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It doesnt replace popular korean learning books but this app does perfectly accompany any book you happen to choose. Payed or free. You absolutely can't go wrong with this app esspecially at the monthly fee of a coffee for the full unlock. So, I purchased the lifetime license so I could access all the content.. I have to say that this is actually a really good app and it is definitely worth the money!

I am a polyglot and I'm learning lots of languages.

SEEMILE App's Language Learning Step

Korean has so far been really difficult for me to the point that I wanted to give up on it. This app slowly builds up the language for you without complicated explanations. Now I actually feel I can learn this language! Points for improvement: add one extra exercise for each unit where you have to type the whole sentence by yourself.

Recommended Chinese YouTube Shows for Chidren

Also, in the quizzes, when you press an answer, have it play the audio again so that we have more exposure. Maybe add a most common words flashcard list to it with spaced repetition.

Ramon den Hartog. I love it, so sad that you have to pay for it. Hopefully as your app gets popular you'll start to release lessons for free! One of the best Korean learning apps!! Zunaida Van Harte. Thank you for this great app. Your child will be introduced to present and past tense verbs, adjectives, useful phrases such as greetings, telling time, counting and much more.

It is available anywhere there is an Internet connection, with no downloads required. Children and parents will find Muzzy's online website easy to use. It naturally guides them through the progression of discovering a new language. Self-guided learning makes it easy and delightful for your child. These movies combine humor and adventure to keep children captivated as hundreds of new words and phrases are introduced and repeated making learning natural and fun. More than online games reinforce new vocabulary, comprehension, usage, word recognition and writing skills.

MUZZY is designed to grow with your child and his or her expanding language skills, and supports pre-readers, early readers and learners of all ages. The vocabulary-builder videos introduce hundreds of additional words in a participatory presentation that allows children to repeat words or simply follow along. Whether listening to the good morning song with the lovable Norman or the colors song along with Princess Sylvia, kids can't help but sing along. Take language practice offline with fun printable exercises and a printable dictionary of vocabulary words to reinforce and grow skills.

Although my daughter can read better than me, she still wants me to read to her all the time! At the start of this post, I mentioned that I rarely use flashcards with my kids. While they are a popular resource for many families, I am overwhelmed by the idea of sorting, organizing, and finding the right Chinese character. For our family, Post-It notes are a very useful for highlighting Chinese characters.

Last year, I used to write Pinyin and English below the Chinese character for my reference, but then I realized that the extra text can be distracting my daughter. Later, I can take the Post-It notes out of the book for us to review together and play learning games if needed for reinforcement eg, tic-tac-toe. I also occasionally use Post-It notes to create Chinese word walls for my kids.

I mix in familiar characters with new ones so that they are confident about knowing at least some. Now that my 2-year-old has learned some characters, I have included a few easy characters for home at his eye level. The bright pink paper in the photo below gives me a headache, and I wish we had white or pastel Post-Its! But I have a jumbo pack of these that I need to use up! Notice how the white paper is much more soothing on the eyes, and the Chinese characters stand out even more!

This is just my humble opinion which I know is in the minority since flashcards are very popular among my internet friends who are learning Chinese! Stickers have been an effective Chinese learning tool for my daughter, and I have several posts about sticker activities here. With reading, we sometimes use red and green removable dot stickers to indicate unfamiliar and learned characters, respectfully. Now that my daughter is reading more fluently, I want to encourage her to enjoy reading independently without worrying about asking me to help her look up unfamiliar words.

When she encounters a new or forgotten character, she will skip it and make a mental note to come back to it or mark the spot with a Post-It strip or dot sticker. Later, I will write the character on a large Post-It note for review.

Educational Chinese YouTube Channels for Children

Every month or so, I try to come up with a theme that is seasonal or related to something my kids have shown interest in. In order for my kids to see the topic presented in different ways, I select a few books and structured activities related to that topic. This allows for repetition of common vocabulary related to the topic.

In the photo below, you can see that we have a bookcase with nature-related books and learning activities that reinforce nature words in Chinese.

SEEMILE App Features

Our topic time frame is pretty flexible though, as we did nature-related activities for a few months, but spent only 1 week on geography last year! You can see an overview of our Chinese activity library here and how we implemented themes in our schedule in this post. Honestly, since my daughter began to read independently, I have gotten a bit lazy about keeping up with pre-reading and my own online tutoring. I have to credit to the Ximalaya app for doing most of the teaching for the past year! Since I also have an active 2-year-old, it can be hard to sit down and read with my daughter.

We have had to be flexible with 2 kids at different stages of life. After a few listens, she memorizes the story, and it helps her identify unknown Chinese characters in the book. Character loss happens all the time, which is why daily reading and creating an immersive environment are necessary. My daughter knows that I forget characters all the time, way more often than her.

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I simply write down the forgotten word on a Post-It note, and she will look at it for a few minutes when she is sitting down, such as in the bathroom, while eating, or in the car. The concept might also be abstract for her, resulting in her mind not prioritizing the information. This is why listening and speaking skills are so important!

For a while, we have been in a plateau phase for Chinese learning. We have had a very busy past few months and have not been able to read as much as we should. In addition, our speaking progress has been somewhat stagnant, and I really need to get back into my own online Chinese tutoring sessions this new year. As mentioned previously, speakings skills can limit reading progress.

I would like to teach her Pinyin and Zhuyin soon so that she can be even more independent. However, she really despises phonics even though she has known Korean and English phonics for a while! Although she has self-taught some English and traditional Chinese characters, I wondered if she figured out Pinyin on her own but she guesses wrong half of the time. Thus I am just focused on maintaining her level through interesting books and activities. In summary, language should be about communicating and connecting.

Find something that you and your child love to do, be it reading, art, music, or sports, and try to be consistent about doing it together in Chinese. Pray when you feel overwhelmed, have faith, and never hesitate to ask God for help!

16 Chinese Cartoons for Kids to Learn Mandarin

In addition, you can join a Facebook support group listed at end of post where many other parents are figuring out the same challenges — we can do this together!!! In addition, on Instagram , I share activity highlights and how we integrate Chinese-learning in our regular family life!

Learn Chinese for Kids – Body Parts, Family & Feelings

Your commitment and determination to teach both yourself and your girl are evident in this journey… By now, you already know how you have been an inspiration to countless. Thank you for taking that courage to start this blog, and it is amazing how God has used this step of faith to bless others. Praying you will find a balance and purpose in His plans as you press on in !! Blessed New Year to your wonderful family! I am now refocusing back on my no. Thank you so much for Angie! You have been such an inspiration to me, thank you for your prayers and sharing your faith and language journey.

Many blessings to your family, and Happy New Year! It is amazing what you have done. So much dedication on your part as well as your daughter to learn the language. Thanks for all the tips and tools! Thank you so much for sharing your story, Maria! I hope that these resources can helpful for your family! Thank you so much for this blog, Betty!!

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  • The blog covers so many aspects. It kinda serves as a manual of how to teach Mandarin at home. After reading it, there are lots of take-away. So I book-marked it my internet browser. I really appreciate the nice message! It really helps me to get to know what a non-Chinese speaker feel and how you learn. I do feel inspired. Very impressive to what you have done to your children and yourself.

    I do not know how you balance your time with so many different roles! Thank you so much for taking the time to write! I hope that the website can be helpful for your family! Please refer to this detailed post about how I taught her to read Chinese despite my lack of fluency. I pray that it can be of help […].

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