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The animal inuences created by the fall, and the initial thought form projections of animals, didn't completely disappear from the earth until around 9, B. Remnants of these pathetic creatures were later depicted in our mythology and in Asyrian and Egyptian art. Another factor that added into these grotesque animal creations was the fact in these earliest of times that human beings were able to procreate with the animal species and with these grotesque beings.

After human souls were separated into male and female, God imposed divine laws making it impossible for human beings to produce offspring with another specie. Another interesting fact was that man was able to live up to 1, years in the same body, until another Divine law was implemented to change this because of the need for souls to be able to reect more on the inner plane about the purpose and reason for incarnation.

Amilius The rst incarnation of Jesus Christ , Himself descended into matter and became the rst Adam upon the creation of the ve rst root races. Adam was the rst of the perfected race. The rst of the sons of God as opposed to what the Bible refers to as the daughters of men. Adam was an individual, but also a symbol of all ve races as was Eve. The Seven Root Races The graph on the next page shows the seven root races that make up what is esoterically termed the manvantara or world cycle. These root races seen in column one of the graph make up a period of time of from Sanat Kumara, our planetary logos incarnated into this planet at this time.

We are currently living in the Aryan root race. This term was completely distorted by Hitler and Nazi Germany, so please don't think of it in those terms. The Aryan race has been in existence for over a million years and will continue for some time more. The Meruvian root race is just beginning to come into play, so there is kind of an overlapping of root races going on. The name of the seventh root is the Paradisian. I would also like to add that Djwhal Khul has told me that the rst two root races, the Polarian and Hyperborean are often referred to as the Pre-Lemurian root race.

This is also how the Tibetan Foundation has referenced them. This is because the rst two races were not completely physical, as we understand physicality. The continents which these root races began and thrived are listed in the second column. The third column lists the specic type of psychospiritual attunement each root race had. The fourth column lists the chakra each root race was working on developing. The fth column lists the type of yoga each root race was practicing. Tara, the continent for the nal seventh root race is a continent that will emerge from the ocean oor in the distant future.

The Polarian, or rst root race had huge lamentous bodies, and were more etheric than physical. They were also totally sexless. They multiplied by a process of what scientists refer to as ssion or budding. For this reason they were basically immortal. They have been called the "Archetypal race". Their bodies were more gaseous in nature, which is a good way to describe them.

The Hyperborean or second root race were similar to the rst, however they slowly but surely began the process of materializing more. Djwhal Khul and the Tibetan Foundation has often just called these two root races "Prelemurian",. Human beings, as we know them, began with this third root race. When human life rst manifested on earth in these rst two root races the only dry land was at the north pole. The rest of the earth was covered with water. This polar continent looked like a skull cap on the head of the earth.

This is the only continent that will never submerge under water in the entire manvantara, or world cycle of all seven root races. One other interesting point was that Lemuria was called the "land of Shalmali" at the time it existed. It is also important to understand that the seven root races all have seven subraces.

This makes a total of 49 subraces in a manvantara. An example of this would be in our present Aryan root race. The Hindu began 62, years age. The Arabian 42, years ago. The Iranian 32, years ago. To make God's plan even more intricate, every subrace race has seven family races, which I am not going to get into. The rst avatar focused on the earth an energy of spiritual attunement.

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He came forth as a scientist, through a highly developed civilization. His message was to blend the scientic and the spiritual understandings. Humanity didn't accept His message at this time. They weren't ready for it. So this great teacher left. He has since returned into that full edged co-creator state. Another great avatar was sent to earth at a later pre-Lemurian time.

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He was a very tall man and He was fond of wearing a silver robe. He was the rst great teacher that really made an impact on the earth. His name was "Lo Chi". Lo Chi anchored courage, wisdom and love in their beginning stages. He took a war torn civilization and began to build a spiritual community and temples all over the land. At the end of His reign a mass ascension took place. The next great teacher that came changed His approach and stressed the emotional qualities and occupations rather than the scientic as the rst avatar had.

Some of the greatest art was produced, however the scientic side of society began to shut down. In a sense, a pendulum swing took place, from a more. Great strides were made in art, music and dance, but the mental creativity and potency was not there because of this pendulum swing.

