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I liked it. Jun 09, Annie rated it did not like it. Man, it's a good thing this was free on kindle. For one thing, it was short.

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There's nothing inherently wrong with a short story, but it's surprisingly hard to write a good short story, which this was not. There was no character development, which led to no emotional connection to the characters. When Wyatt gets shot by a crossbow which Sara manages to walk around Chicago with, no questions asked I simply felt no empathy for him. None at all. And there was the dreaded "I need you!

Hello, authors! Wake up, that's not how romance works! Essentially, this was just no good. I think the author decided to get in on the whole vampire fad without wanting to put any real effort into the story at all. Jun 07, Tonileg rated it it was ok Shelves: romance , fantasy , kindle , vampires.

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Sara lost her brother and his wife a year ago to Vampires. She lives in the real world where those kind of fantastic creatures only exist in stories Well, now she knows better and has armed herself against it happening to herself. There are the Hunters in the fantasy world that kill the crazy creatures because there are rules with living in peace with humans. Sara doesn't know about the Hunters, she believes that all the creatures and especially the Vampires are evil and must be killed.

So she hunts and kills all the Vampires that she can find. Until a certain one finds her and she learns that there are good Vampires too. This is a short sexy read, nothing too explicit to make it erotica. Short story and free on kindle 2 stars Aug 23, Tamara rated it really liked it Recommends it for: paranormal romance readers, vampire lovers. A free kindle download. This was an interesting short. I would definitely look for the others in the series. Sarah's twin brother and his wife were murdered by a vampire.

Now she has become a hunter, seeking out and killing the "monsters" who murdered her family. Wyatt Cooper is a vampire, he works for the council tracking down and killing rogues. He was sent to make sure that Sarah was O. He fell in love with her, and after a w A free kindle download. He fell in love with her, and after a week, she left him, and her didn't go after her. Now he is charged with stopping her vengeance against innocent vampires.

But, seeing her again awakens all his old feelings and he hopes this time maybe he can keep her. Dec 10, G. Disclaimer: I usually don't read short story. It may reflect in my rating. I was cleaning up my iPad when I saw the book and decided to give it a try. It had been in the device for over a year. It was a quick, short and sweet and most of all, there was no cliffhanger. This is something I always fear when I see a short story or novelette. Pros: even if it is very short, you still get to know and like both protagonists. Cons: there were a few missing words in the text. Not enough so it c Disclaimer: I usually don't read short story.

Not enough so it couldn't be understood but enough to notice.

It might not be the author's fault. Digital transfer can make words disappear sometimes. Over all, I'd recommend the book to vampire lovers especially if you need a quick read. Dec 02, Theresa rated it really liked it. I had read some of this series before, but losing interest, I put it aside. This SS makes me want to read it again. It reminds me of a book I read years ago about a vampire king who rescues a girl on the beach and they fall in love.

This has some good action scenes in it.

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Sara's brother and her BF were killed by vampires so she's made it her life's work to hunt down and kill them. Wyatt intends to put a stop to it.

Unfortunatly, she is the girl he met at a resort a year ago and has be dreaming I had read some of this series before, but losing interest, I put it aside. Unfortunatly, she is the girl he met at a resort a year ago and has be dreaming of ever since. Favorite scene: The rest stop.

Jun 10, Charlene rated it liked it Shelves: kindle-freebies , genre-vampires , shorties. This was a freebie, shorty book from Kindle and I liked it, however I wish it had been longer. It had a nice backstory and the characters were charming. This is one of those books that would have been better with more detail. The ending left me empty, but only because I wanted more info.

My recommendation to the author is st This was a freebie, shorty book from Kindle and I liked it, however I wish it had been longer. My recommendation to the author is stretch this book out, fill in a zillion details and you'd have a big hit on your hands. Aug 11, Davis Hitch rated it it was ok.

I would not consider this book to be a book. More like a poorly formatted short story. About or so pages of pure repetition with a little bit of intercourse put in for fun. The entire book is about a woman and a vampire, she hates him but wants him and they barely know each other. If you where to take out the gooey romantic parts of twilight and format it so that a five year old could read it Aug 27, Carolyn F.

Short story. I feel the same about it so no change. Wyatt catches her as she's slowly killing every vampire she finds. They had a week affair after her brother's death. She didn't know he was a vampire and now she has to change some of her thinking. Wish the story was a little longer.

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Apr 18, Merissa Archaeolibrarian rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal , adult , short-story , romance. This is a very short story that can be read at anytime during the Hunters series. It is short and to the point. The whole book only covers a couple of different locations and times. You don't have to have read any of the other Hunter books but it is part of the series, so it's up to you. There is a mild sex scene but nothing to get hot under the collar about.

Enjoyable for a short coffee break. Jan 01, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance , ebooks , free-ebooks , read-in Enjoyable and nicely short which was what I was in the mood for. Yes, I did think that Sara changed her tune about vampires mighty quickly once Wyatt popped up, but the sex was nice and her sudden change of heart wasn't a deal-breaker. Reading Challenge. Aug 29, Erin rated it liked it. I dont really know what to rate this. I didn't realize it was a short story.

I was going to complain that the characters were not well developed but then thought to myself.. With that said, I think anyone who has read a few paranormal romance books could have whipped this up in a night. It was only okay. I don't know how well a novella can be rated. It's short so there is little chance for a believable story to take place. Walker cuts down on that by giving us a couple known to one another, but there is a major trust issue which cannot be realistically be solved within the short time the author has to work.

May 19, Wanda Hartzenberg rated it really liked it. This is a short story and if you like or love romance with predictable plots and a sexy hero this is for you. For those seeking a true multi-purpose blind, the Hunters Choice is the perfect solution. Hunt turkey in the spring, move to your favorite bow hunting spot during big game season, then relocate to your best duck or goose spot for some late season waterfowl hunting all within the same Redneck Blind.

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