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More worryingly, I didn't feel that the characters' behaviour was at all in keeping with the way my reading of Jane Austen, and other writers, has given me to believe would have been "normal" at that time: their actions and reactions seemed incongruously "uncontemporary" in relation to their class and presumably upbringing. Other reviewers will no doubt summarise the story so I won't bother: in the end, I didn't much care what happened to anyone and the story took much longer to read than I would have liked, because it rapidly sent me to sleep with the light on, my glasses on my nose and the Kindle on my face and no desire, on suddenly jerking awake, to carry on reading where I'd left off.

At least the Kindle keeps your place for you - if it had been a printed book, I wouldn't have bothered to finish it. One person found this helpful. I gather that this has been edited, but several typos and errors remain, some of grammar, some of spelling, some of fact. Some are downright silly, such as the heroine putting on a Spencer under a dress, others, relating to social mores could have been avoided by a little research.

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I really enjoyed this story. It had fun, angst, spies and a wounded hero, what more could one ask for? I also found the setting of the stage very well done, the descriptions of the houses, scenery, weather as well as the clothing were so well done that one was there, walking beside the characters. Most of all, the characters were well drawn and totally engaging. I will definitely look for more books by this author. Apart from the punctuation and formatting issues maybe just kindle version , this was an engaging book with a good story.

It has believable characters who you want to have their happy ending. A very entertaining read. The author tells us all about the lives of spies and the ways they have to deceive others. The novels by this author is a must read I find them so enjoyable once i've started to read her books I find it had to put them down and if you like these sort of story lines like I do then it's the book for you. I will be more than happy to read more of Kate Harper's novels. Great read, once started I could not put down.

I will be looking for other books written by this author. Don't buy. Customers also viewed these items. Need customer service? Click here. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Learn more about Amazon Prime. To order Time and Regret on Amazon. Tod takes readers on a decades-spanning journey of wartime loss, family secrets, and, ultimately, redemption.

Tod is an impressively gifted storyteller who creates relatable conflicts and believable dangers. Highly recommended! Tod has spun a gripping family drama that delves deeply into the effects of war on the human soul and takes us on an intriguing journey of self-discovery. Skip to content MK Tod is a leader in the historical fiction community and a highly respected writer. Jul 03, Nicole rated it really liked it.

I received this novel from net galley and the publisher for an honest review. Thank you! This novel was a very good read. I enjoyed the characters and the plot. Liliah Durary, the Duke of Langston's daughter wants to experience pleasure before she is married to her friend Meyer, who is in love with her friend Rebecca. She does not understand why her father is forcing the match.

Liliah is angry with her father, but she is protective of her younger sister. Liliah sneaks into a private club and meet I received this novel from net galley and the publisher for an honest review. Lucas has his own dark past and his club promotes discretion. All that changes when Liliah sneaks in and he has a strong desire to know who this innocent, seductive woman is.

Lucas has no plans of marriage and enjoys his life. However, to keep his club secrets, Lucas and Liliah strike a deal. What neither of them planned was the feelings they would invoke in each other and themselves.

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However, there are those that will make sure Liliah marries Meyer, no matter what it costs. Lucas only planned on giving Liliah pleasure, but does not realize until the stakes intensify that he wants her as his own. Lucas and his partners try to figure out why the duke is forcing this marriage before it is too late. Liliah thought she could have pleasure before resigning herself to a loveless marriage, but she wants more from Lucas and lets him go, but Lucas does not intend on giving her up.

I look forward to the next novel in the series which involves two of the other characters that appeared in this novel and see where their story leads! Jul 06, Mel rated it really liked it.

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I found this book to be an easy, amusing read. I am looking forward to reading more from this series, the Gentlemen of Temptation. Liliah is in a quandry. Her best friends Meyer and Rebecca love each other, a storybook ending, were they allowed to marry. Instead Meyer's father, the Earl of Greywick, has threatened to cut Meyer off should he marry Rebecca.

Liliah's father, a duke, and the Earl of Greywick are insistent that Liliah and Meyer marry instead. Faced with the prospect of a friendly, but I found this book to be an easy, amusing read.

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Faced with the prospect of a friendly, but sexless marriage that will distance her from her best friends, Liliah sets out to do the only thing she can, experience passion before her impending nuptials. Can she convince him to aid her? Is he capable of assistance given his dark past? Jul 21, Becka rated it it was ok. ARC received from netgalley.

Very predictable story. Almost like the author followed a basic template for this sort of story and just a made a few tweaks. Well written with likeable characters but no well built suspense or intrigue. Jul 06, Kathy Bunbury rated it really liked it. Temptation, desire, intrigue and love all wrapped in a delectable bundle! I absolutely loved the characters except the Duke and the author did a good job of portraying the angst of the lovers, the frustration of the sisters caught in their father's manipulation and the desire of Luc and Liliah.

Jan 22, Sandy Frediani rated it liked it. While I enjoyed reading this, there were a couple of Near the beginning, where Lucas and Liliah are making love for the first time, it appeared there was no mention of Lucas removing his breeches. I'm a fast reader and I could have just missed it, so I went back and reread. After four rereads and finally getting out paper and pencil to make notes of which garments were removed and when, I did find where he'd removed his breeches. This was a major trip. Oka While I enjoyed reading this, there were a couple of Okay, I found it and moved on.