This began to change over a long period of time and became more balanced and another mass ascension took place. Vywamus has called these two previous mass ascensions a period of spiritual harvesting. He says that we are again approaching a harvesting time in this century. This has to do with the Planetary Logos. Sanat Kumara in His cosmic evolution has reached another plateau. Each time He reaches one of these plateaus it is time for "harvesting of souls, or mass ascension.

Each time more than one cycle comes together that period is extremely important. We are in that period now. This harvesting window is approximately years. The end of this one hundred year cycle is from to the year The closer to the end of this one hundred year cycle the greater the harvesting.

To be incarnated at this time in history is a very great opportunity!!! The Electrical Wars It was also in this Pre-Lemurian period that the planet earth was attacked by another group of beings from another planet who wanted to take it over, called the "Electrical ones". Humanity began to defend itself, and this war lasted for years. Earthlings eventually won this battle.

The electrical ones were not really evil, but rather simply scientists looking for a new place to live. They came from a very great distance. This war is part of the fear of space ships that still exists to this day in the race consciousness. For these electrical ones took people and animals aboard space ships and did painful experiments on them. The electrical ones were actually seeking to bring their technology of light to the planet to aid in the trip back to the Source. Humanity and the earth, however, were moving towards greater material density.

This was not a negative thing on the part of the earth. The earth was saying that we want to learn everything we can within the densest part of physicality. A truce was nally declared after years of war and many of the electrical. Some stayed in specic areas given to them. The electrical ones stimulated an impatience for this downward materialistic cycle. The Lemurian stage of existence had to do with the race consciousness learning the lesson of physical attunement.

Humanity as a whole progresses in stages, and physical attunement was the key lesson during this period of history. The Lemurians were very philosophical and spiritual people. Much more so than the Atlantean civilization which was much more technologically advanced and focused. At this period of history great dinosaurs roamed the earth and because of this the Lemurians , to a great extent, had to live underground. They lived in caves hiding from the dinosaurs except to hunt for food.

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They would make beautifully and artistically decorated caves. The Lemurians were rather small physically. Men were ve feet and women a few inches shorter. The survival rate of children was not very high. They lived on grain, berries and fruit. Atlantis Atlantis was in the North Atlantic Ocean. It compared in size to Europe and Russia combined. The Eastern seaboard of the United States, then mostly underwater, comprised the coastal lowlands of Atlantis, which extended to the full off Mexico and as far as the Mediterranean Sea.

As mentioned earlier, dinosaurs roamed the earth, and many of which were carnivorous. Many of the Atlanteans lived in great walled cities to protect their people from these beasts. Also still existing in Atlantis were the grotesque animal-like humans, that I spoke of earlier in this chapter.

By certain segments of the society they were called "things", and treated as slaves and beasts of burden. There were two groups of people in Atlantis. Those who served the "Law of One" and those called the "Sons. The sons of Belial were the followers Beelzebub. They were the lords of materialism: The selsh materialistic, and egotistical group. These were the people that enslaved the "things", or animal humans that had the hooves, claws, feathers, wings, and tails on human bodies.

Those people that served the "law of one" tried to help the "things" both spiritually and physically by taking them to the great temples of healing in Atlantis. Using advanced technologies of crystals, light and sound they were often able to do surgery to remove these un-godlike appendages that no longer manifested the Admon Kadmon perfect design that God had created for the perfected human body. In 52, B. A plan was discussed to use super potent chemical forces to poison the dinosaurs in their liars.

This plan was implemented and began to work for a while. The rst of a series of three continental earth change catastrophes occurred about 50, B. This rst catastrophe occurred as a trial result of the use of chemicals and high explosives used in the plan to annihilate the dinosaurs. Huge and numerous gas pockets were blown open in the liars of the animals which precipitated volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

The magnitude of the disturbance was so great that it caused the axis of the earth to shift, bringing the poles to their present position, and causing the last great ice age. The continent of Lemuria was almost completely destroyed, but strangely enough Atlantis was not affected that much in terms of its land mass.

