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I don't think I deserve this treatment, and I feel stupid for getting reeled in like that. I have myself and my two older sons, that's all the faimly I have. He's a drunk narcissist and that makes it worse. I try really hard not to play his games. We are poor and although he has the money to move away, which he threatens to do almost daily, he never leaves.

So now we are trapped. He tries to cause rifts between myself and my sons hoping to get them to abandon me so I have no one. I can't tell anyone because he has convinced them that I am crazy. Iam also bipolar with ptsd. I stay strong for my boys but it's hard. The best I can do for now is walk away when he starts his tricks. Just walk away put headphones on and ignore it, ignore it, ignore it. I grew up with this person, who I became very close with as adults. This individual and I have very different backgrounds: I was adopted as a child, and was actually mistreated by my adoptive mother; this "friend" grew up in her biological home with her biological parents, was the oldest of three, and was treated pretty darn well by her family.

As an adult, I've had my fair share of tough times, nothing has come easily for my husband or myself, we've had to really bust our behinds to accomplish the simplest of things, and she has made a lot of poor choices for herself. And instead of learning from her mistakes like we have, continues to make the same poor choices and blames the world for her problems. Anyway, through the years, I got married, got my license, things that I didn't do when I was in my early twenties. This "friend" saw that although I was a late-bloomer when it came to some things, I was still accomplishing the goals I and my husband had set for us as individuals and as a couple.

Apparently, she got jealous, and decided before the wedding, that she was going to make what should have been one of the happiest days of our lives, into a circus so she was the center of attention. I unwittingly and foolishly had confided in her that we were having fertility problems, so she saw that as a tool that she could use to hurt me and my husband and proceeded to tell us about all these people having babies, showing us pictures of other peoples' kids, you name it.

We repeatedly asked her to please stop, to show some compassion, and just cut it out. Well, she didn't. She continued, until we decided to cut contact with this person. What she doesn't realize, even now is she didn't destroy our plans for our future. She just made sure she is no longer a part of our lives. Earlier this year, we did relocate and are taking steps to include children in our family. It is my hope that she learns her lesson, although I seriously doubt she will. I do wish her all the best and happiness in the world.

I decided limiting what I say about my private life and goals to co-workers after being targeted by a narc at work. I live with some of these things and I am the opposite. I do not want the world to think I"m right if I am not.

LOL (Lots of Lies)

You can tell me if I am making a mistake. But you must be civil, no more games or nastiness. It is more important to be kind than looking good and for me, it is not the same thing. The best thing I can do in this world is to help others, and myself, not one without the other. There are more like me than we realize. I can do great things anonymously. Would a narcissist look to volunteer often? My narc often volunteers to do things for others But no not anonamously. He is well known in many circles as a nice guy Charming and kind and helpful very often.

At home with no one looking is a very different story.

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He does those things because society and his upbringing tell him they are good and will make him a good person. There is something very crucial missing And only when in very close proximity to a true narcissist will it stare you in the face and covertly stunt your world. The feelings behind those good intentions My husband does nothing that does not benefit him in some way.

He can be very affectionate.. When he wants sex. If he knows it is not an option he remains on his side of the bed. There is always a self serving attitude even behind the littlest things. He is kinder to complete strangers then his wife and children because his reputation and impressions only matter in the outside world. His expectations of us looking and acting perfectly Always being on top of everything..

Are a hollow falsity that I keep up as well to not anger him. His expectations for what I can accomplish in a day have led me to exhaustion anxiety and high blood pressure which he has zero sympathy for. He does not feel the things he displays He is a brilliant mimick Smoke and mirrors and I'm pretending not to see it to maintain my own fragile sense of security with my life. It's sick But right now it works. I was married to a narcissist for almost 20 yrs.

I had to go to bed when he said even if I had something I wanted or needed to do. I was also expected to stay up until he went to bed even if I was tired and sleepy. I had to drop whatever I was doing and rush to the door when he got home from work and greet him with a kiss. I had to fix his plate for him and bring it to him in his recliner in front of the TV for every meal. We were not allowed to change the channel on the tv even if he left the house and went somewhere. He had absolutely no concern for me, my feelings and my welfare.

I fell down the stairs and broke a rib and went to the ER. As soon as we got home from the hospital he wanted to know what I was fixing for dinner. I had a mini-stroke and dr sent me for a CT scan. I got the results the next day and he never even asked me what the results were. When I was sick I still had to get up and take care of him and the children.

I had the flu, strep throat, stomach viruses, the broken rib, a ruptured disc in my neck, mastitis with a When I had the broken rib, I still had to have sex even tho it was very painful. If he didn'd get his way about anything, I got the silent treatment for days and weeks. I wasn't allowed to work outside the home and was told there was something wrong with me if I felt the need to have friends or activities outside of our home. He told me he wouldn't love me anymore if I ever got fat. It's funny he was the one that got fat! He took the credit for things I did such as painting, decorating and landscaping.

