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June 09, Conveniences of the past are not the conveniences we rely on today. Surprisingly one of his most prized conveniences is keeping a journal, either on paper or digitally. Joining Joven is his cousin, Arjin Claire, reporter for Innovation Nation, where he chronicles innovations such as roller suitcases, metal water bottles, dishwashers, appliances, mobile phones, the internet, and the focus of his segment…food packaging. A fascinating portrayal of how far we have come with comfort and convenience!

May 26, Millennials to Boomers Celebrating Gifts of Positive Voices in a Changing Digital World is read and discussed with the takeaway that communication favors openness and honesty. Perhaps it is time to put less weight on digital mediums and savor the value of face-to-face conversations and interactions. Clarity and Innovation with guest Shawn Anderson. May 19, Young people are under a lot of pressure to choose their careers and determine what they want to do with their lives early on. Brigitte Jia and Kenneth Jeon tackle the subject of clarity with Brigitte expressing her struggles with her first year of college choices.

Shawn Anderson, Author, Speaker, and founder of The Extra Mile is the special guest who encourages us to not accept mediocrity and to not give up. How do you determine when you are going in the right direction? Clarity comes in the moment when you are honest with yourself. Open your eyes, ears, and heart. Be an ordinary extraordinary. Debuting today is reporter Arjin Claire with his segment Innovation Nation. Innovation is an essential part of our lives - from the simple toothpick to the technically amazing computer. Be clear and innovate! As a motivator, Shawn Anderson is the guy that walks the talk.

A business success, a 7-time best selling, "Motivational" and "Self-help" author, a world traveled adventurer who has pedaled the U. Shawn offers three Program Ideas to boost, inspire. Arjin Claire, an Express Yourself! His motto to school and life is May 12, Rachel Glass, one of the five original reporters that launched Express Yourself! She interviews literary agents, publishers, producers, and authors Bill and Gayle Gladstone discussing how books lead to increased awareness.

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If a person wants to write a book, they need to be disciplined, focused, want to do it for the right reasons. The desire to make money does not top the list whereas helping others and making a positive difference in the world is the priority. When we are present, being in the moment, we will begin to be more consciously and instinctively aware. Awareness is trusting ourselves with our innate intuition.

She also reads the insightful chapter she wrote on Self-Love. Bill Gladstone founded Waterside Productions, Inc. Gayle Gladstone is publisher of Waterside Productions Inc..

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Gayle is especially interested in raising awareness and helping people connect and find happiness so they can live lives of purpose and meaning helping others. Available at www. May 05, Brigitte is Back! The hosts believe that art is a way to examine human emotions and thoughts without being bound by physical or even conceptual restrictions. Both Brigitte and Kenneth are also musicians lending another nod to artistic endeavors and the value to individual joy. Brigitte and Kenneth are a dynamic duo of creative prowess!

Live your art! April 28, The more we appreciate the little things in life, the more big things will appear that enhance and empower us. All three books in the Be the Star You Are! He chronicles his grandparents immigrant story and how appreciative he is of their sacrifices. Kenneth then reads from the first book, Be the Star You Are! The take-away from this uplifting show is how powerful gratitude and appreciation are. Try it out. Give a compliment, smile more, write a letter, show your appreciation. April 21, Inside of a dog it's too dark to read. Companion dogs. The best non judgmental, good listeners after a tough day at the office, great motivators to humans to get up off the couch and go to the park!

Unleashing Your Dog builds on the latest research in canine science and provides many practical ways that allow dogs to exercise their senses, in addition to exercising their brains and their muscles. They bust the myths, provide the science, and most of all share the happiness and joy that a dog brings. Millennials to Boomers Celebrating Gifts of Positive Voices in a Changing Digital World to bring awareness about the importance of including animals in our lives.

If you are an animal lover, you will love this broadcast! Tune in to walk your paws! He is a former Guggenheim Fellow and has received the Exemplar Award for long-term contributions to the field of animal behavior from the Animal Behavior Society. He lives in Boulder, Colorado. More info at www. She has a Ph. More information at www. April 14, Growing up she listened to a diverse mix of music including: Aretha Franklin, Aaliyah, and Yemi Alade. March 31, Youth and mentoring…the two go together like bread and butter. I'll do me too". Szabo bridges the gap between dynamic club-ready sounds and chart-topping musicality.