Lemuria's entire continent sunk to the bottom of the ocean, as a result of the pole shift. Atlantis became the premiere civilization on the planet.

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As mentioned earlier, Atlantis was very technologically advanced, but much less spiritually advanced, much like the United States is today. As a matter of fact, many of the same souls who lived in Atlantis are reincarnated and are living in the United States today. The great cataclysm destroyed most of the dinosaurs, because of the land mass transformation and the change in climate conditions. Atlantis, being now the premiere civilization on the planet, began to thrive. It was during this period that extraterrestrials visited Atlantis and introduced them to advanced crystal technology.

The Atlanteans used crystal energy to run almost every aspect of society. They had one great crystal which was the major energy source for the entire continent. It ran cars, ships, submarines, airplanes and energy needs of society. Science was more and more becoming the new God and people became less and less interested in the presence of God. The sons of Belial and negative extraterrestrial inuences began to take more and more control over Atlantean civilization.

The crystal energy began to be used for warfare and to control the people. One fateful day, Atlantean scientists tried to use the great crystal to send some kind of energy beam through the earth's crust for some evil purpose which precipitated a massive explosion, the likes of which have never been seen on this planet.

This occurred in approximately 28, BC and resulted in the submergence of Atlantis into three islands. This account was alluded to in the Bible story of Noah's ark and the great ood.

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A period of building began in Atlantis after this great catastrophe, but Atlantis never retained its original glory. Atlantis became more and more decadent as time went on. There were great advancements in electricity, atomic power, and harnessing of the sun's energy, however, in 10, BC the country reached its depths of moral and spiritual decline.

Human sacrice and sun worshipping were prevalent, as were adultery and corruption. The sun crystals were crudely adapted as a means of coercion, torture and punishment. The common people called these many sun crystals the "terrible crystals". Gigantic earth changes rocked Atlantis around 9, BC and Atlantis vanished from the face of the earth. The explosion was greater than that at Hiroshima by ten hundred thousand times. Those Atlanteans serving the "Law of One" listened to God and the prophets and ed before this catastrophe occurred.

In all these civilizations the inuence of Atlantis was felt in the building of the Pyramids.

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All of the secrets of Atlantis are stored in the hall of records in the great pyramid. These records are mystically protected. Paul Solomon and Edgar Cayce, in their source channelings, have said that a great initiate, who is now living on the planet, by the name of John of Penial, who is the reincarnation of John the. Beloved, the disciple of Christ will be the great one who will travel to Egypt and release all these records.

In the exodus from Atlantis to Egypt they brought with them a great spiritual teacher whose name was Thoth. For several thousand years He was incarnated in Egypt. Egypt was a civilization of great spirituality. The pyramids were actually temples of initiation. Vywamus has said that Egyptian history lasted as long as one hundred thousand years, not just the four or ve thousand years that modern historians speak of. Egypt had a great deal of extraterrestrial involvement. The concept of the pyramid came from other planets. The Egyptian civilization was the blending of consciousness from several other planets.

Plato has referred to the sinking of Atlantis in his writings. It is quite amazing to me that our modern history books are so limited in their scope. Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis would rise again and emerge off the east coast of the United States around or The Bahaman Islands are remnants of the peaks of Poseidia, one of the islands that was left after the second Atlantean earthquake. Divers, during this time period, found underwater temples and ruins in just sixty feet below the water as Cayce predicted.

The Bermuda Triangle, according to three different sources of information I have found in my research, is actually the great crystal I spoke of earlier that has sunk to the bottom of the ocean. At certain time periods when the sun shines upon the ocean oor at a certain angle in relationship to the moon, this great crystal gets activated.

Anything that passes through its energy vortex during this activation is turned into anti-matter, or disintegrated. This is why the Bermuda Triangle effects only occur at specialized occasions and not all the time. The United States is now going through a very similar testing period as Atlantis was 50, years ago. The question is whether our development of science and technology is going to cause us to lose sight of our true reason for being here which is a more spiritual one!!! The Cosmic Day and the Creation of the Planet Earth In this chapter on the story of creation, I have really been focusing on the creation of human life on this planet.

