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Nervous system. How many chromosomes do sperm and egg contain at conception. What do genes consist of? Small segments of DNA. Each chromosome contains thousands of genes. Human genome.

Evolutionary Psychology 101 Psych 101

The gene change in frequencies over time. Survival of the fittest. Evolutionary Psychology. Evolutionary psychology. Evolution and sexual strategies.

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Involves binge eating and purges. Eating hardly anything. Structure of the neuron. The neuron synapse. Synaptic bulb.

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Rounded areas on the end of the axon terminals. Uploaded By UltraLightningNewt The scientific study of behavior AND mental processes.

Evolutionary psychology and behaviour aggression

What is psychology? The father of psychology. Who is Wilhelm Wundt? An approach that uses evolutionary principles to study human behavior. What is a evolutionary psychology? Proportion of the variation among individuals that we can attribute to genes. What is heritability?

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  • The principle that states any complex behavior is caused by a number of interacting factors — rarely does it have a single cause. What is a multicausality?