Our marriage counselor used the word "cruel" to describe how my husband treated me and he laughed about it. He was also an alcoholic that, if he wasn't at work, he was drinking. He told me the problem wasn't that he drank too much, the problem was that I didn't drink enough. He told me every woman on this planet wishes she was in my shoes. The counselor described my life as "being kept in a box" where I had been conditioned to know what I was allowed to do and not allowed to do without even having to be told.

When I met my husband, I was totally independent with a good job, my own home full of furniture and a paid off car. When I left my husband, after 20 years, I had no recent work history so couldn't do the things on my own, like buy a car, at 45 yrs old that I could do at 25 yrs old. I had no self worth, self confidence or self esteem after 20 yrs with a narc.

Everything changed tho when I realized Jesus also died for me, as he had done for others!!! Knowing Jesus died for me gave me importance and self worth!!! I got a job after not having worked outside the home for almost 20 yrs. I also got a lawyer, rented myself an apartment and hired movers to come move half of everything out of our house and into my apartment, all unbeknownst to my hubby.

I divorced that cruel, selfish, self centered, hateful, immature narcissist and knowing Jesus died for me gave me the strength to do so!!! My hubby waited outside the courtroom door the day of our divorce so we could walk in together. As we walked side by side into the courtroom he looked at me and said "You won't go thru with it. Way too little, way too late! That was 15 yrs ago. I have completely rebuilt my life a little at a time professionally, financially and personally.

I've lived lots of different places and met lots of interesting people. I've bought my own cars, a house and a condo. The cars I drive and the houses I live in aren't as big and fancy as when I was married, but now I have my self respect and my dignity which are worth more than all the houses and cars in the whole world! My ex husband alway tried to convince me I couldn't make it without him.

I am proof that with God's help and hard work there is life after marriage to a narcisdist! I have fallen prey to his lies again and he acts like it's me,Great around strangers,uses my I. Certainly no contact or absolutely minimal contact should be the goal if there is a relationship. But these types are everywhere - your job, your church, walking down the street. Government at all levels. And it does help to learn strategies to identify and to deal with them. Once you get a good idea how their manipulation games work it's easier to sidestep or even turn it back on them.

Perhaps the only thing worst than getting tangled up with these degenerates is being financially dependent on one of them. Whether it's a boss or a spouse, if the narc is also the provider, you're in big trouble. They will use this against you and turn you into a literal slave. I share this, because it is near unbelievable, and impossible to make up.

I am shocked to think there is another person like this man I married 27 yrs ago. Yep, he was abused as a child, kicked out at 16, married 3 times, two grown children he hasn't spoken to because they are narcissists! Make sense of THAT. Fast forward 24 years Because I was busy in a teaching career, responsible for finances, shelter, food, and HIS entertainment, I was working while he was having "cyber affairs" through social media.

I caught him. HIs answer was to stand in front of me with a gun to his head. Such a show of remorse.

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He left to go get himself some help at a local meditative retreat. No contact 11 days, then he returns saying he had awakened, he was worthy, something had happened to him, he saw the light, and he was love. He was healed of pain not enough to get a job The "beautiful people" who gave him healing and affirmations, also drew him into their spiritual world He wanted me to quit my job and have the life we deserved all those years Said he'd get a job to help, Well, from that, he went to believing that he was actually Shiva incarnate, and everyone else told him so.

He went and lived with them for a summer, but came back when he started losing it AND he needed to try to extort more money from me, demanding that I sell my inherited house and give him half. That not happening, he stayed and continued his new found created? He grooms himself for hours, meditates for hours actually, says he's communicating through source He says things to me that would get him institutionalized. In the past four years, he lost 60 pounds to make himself look like a gaunt guru and grew a beard.

He WAITS for people to notice him before he goes into a "channeling state" of non-blinking hypnosis on his victims, "pure love" in his eyes, hugs, and soul-stroking. They see nothing but his "purity" which he prides himself on. When he returns here, it is for supply.

Money, someone to rage on, something he needs to gift to someone else, or because he says "I called him to me. They NEED him, he heals them, protects them from fires with his powers to control energy I met these people, they were't worshipping him as he felt, and because they liked me, he'll NEVER take me there again!

He told me I wasn't wanted there. Mark Zuckerberg had a different problem with it. The Untruth: Can you help us with our crossword? Hard but fair. We're drawing a blank. The Truth: The film was not made solely for British audiences. Thatcher is seen as an iconic figure around the world, especially in the States. This is yet to catch on internationally. A manufactured pop band designed to make money but almost by accident they were actually rather good.

