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The twentieth century was defined by far-reaching social changes, and this fresh insight into the life and works of Erich Fromm offers a compelling overview of his observations.

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Fromm's views on personal relationships, therapy, and his critique of society were closely tied to his astute analysis of the changes he witnessed and made him into a highly influential social and political commentator. In this absorbing introduction, Thomson considers how Fromm's early experiences influenced his enquiry into the human condition and examines what relevance his ideas still hold for students and readers today.

Burning Boats or Building Bridges? The Relevance of Fromm's Ideas in our Time Reviews: "Thomson offers an original and thoughtful re-examination of Erich Fromm's ideas, placing them in their intellectual and historical context and highlighting their relevance for our times. This book is scholarly, but written with refreshing clarity. I recommend it highly.

Erich Fromm: Shaper of the Human Condition

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Erich Fromm

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Erich Fromm

Display 1 - 9 from 9 results. Kelly's pragmatic approach to psychology arose from his clinical practice and has been a strong formative influence on clinical psychology and personality theory.

Erich Fromm on Religion (1962)

Taking us through the development of Kelly's work and setting it in its historical context, this is a fascinating account of one of the foremost personality theories of the 20th century. Read More. RM