He has valuable advice for young people just starting out and is a mentor to artists. Check out his tracks and start dancing! Each of his 3 singles have had over 1. March 24, Have you always dreamed about writing a book? Her main character, Ella is an ordinary teenage girl whose father just happens to be a rich and famous film director. Ella is miserable and life sucks. There are struggles and challenges along the way combined with surprises, rewards, and self-awareness.

Kenneth winds up this episode with a segment about screenwriting. Joven is also published and Kenneth is investigating the movie industry. These teens have bright futures! Write on! She has loved fairy tales ever since she was a little girl. With the help of her publishers Bill and Gayle Gladstone her dreams of becoming a published author have come true! Good for male and female alike. The Gift of Wings. March 17, Human potential stops at some point somewhere beyond infinity. Are you looking to spread your wings and fly? After reading her chapter, The Gift of Wings from the anthology, they discuss the power of faith, parenting, advice for teens, lessons learned, patience, and living in this fast paced modern world.

Ellen is an authentic woman who cares about people, especially youth. In order to fly, we have to love ourselves first. Get inspired with words of wisdom. She is one of the hosts of WOW podcasts. Ellen writes a monthly column for the Augusta Chronicle Newspaper. She speaks on radio and television as the Titus II Crew.

Spiritual Warfare Prayer: Breaking Generational Curses and Setting Captives Free

She goes where God calls her to go and does what he asks her to do through His grace. Invite Ellen to speak on your radio, television show, moms group or church. Would you like to host a Women-Fest or start a Bible Sudy? They have seven children, four son in laws, a baby in heaven and thirteen grandchildren.

The vocation of wife and mother led her to her ministry. This is the most important role of all. The Gift of Volunteering. March 10, Volunteering and community service is often associated with directly helping others in dire need, like helping save lives at a hospital or cooking food for the hungry. Kenneth Jeon hosts and interviews Becca Tankersley and Dominic Maciel from LionsHeart, a nonprofit organization focused on inspiring teens to volunteer in their community, creating a new generation of leaders that are dedicated to positive social impact and providing needed resources for causes that ignite their passions.

Be the Star You Are! She became involved in the nonprofit world at a very young age; her first memory volunteering is at 5 years old. It was there that she realized there was no other career path for her, and she dedicated herself to a lifetime of service. She is extremely passionate about community service and founded the Orange County chapter of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.

She currently lives in Anaheim Hills with her husband and house rabbit, Albus. The Gifts of the Present and Understanding. March 03, In World Watch,J oven states that although our world is thriving, we have to address the challenges of demoralizing injustice across the globe, institutional racism, sexism, income inequality, and poverty if we want future generations to thrive. Make the most of today. Time waits for no man. Today is a gift. The Gift of Truth with Marc Lesser. February 24, Siri and Joven host this episode of Express Yourself! Marc shares experiences from his life while listening to what the teens have to say about theirs.

Millennials to Boomers Celebrating Gifts of Positive Voices in a Changing Digital World is read by the hosts and in the final segment, they share their definition of truth. An exhilarating hour of sharing and mindful training with an insightful, humble human. He is currently CEO of ZBA Associates, a company providing mindfulness-based leadership trainings and creating community by supporting ongoing groups.

He currently leads Mill Valley Zen, a weekly meditation group. More information at MarcLesser. February 17, Traveling is one of the most educational, informational, and entertaining method to understand the cultures of the world. Kubo has lived in many countries and speaks numerous languages. Her new video is electrifying and her interview showcases her vivacious personality and her love of music. KUBO is a Latin artist. Her music is fiery pop with soaring vocal melodies, and a contemporary EDM-style production.

Drawing on her mixed musical background, and a range of inspirations she has crafted a mix of bangers and ballads that are set to dominate the global pop scene. Kubo is not only a talented recording artist, but an electrifying live performer: the buzz around her live shows earned her invites to perform at several Billboard showcases across North and South America, following a sold-out tour across Chile and Mexico in Her latest single celebrates these emotions through her exceptional vocal talents, dance-inspired production, and irresistible party vibes.

