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Find out on pages Do you know how much you can realistically earn from professional speaking. I give you a bunch of highly detailed potential scenarios on pages How would you like to see an advanced speaker's contract that is usually never revealed in public and is hush, hush among promoters? I promised that I would share with you the 1 principle that most public speakers are NOT using in their business.

This is my overriding principle, learned from years of trying to get people to hire me to speak. I got more speaking engagements than I ever had before when I quit trying to sell them and began selling my knowledge in as many different formats as possible. This book i s going to teach you to get speaking engagements coming to you.

Sure it's probably going to be tougher at the start, but once you get your pipeline filled with meeting planners and other people that can hire you things get easier using my methods. Do you know the dozen things that go into a speaker's press kit?. Can you name 14 critical things to know about a speaker's demo video?

If you can't, you better read pages Do you know where you can get super high quality caricatures of yourself to put on products and marketing materials done for only a few dollars? All you have to do is take a peek at page Speaking of graphics do you know two methods to get your mugshot on the front covers of programs and trade magazines even before you're well known? Check it out on page 84 and This book is simply packed full of marketing ideas and I give you a ton of information on using:. I'm really piling it on aren't I? Hey that book is over pages. This one is and distilled down to tip after tip after tip from my 22 year career speaking and performing.

Do you have a method to create speech titles that fill your room while all the other speakers complain about low attendance? Read the story starting on page 86 about how I crushed it at a Real Estate convention simply by having a method to create titles. Before you answer I want you to think about what the gentleman said just below and think about what five wasted years could mean to you.

OK Tom. What's the deal on you paying me to use your book? The deal is simple. My Goal is legitimate video testimonials. That means you read the book and actually used something from it. Just shoot me a video and tell me about it. I'm not looking for over the top fake B. I just want you to benefit from what you learn and actually use it. I really want this book to get out in the marketplace because it's going to help so many speakers and I really want and need those testimonials on video so I thought I would give what's known in the industry as an "ethical bribe".

Here's the deal for me to give you double your money back and let you keep the book:. You purchase this book for the pitifully, unbelievably low price that I'll get to in a minute. You legitimately use a technique from the book and tell how it worked out for you, i.

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It could be on a webcam so long as it's. You mention the name of the book somewhere in the video.

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You give me permission to use the video in it's entirety for promotional purposes. You realize that the deal is good for the first 63 people who submit a usable video.

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What about the price. I'm not going to fool around with any fancy copywriting techniques.

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Can you believe it? Just one of the forms took me a couple years of testing to develop and some legal fees that cost hundreds of dollars. The price won't be there very long.

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Then I'll roll this out bigtime after the first of the year. Question: Tom, will it be difficult to find something in the book to get some results on quickly? Answer: Absolutely not.

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There are some things in the book you could do within an hour of reading it, shoot your video and get paid the next day. Here's a guy that did it. Click here to see how I helped Tom Justin the first evening he got the book. I just want you to go and make money. And let me sweeten the deal just a little more.

Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds

This document goes to the meeting organizer in advance so I can totally customize my comments to the group. Having attending Vital Vice Training's group workshops, I would also recommend them to any organization looking to become a group of rockstar communicators-- client-facing professionals, managers, or students and professionals just starting out could all benefit from their help. Are you in sales? Get these experts on your side. And I dare you to not have a blast when you're in their presence! The physical and vocal tips, best practices, and exercises are excellent, but what I found most valuable is their ability to help instill greater confidence in myself and draw on that to make it part of my communication style.

Casey and Julie are miracle workers! Other coaches help you present competently and with polish, but Vital Voice takes it a step further. If you use them, your audience will feel moved and inspired by your content- which is really, the holy grail of public speaking. Thank you so much for making me feel special, capable, empowered. I will never forget what you did for me! We are public speaking, voice, and communication experts. Your voice is a powerful tool for expression and connection. We clear away the roadblocks that hold you back.

Ready to amplify your voice? Start here. Here's what our clients are saying:.


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Why VVT. I went from rushing to get through each talk to truly enjoying my time on stage, feeling more present in my own unique self and personality, and being generous with my audience. Vital Voice helped me to identify my own unique voice and amplify it to the next level.