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For additional questions, please contact TreeHouse treesatlanta. The Trees Atlanta TreeKeepers volunteer training and certification program is our most expansive offering for the true tree enthusiast. TreeKeepers takes place each year in August and September. We will open registration for the program in June. Seven three-hour workshops include programs suited for all levels of botanical knowledge and will cover:.

Sign up for our email to learn about upcoming classes. One of the most popular of the many Japanese Maples for its ongoing colour show. Also produces small purple flowers in spring followed by red samaras which ripen in autumn. A small, rounded tree often with a multi-stemmed trunk which looks attractive even in winter. Spot lighting from beneath can add to its architectural interest, making this tree a prime feature of your yard or patio.

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Compact tree grown for the beauty of its pale pink aromatic flowers which bloom from late spring to early summer. Excellent choice for those with limited space, the Leonard Messel Magnolia can be grown as a small standard-shaped tree by pruning off the lower limbs, or as a spreading shrub.

Plant in well-draining soil and consider a wide ring of mulch around but not touching the stem. The exuberant hollyhock-like blooms from June to October look like some exotic that belongs in the tropics, but this cultivar is known to be hardy and easy to grow. Can be trained as a standard tree with a single stem or left to grow as a multi-stemmed shrub. More compact than other types of this species, it matures at a height of m. A classic variety producing large, tasty figs good for eating fresh, cooking, drying or freezing.

Fruit has reddish-brown skin covering rose-coloured flesh. Suitable for a container on a sunny balcony.

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Also known as the Italian Honey Fig, undoubtedly as a testament to its flavour, the green skin offers an appealing counterbalance with a faint tartness that contrasts with the sweet, amber-coloured flesh. Produces medium-sized fruit. Lattarula are considered a good choice for cooler, shorter summer season areas such as ours.

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A British Columbian gift to the world, Spartan was developed from at the Summerland Research Station and is now grown in Europe and elsewhere for its McIntosh-like flavour from crisp, juicy, white flesh. Medium-sized red apple over a yellow-green base that ripens around mid-October. Grafted onto M9 dwarf rootstock.

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Highly prized and highly priced! Medium-to-large apple with red-orange blush over a yellow-green background which ripens around early October. Because they have larger cells than most apples, Honeycrisp offer a juice-laden bite unlike any other apple.

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An elegant hybrid between the American Smoke Tree and its European cousins, the leaves emerge iridescent green, then turn to red in spring before maturing to a deeper red burgundy. Later in fall they transform to orange, red, purple and gold. Flowers bloom in midsummer as frothy pink-purple clusters which suggest plumes of smoke, thus the name. Can be grown as a standard tree with a single trunk or with many low-branching stems. The Smiling Forest Lily Tree is as alluring as its name suggests.

A rare for us broadleaf evergreen, it blooms with large, pure white, 9-petal flowers that emit an intense tropical fragrance.

The silvery-green leaves are attractive on their own, similar to other evergreen magnolias while lighter in colour than, say, Magnolia grandiflora. Appealing year-round as a small to medium-sized tree, it is the spring bloom in March-April than can make anyone stop and smile. Hardiness rated for Zone 7, which means it should be fine in our colder Zone 8, but you may wish to protect it in a long cold spell.

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The flowers are used in traditional Chinese medicine. A broadleaf evergreen related to witch hazel, providing year-round greenery in an attractive package. The leaves are narrow, pointed and densely arranged in a thick array of lustrous dark green. In February-March, the blooms emerge as small yellow puffs of flowers with long red anthers, offering a rare view of colour for the season.

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Native to central and western China. We want to help property owners make a positive impact on the Bay by caring for their trees and the critical areas. Bob Stanley recalls childhood memories centered around the trees near his home in Maine, which provided him comfort, adventure, and strength as he became a man. Three memories stand out from his childhood which shaped his passion for trees.

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I used to sit under that tree on the first spring day after the snow melted and feel the warmth of the ground. It was such a welcoming feeling. As I grew and became a more daring young man, trees became places for adventure and excitement. I remember climbing a Norway spruce in my yard so that I could get a glimpse of Mt.