However, I ran into a larger continuity error, one which no amount of rereading and note taking was able to fix. Arriving at the Morrison's ball, there is the following quoting - " As she walked into the manor, she traveled down the hall and into the ballroom. A tingle skated up her spine and she turned to an Ace of Spades, the dowager widow Lady Markson, watching her closely She nodded to those who welcomed her, and she round her way into the Morrisons' grand ballroom Since there's no mention of Liliah repeating the process, it must be the latter.

Sep 26, Pamela Flowers Jolly rated it it was ok. Everything about this story is ridiculous. A debutante sneaking into a pleasure palace, disguised as a courtesan. The club, owned by an Earl and other aristocrats , is having a masquerade. Caught, she escapes, but is recognized. On a side note, her father, a Duke, is forcing her to marry her best friend, who is in love with another friend.

The Earl is intrigued by her, and begins attending ton events to see her. Just not a particularl Everything about this story is ridiculous. Just not a particularly good read.

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I received a free arc in exchange for an honest review. Sep 20, Annalice rated it it was amazing Shelves: likable-heroine , stars , historical-romance , mildly-steamy , likable , regency-romance , gambling-clubs , regency-romances-with-balls , arranged-betrothals , horrible-parents. It was well written, not annoying lol almost every romance novel I read is annoying , entertaining, and slightly steamy. I also liked how the girl Liliah wasn't that heroine who always tries to resist the hero's advances even though she secretly desires him, because that's just plain annoying, or denies herself pleasure because she fears he'll break her heart I would rather experience love and desire than never know it at 4.

I also liked how the girl Liliah wasn't that heroine who always tries to resist the hero's advances even though she secretly desires him, because that's just plain annoying, or denies herself pleasure because she fears he'll break her heart I would rather experience love and desire than never know it at all.

Thank god Liliah wasn't like any of these common regency female characters. I thinked I liked Liliah better than Lucas, which is really rare because usually I like the guy better. Don't get more wrong, I still did like Lucas. It's just Liliah was so brave, determined to ensure her best friends' happiness and actually did something unlike her friends, and a strong, beautiful woman.

I got a good idea of what Liliah looked like, but I honestly don't remember any physical description of Lucas. Also, I feel there could have been more meaningful conversations. Their conversations in the beginning were just witty flirtations. You could definitely tell they were attracted to each other and liked each other, but I didn't fully understand why and how they fell in love.

Other parts of the book could have been better. For one, the sex could have been steamier and more romantic. Also I would have made the middle into an accidental pregnancy to just add more urgency and drama and I love pregnancies don't know why. I loved the character of Heathcliff. He's just that one character that every book needs. He was the character that added comic relief; that friend who you find annoying but secretly like. He was Lucas's friend that always spoke the truth, which was often humorous but infuriating to Lucas.

I'm predicting that the next book in the series will be a romance with Heathcliff and probably Samantha, Liliah's younger sister though I hope that age gap isn't more than 15 years Wow, when the duke's secret was revealed I wish we found out how old Liliah and Lucas were Lots of errors in this wallpaper regency.

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Basic errors that a proofreader or editor should have caught Savannah when her name is Samantha, a scene written twice entering a ballroom, then entering it again. Repeats of words. How many times can he nip her in one scene? He's not a puppy. Is her hair flaxen or golden? Pick one - they aren't the same color. Words that the author apparently looked up and didn't quite know how to use. And an estat Lots of errors in this wallpaper regency. And an estate is in the country and includes land. Your London townhouse is not an estate.

Or the entire entrance? I certainly can't picture that. Modern words - he referred to her as a "skirt" - is he a 's gangster now? Modern expressions. I can't figure out how Rebecca would be Lady Grace that's her mother. She would be the Lady Rebecca or the Honorable Rebecca, depending on her parents' titles, which were not mentioned. Lord and Lady Grace are not titles, but how they are referred to.

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A duke is addressed as "Your Grace" by a social inferior, "Duke" or by his name by an equal. Seems highly unlikely that a daughter would address a father as such. If so, be consistent and have her do so throughout the book. And finally, the earl cannot take the title away from his son. Title inheritance is set up when the title is set up and cannot be changed. This is so so basic has the author never seen Downton Abbey?

He can only take away money or property that is not entailed. Since the plot hinges on this, it completely falls down from this error. Aug 09, Pelusa Rivera rated it liked it. Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author.. It has been awhile since I have read a historical fiction romance book, and as always I tend to enjoy them.

This one was similar and yet different at the same time, let me explain. So we have the main character Luc who is a rake and who does not really associate with the ton, not when they have there soiree's atleast he decides to o Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author.. So we have the main character Luc who is a rake and who does not really associate with the ton, not when they have there soiree's atleast he decides to open a gaming hall and there he associates with the ton, you know take their money and lead them to debauchery.

Then we have Lilah who is being made to marry one of her best friends and it is killing her because said best friend is in love with her other best friend, they are trying to get out of it but their fathers are being unreasonable.

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Where did I find the difference to the other historical book, well Lilah was pretty brazen, she did things that woman of her era would not have done, All that said I did enjoy the book, just found it a little wordy That being said, I do intend on following the series, thinking and hoping Heathcliff is next! There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. About Kristin Vayden. Kristin Vayden. Kristin's inspiration for the romance she writes comes from her tall, dark and handsome husband with killer blue eyes. With five children to chase, she is never at a loss for someone to kiss, something to cook or some mess to clean but she loves every moment of it!