Wellness with Deborah Myers. February 10, Would you love your family to feel more relaxed, centered, and grateful? Joven Hundal and Jack Pawlakos interview Deborah Myers, an energetic Acupressurist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner who has taught thousands of adults and kids self-help acupressure. The Daily Clean Your House Flow is an easy to use flow that is effective for reducing stress, providing pain relief and strengthening the immune system. Deborah created an animated video of the Daily Flow to address a need for youth of all ages to enjoy more stress-free lives.

Kenneth Jeon brings another installment of a film that exemplifies thankfulness. Bio: Deborah Myers empowers wellness, transforming stress and pain into balance and health. Health at your fingertips comes alive in her programs and workshops for the classroom and workplace. Deborah is an Acupressurist and Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and has been in private practice for over 20 years. She is the author of the Easy Self-Help Acupressure Book Series and the creator of the Daily Clean Your House Flow animated video, a program that allows people of all ages to enjoy more stress-free and productive lives.

Deborah deborahmyerswellness. The Gift of Storytelling. February 03, Former teen host, Asya Gonzalez returns to Express Yourself! Turns out besides studying communications, she has been focusing on painting cars. Check out instagram for her car story or to commission your own car creation at cakefaceandcars. Jack has established his presence in the UK pop world as a fresh and vital talent with a promising future ahead. Asya presents a segment centering on the principles of communication. Telling a story is an effective strategy in communication. Individuals will engage more and relate to a story if it has a human feel to it.

Family is not an important thing, it is everything. The Gift of Sports.

January 27, Hosts Katie Choo and Kenneth Jeon investigate the arena of sports. The Gift of Sleep. January 19, Sleep is one of the most important things of which we have control that can enhance our mood, health, productivity, happiness, libido, and keep our weight in check.

Lack of sleep can produce heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and heart attack. Kenneth Jeon and Siri Phaneendra host a program about the importance of sleep. The Gift of Smiles. January 12, Since the beginning of time, artists, musicians, authors, and activists have documented the power of a smile. Kenneth Jeon and Siri Phaneendra host a lively discussion on the benefits and importance of smiling.

Kenneth focuses on visual significance of smiles and the science behind how and why people react when witnessing smiles. The feel-good neurotransmitters - dopamine, endorphins, serotonin all simultaneously release when we smile. Siri shares evidence that smiling helps us live longer, happier lives. New Year: Service, Volunteering, and Radio. January 06, And next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. As Express Yourself! Intentions, lists, and plans are recommended for designing achievable goals for this new year.

What a great way to kick off ! Tune in. December 30, English teen pop star, Lydia Singer, chats with Express Yourself! Inspired by the trials and tribulations of teenage-life, year-old Lydia inspiringly put together this EP, Rebellious Teen, while studying for her exams, and sings about the roller coaster of feelings she has experienced.

We listen to her single, Out of Control. Jack, an accomplished harmonica player, reads the chapter he wrote for the new book, Be the Star You Are! Siri Phaneedra weighed in about the benefits of listening to music to distress, focus, and be healthier. Lydia has been turning heads within the music industry with her distinctive pop-vocals and song-writing skills since she was a young child and wrote her first songs at the age of December 23, Christmas is about community, friends, and family.

Besides the classics, he especially likes the special narrative elements of Home Alone, Gremlins, Batman Returns, and as a non-conventional Christmas movie, he recommends The Empire Strikes Back. In the chapter she relates the difficulties and joys of adopting a baby girl from Paraguay during the Christmas season. Karen also shares tips on how we can all scatter kindness during this holiday season. From everyone at Be the Star You Are! Karen is passionate about helping those in need. As President of the Cheerful Givers nonprofit organization, she helped to bring birthday gifts to more than one million less fortunate children.

Karen writes a monthly post in the Be the Star You Are! Prior to that, she created a corporate university at BI Worldwide. Currently she serves meals to the homeless, is a job coach, teacher, writer, mentor, and Mom to two wonderful kids. December 16, When things are tough, love and support can really make the difference between survival and losing all faith in yourself. With earnest lyrics and stunning vocal delivery, Jack weaves a story of passion around his heartfelt guitar playing, set on top of contemporary electronic beats and production.

The American debut of the single is played between the segments! Jack Walton has been writing and recording original music since the age of 11, initially refining his talents as a performer while playing gigs around his hometown of Castleford. Since finding fame on The X Factor , Jack Walton has established himself as an accomplished solo artist and an exceptionally talented songwriter and performer in his own right, receiving support from Louis Tomlinson.

