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I can't believe that the movie is out this week. I like the thought of a good over-the-shoulder spanking. I don't think that it would work for me, as I am tall and I don't want my guy getting his shoulder dislocated. My guy and I have talked about how much this position turns me on. We both have not-so-great backs to make it come true, but we love the visual. In Fifty Shades of Grey, Christian picks Ana over his shoulder and gives her a smack on her backside. I loved it. Today, I saw another teaser on Twitter where Ana reminisces about that particular moment.

Christian says, "Like this? Posted by cutiebootie at Email This BlogThis! Why are you answering Elliot's phone? I'm calling to see if you three would like to join Anastasia and me for lunch I almost jump out of my skin when someone hugs me from behind. I recognize the floral scent and know exactly who it is. Christian turns off his phone and shoves it into his jacket pocket. He pulls me away from Kate and into his side. Kate raises a brow at me and winks.

We have a table at Norm's News, one door over. Sawyer drove. He was so disappointed in you taking off without him, that he insisted on driving us. Reynolds stayed behind with your 'rents. Let's go. We walk into what looks like an old-fashioned luncheonette or soda shop.

The waitress is in the process of joining two small square tables together to accommodate our now larger group. Elliot scoops me up and swings me around. His silliness makes me giggle. Christian eyes us disapprovingly. It's clear that Christian adores and admires you and Elliot very much. He speaks about you both so lovingly. For the sake of family harmony, I'm completely manufacturing this. I don't fully understand Christian's relationships with Mia and Elliot, but I feel a need to nurture the bonds among them.

They have no idea how fortunate they are to have each other. They make awesome huckleberry milkshakes and the lime phosphate is my favorite. By my measure, Montana is quite the exotic locale. Phosphates, moose, bison, glaciers, Christian, spankings. The chili-cheese fries are to die for.

Look at the huge servings. The mound of fries is ridiculous. At least not without discussing it first. He pays them big bucks and they're the best. Christian breached his own security this morning by not taking Sawyer or Reynolds. He knows better than to go without a CPO. We have room at our table. Okay, for you, I'll invite him. Only for you. We all watch as Christian makes his way to Sawyer. Christian moves with such grace and confidence. He takes my breath away. Jeez, Sawyer sure takes his job seriously. I wonder if all of Christian's security guys are this intense. It's my first time as well.

The scenery is breathtaking. The air is so crisp and clean. A waitress takes our order. We're all having some variation of burger. We decide on two of the huge orders of fries to split.

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I order a lime phosphate and Christian decides on the huckleberry shake. Since I'm the reason that Sawyer is at the table, I feel a responsibility to make him feel included. Christian huffs and pinches the bridge of his nose. What is his problem? I'm not going to be around after Monday, so what difference does it make if security calls me by my first name?

Why don't you join us tonight and hang out? Mia has planned some games and activities. Christian grasps my shoulders and pulls me up from my seat. He's almost rough. I can feel agitation radiate from his body. We end up on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. I'm fully aware that we're in full view of our companions. I look back at them. Yep, they are watching us. Are you trying to get laid? I get it. Sawyer's a good looking fucker. He's my employee, for Christ's sake!

You are so offensive. You cannot speak to me like this. Listen to yourself. I have no sexual or romantic interest in Sawyer. I made him uncomfortable by insisting he come to our table, and to make him more comfortable, I'm simply trying to be friendly. The only person I've ever wanted is you. How can you think so little of me? I've never been jealous before, and I don't know how to handle these new feelings. I want all of your attention. Look at me, Christian.

I've never felt jealous before either, but I do with you. I hate the thought of you being with all those women and knowing I can't satisfy you the way they did. Christian cups my face with his hands and pulls me to him with a gentle, but passionate kiss. I rest my hands on his waist and lean into him. He's apologizing with his lips and telling me, in this moment, that I'm enough for him. I ask Christian for a taste of his shake and he says he'll give it to me in exchange for a taste of my phosphate. We offer up our drinks, one to the other. At the very same moment, his straw is in my mouth and mine in his.

Our eyes are locked. Mia snaps a photo with her phone. Lunch was fun, and before heading back, all of us strolled through downtown Kalispell. Christian and I used the window shopping as an opportunity to hold hands. The risks here are low, and I wanted to feel like a regular guy out with a girl. Sawyer called me out on it. It was impulsive of me, and something I won't do again. It's almost four by the time we get home. Christian and I are responsible for the evening's cocktail hour activities.

There isn't much time. Working as a team, Christian and I dash off in different directions as soon as we get back to the house. Christian staples together the lyrics and reviews the sheet music for the songs. I rush off to the kitchen to make the margaritas. There are only four ingredients: tequila, limeade concentrate, strawberries, and basil.

