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He adequately covers topics such as how to reinforce your own home or to find shelter if you're on the move, what types of food you should stock, and how to st Have you ever thought about what you would do if when?

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Pearson also covers a check-list of what to include in your basic "survival" first-aid kit that goes beyond the expected band-aids, pain killers, and Neosporin. Can you imagine having a terrible toothache with no access to a dentist? Chances are you won't be able to eat balanced meals so be sure to have a pack of vitamins ready and available. The Essential Guide to Prepping is a very basic guide great for someone who has a peripheral interest in "prepping" and wants an overview.

Pearson states right away in the introduction, and mentions a few times throughout the text, that in order to successfully prep, one will need to reference more detailed resources for topics like eating plants in the wild, medical care, and weapons and firearms. Jul 08, Jaguar rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle. When I first saw this book I thought it was just for preppers, but I was surprised that it actually had survival tips too. This book was one of the best prepping books I have read so far in my life. I am not a prepper and I was surprised on how much I enjoyed the book.

Some of the facts he mentioned were interesting and I am so glad I picked up this book. I would read this book again When I first saw this book I thought it was just for preppers, but I was surprised that it actually had survival tips too. I would read this book again and again, and probably learn something new every time. I recommend this to adults and teens. Apr 03, Samantha Parrish rated it it was amazing.

Good tips Simple, plain tips that are explained in common sense terms. Practical and easy to understand. I would like to have this book if anything ever did happen! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About David Pearson. David Pearson. David Pearson is an architect-planner who has been actively involved in inner city and new town housing for most of his working life, and with the Gaia movement inspired by the view of the Earth as a living planet for several years. Widely travelled, and with degrees from both University of London and University of California, he is Director of the eco and health consultancy Gaia Environments, a David Pearson is an architect-planner who has been actively involved in inner city and new town housing for most of his working life, and with the Gaia movement inspired by the view of the Earth as a living planet for several years.

I had my first one 7 years ago, this was my second. I ate light the day before the liquid diet — and took Metamucil and a laxative to help for the next morning, so my GI system was pre-prepped. The liquid diet for a single day was really not onerous. I did get some good chicken soup and strained it so I could drink something tasty instead of the packaged broth which I remembered tasted awful the last time around.

Lemonade and coconut water were helpful and refreshing too. The prep itself was surprisingly manageable. The two Dulcolax at 2pm kicked in and I think cleaned a lot of my system out even before I started the Miralax at 5pm. Getting the 32 ounces down was quite easy — I used a straw, the taste with Gatorade was actually not bad at all, and I used a timer to drink a glass every 15 minutes glasses. A few sips of lemonade also helped. The process was really not bad — just evacuation of mostly liquids, no abdominal pain — compared to a food poisoning bout, this was nothing! The part that was a bit problematic was getting up in the early morning 4am to do the second half of the Miralax prep — again, it took a couple of hours for it to kick in and evacuate, so just enough time before leaving for the hospital.

I went to the restroom again in the hospital before being called in for the procedure, so I was all set for the nurse to get me ready. The procedure itself was really well managed. In the procedure room were an attending MD and an assisting doctor, plus the endoscopy nurse. Overall, I worried a lot over something that was relatively easy, prep and procedure.

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My mom is prepping for colonoscopy tomorrow. She drank half the laxative ending around 6pm. So far she is only voiding water not diarrhea. Does that sound normal?

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Everything I read says prepare for massive diarrhea voiding. Thank you. Thank you for the suggestion. It sounds most helpful. My husband went for an emergency appendectomy which was supposed to be an outpatient procedure, and ended up staying 9 days in the hospital because they had to remove about 4 inches of his colon. It was cancer. I have an appointment Tuesday, and this site has been helpful in finding out what to expect.

Years ago, my cousin had one and was traumatized so much that I chickened out. First time for everything, I guess. I work in a colonoscopy department and I say this with concern for you. Please see someone for your irrational thoughts of being assaulted with a colonoscope.

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You are right about people dying from the anesthetic and unknown health conditions…but the team of Drs and nurses do not assault people! Try taking a handful of antibiotic before a twice yearly dental exam. A precaution I must take because of my having had hip replacement a couple of years ago. The SuPrep I took last time, not very diligently, did not work. I have a bidet, and believe me, this has made this Pre-process amazingly comfortable.

