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From , atmospheric levels of 14 C shot up to heights unheard of for thousands of years, only to fall exponentially after the Test Ban Treaty of In the meantime, the extra 14 C was converted into carbon dioxide, taken in by plants, and made its way up the food chain. Some of it ended up in the bodies of people alive at the time, and if any of them were creating new fat cells, these would be laced with unusually high levels of 14 C.

In this way, the levels of 14 C in any adipocyte acts as a time stamp, directly reflecting the amount in the air at the time it was created. The bomb tests had inadvertently given Spalding a way of carbon-dating fat. And she could do so very accurately, because of the massive year-on-year changes in atmospheric 14 C I blogged about the same technique a couple of years ago, when it was first used to study the creation of neurons in the adult brain.

She took fat tissue from 35 people who were either lean or obese and used them to create cultures of fat cells that were almost completely pure. She found that all the samples taken from people born before had levels of 14 C that were substantially higher than the low atmospheric levels before the bomb tests. People born after the Cold War showed the tests showed the same pattern — their fat cells were often about 20 years or so younger than they were. These cells were clearly produced during either adolescence or adulthood.

Armed with all of this data, Spalding managed to model the life and death of fat cells. She discovered that obese adults produce about twice as many new fat cells every year as lean ones. However, obese adults also have more fat cells anyway than lean ones, and the proportion of new cells added is the same in both groups. In early life, things are different. Compared to their lean peers, obese children add new fat cells at twice the rate, which is why they end up with a bigger complement of fat cells.. Society does not fat shame males any where near as much as they do females.

Bigger men are teddy bears, where bigger women are an abomination. Her attitude of defending her current physical state, is to show that those attempts to shame her, deny her respect by using health as an excuse will not work. There is no reason why she or any other person male or female, cannot decide for themselves their physical state of being.

If or when they find that they would like to either change their appearance or not that will be their choice. Being fat is not a disease. Everyone who is fat has chosen to eat too much and exercise too little. Exceptions are extraordinarily rare. This is reality. At one point I believed that maybe smokers and fat people should pay more for insurance, but then what about people that go out in the sun?

My issue with your post is that you expect people to bend to her insecurities. PS: Bigger men are teddy bears because the bigger man will win the fight and protect the woman. What does the bigger woman have to offer? Also in general men just naturally care about the physical appearance of women more than women care about the physical appearance of men. Plus, women still do care a great deal about the physical appearance of men, generally. If a fat guy is with a beautiful woman he must have some other important things going for him that she values enough to overlook his appearance.

Asenath Waite. Thankyou, some good points there. Woman being capable of being more attuned or sensitive to their own inner experience, can give them a felt sense of others that overlooks the surface level, or superficial social standards. More depth, than surface. By simply accepting, and being open to women in general, as they are, you can sense the natural feminity in a woman.

A beautiful thing. Stress in all forms, has deep consequences on societies as a whole. Individual learning and self-responsibility is key. Speak for yourself. Most fat guys get bullied too. And once they lose weight, they feel much better about themselves and do better dating. Muscular guys and tall guys look like they could protect you.

The Sad Truth About ‘Fat Acceptance’

Fat guys look like slobs who you need to feed a lot. Are you replying to me? Maybe this could be somewhat analogous to the fact that shortness can be seen as an attractive quality in women, but never in men. Thanks, AW. I only meant that men can use weight to their advantage in a way. Probably could have been worded differently. AW, I think you are right that men value looks more than women do and it can be explained via evolution because men only care about the best genetics for their offspring symmetrical face, eyc whereas women actually have to raise the kid and so care more about status and whether the father will stick around or not.

This may explain why men are less tolerant of fat women than women are of fat men. There was a recent Quillette article about this. Not seeing the upside. Bumble Bee: While it is true that some long married woman do not much mind a fat husband so long as he is a good husband and the reverse if often not true ; generally women underestimate how much weight and looks effect men today. Men generally like women and sex and generally get less of it if they are not as fit and attractive.

At the same time they hide their own booze, weed, and Rx drug habits very carefully. I think all people have intrinsic value. I do not think that an obese person has no value. I also think they are making decisions that are risking their health. And I do not find them attractive. My sister was morbidly obese and never could do anything about it. She developed postmenopausal uterine cancer but was unaware of her hugely swollen uterus because she was so fat. Then she hemorrhaged and nearly died. She was stage 4, multiple metastases. Chemo and radiation were brutal, gave her a miserable extra year of life.