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This chapter, however, would not be. This gets into the understanding of the meaning of the "Cosmic Day" or a day in the life of Brahma God. One day in the life of Brahma equals 4,,, years. That's four billion. One night in the life of Brahma equals 4,,, years. One 24 hour day in the life of Brahma equals 8,,, years. Monads According to Djwhal Khul, God created 60, million monads in our planetary system. Again, each monad creates twelve souls, and each soul creates twelve soul extensions or incarnated personalities. Multiply 60, million times and you have the number of people working through this school.

Djwhal has also stated that of these 60, million monads: 35, million monads are of the second ray of love 20, million monads of activity or third ray 5, million monads of power or rst ray. It is interesting that a solar system lasts for years of Brahma. The rest, I don't fully understand myself, however it is interesting to get a right brain intuitive grasp of innite beauty and cyclic nature of God's creation. One year of Brahma c. One week of Brahma d. One day of Brahma e.

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One hour of Brahma f. One Brahmic minute An occult century. The period of a solar system. The period of seven chains where the seven planetary schemes are concerned. The period of seven rounds in one scheme. It has a chain signicance. The occult period of a round. Concerns interchain affairs. Concerns the planetary centers, and therefore egoic. One Brahmic moment Concerns and egoic group, and its relation to the whole.

At the end of one cosmic day, all of creation for that particular source is consumed and called back into source. Then there is a cosmic night, before the impetus of the creation of another cosmic day. You will be interested to know that in the cosmic day of which earth is a part, 3. You need not worry. We still have 1. Human life as we know it has only existed on planet earth in its present physical form for This whole process on a cosmic scale is known as the in-breath and out-breath of Brahma.

Later in this book I have written a chapter by this title signifying a smaller cycle that the earth is experiencing within this larger cosmic understanding of these cycles and in-breaths and out-breaths of god. In the beginning God created sons and daughters of God in the spiritual state. He created what is esoterically called "monads" or individualized spiritual sparks of the Creator. It is the monad which has also been called the "I AM Presence". That was our rst core intelligence, and rst individualized identity. This divine spark, also called spirit, is our true identity.

The monad, or spiritual spark decided with its free choice that it wanted to experience a denser form of the material universe than it was living in. Each of our monads, with the power of its mind, created twelve souls. It is as though the monad puts down twelve ngers of re, and at the end of that nger is the twelve individualized souls. Each soul is a smaller and partial representation of its creator, the monad.

The soul has also been referred to as the higher self, super conscious mind, higher mind. What we have here so far is that God created innite numbers of monads or spiritual sparks, and each monad then creates twelve souls to experience a denser form of matter than previously experienced. Each soul, then desiring to experience an even denser form of the material universe, creates twelve "personalities" or "soul extensions" who incarnate into the densest material universe.

We, on earth, are personalities or soul extensions of our soul, just as our soul is an extension of a greater consciousness which is our monad. Our monad is an extension of even a greater consciousness which is God, the Godhead, the Father and Mother of all creation. So each of us on earth has a soul family, so to speak, of eleven other soul extensions. The eleven other soul extensions could be incarnated on the earth, or some other planet in God's innite universe. Our other soul extensions could also not be incarnate in a physical body at this time, and could be existing on one of the other spiritual planes of existence.

Our eleven other soul extensions or personalities could be looked at like our immediate soul family. Extending this metaphor further, we also then have an extended monadic family. Each of us has twelve in our soul group, and in. The Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul has stated that there are 60, million monads working through our earthly planetary system. If one would multiply 60, times , one would have the number of soul extensions or personalities involved in the process of reincarnation on this planet.

A Personal Story To make the understanding of the monad, soul, and personality even easier to understand I would like to share my personal experience as to how this theory has related to my personal evolution as a soul extension. In my research as to how this all related to myself, I found out that of my particular soul group, that four of my soul extensions were still in incarnation and eight others were back on the inner plane.

Of the four still in incarnation, I was the only soul extension still on earth. One of my soul extensions was a female on the Pleiades, and two others were on planets in this galaxy whose names I had never heard of. In respect to my soul extensions; Three quarters of them were no longer in incarnation and one quarter were still incarnated in the material universe.