I'm pleased with my pale pink concoction, and I look forward to serving it. At five o'clock, Christian rounds everyone up and we gather around the piano. I have a pitcher of margaritas, ice bucket, glasses, and napkins arranged on an oversized tray. Anastasia and I hope you enjoy the songs we selected. Christian has his iPad propped on the music rack. I'm impressed at how accomplished the family is. Apparently the whole family is musical. Grace and Christian are pianists. Mia is primarily a cellist, but also plays a bit of piano. Both Carrick and Elliot play guitar. With his rich baritone, Christian leads us in song.

The family looks at each other as if they've never heard him sing before. After a few beats, they all join in, and I smile to myself as I hear how beautifully all the voices blend together. Kate has a glorious voice, and her face is a picture of pure joy. I can't sing a note, and not wanting to inflict my wretched voice on anyone, I mouth the words. Grandpa's eyes water as we sing High Hopes.

Christian told me the song was special to the two of them. No doubt, Grandpa is recalling memories of a very young Christian. I'm sure my weekend lover was an adorable boy. Whose idea was that? Her high energy level is enviable. She talked me into it. We have another sing-along planned for tomorrow evening. Don't think we didn't notice! Kate can attest to that. Christian selected Moon River , because he said it's your favorite. As for the other songs, we both chose I Got a Feeling. I selected Somewhere Out There , because I've always found it comforting.

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Christian selected High Hopes , because he remembers Gramps singing it, to remind Christian that he could overcome any obstacle. Which songs have you selected for tomorrow? I need their help. It's time to move on to a pre-dinner game. In front of the fireplace is a large whiteboard on an easel. Mia has arranged teams for Pictionary. Apparently the Greys play this fairly regularly, but Christian must not participate, because he acts as if this is his first Pictionary experience. The Greys have their own rules, allowing for symbols and a couple of hand signals. This evening Christian and I are reunited as a team.

Christian proves to be an excellent artist and communicator, and I easily decipher his drawings. Despite my inability to draw anything beyond stick figures, Christian and I outperform everyone else. We had some easy words like pennant, candy, and treasure.

We also had the most difficult: darkness, vegetarian, and hydrogen. For the hydrogen clue, I drew a model of a hydrogen atom, and within three seconds Christian had it. Everyone gasped at our speed. Christian and I took the opportunity to showboat a bit, jumping up and down, high fiving each other, doing a happy dance, and generally acting obnoxious. It was fun sharing all that silliness with Christian. The two of you are well-matched. You make him work for it, Ana, and he needs that.

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He's so used to being alone. It warms my heart to see him participating with all of us and acting his age. I do hope you two will see each other socially after you move to Seattle.

Christian's time is so consumed with his business. She's crestfallen, so I offer her a crumb. Perhaps Christian and I will find a way to stay in touch. I'd like to keep up with you, and get to know you better. I've already given my contact information to Mia, so you can get it from her. After the sing-along and Pictionary, spirits are high. The dinner discussion is lively. Christian is an equal participant, at one point even joining forces with Kate to berate Elliot over his apparently very sweaty feet.

I notice Christian checking my plate occasionally to appraise how much I am eating. Dinner is divine, and the day's activities have fueled my appetite. I've no problem putting away prime rib, spinach salad, baked potato, green beans, and for dessert, chocolate cheesecake. After dinner we all take a long, slow stroll around the property. The conversation is spirited with much sibling banter. It pleases me to see Christian relaxed, enjoying the companionship of his family.

There's an invigorating chill in the air and when we return, I feel refreshed. Christian, Elliot, and Mia meet up to discuss a Mother's Day surprise for Grace and Grandma, while Kate and I prepare breakfast casseroles and fruit salad for tomorrow morning. I've been trying to play the part of the cool girl, the one who is in control of her emotions. I'm barely holding my act together. Being someone I'm not is very fatiguing. It's close to ten. I'm tired and want to crawl into bed, preferably with Christian, but he's still in his dad's study with Mia and Elliot.

I don't want to be presumptuous and climb into his bed. It's best to retire to my assigned room, leaving the door unlocked for Christian in case he decides to join me. Do I need to be institutionalized or just medicated? Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Fifty Shades Trilogy. A canon-ish tale of two lovers, lucky beyond measure. They share a ferocious, inviolate love. When I reach the kitchen, Grandpa is at the breakfast bar. He greets me brightly. It's a beautiful day. We certainly got lucky with the weather. How about I make you some coffee?

Will you sit with me? If you're hungry, I can fix you something. She has something planned. Did you not drink last night? I drink occasionally, but I've never been inebriated. I didn't know you could cook like this. She is deeply touched by his acknowledgement of familial love. He's dreamy. What's your type, Ana? I don't mind. It'll only take a few minutes. It was my turn for breakfast, but I overslept. I apologize. Christian The idea of Elliot setting Anastasia up with Ben makes my blood boil.

