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Or maybe, just go to the pub and talk to the bartender? It's much more inviting when a guy approaches a group of women with his own group of friends. The, "Who did you come here with? Here's a fun fact: women are not zebra and you are not a lion trying to get your prey alone so you can attack. And yet so many dudes are tempted to isolate a woman by dancing her away from her group of friends or grabbing her arm and leading her to a more secluded area to "talk.

One time he actually grabbed the girl by the arm so hard to get her to walk away and talk to him, her shoulder popped out of her socket. He dislocated her shoulder because as she tried to walk away, he jerked her back.

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Trying to put someone's shoulder back in the socket in the middle of some garbage Justin Bieber song playing —not fun. It's insane actually. Maybe just talking to the girl you're interested in AND her friends will be better for everyone. Do you refuse to take NO for an answer and think begging will eventually wear people down? This is called emotional manipulation and doesn't work in any scenario and makes everyone feel shitty. Don't beg her to take a shot with you.

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Don't beg her to dance with you, or beg her for her phone number. Learn to read the curve. If she says no, she means no. The most pathetic response I have ever seen inside a nightclub to a girl refusing a dude's advances is this one time when a guy asked her for repayment on all the drinks he bought her. He had been talking to and buying her drinks all night and when it came time to go home, she said she was not interested.

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The only reason I knew this situation happened was because the guy eventually came to me to complain about his time being wasted and demanded the bar stop "fraud" like this from happening. Some solitary bees have very advanced types of pollen carrying structures on their bodies. A very few species of solitary bees are being increasingly cultured for commercial pollination.

Oligolectic bees will visit multiple plants for nectar, but there are no bees which visit only one plant for nectar while also gathering pollen from many different sources. Image Source. More Fascinating Animals to Learn About. Parasitic Bees. Stingless Bees. Africanized Bees. Bumble Bees. Honey Bee Characteristics.

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Are stray dogs free? We look at cows looking at us looking at them. We pet kittens, adopt them fictionally. Our mascot is a wheat cracker, we named her Darwina, she hangs happily from the rear-view mirror. We drive drunk, too fast, or too slow. I went to visit his tomb as a teenager, my first and last fanaticism it seems, a harmless biographic hiccup.

Half-fanaticism admittedly.


In the formation of my young, incomplete memory the two women form one entity. Like one long space movie. Chantal and Agnes on the moon. Agnes and Chantal in a spaceship.