After being scouted by several major labels, Jack decided to sign with indie imprint and production house The House of Nanchang, where he would maintain complete creative control over his music: he is passionate about writing music that he believes in. Not only a talented vocalist, Jack a multi-instrumentalist, playing several instruments across his recordings.

December 09, Teens have been given a bad rap throughout generations.

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But what do the teens themselves think of their portrayal in the media and the perception of their activities? Jack Pawlakos and Joven Hundal host an insightful program with reporter Kenneth Jeon to speak about their personal experiences. In general, entertainment is darker with more mental health issues profiled. More awareness is being raised about the issue, and movies and shows have seemingly begun to reflect that awareness.

Youth are globally connected today and tomorrow they will be the leaders of the world. The Gift of Science. December 04, Science is delving in.

November 27, Responsibility connects your life to a bigger story. To gain responsibility is to gain awareness, not just of your own self, but, others as well. The momentum of this unique day has continued to build each year since, and on November 1, , mayors and cities made the "Extra Mile Day" declaration and recognized the value of the extra-mile volunteers who were making a difference in their community.

Shawn walks his talk. Gratitude and Deborah Myers Wellness. November 20, Purpose and Radio with Alise Cortez. November 13, When Alise Cortez shares her information, the world is motivated! Millennials to Boomers. The teens learn how to find their passion and purpose to be their best unique selves with guidance from coach Alise. If you are looking to be inspired to find your passion and discover your purpose, you have come to the right place. Join our hour of power!

She also works with students and teens to help them discover and aim their strengths and empower their academic, relationship, and work pursuits. She is a sought-after speaker, consults with organizations, and conducts workshops to increase employee engagement, performance, and leadership effectiveness.

The Gift of Music. November 06, Lydia Singer is a multi-talented singer-songwriter from Buckinghamshire, England. She began her singing career at the age of 9 when she entered her first singing competition and won leading to her following this up with a performance at the Milton Keynes Theatre. October 30, Joven Hundal, Jack Pawlakos, and Kenneth Jeon don their invisible cloaks to dive deeply into the motivations behind scary movies.

Since a lot of people already have horror classics on their bucket list, Kenneth showcased three funny, light-hearted films including Shaun of the Dead, What We Do in the Shadows, and TV show, Gravity Falls. Horror mixed with humor will have you laughing out loud.

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Celts would wear costumes made out of animal skins and animal heads as masks. Halloween is big business. This year it is predicted million people in the United States will be celebrating Halloween, and the total spending for decorations, costumes, and treats for this frightening fun ends up at a whopping nine billion dollars!! The Gift of Practice and Gentleness. October 23, Only perfect practice makes perfect.

With anything you attempt, you can become good, or at least competent in as few as 20 hours, or achieve excellence in 10, with practice, practice, practice. Jack Pawlakos and Joven Hundal host an insightful program on the importance of positive practice. Millennials to Boomers Celebrating Positive Voices in a Changing Digital World where Brigitte recounts the consequences of not preparing for an important audition. So I find Fleabrain utterly charming. Silly dog. Running under the full moon is what makes everything else worthwhile for Val, and I agree.

The packs of half-wild stray dogs that range the hills …just how many packs of half-wild stray dogs do you have around your small town, Val? I am utterly charmed. She tries to follow it back to its source, but it leads her away from the newer suburbs not sure a small town has suburbs actually and into an older neighborhood with Victorian Gothic houses and laws the size of city blocks. Mostly the buildings have been turned into offices for lawyers and doctors including her dad , but a few were still homes.

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It bothers wolf! Val a lot, things changing their smell without warning her. She runs back toward the fills and foothills so she can hunt her prey; she hears the rustle of wings overhead, a night-bird hunter seeking its prey or a nicely subtle reference to how vampires sound in The Lost Boys , and then a siren wailing down in the city another hunter, another prey , but she hunts in peace. She listens to the news while she makes breakfast cereal, my kind of cook , and after a bunch of trouble around the world, hears about three-year-old Lamont Johnson who vanished from his home with no sign of an intruder.