I just realized on the day before I woiuld need to avoid any solid foods and to stick with a clear liquid diet. Polyp growth on almost every one of them. Great process for preventing colon cancer. The process is no big deal. But the prep sucks. I have such a hard time drinking that Miralax concoction.

Nausea, bloating, I end up with a few dry heaves. But eventually, the action kicks in, and I wear out the floor enroute to the library. When the inspection is complete, the nurse brings some crackers and coffee. In the first one discovered the cancer,2weeks later I had surgery then chemo which left me with neuropathy, no balance,I walk like a drunken duck! A nurse advised keeping the prep in the fridge in a large jug.

Ipour it glass ,put cling film over it ,make a hole and drink it through a straw! Still not nice but I can drink it! Thanks for the tips! At age 54, I am getting my first coloscopy this week. I have a family history of cancer, but those who suffered from it also suffered from stomach problems forever before they were screened and diagnosed. One thing I noticed is that everyone I know who has had a colonoscopy tells horror stories about the prep and sometimes the procedure. Jane, I am actually having a hard time sleeping I am so upset about this. I am not a weak, fragile female. My husband is confused as to why I am so traumatized by the thought of doing this test because he knows how strong I am.

But I have zero trust in the medical profession. I went to the hospital in April with chest pains and spent 3 days there getting a heart scan and heart cath all because of an incompetent doctor who gave a false positive on a stress test. They must not have been making budget and needed to shove through some more expensive tests.

Doctors act like a colonoscopy is no big deal but they are wrong. Anytime you introduce foreign objects into your body you risk infection and injury. Thousands of people die or are injured by this test every year — I have read stats as high as one in every thousand people die — I made a deal with my doctor. I will let her do these tests this one time but when they come back clean she is not to ask again in 10 years.

And no men in the room. Bad enough I have to be unclothed and unconscious. To Danielle Burgess — the alternative tests you suggest would not replace a visual examination. I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Jan 11 and I am scared and angry about it. I HATE giving up control of my body to a doctor. They tell me the colonoscopy is a great cancer screening tool and then present me with a list of cancer causing pseudo foods to poison myself with two days prior.

She suggested gatoraide which is just another version of koolaid. Why are they so beholden to big pharma that cares nothing for health and sees only profit in keeping us sick? I also agree that it is absurd to advise ingesting toxic substances as part of this procedure. Guess that means no colonoscopy for me. It is also not that minor a procedure. I am midst of trying to get the movie prep down. It makes me gag even tho dr gave me phenegren. But BM have already started and I am behind on drinking the prep.

I wonder if I even need it all.

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I ate very light for 2 days before. I just had my colonoscopy and it was seamless…. I ate lightly 2 days going into the prep, lowered my calories.. I did a leading dose of bisacodyl at pm, the day before the procedure. It worked, I was not happy getting up at night to go potty, but I was totally cleaned out by the procedure..

I got good new, an all clean, she removed on small polyp and I was completely knocked out. I want some of the that drug to take home!! I am so relieved, colon cancer runs in my family and with a mother and sister having it, I want to be sure nothing bad is lurking in my body. My doctor said to use Miramax gm in gatorade 64 oz.

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So much better than that nasty prep I had years ago. I am 25 and having my first colonoscopy. Thanks so much for the tips! Here is what helped me with the gallon of drink. DO NOT put flavoring in mix. Instead pour it in your glass and mix in Crystal light Lemonade until you like the taste, easy to drink. Between drinks, suck on a banana popsicle. These were tips given to my by the nurse in the office from what she has collected for patients—trust me, makes a big difference.

Thank you so much for all your tips. Am having my second colonoscopy this pm. Am concerned, because they removed several polyps last time, and one was pre-cancerous and embedded in colon wall. The thing that helps me not get sore is that I apply a generous amount of butt paste for babies before I start to drink the liquid. I do not recommend magnesium citrate at all the sparkling laxative!

It is not safe for those with renal issues and can mess up your electrolytes. It is an old medication rarely used any more for those reasons. It is not recommended by the medical profession. If your MD recommends it, get a new doctor. Barbara, RN. I am to have my colonoscopy done on Friday.

