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Who do you call on for help? The cavalry? Call on the one who can really help. Who Ya Gonna Call? I know many of you like to travel and many of you travel by car. A trip by car takes longer than a trip by airplane so you have a lot more time to think, visit, sightsee, imagine, and sing. When you travel with children, you have to keep them from getting Scripture: Psalms , Psalms The assurance and security of those who make God their refuge and tower.

Denomination: Assembly Of God. He knew first hand the cost of victory as well as the Scripture: Exodus Denomination: Wesleyan.

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God directs our paths and turns our trials into blessings; He works behind the scenes in Ruth chapter two. Ruth doesn't despair but gets to work. The tragic atmosphere of Ruth chapter one changes dramatically in chapter two. In the opening verses we see Ruth undaunted by her plight. Scripture: Ruth Denomination: Congregational.

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Ministry should be the heart and soul of every Christian. When we minister, we must always find ways to keep on improving because at the end, God will is our judge. In this message we will learn how to do ministry the right way. Let me start with a quote from Rick Warren. He said, "Faithful servants never retire. You can retire from your career, but you will never retire from serving God.

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If you are a faithful servant of the Lord, there is no retirement here on earth because our retirement is in heaven Scripture: 1 Samuel Denomination: Nazarene. Being patient means to be longsuffering, when you are patient with others you are demonstrating the Love of God to them. It is no accident that solitary confinement is considered to be punishment. Tonight, we are going to look at relationships and their And He makes your experience suitable for bringing out some point of His glory which could not be brought out otherwise.

Be yourselves. Never endeavor to mold your character to look like a certain person whom you admire. Ask the Lord, who made you new, to let your person come out as He meant it, and whichever grace He meant to be prominent, let it be prominent.

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If you are meant to rush into the thick of the battle, then let courage be developed. If He designed you to lie in the hospital and suffer, then let patience have its perfect work. But ask the Lord to mold you after His own mind.

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He will find for you the place that He has created for you. There, His name shall be most glorified.

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Serve your day and generation till your Master calls you home. Shelter for Every Creature It also appears from Psalm that every creature God has made is provided with shelter. Birds fly to the trees, the stork to the fir, the wild goat to the high hills and the cony to the rocks. There is a shelter for every one of these creatures.

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If God has given each creature a place of refuge then—depend upon it—He has not left your soul without a shelter. Everyone is certainly in danger, and every thinking person knows it. Assuredly He has not made us and left us without a refuge. You have prospered in business and have enjoyed good health—but are you never conscious of a cold fear which makes the body tremble? O, that I could get my foot upon a rock and no longer feel that a quicksand is beneath me!

O, that I knew of truth sure and indisputable!

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Beloved, there is a Shelter for us from the sense of past guilt. But our Maker came from heaven to earth. Because Christ suffered for me, my guilt is gone. How do we even get in? How do we get the benefits?

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Most of us has had the experience of moving from one place to another. First, you sort through more items than you thought you had.

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  6. What do you want to keep because it is valuable? What do you want to get rid of because it serves no value? Once you figure that all out, all of your useful or favorite items get sorted, boxed, labeled, and ready for the move.