This makes Val sad, and she wonders if she could help with those kind of searches, tracking lost kids. At school, Val asks Elise if she noticed anything strange the night before, because she lives near where the kid disappeared. Pretty quickly, it seems, after only a day and a half. October continues, her dad spends a lot of time bringing food home from the Clever Gourmet, and the weather stays gorgeous, with sunny days and crisp nights, the trees turning color.

Her eyes have dark circles and her skin is stretched thin across her bones. Elise gets really upset over it, though, and begs Val to let it drop. She feels guilty over what happens to Elise. Freddie interrupts the tension between them, finally breaking away from his normal lunch location and coming over to talk to them. She admits he has a point. This is such a good little scene! My friends and I go out most Thursday nights. He is, of course, seeing Regina, from Clever Gourmet. In fact, the first thing she asks is whether he is going to tell Regina about Val being a werewolf.

That makes her feel worse, because he normally thinks of every detail before he goes forward with a plan. She gets to choose when and where and how and to whom she, ahem, comes out. Metaphor clue-by-four there. Which is a load of bullshit for a ton of reasons. Val gets to decide who she wants to tell. Not you. If I kept my bipolar a secret my metaphorical lycanthropy, if you will, which is a reference I make a lot , my family damn well better not be telling people about it without my permission.

A—a disability. A handicap. As if being one of those things is something to make you deserve your loss of privacy and removal of your agency. As if it would be okay for him to tell her secrets and override her decisions if it was true. I love this book and this series and these characters so damn much, and even then, the authors still include this harmful bullshit in their writing. On the ride home, a black BMW races past them, and Val gets just a flash of Elise sitting in the passenger seat, her expression some emotion halfway between pleasure and fear.

And it all worries her. She has bad dreams that night full of blood and voices calling in the dark. Val is deeply worried about her, and it makes her sharp when she asks who the guy in the BMW was. Elise brushes off her concerns and actually walks away. Another kid went missing the night before, but this time, they found a body. Freddie finally tells her that he thinks vampires have arrived in town, and have been going after the livestock since summer, every night of the month.

He had a nice date, and wants to invite Regina and her brother over for dinner on Sunday. They clean house all day Saturday, and Val even dresses up a little on Sunday. Regina is a petite woman with dark hair and a ruffled blouse with a cameo pinned at her neck on a black velvet ribbon. Val even ends up talking about her garlic allergy and how her grandmother taught her make meatloaf using oatmeal to bind it instead of bread crumbs. Regina makes some interesting points about how hard it is to do institutional cooking like at schools and prisons because of allergies and people who hate seasonings and fad food guidelines, etc.

He tells her a story: last July, a man knocked on his door just as the sun sank. He could see exactly when it happened because the door faces west. An elderly man in a grey business suit asks to come inside to use their phone. Val accuses him of watching too many horror movies, and makes herself sad, because that reminds her of Bill , who loved horror movies. Freddie has been prepping ever since the fight with Jay; he poured more silver bullets, grew garlic in the garden, made crosses, stakes, and mallets, and a kris and lime juice, for berbalangs, which are apparently invisible Malaysian zombies.

Don LaFontaine Narrations

Freddie is on top of this shit, though I have my doubts how much he was able to test any of his things. We know silver and garlic work on werewolves, at least. After he shouted Latin at the man, he just disappeared, and there were no footprints on the porch. The little things. Freddie has all sorts of interesting theoretical thoughts, like who made Jay. So he grew up into a mean asshole.

Turning into a wolf just gave him a few more choices on how to express himself. According to Freddie, some people believe when a werewolf dies, it turns into a vampire. Freddie also brings the great news that vampires may have the ability to control lycanthropes, to use them to run errands in the daylight. Freddie believes, though; two kids have gone missing without a trace, plus the third who the police are blaming on wild animals, and then there is Elise.

Which is smart for many reasons, including last time he went on a secret hunt, he accidentally shot her with a silver bullet. Elise surprises her with a visit pretty late that evening, just after the sun has dipped below the horizon. She tells Val that her father invited her inside, and Val is both worried and afraid. Elise, I love you. You guys, I literally laughed so loud I scared my dog the first time I read that.