This will be my fourth one. The prep drink is awful because I start to vomit sooooo Between the required glasses of the gallon of prep, I gargle a bit of strong mouthwash to clear out the yucky taste—it really works. Spit it out of course. Sucking on a lemon between the glasses of prep sounds good, too. Although thie procedure is NOT fun, I am sad thinking of my 56 year old nephew jusr diagnosed with advanced colon cancer who never had a colonoscopy.

Hope all went well, Tommie. Great tips thank you. Thanks for the detailed comment. I did not even think of getting depends! That would be a huge relief just in case. Two days away from my first colonoscopy. Wish I would have read the material a week ago. Of course I had popcorn and chocolate covered peanuts last night. First of all, I cannot stomach the large quantities of the typical preps and I hate having to hang out at the toilet alll day long.

The Essential Guide To Prepping : 45 Survival Tips For Beginners

I do eat lightly 2 days before the exam and I do a clear liquid diet the day before. I drink 2 bottles of Magnesium citrate on the day before, one in early morning and the other in early afternoon. Then I do the rest of the prep, using large volume saline enemas NOT the fleet enemas. By large volume, I mean I typically take 2 of these enemas in the early evening. If I have a late morning or early afternoon appointment, I also take one more so that it is finished 2 hours before my appointment. I was only able to do this once and the doc remarked on how clean I was.

If you have trouble finding water, a few pieces of knowledge will help you on your way:. The easiest solution is to remember plants indigenous in most areas. Kevin Reeve suggests being familiar with four plants:. You might have heard the old rule of thumb that you should follow animals around and eat what they eat, but that's not a foolproof method. In order to find if a plant is edible, you need to test it. You can follow the Universal Edibility Test , which requires you to place a small piece of plant against your lip, then your tongue, and finally in your whole mouth.

Unfortunately, you have to wait for eight hours before you know if the plants safe to eat and it's still possible a plant can poison you. If you're more of a berry fan, you can follow a simple mnemonic from former Green Barret Myke Hawke to remember which berries are edible:. White and yellow, kill a fellow. Purple and blue, good for you. Red… could be good, could be dead. Like the edibility test, the mnemonic isn't fool proof, but it's useful if you have no other options.

If you end up in a long-term survival situation you need to keep up with a few hygiene habits. For the most part, you can ignore a lot of it, but I spoke with Dr. Dan Weiswasser, a primary care physician in Massachusetts about a few hygienic issues you shouldn't ignore:. If you're keen to pay attention to hygiene while stranded somewhere, I would primarily address dental care.

Dental plaque can build up in a hurry, and dental infections are painful, dangerous, and expensive to repair. Brushing and flossing require relatively universal, rudimentary tools and can go a long way towards preventing such infections you can make a toothbrush from birch or by just wiping your teeth with a clean piece of cloth. Beyond that, I would say that a lot of hygiene consideration depends on what conditions are like where you are stranded. Bacteria and fungus flourish where it's moist, dark, and warm.

If you're trapped in the jungle, you'll want to keep intertriginous areas areas where skin touches skin such as the armpits, under breasts, in groin, between the toes, and in other skin folds as dry and aired out as possible. Again, this can simply be an issue of wearing dry clothes. Baby powder or corn starch can also be helpful for absorbing moisture. But what do you do when the call of nature is too strong and you need to find toilet paper? Kevin Reeve has a simple solution:. As for primitive toilet paper, in the winter, a snowball is actually quite invigorating, but most of the time, leaves of a plant like mullein are the go-to method.

Sometimes an unopened pine cone will work, but ouch! One of the keys to this is to squat not sit. This forces the cheeks apart and means that there will be far less cleaning necessary. In most cases, you want to stay where you are and wait for help to come. If it starts to get late, you can build your shelter, start your fire and search for food. If help doesn't come, it's time to move on. The first thing you need to do is find north. In order to figure out your basic directions, remember that the sun sets in the west and rises in the east just think about which coast starts their work day earlier if you struggle to remember this.

There's also a few simple tricks that will help you find north quickly,. Finding north is only half the battle. You still need to know which direction to head. If you have a general understanding of an area, head toward the nearest road or town.