Let's go get you a new one. There's one downtown. I'm a member of their targeted demographic. I'll let you buy luggage, but let's go to Target or WalMart. You should be on my acquisitions team. Can you be ready in ten minutes? Meet you downstairs. He answers just as I'm about to hang up. John, do you have a minute? How did you know? I told him to put his treatment costs on my account.

Anything he needs. What can I do for you? The friend Elliot told you about. I don't like that in a woman. Really, John, it's not funny. When he stops guffawing, he takes a takes a deep breath and lets it out. Flynn once again takes on the serious demeanor of psychiatrist. Then how can I possibly help you? What could be the problem? My chest feels strange. Can you describe Anastasia for me? Or her personality? Did Anastasia object to being restrained?

Damn it, I'm not some lovestruck schoolboy! Do I tell her?

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And what do I say? See you on Tuesday. Now Elliot is rubbing off on Flynn? When I get downstairs, Mia meets me. May I tag along? Please, Christian. Hopefully Anastasia's shopping won't take long. Do you like this? I like the shape and size, and the color will make it easy to spot.

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This is non-negotiable. I appreciate the luggage very much. What would you like to do now? For such a short time? Won't they think I'm a hooker and you're my john? Is she offended? She gives nothing away. The scene begins as soon as we reach the door of our room. We walk briskly. A high end call girl or a twenty-dollar crack whore? Did she really just say that? When she sees me, her countenance changes, and she smiles widely in recognition. My girl and I are in need of a room. Batts looks over at Anastasia and quickly dismisses her, focusing on me. Hobart can take care of us from here.

I'm a huge fan, Mr. I'm a simple businessman, not a celebrity. Have a good day. Batts turns on her heels in a huff. Hobart returns my AmEx along with a key card. The elevator is just around the corner. We reach the door. I hear the pounding of my own heart and the distant purr of a vacuum. It's show time. I want to fuck you into next week. What's yours? I pull 'Jazzy' close. I can feel her warm breath against my chest. Three hundred? She toes off her Nikes and removes her scarf. Spank me, Clint. Let's move to the foot of the bed. I trust you. I like it. Do you understand?

My dick salutes in approval. Four sets of three. Don't move. There's no shame in it, and there's no one here to judge you. Here, you must taste yourself. Suck your sweet cum off my fingers. So good. My beauty blinks at me. She's not responding to my prompt. I'll ask again. Do you want me to fuck you? Her voice is clear and strong. You may come whenever you wish. My pussy is yours. I want your hot cum in my pussy. I'm just Christian. Give me all of it. Give me your big dick and hot cum. I don't think I could bear it. Thank you. What just happened? Am I some kind of freak?

I run my hands over the long sleeves of his t-shirt. Do I scare you? Thank fuck!

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I thought you were angry at me for doing that to you. Sadism and masochism? More than fifty? How did you learn about this stuff? A submissive? I had an unorthodox introduction to sex. Your Mrs. Do the two of you still…you know? It would kill her. I guess it came down to incompatibility. Before I was adopted. I don't like to talk about it. But you haven't restrained me. Has there been anything we've done so far that you haven't liked? Are they in the area already?

Are you trying to give me a heart attack? Did you miss me? All three of you. So did Christian. That's why he called you. I feel a small loss when Sawyer pulls Christian over to a corner for conversation. I look over at Christian and Sawyer. Christian looks pissed and Sawyer looks worried. Taste yourself. Get on all fours. Talk dirty. I blush at the memory. I'll try the lime phosphate. What else do you recommend? Christian returns to my side, and Sawyer sits by himself at a table for two.

Invite him over. Protocol dictates that he sits off to the side. The risk is low. Please invite him over. He lets you lead him around by his dick. I feel myself blush at the mental image of me, leading Christian by his huge, hard cock. Sawyer moves to the empty chair at the end of the table, but he looks uncomfortable. Perhaps I made a mistake insisting on Sawyer's presence. I need an unobstructed view of the entrance. Security personnel go by their last names. Ma'am makes me feel ancient. Grey insists-" "It's Ana, and I won't answer to anything else.

It has everything we need. Fifty Shades Of Grey Twitchy Palm Spanking Paddle: Health & Personal Care

The more, the merrier. Please forgive me. I'm hungry. Let's go eat. Lunch is a heavy, delicious, calorie laden feast. It turned out so cute. Send it to me as well, please. When we depart for home, Sawyer follows us in the Suburban. Why did you break protocol?

Everyone seems curious about our activity. When we finish up with Somewhere Out There , everyone cheers and applauds. After the game, as we were getting ready for dinner, Grace pulled me aside. I'm almost asleep, when I hear footsteps. I don't have to look up. I know it's Christian. For the night? You're my first crush. And you're my first crush. Kiss me, Mr. If Mama Ain't Happy 2. You've Got a Friend 3. Meet Cute 4. Crush 5. Come Away With Me 6. Teenage Dream 7. The Nearness of You 8. Something to Talk About 9.

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