She died at Excessive fat tissue secretes too much estrogen which can lead to hormone sensitive cancers. This lady defending obesity is just sad. And wrong. It is a problem for others to be seated on a plane or bus next to a very obese person. They should be required to pay for two seats. Or is that discrimination? Unlike my sister, I have watched what I eat and exercised all my life. The genetic propensity is there. Gardner — sorry about your sister. Given the general quality of your comments, however, I would definitely vote to have you as a guest speaker.

You need to start advocating free college, free healthcare, open borders, blank slates, checking privilege, and 12 years until we melt if you are ever going to make it big. Especially women who suffer sexual abuse often overeat to handle their fear and stress about that, and also as protection, to appear undesirable. Your suggestion is disgusting. Not even a bona fide psychiatrist would make such a leap based on such little info. Many turn to overeating, and drink or drugs.

The fact is, females DO overeat to make themselves feel less desirable. Your disgust changes nothing. Many, like White, become prone to binge-eating. Others willfully put on weight to desexualize, in the hope that what happened to them as children will never happen again. So your best guess is that most obese people were sexually abused?

Did you have some study that would support that? Bariatric surgery might be your only choice. With over half the population overweight to some degree, it does warrant saying that people need to lose weight. Healthcare is just too expensive. Lert—one type of bariatric surgery performed today consists of reducing the size of the stomach to about the size of a banana. Eating anything other than tiny portions results in nausea and regurgitate. For a person to commit to this irreversible way of eating for the rest of his or her life requires careful evaluation and a determination that other means of weight loss are never going to succeed.

But alas, people figure out how to cheat, and some weight gain occurs. But I think there should be some sort of financial penalty when people regain some of their weight. There should be a serious incentive to keep it off. Even if you had your stomach stapled and ran 26 miles a day, you cannot outrun insulin resistance which varies with genetics. This simple fact being kept from most of us for the past 60 years is appalling.

Every feedlot manager knows how to fatten animals! Umm, my PhD is in nutrition. Thanks for the lecture. I think you need to take a few more classes to broaden your understanding of biochemistry and physiology. Finally, someone getting to the root of the issue. I was hesitant to point out to Anna she has missed this crucial elemlent, to ask Anna to focus on carbohydrates causing insulin resistance, causing metabolic disorder, as the main mechanism behind obesity, whatever adjunct role mental health issues have played in her own history.

And the equally important message that you cannot outrun insulin resistance. Most obese people who undergo gastric bypass bariatric surgery see a complete remission of their Type 2 diabetes immediately afterward. I wonder how this impossibly stupid person explains that. Read Yoni Freedhoff and Sharma for factual talk. Even in best circumstances, diabetes 2 is not curable.

You are either trolling or made a rash and foolish statement.

Try objectively watching TV, read print Ads, go to your local High School and look around at who is excelling and taking part in educational enrichment. Whatever happened in the past, this society is not hating women. This society is falling over itself to laud people for for their gender if that gender is female…. Any Western woman who honestly believes that modern culture is woman-hating is truly suffering from mental illness whether they are fat or not.

Oh, you live is Saudi Arabia do you? This is just one link, but you can find lots of information by searching through the websites of Integrative aka Functional medicine clinicians. This information has been around for several years:. You ARE playing…with words. Diabetes 2 is a lifestyle illness. Alter your lifestyle — forever — and you will cease to exhibit the symptoms, which is the same as a cure. Your blood sugar will return to normal. It manages your poor choices, which express as the disease we call diabetes. If you eat and live properly you can live pharma-free.

It is indeed reversible with a keto or LCHF diet, but once metabolic disorder has set in, it becomes very difficult to re-set. Now why could that be? Again, could it be that men and boys spend more time looking at superhero things with muscular heroes? Human blubber IS disgusting. Any rational person would be revolted by it. We are genetically different, all of us, and some peoples are predisposed to higher body weight.

And a large percentage of overweight are women. This is partly genetic, and partly a response to sexism. Sexism, or male sexual preference? I can see how that could contribute to women being underweight, but how does it contribute to them being overweight?


We are the child-bearing sex. Our bodies are fatter for that purpose, whether we ever become pregnant or not. Also, when women age our bodies are predisposed to being fatter to protect our bones and organs. Fat holds estrogen. Women frequently lose their menses if they train and diet hard. In some cultures, being fat is desired because it suggests wealth enough to be able to eat a lot , so fat women are considered very desirable.

There is a range of reasonably healthy body types within which different cultures might select different ideal beauty standards.

