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And they translated that position into being a great systems company. Much like Apple executives have said that their company's command of both hardware and software enable them to build unique products, so too, Ellison seems to want to emphasize how Oracle will evolve by continuing Sun's chip and computer hardware development. Storage is another area that fascinates Ellison. When it comes to Hewlett-Packard , Ellison wants to tiptoe on the line between competitor and collaborator.

He said the two companies--and executives--have a great relationship. But Oracle's new role, assuming the Sun deal goes through, won't be easy: Ellison insisted that Oracle can continue to give full support to the Linux operating system, even as it gears up to promote Solaris, the operating system developed by Sun.

Elizabeth, Larry and Ed

Zander ask if the tech sector is in an era of mass consolidation, a trend that harkens back to the s when there were few computer vendors--and unhappy customers. Even though Ellison now positions Sun as fundamental to Oracle's future, not so long ago, he wasn't even planning to buy the company. He is figuring on being around to help continue to shape that evolution: He said he just recently signed up for another five years at Oracle.

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Battle of the Billionaires. Oracle-Sun Creating Churn. Like everything is in the cloud,' " mocked Ellison. Good God," said Ellison in mock horror.

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By combining Sun's expertise in hardware with Oracle's software, Ellison suggested, the combined company can become a powerful "systems" company that sells solutions to businesses. He has done editorial work on several major publications, including the Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English Literature , for which he was the Associate Editor. In , he convened an international team of scholars under the auspices of the Society of Biblical Literature to undertake fresh studies of the Freer biblical manuscripts.

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