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Prayer is important. James a says, "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God. As homeschooling parents, we can ask God to show us how our children are gifted, so we can help them use their spiritual gifts for His glory. Dig into God's Word. Let your children know that as a Christian, God has a unique plan for their lives. Read 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 12, 1 Peter 4, and Ephesians 4 together to show them that spiritual gifts are real gifts from God. Your children won't know there are gifts available if you don't teach them, so mention spiritual gifts on a regular basis.

Explain that God wants to build up the body of Christ by using the spiritual tools He has placed in each person who receives Jesus Christ as Savior. Be sure to note that since God's work is spiritual, the tools used must also be spiritual. More than natural, intellectual, or physical abilities like singing or excelling in math, spiritual gifts are an exhibition of the Holy Spirit's power in your children's lives, so others will be blessed. Give your child a spiritual gifts survey.

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Provide service opportunities. The best way to help your children discover their spiritual gifts is to let them serve or shadow other family members in a variety of ministry situations. Unfolding a life is no easy task. Our dilemma is this: How do we help children live out their way fulfill their calling when we have no idea what their way is? Deep within the cell structure of each child is genetic information that determines everything from nose size to resistance to cancer.

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These microscopic strands of genetic data are called DNA. Every single hereditary characteristic of our sons or daughters is determined by this material. DNA is a physiological blueprint for life. When I was woven together in the depths of the earth, your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. He would be a great leader of his people — a gifted king, a tremendous worship leader, and a powerful warrior.

Samuel, however, was a trained spiritual geneticist. What are their gifts? What are their passions? These are the two strands of their spiritual DNA. Gifting is what a child is good at doing.

Spiritual passion is what a child likes to do. Where avocation becomes vocation. Like David, our kids have a call on their lives to fulfill a specific kingdom purpose. It was placed in them before they were born. Don used to read the encyclopedia for fun when he was He had an insatiable appetite to learn how things worked. He also loved to hike and explore new trails and would spend hours out in the woods.

Today, he chases down atomic particles for a living in a radiology lab.

Don is a nuclear physicist. As a boy, John loved to gather a group of kids in the neighborhood to play softball.

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He would encourage everyone on the team to new levels of performance with his enthusiastic cheers and screams. During his long stays, he would greet and encourage other children who were unfamiliar with the hospital environment. Katlin was always the champion of the underdog. That she was petite made no difference if a boy were being bullied on the playground.

Her peers considered her to be confrontational and at times aggressive. She also had the unsettling habit of always having to be right about everything.

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And how do we confirm their calling so they confidently live it out? Observation and interview are key. I want to help you discover those special abilities. List accomplishments. She called me at midnight one night a number of years ago saying their was a spirit in her room.

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She said if she told her dad, he would laugh at her. What should she do? I told her to sleep with the light on and gave her a Protection Prayer over the phone for her to say every night. When I asked her about the episode a year or two later, she denied that it happened. She said she was mistaken.

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  4. Now that she is an adult and experiencing it again, she is accepting that maybe she does have a gift. Now that she has aged to a preteen, her gifts have exploded. She sees spirits, she hears spirits, and she feels their energy. Overtime when she has visited my home, she has seen spirits sitting in chairs in different rooms. Upon going to bed at nighttime, spirits have told her goodnight. She has learned to embrace her gifts and talk with me if an experience has been a little scary.

    For this, I am grateful. If you have children that you feel are experiencing other worldly events or persons, try to understand that such things do exist. Talk to your child and ask them to open up and tell you what they are experiencing.