  • La teoría del mito social (Spanish Edition).
  • Beyond Fragments: Adults, Motivation And Higher Education.
  • A Youth In Soccer (Jakes Soccer Adventures Book 1);

Plenty of very thin women are perfectly natural. She had 7 healthy children and lived till I have to deliberately gain a little bit of weight to have a regular menstrual cycle which I did in order to get pregnant , but my husband pretty much has to look at me and I get knocked up. That is interesting because the research I find suggests obesity rates in men are significantly higher than women.

I wonder if those big fat stone-carved prehistoric Venuses were meant to be displayed so as to discourage other people from overeating? Or maybe they were for everyone to sit around in that old cave and laugh at? I guess not….

  1. Parables, Catholic Apologetics Through Sacred Scripture!
  2. Invisible.
  3. 2013 Für alle, die 2012 überlebt haben! (German Edition).
  4. Reckless (Thirty-1);
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  6. Fat Buu Z2 Process by God-of-Death-Alex on DeviantArt.
  7. They were fertility symbols with grossly exaggerated features indicating pregnancy similar to the virility symbols of males with phalluses larger than their entire bodies. Neither were likely to have been meant to be realistic depictions of beauty standards of the time, if that is your implication. What if fertility WAS the real canon of beauty to them? A woman or man with the actual proportions of those ancient fertility symbols would not be fertile, they would be dead.

    Here is her resume. These are padding pun intended of an otherwise thin resume. No publications. It is obvious to any honest moral person that being mean to a fat person is unjustified. But you said more than that. Let me summarize the rest of what I hear you saying. Everyone nods in agreement.

    The UN - Game Of Death (G.O.D.) by Fat Beats | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    So between their two SJW diatribes you see Intersectional knives sharpened in the ivory tower. Equating or even comparing foods to drugs ignores the vital distinction that all food cravings are subsections of the general craving for food we all have, and MUST have, which is hunger and appetite. We all need food, but not drugs. We all need FOOD—that is, fats and proteins from animals, salt, and water.

    neuro-collaboration in action

    Applies as well to artificial vegetable oils. I realize this sounds radical, but historically and biochemically it just happens to be true. Before nearly NO ONE had constant access to anything other than green and root vegetables; small sour fruit only for a few weeks in season annually; dairy products, meat and fish. There was some flour from stone-ground wheat, but deficiency diseases of the poor who ate mostly bread and little meat and dairy were commonplace.

    Go look it up. Spend a couple of months getting to know which food does what inside your cells; then shop and consume accordingly. And if they ever did, the entire food production system would come crashing down. Some farmers would sell large quantities of veggies for barely a few meals worth of bread. It sounds insane today, but it made sense historically as it would be deeply humiliating to eat animal fodder. The population in Paris largely lived off only bread, and the majority of the population was anaemic.

    Ive heard older people tell me that when they were evacuated as children in ww2 they were forced to eat carrots which they had never touched before, as their meal would have been bread, butter and some meat. I think the one dietary improvement everyone can make without any loss is to drastically reduce the amount of bread in your diet. More than that and they gain weight; less than that and they lose weight.

    For people needing to lose weight the first thing to do is learn how to neither gain nor lose weight. This is much, much more important than generally recognized. Regaining weight after having lost it is nothing more than continuing a long-term pattern of always alternating between gaining and losing weight. Do that for a few months, staying to a 1 kilo range 2. BUT never gain weight. Repeat, never gain weight; never overeat and sometimes undereat a little. I realize this is a somewhat tautological statement but is both self-definitially true and pertinent to the discussion and the tautology it highlights is the kind of obvious thing neglected in most discussions of this topic.

    Most people know this but look for magic diets where you can eat apparently more than you need. Forget all that. Use common sense.

    Free Thought Lives

    Most people took 10 years to gain their extra weight so take a long time to remove it. Ironic that the poor in our somewhat capitalist society are at risk of dying from obesity, while the working class in socialist societies feared starvation. So extreme is the success of capitalism, that a generation addicted to their iPhones and Starbucks have convinced themselves they are oppressed by the very system that provides them with a life of luxury that beyond the wildest dreams of every King, emperor, sultan, pope, caliph, or khagan who had the misfortune to live during the other As for the subject of this article, perhaps an agreement ought to be wrought in which the state subsidizes her Twinkie addiction provided she refrains from bothering sane and civilized people with her nonsense ever again.

    Given her Vader-ian resperation, the taxpayers should not be on the hook for too long. That was a touch sardonic. But as you say it should be sobering to consider that in terms of health, longevity, comforts, amusements, security, and several other things, the modern welfare queen has it vastly better than Elisabeth I. It is strange that the obese do not yet have Official Victim Status. This person can leverage their queerness and non-binaryness, which already have Status, so hx fattness might just enter the club almost on the coat tails of the other Intersectionalities.