When one achieves certain levels of initiation this is a common practice for the soul to begin to call back some of its soul extensions, back to the spiritual world. The soul extensions could be looked at like a business. Let's say that four of them were doing really well in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris, and Brussels, and the other eight were losing money. A good business person might close down the eight businesses that weren't doing well and channel all their resources into the four businesses that were very active and successful nancially. This metaphor is exactly how the soul looks at its twelve soul extensions.

The twelve soul extensions are all working for the evolution of the "soul", just like the ten ngers on your hand are working for your physical body. In my case, four of my soul extensions were more active and successful spiritually speaking, so the other eight soul extensions have been called back to soul and are channeling their resources into the successful spiritual businesses, so to speak. The same thing is going on in a larger context of my soul extensions. All my twelve souls are at a stage of spiritual evolution and initiation where all resources. Just as the ngers of your hand don't compete with each other, and all work for the same goal, ideally all soul extensions work for the evolution of the soul and later the monad.

To make my personal story a little more interesting, I was told by the Ascended Master, Djwhal Khul, that I was an oversoul or teacher for my other soul extensions of my soul group. Because of my dedication to my spiritual path, my other soul extensions on the inner plane had been greatly helped by my presence and consciousness.

At the time I heard this, this was news to me, because I had no conscious recollection of my contact and involvement with my other soul extensions. A lot of this involvement occurs on the inner plane while we sleep. Djwhal Khul also told me that there was some co-dependency going on, however. I said: "Co-dependent? Djwhal told me that I was not co-dependent with people of the earth plane, but rather with my other soul extensions. In other words, I was running their karma through my physical body. Djwhal told me that the Spiritual Hierarchy and Great White Brotherhood wanted me to use this physical body for service and not run it down by taking on too much karma from my other soul extensions as a service for them.

I knew intuitively that what he was saying was true. In my zeal for spiritual growth I had a total knowingness that I had unconsciously been doing this. I immediately told my other soul extensions that I loved them but the buck stops here, and that they would have to be in charge of discharging and releasing their own karma from now on. I set the appropriate boundaries just as I always do with people on this plane of existence.

One last fascinating story that relates to this whole process is the story of how I met my wife, Terri. About two years ago a friend of mine told me about a day long workshop called "The Monadic Anchoring". All the information she had about it was this title. I had always been incredibly intrigued by the concept of the monad, but I found it almost impossible to nd information about it.

When I heard the word, monad, I said to myself that, "I am going to that seminar. I had synchronistically just begun re-reading all the Alice Bailey books which Djwhal Khul wrote. I was very impressed with her channeling and the. This had never been done before and was kind of an experiment which the Hierarchy was doing to see the effect.

The workshop was very powerful and at the end of it I went up to Terri and asked her if she ever did private channeled readings with people. Terri lived in Alabama and said she would be happy to do some readings for me over the phone. To make a long story short I worked with Terri professionally for a period of time.

The Complete Ascension Manual : Joshua David Stone :

I was intensely studying the Alice Bailey material and I would ask Djwhal a lot of questions concerning this most advanced material. It was during this time that Terri and I started having dreams about each other, in which we were involved romantically. We both were not really looking for a relationship, however, the dreams kept coming and we nally decided to check it out. Lo and behold, it was a match made in heaven!!! Approximately three or four weeks after our initial super-profound bonding, I had a dream one night.

In the dream, Djwhal Khul was talking to me and told me that Terri and I came from the same monad. Upon waking from the dream I woke up amazed for that is the way I felt inwardly, but it was such a conrmation to get this occult piece of information so clearly. I immediately called Terri in Alabama and we conrmed this fact with Djwhal also through her channeling. We later did some deeper exploration of this and we were also told that Terri and I were the only soul extensions from our monad on earth. So, in other words, all our other one quarter soul extensions of our , were incarnated on other planets.

A whole cluster of them, apparently on the Pleiades. So Terri and I are not from the soul, but from the monad. Terri is one of my other soul extensions, so we are what might be termed "monadic mates". What was also so remarkable was that we had initially met at the anchoring of the monad workshop.