It is, of course, a reference to the Bela Lugosi Dracula, I never drink … wine. Elise then asks for help, says Val can maybe set her free. Elise disappears before anyone else can see her. Where do you go to find vampires? Finally she decides to check on Elise, maybe figure out how she was hiding what she was from her parents. All the windows are dark when she gets to her house, even though it is still early. She wavers a little as to whether she should actually stop in, but does; the door is unlocked, and when no one answers her knock, she goes inside. This is much worse.

At first it seems empty, but then she sees Elise in her bed, staring straight at her. Shit just got real, yo Undertaker, WWE ]. Val feels empathy for her, because unlike Jay, who had been born bad, Elise had made a choice, the wrong one, and now she was trapped. Val thinks that is worse, more painful, than being born bad.

Elise tells her to call him Mr Grey and says that he lives somewhere in the north end of town, though he never told her where exactly. Then Val asks if she really meant it when she asked Val to set her free. Elise did; she tells Val she hopes that Val will be the one to stake her and make her truly dead. This is a lot to ask of someone, and yet Elise trusts Val with it so much. My heart hurts for them both. Val promises to do it if she gives her Mr Grey, which is both smart and a little shitty, and Val knows it. Elise agrees to help her as much as she can, including finding where he keeps his coffin.

She drives across town, then calls about a prowler at that address, not sure if it will do much good, but hoping someone will actually follow up on it. She gets home to an empty house and a message from Freddie on the machine telling her not to do anything without him. Too late. Val stays up super late doing her homework and wanting someone to talk to, and finally calls the counselor she saw after everything with Jay happened; the counselor who knows about werewolves.

She wakes him up and tells him she needs to talk because there are vampires out here. He tells her to deliver Freddie to him, then hangs up on her. During breakfast, her dad gets called in to the school to offer emergency crisis counseling because one of her classmates is missing under tragic circumstances.

She wishes she could break down and tell him everything, maybe have a good cry. At lunch, Val drags Freddie off to talk alone, and fills him in on what happened with Elise. Later that afternoon, she finds a note from Elise in her French book giving her an address of where to find Mr Grey. She and Freddie head out after school.

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He puts the bag in the back of the truck, but wants to go work some things out before they go hunting. Val points out they only have a few hours before sunset, but he is adamant that they take the time. Freddie is being a complete dick here. They could easily have this conversation in the truck while heading over and not in the fucking food court at the mall, around other fucking people. Jesus, Freddie. That is their entire conversation. They so could have done that in the fucking car.

She then finds a wrinkled scrap of paper that is a rental agreement for an address not too far away. I would be too. They are running out of time. Tick tock, kids, the full moon is coming. The new address is a big two-story building that looks abandoned. They find an unlocked cellar door and let themselves into the basement. Again, no coffin, though there is a deep freeze. Vampires and deep freezes, I swear. They get all the way out to the truck before they realise he left his backpack in the basement like an idiot.

Before they can get out of the basement, Mr Grey himself arrives, because of course he does. Fine motes of dust float in the beam of their flashlight and coalesce into a human shape. Mr Grey orders Val to hold Freddie, and she does without being able to fight it at all. It is terribly creepy, and one of my biggest fears. Freddie figures out that the dust back in the apartment was actually Mr Grey, which is pretty damn clever, both of Freddie and of the writing.

He tells Val to remove it, and she does, even though it is cold and burning against her bare skin. This is another thing I have a hard time buying. You mean Billy-Bob has the exact information we need? What are the odds? To make things worse, she sees Elise standing right outside the pickup. Elise says that Edmund likes to play with his food.

Elise says she can help find him, because she can smell warm blood. They go back into the basement, and then up into the house, which is filled with a layer of dust. This made me laugh. They find Freddie tied up in one of the rooms on the second floor. First thing he asks is whether Mr Grey is controlling her still. They snark at each other a bit, and Val struggles to get him untied, because it is so near moonrise and her body is twisting toward the wolf.

They run into Mr Grey again at the foot of the stairs. This time, Val can feel him reaching for her mind, controlling her. He turns to Freddie, and his hold on Val slips enough for her to grab up the cross from where she dropped it before. It hurts her worse than him, until he turns into a bat and fluttered out through the open cellar door. The cross raised blisters on her hand where she touched it, but Freddie ignores that and slams the door shut. She falls down the stairs, tangled in her clothes, until Elise helps her out of them, because Elise is a darling. Elise and Freddie then go through his bag of tricks to see if he actually has anything useful.

