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Heavy Networking 433: An Insider’s Guide To AWS Transit Gateways

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Email address:. Start your home search here, download the free app! Got a quick question? It is the file format used for PR programming files. Table 2. You can use the same server for all development, including the following activities: Developing software Running sample programs and diagnostics Creating and simulating AFU s Generating the loadable AFU images.

Note: The system you use to compile the hardware design must have at least 48 GB of free memory. You must install the software and select the following options and packages during initial installation: Development and Creative Workstation Additional Development Compatibility Libraries Development Tools Platform Development Python Virtualization Hypervisor. Table 3. Useful Linux Commands The following Linux commands provide information about your system.

The following table describes each Acceleration Stack package. Table 4. Note: To avoid having to setup the environment variables after every reboot, save the export environment variable to your shell initialization script. Note: To avoid having to setup the environment variables after every reboot, source the script from your shell initialization script.

Figure 3. This section can be skipped if you have already installed OPAE by answering Yes when prompted by the script setup. Sample output: opae-tools Before you can install and build the OPAE software, you must install the required packages by running the following two commands: sudo apt-get -f install dkms libjson0 uuid-dev php7.

Note: You may get an error because the cmake command cannot find the git repository. You can safely ignore this error message. You do not need the git repository to successfully build the OPAE software. Documentation is in the current directory. Table 5. You must recompile and validate when upgrading to the new release. The Intel Acceleration Stack v1. Buffer Verification Success! Figure 4. Use the fpgaconf utility to load the AFU image. Note: Partial reconfiguration PR is not available in this mode. Figure 5.

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Run the following command on the host to load the AFU image. Related Information Getting Started. Sample output: Uninstall the driver on the VM: yum remove opae-intel-fpga-driver. On the host machine, unbind the VF PCI device from the vfio-pci driver: sudo sh -c "echo -n Added a important note about BMC firmware version permissions after upgrading to version Added a note about conditions for when the server can reboot or hang.

Older than 1. Note: It is acceptable to leverage the 1. For example: pacd service using command: systemctl stop pacd. Important: You must not downgrade your BMC firmware after upgrading to version BMC version only supports the Acceleration Stack 1. Table 7. Instead, use the versions found in Table 7. Our goal is to make your experience with IBM Support simple, seamless, and effective, so you can focus less on issues and more on how our products and services will help your business. We have infused our tools and processes with IBM Watson to deliver this cognitive support experience to you.

See the changes Watson for Support has made. Our strategy is to continually evolve the support you receive by infusing our tools and processes with cognitive features - fueled by knowledge and driven by insights. These cognitive abilities are going to:. I have a question, I want an answer.

I have a problem, I want a solution.

IBM Support is enterprise-ready and available around the clock and around the world to help you keep your cognitive businesses running smoothly. The IBM Support offerings framework consists of the following elements:. Learn more. Getting setup to engage with IBM Support is as easy as Click the NEXT button to proceed through each step.

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Get yours today. As part of the ongoing transformation in support to improve your experience, we are working to consolidate our entitlement system under one roof. Until this task is complete, you will need to register your products using different systems. Please select one of the following paths to register your IBM product:. If you have purchased Hardware , register your products here to access the Support registrations system in order to submit online cases.

Stay informed with automated alerts using the MyNotifications support subscription service. We know it's hard to stay informed. That's why we have a system that will e-mail you when new fixes or alerts come out. You create a profile indicating what kinds of information you're interested in, so you only receive the information you're looking for.

My Notifications allows you to receive security advisories and alerts that maintenance fixes are available. If you can't find your IBM product in My Notifications, refer to your product documentation or ask your IBM Support team for the best way to stay informed of critical support updates.

Learn how to try, download, manage, and upgrade IBM products, services and fixes, and how to extend an expiring support contract. Product upgrades ensure that you can take advantage of performance, security, usability and innovative technology built into the products you already own. We recommend you install product updates and fixes regularly to avoid encountering product defects that have been corrected. The fixes for these defects should be applied as soon as possible.

Download your products and fixes or view and manage your entitlements from the locations in the table below. Please note: you may require separate IDs for full product downloads vs.

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Subscribe to MyNotifications to customize your alerts for available fixes and upgrades. You can access your product and support entitlements until the End of Support EOS date is reached for your product or service. You should be aware of your End of Support date s so you can plan on:. Upgrading will provide you the most current features and functionality to help you on your cognitive journey.

Most upgrades are already included in your subscription. Review the Get and manage product fixes section to find your product upgrades. When you choose to upgrade or migrate, we can help. Review our IBM Services for more details. Some products are eligible for Continuing Support which provides the ability to open cases with our support professionals after the End of Support date is reached, but not to receive new product fixes.

Refer to the IBM Lifecycle page for specific product eligibility. Click to review the Continuing Support policy. Here is a summary of where you can find your End of Support dates, and associated Service Extension offerings:. Software Service Extensions.

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Software Service Extensions policy. Discover our innovative new technology and see how they fit your business requirements. Our trials include free editions or trial plans. They allow custom or pre-configured options, with available hands-on tutorials. Check out the following programs for available product and service trials:. Our support platform helps ensure that you get the level of help you need, when you need it.

We know you want to find answers as quickly as possible.

Heavy Networking An Insider’s Guide To AWS Transit Gateways - Packet Pushers

IBM Support strives to digitize the knowledge obtained through our engagements with you so that the information is available through our cognitive support solutions. Get answers to frequently asked questions. This feature is currently available for select products and is coming to all products. Engage with the community by signing in and asking a question or providing an answer in the discussion forum. IBM Support business hours reflect normal country business hours in your time zone.

For example, am to pm in North America or am to pm in some parts of Asia and Europe, Monday through Friday, excluding national or statutory holidays. Off shift hours for eligible offerings with 24x7 response are defined as all other hours outside of normal country business hours. You can open a case from the web , chat , or phone. Our support professionals provide assistance in local language for most major countries, however support for Severity 1 cases will be provided in English with the local language accommodated when possible - see the IBM Product Support Details page for product-specific language variances if any.

Review our Severity Descriptions to determine which severity to assign to your case. Note: You can reopen a closed case within 30 days from the closure date.