On the very densest level we have the physical plane. Above that, the astral or emotional. Above that the monadic plane. Above that the Buddhic or intuitional plane. Above that the Atmic or spiritual plane. Above that, still, the monadic plane and nally the Divine or Logoic plane. In the process of evolution and initiation it is necessary to master and evolve through these planes. See Diagram A. Our monad is anchored in the second plane downward which is the monadic plane. The soul is anchored two planes downward into the Buddhic plane. Lastly , of course, the soul extension and personality is anchored in the seventh plane which is the dense physical plane.

The Seven Cosmic Planes The seven dimensions I have just mentioned are the seven planes of this solar system. There are, however, seven cosmic planes. Each of the planes I have just mentioned has a cosmic counterpart. In other words there is a cosmic physical plane, a cosmic astral plane, a cosmic mental plane, a cosmic buddhic plane, A cosmic atmic plane, a cosmic monadic plane, and a cosmic Logoic plane.

The seven planes of our solar system are the seven sub-planes of the cosmic physical plane. In other words, once we evolve through these seven sub-planes, then we will have completed just the cosmic physical plane. Then we will eventually evolve through the six higher cosmic planes. The Ascended Masters that we have such enormous respect for, are really only Masters of the cosmic physical plane. They have not really even begun their cosmic evolution yet.

This is in no way meant as a criticism, but rather a statement showing the incredible vastness and magnitude of God's creation. Vywamus has said that the spiritual path can be likened to a ten inch ruler. As these great souls continue to evolve They will eventually leave this planetary system and move on to their cosmic evolution. We here on earth will continue to evolve and ascend and take their places in the Spiritual Hierarchy.

We are all destined to evolve back to the Cosmic Logoic plane, or back to the Godhead on Cosmic levels. Vywamus has termed this state of consciousness the Creator level. The Spiritual Constitution of Man The spiritual constitution of man can be divided up into three levels. The three aspects of the monad are: 1. Will or power - which is the Father principle 2. Active intelligence - which is the Holy Spirit 2. Soul, higher self, super-conscious mind A.

The three aspects of the soul are: 1. Spiritual Will 2. Higher mind 3. Personality or soul extension A. The three bodies of personality are: 1. The mental body 2. The emotional body 3. Physical body and etheric body. The Three Levels of Self-Actualization As the above outline indicates, there are three distinct levels of our spiritual constitution, and hence there are three distinct levels of self-actualization.

The rst level of self-actualization has to do with self-actualization of the personality. There are many, many, many people on this plane who have achieved this level. This would mean that they are psychologically self actualized, but not necessarily spiritually self actualized. A person that comes to my mind as an example, might be someone like Tom Cruise, the famous movie star.

Here is a person who is very successful as a movie star. He has made it to the top in an earthly sense. Whether he is soul awakened, I do not know, because I don't know him personally. He has denitely self actualized his personality. Another example might be a famous psychologist who has not yet explored his spiritual life, but is yet helping a great many people psychologically. The second level of self actualization would be self actualization at a soul level.

This would not occur until the third and fourth initiations, which will be explained in great detail in a later chapter. A self actualized person at this level has become one with the soul and higher self, and is living this reality in their daily lives. A Beginner's Guide to the Path of Ascension. This volume covers the basics of ascension clearly and completely, from the spiritual hierarchy to the angels and star beings, in Dr. Stone's easy-to-read style. From his background in psychology he offers a unique perspective on such issues as karma, the transcendence of the negative ego, the power of the spoken word and the psychology of ascension.

There are meditations and exercises to assist the reader in integrating the principles of ascension in a practical way. The importance of developing all bodies, the physical, the etheric, the astral and the mental, as well as the higher monadic and soul bodies, is emphasized. With interesting examples and personal stories, the various spiritual realms and planes are described and the path of initiation is illustrated.

This is a book that makes learning enjoyable. Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing. This volume represents the wisdom of the ascended masters condensed into concise keys that serve as a spiritual guide. There are golden keys that present the multitude of methods, techniques, affirmations, prayers, and insights Dr.

