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What remains is a responsive, fully integrated information infrastructure that presents one version of the truth to all users and provides incisive, decision-ready knowledge on the spot. Optimized for fast and efficient data delivery, the PI System accesses decades' worth of important historical data and consolidates it with current real-time data. In an instant, you're able to uncover information that was tedious or impossible to access before.

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And you're empowered to investigate intermittent issues, troubleshoot equipment failures, compare current vs. Prioritize information. Create context. Highlight salient points. Customize content to different audiences. Take viewers on a remote plant tour. Communicate even the most complex data simply and effectively. With the PI System advanced visualization capabilities, it's easy to do all this and more:.

Empower people - and build a more creative and innovative organization - through the strategic and targeted exchange of information. The PI System makes it easier than ever to share and collaborate across the enterprise, as well as with partners, vendors and customers - anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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The PI System ensures data security for the right people by enabling fine control of which data is exchanged and who sends and receives it. Each step leads to a deeper understanding of what's been done and what's currently happening - enabling organizations to transform from reactive to proactive decision making. It's a process that never stops, that constantly uncovers opportunities to find new value by:. With these and other key business solutions in place, companies are prepared to achieve continuous operational excellence and ongoing sustainability in virtually any competitive environment.

The PI System Architecture is easily scalable, so it can grow as your business grows. Here are two examples of PI System roll-out scenarios. One illustrates implementation across various locations. The other represents enterprise-wide deployment. To meet today's formidable production challenges, organizations need to empower people with self-service access to operational intelligence. The PI Server includes sophisticated but easy to use calculation tools that transform raw data, combine data values from multiple systems into robust analyses, automate calculation of vital day-to-day metrics, and deliver new insights.

The PI System provides a suite of tools that take the complexity out of data access, visualization and analysis. With a full suite of configurable, off the shelf products, the PI System tools provide self-service access to the data where they need it and when they need it: tablet, phone or laptop.

When an issue occurred, they had to rely on print-outs and prepared reports rather than real-time data. They needed a way to collect data from across their assets so any employee could access and act on the information. One engineer created solar power monitoring system to gauge and compare the output from different solar assets.

SISTEMAS SCADA (Spanish Edition)

Another user built screens to monitor generator temperatures. A non-technical employee created a condition-based monitoring system for hydro dams kilometers away. Today, their transformation continues as they are piloting a wind yield optimization system and thermal performance optimization system. The other half is the extraordinary depth and range of our customer support - all delivered by our team of experienced and committed engineers..

As a new customer, you can accelerate the return on your investment by taking advantage of our top-class installation, coaching and in-person training options. As an ongoing customer, you'll have access to immediate and comprehensive technical support, compelling user and developer events and a rich array of online resources.

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And as you move into our enterprise-wide deployment Enterprise Agreement Program , you'll have total strategic support - your own assigned Enterprise Program Manager, access to our Center of Excellence advisory services and remote monitoring of your PI System Managed PI. As much as they differ by industry, operations, systems, regulatory demands and business goals, two-thirds of the world's leading companies have one thing in common.

They all trust and leverage OSIsoft to enable operational intelligence and business transformation. Commitment and focus to enterprise-wide interoperability across multiple systems-past, present, and future, and our unreserved hands-on service and support from engineers empowers organizations with an infrastructure for rapid success with a low risk of failure. OSIsoft believes people with data will transform their world. The PI System data infrastructure sets free the data that's locked in systems.

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Turning data to information, the PI System connects people to information across the value chain to deliver operational intelligence that leads to actionable and transformative decisions. Zwei kurze Fragen.

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The license purchased for V You signed out in another tab or window. How can I migrate all projects without the previous version been installed? Download Siemens and is distributed in the original form of self-extracting archives which respectively take at least a place to decompress Link Forum Community Posts: Joined: Fri Oct 20, pm Location: We are anonymous users. More information on Siemens AG can be found here. Die V12 habe ich aber nicht nur V PCU Read carefully the Why Migrate to Siemens? As a uniform engineering platform, it is for programming and configuring the control, visualization systems and driving solutions.

Make sure to install the version of Openness that corresponds with the version of TIA Portal that you are using. TLD 00a. More advanced engineering tools. In Tia Portal v13 i like to set op som grafiks on a KTP - I make 25 objects and group them to one, and do this 14 times 14 groups of 25 objects.

As per checking help topics compatibility of projects See snapshot below , i have seen that you need to upgrade the project from v12 to v13 then when the project is in v13 it will be automatically upgraded to v We are not yet convinced of its practicality for our use we are small OEM who jams every possible PLC memory location with data. We have only done this as a proof of concept and are now abandoning it until our management gives us the green light to continue. The original project must therefore first be converted to a compatible format for the migration.

I'm wondering whether the latest TIA v13 would be able to assist me in accomplishing my task. STEP 7.

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Reload to refresh your session. Continuous data exchange with the control system for access to up-to-date data— for all employees. I tried to migrate the file form migration tool on v14 but when I browse on the project file, it can't be shown. We do not read your private messages : Ask questions in the forum!