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5 Steps to Take Control of Your Career

This will give you confidence to take the next step. Build up small incremental successes that will provide you with positive reinforcement and propel you forward. Be honest with everyone around you about your feelings and ask for advice and guidance. Don't be too proud and bear all the weight yourself. The next couple of things will be difficult. Promise yourself that you will make every effort to improve your job, career and life. Hold yourself accountable to this promise. We tend to fall into patterns that we become comfortable and complacent with, even failure.

Set your sights on what you want to accomplish. Establish a timeline to do it.

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Then, every day relentlessly pursue your dreams. There will be more days than not when you want to lie in bed with the covers over your head. Push yourself to get up, get out of the house and attack the day. If you have faith in yourself and continue to try, you will ultimately succeed.

It may not happen today or tomorrow, but you will get to a place where you are happy and leading a meaningful and productive life. My advice is to look within yourself at every stage of your career, and at every important career decision. Are you making the decision based on something inside you that tells you it is the right move?

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Or are you being driven by the winds of fate or an overly aggressive PI? The first one is time. No one who learns to manage the clock will ever come out short on career opportunities. It is a vital aspect of success. And you are ultimately the only one who will decide how much time you are going to commit to each of your activities. The clock is completely yours. The best way to make the clock work for your career is to learn to focus your efforts on what is truly important, not just on those urgent tasks in front of you. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.

Secondly, we control our communication. I turned my early career around by being involved in Toastmasters International , an organization that helps members develop their public speaking skills. You can work on your communication to take charge of your career too.

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Finally, we control our commitments. But when you make a commitment, to your adviser or to a fellow student, live to fulfill that commitment. A mindset shift starts by asking yourself key questions and opening your mind to new possibilities. This means believing whatever you want is achievable, and envisioning yourself achieving success.

Ask yourself if you have total clarity on what you want. Are your goals clear?

Managing Your Career - 7 Tips to Taking Control

Are you living your life, or is your life living you? Are you actively working to obtain certain outcomes? These aren't easy questions to give honest answers to. Reflect honestly about how you're living your life and stepping toward what you really want.

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When I first had the opportunity to speak in front of a crowd, I loved it. I talked about how much I enjoyed speaking. Guess what happened? When people were looking for someone to speak at their next event, they asked me. When you know what you want and focus on it, talk about it, and put your energy toward it, you're more likely to achieve it. When you have clarity about your wants and goals, you don't get caught up in things that don't matter. You know your goals and you work towards them.

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Clarity and focus sculpt everything in your life. By taking a larger initiative and breaking it down into manageable steps, it's easier to work toward your goals.

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For example, I had friends that graduated college and bought brand new cars, even though their old cars still ran perfectly well. That's not the best way to hit financial goals. Clarity helps you avoid common pitfalls that distract from long-term goals. You don't have time for them.