So good the The Beatles threw them a party and everyone had a lovely time.

50 Biggest Lies In Biopic History

But sadly, neither Mike nor Davy bothered to show up. He becomes a terrifyingly powerful figure and is accused of deception and hypocrisy. He wears a dress. Do you see him in a dress, do you see him in a dress? Well, you do. Only trouble is, it didn't happen in real life. Rumours that Hoover liked to dress up as a pretty lady came from homophobic gossipmongers. The baddies are very bad indeed and enjoy talking like Lord Humphrey MacMoney-Bags while laughing at orphans on fire. The Truth: Surprisingly Rob Roy was real.

Archibald Cunningham was not. If you've seen the film, that's a pretty significant innacuracy. If you haven't, it's probably best you don't bother. The sprit of the rebellious outback takes the shape of Mick Jagger in a poorly glued on beard. Between wearing a tin helmet and shooting people Kelly sings for his love of wearing a tin helmet and shooting people.

The Truth: Kelly's descendents were said to be particularly unhappy that the film was shot in New South Wales and not in Victoria, where the events took place. And, whilst it's not technically a lie, many Aussies were annoyed that their country's most popular bad-ass was portrayed by a Brit and not an Australian.

It'd be a bit like Mel Gibson playing Churchill. Kind of. Rose Hovick ran a lesbian boarding house and one night allegedly shot and killed her lover for making a pass at Gypsy. It was covered up as a suicide. He and his gang of five outlaws - known as The Regulators - roam around the Old West being very naughty boys. Confronted by the law at the end of the film, they take part in a brave against the odds shoot-out.

The Truth: The Regulators existed, but the gang had 22 members at the time of its creation. The outlaws brought another 40 gunmen to take part in the final shootout. These details were possibly left out because there weren't enough Brat-pack actors to fill all the parts.

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  • His early death - caused by an alcohol-related ulcer - caused riots and suicides. He was sex! He was a gigolo! A boxer! A dancer! A star! The Truth: There is no evidence that Valentino was a gigalo. He was never in a boxing match. The perforated ulcer that killed him was likely caused by stress and his refusal to see a doctor, not booze. The Truth: Considering how much potential there is for gags at the expense of the little President who could, this is a surprisingly sympathetic portrait of the most powerful cowboy in the world.

    The Truth: This is one story that is so complicated it had to be simplified for the sake of sanity, but the fact is, defence lawyers found the evidence that freed our hero, not some plucky Canadians. The Untruth: The story behind the greatest television interview of the twentieth century. Michael Sheen and Frank Langella fight to the death, only with words and no one dies. Includes a scene where Nixon makes a drunken phone call.

    The Truth: Nixon's official biographer Jonathan Aitken says the late-night call never having happened, and says it is "From start to finish, an artistic invention by the scriptwriter Peter Morgan. The Untruth: Richard Gere is Clifford Irving, a journalist who claims to have helped reclusive billionaire Howard Hughes write his autobiography. Irving is a washed up hack. The Truth: Irving objected to the film, particularly his portrayal as "Desperate and humorless, a washed-up hack writer who lives in a conservative New York suburb.

    He said "The movie misses the point that the Howard Hughes hoax was a live-action adventure story concocted by two middle-aged hippie expat writers and a Swiss heiress. Edith, my then-wife, a woman of great zest, is portrayed as a dull hausfrau; and Nina van Pallandt, my Danish mistress, as barely one level above a New York hotel hooker. Dick Suskind, witty friend and co-conspirator, is offered to the public as a self-righteous, sweaty buffoon.

    The scenes that deal with Movie Clifford feuding with Movie Dick, getting him drunk and hiring a bargirl to seduce him, are totally fictional.

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    • The Hughes people mailing the package of files to me is also made up. Irving originally helped the filmmakers but had his name taken off the credits when he saw the results.

      Lol: Lots of Lies

      More plays him as a stoic and cheerful man, just getting on with things like a stubborn old teddy bear. The Truth: The fact that Bader was British and had no legs is not in question. He was however regularly accused of being a reactionary racist who thought he should be Prime Minister. Kenneth More is cuddlier. Someone was finally brave enough to tackle the life of the youthful Queen Victoria.

      We are most amused Julian. The Manchester music scene of the '70s and '80s is filled with drugs, suicide and pigeon poisoning. In real life, he was unable to attend as he had a more tragic duty that day - looking after Ian's lover, Annik Honore. Wilson had the sad task of stopping Honore from attending, to save Ian's wife Deborah from upset. Also, Curtis' first epileptic seizure didn't occur on-stage as depicted in the film.

      It happened in a car, on the way back from a gig. The Untruth: Erin Brockovich Julia Roberts is an unemployed single mum who takes on the lying liars at the big lying gas and electric company and wins. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Lol , please sign up.

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