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Purchased this for my 17yr old bichon he has been on it now for a week I mix it with a little purina can he so far has not left any in the bowl so he likes the taste to soon to tell if it helps with all his old age issues.

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I have three fur babies A 10 year old Boston Terrier All rescues Purina always has had an great product Pro plan is a perfect well balanced diet backed by scientific evidence and testing. Vet recommended! Proplan Bright Mind for small breeds. My old guys are thriving and I do think this food is a big part of it. Yoda loved the little bites!

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I added senior wet food in mornings and he would nibble on bites through the day. Upon seeing how much she liked his, I decided to try this and she likes it! She gets just a little bit each evening now in addition to her regular meals of her other food. This is very well priced also! Loving this good for my pug. She likes it and it is good for her. In stock.

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Size: 5-lb bag. Item Number.

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Dry Food. At 0 year s , 2 month s and 2 day s , Lenka, Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog male, weighed 8 kg. At 0 year s , 4 month s and 15 day s , Simone, Welsh Corgi Pembroke female, weighed 7 kg. At 0 year s , 3 month s and 17 day s , Stout, Flandres Cattle Dog male, weighed The Weight of Anatolian Shepherd Dog adult male varies from 50 to 65 kg. Unit of measure: Kg Lbs.

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A few tips on the weight of the puppy Anatolian Shepherd Dog, during its growth:. Use our weight calculation tool: Growth chart Anatolian Shepherd Dog. Your Puppy's growth: Monitor your puppy's weight Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Compare it with the average curve and that of other registered dogs, possibly print its weight curve to seek advice from your veterinarian or share it on the forums.

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Letting the older dog teach young pups while at its peak performance level ensures the pups a better and less stressful beginning: The transition will be much smoother. Adding new dogs to an established pack of working LGDs will be covered more fully in a future issue of sheep! Or bring it into a barn, a lean-to, or inside the house in inclement weather.

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Instead of expecting old dogs to patrol a large acreage alone, pair them up with younger dogs that can back them up. An operator should never set their old timers up for this. Bring them closer to the house or barn, and back them up. Keep them closer to facilitate easier observation.

By doing one or more of these things, the owner provides the older dog with a mission and fulfills its need to guard, while making it easier on the dog and giving it needed comfort and safety. Dogs are the same: Older dogs slow down and suffer pain just like humans do. When an operator sees them struggling to get up, or whining in pain, or showing discomfort, check them out immediately. Take the dog into a vet for an examination and assessment.

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One pain medication I always keep on hand from my trusted vet is affordable Meloxicam. Ask a vet about its proper use and dosage. I also sprinkle Dr. Oldster LGDs may change eating habits.

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Some eat more; some eat less. As they age, their teeth deteriorate and begin to fall out; gums recede and plaque builds up. The time may come when they have trouble eating hard kibble. It can be moistened to facilitate easier consumption and digestion. Some prefer to feed raw foods, other owners will put their old timer on a senior variety of quality dog kibble.

Old dogs may show increased food protection: Feed them apart from others in a secure area or space, where they can eat at leisure and not be competing against other dogs to get their sustenance.

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Another flag is food possession.