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The Spy in the Alley — Big Universe

Each player is an undercover spy in the service of their country. The spies move around the game board looking to collect or purchase items of the spy trade: passwords, disguises, code books, and keys. The trick is to keep your identity a secret as you pick up your items. Each item you acquire gets marked with a peg on a tracking board for all the spies to see.

Throwing your fellow spies off the scent by pegging in columns of one of the other countries will help make your detection more difficult.

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At any time, one of your fellow spies may, on their turn, accuse you of spying for a specific country. If they are right, you are caught — and out of the game! But the accuser should always beware: because if an accusation is wrong, then the accuser is the out of the game!

The Spy in the Alley

The player who earns 4 trophies with the most friendship wins the game! They are also given money which will be used to buy the items they need.

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  4. On your turn, you roll the dice, and move to the appropriate space. The object of the game is to collect all of your spy items password, disguise, code book, and key for the country you represent without giving away who you are. Items can be purchased by landing on their space on the board; once your item is purchased, you mark it off on your scoreboard so everyone can keep track of what you own. This family board game is designed for two to six players, each of whom assumes the role of a spy on an undercover mission.

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    The Spy in the Alley Rar. The Spy in the Alley ipad A look at the roll and move deduction game Spy Alley which includes a review and the instructions of how to play the game.

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    8. It also offers something more, a bit of role-playing humor to throw into the mix of espionage. Spy Valley is a family-owned winery based in the beautiful Marlborough region of New Zealand, exporting 8 wine varieties including our famous Sauvignon Blanc. The object is for each player to collect all the necessary items of their nationality and land on the winners square.