Stone has gleaned from his own background in psychology and life conditions and his thorough research of all the ancient and contemporary classics that speak of the path to God realization. The teachings of Sai Baba and other ascended masters are at the core of these keys, and the author has also drawn up on various spiritual scriptures such as the Bhagavad-Gita and the Bible. Especially valuable are practical methods to support the ascension process, such as journal writing and spiritual logs, as well as meditations and prayers. Now, because of the extraordinary times in which we live, cosmic ascension is available here on Earth!

Learn about self-realization, evolvement of nations and more. Dr Joshua David Stone. This is a most wonderful book of Spiritual and Psychological guidance in a question and answer format covering a wide range of fascinating topics! This book answers a great many age-old questions of life that all on the Spiritual Path seek answers to. Of the 40 books Dr. Stone has channeled and written, this may be one of the most interesting because the wide range of questions students and friends have asked him and he has here catalogued for you.

Joshua Stone's Ascension Series. This index for the Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path is a great resource in your search for ascension, self-realization, and ascended-master teachings. These books collectively explore the deepest levels and understanding of ascension through the personal, planetary and cosmic levels, offering the reader tools to work with that span the spectrum of all of the bodies and ultimately bring them into the subtle realms of cosmic ascension.

These tools are practical gems for the purification, healing, cleansing, acceleration and ascension process that covers the individual incarnated soul and extends into the vast monadic and cosmic realms. Ascension and Romantic Relationships. Inspired by Djwhal Khul, Dr. Joshua David Stone has written a unique book about relationships from the perspective of the soul and monad rather than just the personality.

This presents a broader picture of the problems and common traps of romantic relationship and offers much deeper and spiritually sound guidance and advice. Drawing on his experience as a psychotherapist and licensed marriage, family, and child counselor, Dr. Stone has written an excellent manual for initiates, disciples, and ascended beings. This book brings forth incredible new channeled material that completely demystifies the seven levels of initiation and how to attain them. It contains revolutionary new information on how to anchor and open our thirty-six chakras and how to build our light quotient at a rate of speed never dreamed possible.

The book includes a chapter on cosmic ascension and a unique cosmic map that outlines the process of planetary ascension. The map also charts the course for full cosmic ascension through the seven cosmic planes and forty-eight dimensions of reality back to the Godhead and undifferentiated Source. How to Teach Ascension Classes. This book serves as an ideal foundation for teaching ascension classes and doing workshops. The inner-plane ascended masters have guided Dr.

Stone to put together this book, using his Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path as its foundation. Here you will find an entire one- to two-year program of classes for teaching from one to hundreds of student initiates. Teaching or setting up a class in your home to facilitate ascension realization is one of the most important services one could offer one's friends, students and even family.

With this book it is easy. Rather, these leaders are, and will continue to be, instrumental in fashioning the university of the future in ways that are distinctive and pronounced among the various and competing forces presumed central to those future prospects and directions. Nelson has formulated a comprehensive image of the tenor, talents, and temperaments essential for today's presidency, for those who aspire to assume leadership in the future and for those who select the leaders of our colleges and universities. Because this book depicts the stories and scenes, issues and concerns ever-embedded in the lives of colleges and universities, "Leaders in the Labyrinth" will enrich readers interested in leadership, in the fortunes of college presidents, and in preserving the academy as a distinctive and irreplaceable enterprise.

The following are also included: 1 A Coda: Creeds and Character; and 2 an index. Contains notes. A collection of short plays for speech and drama classrooms, forensic competitions, or variety shows. Includes scripts for girls, boys, and mixed casts. Palatial feasts -- Royal wedding reception -- Eid holiday feast -- Arabian tea party -- Palace spice brunch -- Henna night -- Baby-naming ceremony -- Yemeni sabbath luncheon -- Ramadan breakfast -- Ramadan dinner -- Simpler delights -- Omani incense party -- Arabian "mocktail" party -- Children's pearl diving party -- Bedouin desert truffle party -- Jedda Red Sea picnic -- Oasis date harvest -- Arabian dessert party.

Introduction -- Trippin' down memory lane 4 girls, 3 guys -- Word gets around 4 girls, 3 guys -- The party 3 girls, 2 guys -- The room 2 girls, 1 guy -- Parents