Val is really shaken by how easily Mr Grey controlled her, and by the fact Elise can so easily read her thoughts, until her wolf thoughts start welling up, trying to take over. She runs a quick experiment, and sure enough, the more wolf she lets her brain become, the less Elise can understand her.

Val leads them out through an unboarded window; she shatters the glass as she leaps through it, spraying shards that sparkled in the moonlight as they fell. The descriptions are always so simple and yet so lovely in this series. Val is hunting now, hunting to protect her pack and her packmates, even though one smells like a dead thing. This is one of my favorite things about werewolf fiction, the found family feeling of a pack, and this is just a delightful version of it. Elise demands to drive because she has better reflexes, can see better in the dark, and drive faster than him.

I love Elise. I also love this line once they get started and Val has her head stuck out the window: Anybody seeing us might have thought we were two teenagers and a dog out joyriding after dark, instead of a werewolf, a vampire hunter, and one of the living dead. The face that I saw in the mirror belonged to a week-old corpse: eyeballs starting to collapse inward; lips peeled away from teeth all the way around; pallid flesh smeared with patches of slimy, whitish mold.

They narrow down where the vampire is located by marking all the places Val smells a vampire and then connecting the lines to find the center. They start for the building, but then Elise hides, because she picks up on another presence before Val does. Then Val realises someone else is there. Instead of Mr Grey, they find Jonathan Polidori, smelling strongly of vampire, but also covered in flecks of blood that smell like vampire. That blood Val recognises as blood from the body they found already dead in the freezer. Freddie tells him that everyone has to start somewhere, and they have a good chuckle over it.

Jonathan warns him that dogs can turn on you. They talk a little about Jonathan also being a vampire hunter and he introduces himself using his name ; Val is shocked, and wants to know if Regina knew what her brother did, whether she hunts vampires, too, if this was the kind of work that kept him from dinner that night, and what they would do if they found out she was a werewolf.

The vampire in the freezer was the spawn, and Jonathan is after the master. Hunting it is not a thing for novices, and he tells Freddie to stay away, but Freddie is stubborn, and says his dog can help track it. Val catches on that as important, and she remembers that vampires need to rest in their native earth. She finds it, and the smell of lilac, which reminds her of that moving van. That is a pretty damn clever way of moving the dirt you must rest inside. How many people has he been turning into vampires in this town? Or has he just brought a bunch of new people with him?

If that is true, how many damn vampires are running around? Is this Santa Carla? She sinks her teeth into his arm, and it is a terrible, filthy taste, but she manages to hang on. This is such an interesting bit of werewolf world building, and also intriguing because a lot of the other werewolf fiction of the time, and even after, does focus on that whole abusive alpha wolf, every fight could be to the death trope that so poorly represents actual wolves.

Mr Grey runs off, still in wolf form, and then there is another wolf beside Val. Val falls back into her wolf mind and chases Mr Grey, because she wants to find him and pin him until Freddie and Jonathan can arrive with their stakes, mallets, and silver crosses. Mr Grey leads them back to the old house, and Elise and Val follow him inside, all of them still in wolf form.

He is upstairs in a room with another coffin and an old-fashioned oil lamp on a small table. Elise shifts back into human form, but Val ignores her and attacks Mr Grey. Elise shouts at him a bit, then sets the coffin on fire, because Elise is kind of a delight. While she burns the coffin, Mr Grey struggles, but Val holds him in place, even though she, too, wants to flee; Elise tells them both that vampires die in flames, and pours lamp oil onto Mr Grey, then sets him on fire.

That is too much for Val, and she backs out of the room, but remains in the hall to watch him burn. Elise wants it to happen at her home, and vanishes into bits of dust before Val can respond. Val: So sue me. She has to break in through the kitchen window, and then waits in a house filled with the smell of dried and rotting blood, and the moldering, earthy vampire smell. Elise is fucking prepared, and my heart is breaking. This is all really heartbreaking and horrible. And the writing is kind of gorgeous. The panes of the basement window divided the faint light from outside into grey monochrome squares.

They fell at a slant across her body and washed the color out of everything they touched, making the basement corner look like a set from a black-and-white movie. Elise closed her eyes and folded her hands over her stomach. Her mouth was shut, but I could see the tips of her fangs pressing down on her lower lip.