had moved. I didn't know who did it because my parents weren't home. Suddenly, I felt a strange chill like if something was creeping up my back.

One of my dolls was missing. I ran to the kitchen and a knife was missing. Ellie dragged herself upstairs.

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She had just come home from the craggy, neglected church where her mother forced her to do voluntary work. As she heaved her heavy legs up the steep, dusty stairs and chucked off her chunky shoes, they smashed fiercely against the dense, plaster wall. When she turned on the light, her bedroom had never felt much like home. Her homemade chandelier glittered and created a cracked glass effect on the floor. The duvet, which was dark blue, was spilled on the ground and surrounded by pillows on the floor.

Ellie turned off her light and it made an unusually loud noise ; as if someone had just dropped a heavy book on the floor. Walking whilst on her phone, she sat on her bed and sighed. The bed sounded again. Ellie pulled on her duvet and shut her eyes tightly. A shuffling was heard on the floor.

In the corner on the room, a spark of light appeared and a high pitched, quiet noise arose. What was it? Shortly after, a long, winding shadow poured down the stairs. It looked like a cadaverous, gaunt, human-like branch which slowly snaked along the hallway. When it moved, it sounded bizarrely similar to the creaking bed.

The wind whistled and the curtains attacked the room. A long figure spiralled onto the 2nd floor and stuck out its long, cruddy, as sharp as blade nails. She lay, unconscious, covered up in her thick ocean coloured quilt.

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All of a sudden the elongated, devilish shadow fell upon her. Ghost hunting teenagers,hunted house near graveyard oujia board gone wrong, 7 teens come 3 come out. See of remaining comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. HubPages Inc, a part of Maven Inc. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.

To provide a better website experience, hobbylark. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. My Very Own Scary Story Ideas for Writers to Develop I'm allowing people to see some of my horror story ideas in the hopes of motivating myself into developing some of my own story writing.

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The reasoning behind this is a little embarrassing, but since it bears on me deciding to write this article, here are some broad strokes of this tale: The creative bug didn't bite me until I was an adult. Horror Story Ideas As your grandfather lies on his deathbed, he tells you of a terrible crime he committed many years ago and got away with. He also tells you that his freedom was the result of a spell he performed and that you should expect a visit from a dark man. A hiker is trapped in a freak snowstorm but finds shelter in an old cave.

As the weeks pass, he grows hungry. Water is not a problem, but he is a meat eater and he begins to look at his lower leg. A small child begins to take a huge interest in horror films. He begins to experiment with small animals, but eventually decides to graduate on to humans. His only decision is to focus on adults or other children. He then begins to sneak out at night on a regular basis.

Horror Writing Prompts

An old serial killer is suffering from the equivalent of writer's block and has not killed in three years. You are invited to a swanky party full of rich and boring people. To amuse yourself, you ask someone a rather innocent, hypothetical question, "Do you know what it's like to kill a person?

Short Horror Story Ideas that Focus on Creatures and Monsters Larry is a necrophiliac and often visits old cemeteries at night to indulge in his hobby. Imagine his surprise after spending hours digging through rooted ground at hearing sounds coming from inside a casket. Larry smiles. There is an old legend about the land the Preston family just purchased at a rock bottom price. The family that used to live in the city is going to find out that they definitely need to do research before buying real estate in the country for a price that is too good to believe.

A person visits the same spot in the forest every night for the past five months He or she always stays until dawn until he has to get ready to go to work. He had heard a rumor that the forest was inhabited by some sort of monster. Tonight, he'll find out that the rumors are true. Ricky has been given the OK to get a pet dog and, despite looking all day, he just couldn't find the one he wanted.

They were heading home when they saw someone putting out a "dog for sale" sign at a house. The boy falls in love with the animal and convinces his parents to purchase it despite their reservations. So, what were the parents nervous about? They had never seen a dog that stood so tall, with solid red eyes, even though they were assured by the owner that these were just medical oddities. Emily knew the risks of calling forth such ancient creatures for simple favors, but she just had to make Josh love her.

Nothing else was more important. She had done everything the book said to do down, down to the last detail, and felt confident her spell would be successful. It's a shame that she didn't realize the typo on the word "tree. After all, she had one when she was little was fine. Tom was a little worried about him talking to nothing all the time, but she wasn't. She picked up his clothes and headed to his room; the door was closed, as usual.

She opened it just in time to see a checker piece move across the board. As the spirit sat and watched the girl on the other side of the mirror, he felt such sadness. Despite being dead for only a short time, it felt like an eternity. He watched his wife with loving eyes and watched as she put the gun into her mouth. Ouija boards are tricky contraptions. Even the most seasoned demonologist will tell you to treat them with extreme caution.

Or sign up for our daily email and get a daily dose of Open Culture in your inbox. We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. To support Open Culture's continued operation, please consider making a donation. We thank you! I love you Mr. King I am your constant reader!!! I have all your books my daughter and brother are constant reader er too. My brother is an artist he painted bother it. Hi mr king Along time ago you answered a question.. I still have not tackled my story yet but I know I must do it..

I do want to thank you for answering my question and for all the interesting nightmares you wove so intricately in my dreams After reading some of your books. They fed my imagination. Thank you.. Used to think he was a good writer.. Now I see how childish he really is. He can join the rest of the mob of progressives that have infected Hollyweird, that I totally ignore now. Movies today are nothing but propaganda vehicles.. They have ruined not only movies but comedy, so called journalism, and definitely the music industry.

Trump is a breath of fresh air, but he would have to be Hercules to hold back the army of perverts that are assaulting this great nation. Midterms are coming! Prepare yourselves for more disappointment, Progressive morons. It will get ugly. While Mr. King aptly and poignantly makes a great point about use of adverbs, and there are some great points about the passive voice made by Mr.

As one example of how that comes across as amateurish, see: Mr.

Horror Writing Prompts: 77 Powerful Ideas To Inspire Your Fiction (Writer's Craft Book 25)

I mean, if those sorts of dull shills who buy into that crap dislike him so much, then I feel obliged to defend him. So, all hail the genius of Stephen King!!! Bravo, Steve! In other words, you misinterpreted what he was saying. I used to think that Steohen King was a great writer too. Ever notice how he overplays his hand, he goes on and on after the story already has lost its steam.

And if a writer really needs King to tell him to turn off the TV then hes not a writer anyway. Also when it comes to the horror genre there are plenty better writers out there , ones that dont steal their ideas from Matheson and Bradbury. Some sage, straight-forward advice on the craft of writing from one of my favorite authors of horror fiction! The opening line in the first of your stories that I read pulled me out away from shore, unmoored in the mist.

Later on, Sagas of the wasted lands and doorways that open and close. But I know there are other worlds than these…. Also, anyone familiar with Stephen King knows he primarily writes horror and so that is the audience he is addressing. You will probably find those comments more compatible to your liking. Great points! However, making money from my writing makes me a lot happier than not. Thank you S. King, I lost the ability to use my visual imagination when reading after a head injury.

Reading is always a strong foundation for much in life. And to the commenters throwing shade on Stephen King, consider this: with words alone, Stephen King has entertained, terrified, provoked, comforted, energized, inspired, and stimulated the minds of billions of people; introduced some of the most iconic characters, settings and stories in pop culture; provided the source for some of the greatest movies ever made; and influenced generations of writers, filmmakers, artists and thinkers all over the world.

Until then, take a seat. Talk about easy and predictable reading.