    Correct — the real scandal of our times generally is not that some people have crazy ideas they always did and always will but that our institutions are allowing these ideas to spread, and are not standing up for the core values that built our societies in the first place. Dealing with over-weight is very difficult.

    But it is possible. I think one of the reasons people are less charitable to overweight vs. Nothing, no matter how challenging can overcome shortness for example. What if a medical professional could say to a disabled person lets say someone permanently confined to a wheel chair. Are you telling me the person confined to a wheelchair would not take that deal… This may be to a degree why the Obese are not given the same consideration as people with other immutable challenges….

    This is where genetic tendencies meet genetic expression in an age when most people are eating to excess of cheap, addictive, refined starches and sugars, ALL of which are digested as glucose. All else is downstream from there. Not only is this modern, processed diet biochemically profoundly incorrect for the human species, it has never been eaten before by ANY species. Fat hogs you knock on the head to eat; fat humans are stuck with all the stigmas and inconveniences of living as a metabolic trainwreck.

    The extremists would have us completely give up animal fats and proteins that are known to be necessary for healthy human life, especially brain development and reproduction. Please take an open-minded look at the best information available from the pages of evolutionary biology before deciding what to eat.

    What it WILL do is keep you out of the hands of the pharmaco-industrial complex. LR— I really like a lot of your comments so excuse me when I have to note you come across as someone who has done a lot of reading of the popular press nutrition info and has decided you are an expert. If humans are not supposed to eats carbs, we would be evolutionarily disadvantaged. Obesity is an imbalance of energy intake, first law of thermodynamics. What modern mankind lacks is the necessity to move. The energy out side of the equation is too low. Refined carbs vs complex carbs, calorie for calorie. Refined carbs taste good and go down easy, but cal of sucrose is no different from cals of starch.

    Actually, simple starch will stimulate more insulin secretion than an equal amount of sucrose. PS— meat animals are fattened up by keeping them immobile. Anyone pushing that nowadays is in danger of looking downright quaint. I also spend a lot of time with wildlife and livestock which gives me a different perspective than the average apartment dweller. I DO believe history will show that the easy availability of cheap, stable, transportable refined starches and refined sugar was responsible for the explosion in the human population that took place from roughly through the s; unrestricted feeding and weight gain at first chose for enhanced fertility.

    But we are now reaping the whirlwind with a different list of deficiency problems than the traditional diseases of poverty such as rickets, beriberi etc. Today we have ADHD, anxiety, autoimmune problems, celiac, dementia and depression for just the short list before we get to CVD, diabetes, and intractable obesity.

    You try something ELSE. LR—-the first law of thermodynamics is out of date. OK, professor, you are the expert. You good now?? Sarcasm aside, have you read Gary Taubes analysis why the first law of thermodynamics is not applicable to getting fat?


    Similarly if your wight is stable and you eat more or less than you will gain or lose weight. I think excercise fails for weight loss because I can go walk for an hour and a half and still burn less calories than a snickers bar. Not promoting this or validating it I have no need but I would like to know what you think?

    These people say they are successfully treating they say curing which I think is wrong teminology Type 2 with this diet. Before insulin. Curious to know what you think Rose and Gardner. The low carb diet has been around for a while, it once was the Atkins diet now resurrected as the keto diet. Her eyes are also susceptible to similar effects. Her voice is the most gentle and sweet her nose is a large hook nose, a small sarcoma in the middle of the bridge of the nose, and the nose stretches out from here, as if it has been unshakable.

    Puchin heard that the little guy wanted to go to his friend s house in London on the 18th when he understood the patient s situation more clearly, he would write to Mr. When I lived a sinful life, I heard a lot of words saying that I did not fulfill my responsibilities, how to calculate body fat percentage weight loss which gave me a belief that people did not do their duty to me therefore, what seeds were planted, Get what you get.

    After they left the room together, he felt that he had heard a gentle voice singing he remembered that Paul had told him After his sister sang to him, he opened the door with curiosity, listened and watched them. The coming of the consul. Gentlemen, different types of weight loss programs we will resume our study on the 25th of next month under the auspices of Mr. Chik looked at him reproachfully, and then she went on, and then continued the words just now. After the first depaul hospital weight loss clinic long voyage with his young bride, My wife said, Now he no longer has to travel across the ocean.

    As Western Marxist a. Jackson pointed out, Donbe s arrogance is the quality that he brings to him as the head of a big company. Because, madam, The major said, Dong Bei is as proud as the devil. There seems to be nothing that can match the continuation of Mr.