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By David Marchese. Ankle bracelets are promoted as a humane alternative to jail. But private companies charge defendants hundreds of dollars a month to wear the surveillance devices.

By Ava Kofman. In experiments on pig organs, scientists at Yale made a discovery that could someday challenge our understanding of what it means to die.

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By Matthew Shaer. The N. Sports fans see those dramatic injuries replayed just as often as the usual game highlights.

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By Sam Anderson. A Mexican chef takes hibiscus beyond drinks, syrups and jellies and returns it to the center of the plate. By Tejal Rao.

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By Lisa Sanders, M. By Heidi Julavits. Google and more. Can you just sell something that someone lends to you, so long as they forgot that they lent it to you? At least pro-government forces and 58 civilians were killed in Afghanistan during the past week. Growing up around veterans inspired me to serve my country, but life on the ground in Iraq was more stigmatizing than I anticipated.

What Could Go Wrong? At this time, many of the portals were free, or charged nominal fees, and again, advertising on them was not controlled. Agents were not accustomed to advertising online so the quality of the advert content was poor most of the time, with a single computer-generated image of the property and a few lines description. When Property Finder began actively trading, selling advertising packages and providing their services to agents, part of their offering and quality control was training brokers throughout Dubai.

I still remember our account manager attending our team meetings, encouraging agents to take proper photos of their property and write a detailed description, as was common practice in more developed international markets. What seems like common sense now was something of a foreign concept back then. Property Finder was the leader in enhancing listing quality, shaping the advertising landscape into what we see today.

Nowadays, it is common practice for major brokerages to have in-house professional photographers, and property listings require content which adheres to a specific criteria in order to appear online. The regulation of advertising content, both online and in print, has only been enacted quite recently, forcing agents to have certain documents in place in order to be able to market a property at the agreed price with the owner. This had a negative impact on consumer expectations, as well as on the agents who were operating with integrity, advertising at correct prices but missing out on the leads.

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It was also common practice for agents to advertise properties of other brokers, and in some cases, properties that did not exist, oversaturating property portals with listings that were essentially junk and frustrating consumers. Today, whilst the system is still not perfect, fewer listings appear online, listings are genuine most of the time and the consumer experience has definitely improved.

Aside from property portals, there has been another huge shift to digital via SEO, Google and social media that did not exist in the industry back in the day.

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It can be said the region is catching up to its Western counterparts and other more developed markets. Companies now allocate a huge amount of their advertising spend to drive traffic to their own website, and to generate leads via different channels, including through Facebook and Instagram. It is safe to say that over the past fifteen years, technology has changed many aspects of the Dubai real estate market.

Searching for property has become much more convenient and less time consuming.

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Clients no longer waste their time flipping through a multitude of pages in a newspaper and attending viewings blindly without any idea what a property will look like until they walk through the door. Of course, there is still room for improvement, and the government as well as industry leaders are constantly working on enhancing the experience of all parties involved: agents, clients and owners alike.

Seeing how far we have progressed over the years, I am excited to see what the future holds for the industry, and how new regulations, innovation, and technology will improve best practice. Please fill in the details below to send your enquiry and our agent will contact you for your property requirement.