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Internal marketing is just as important to the well being of a chiropractic practice. Each patient will receive a monthly newsletter and be"rewarded" for providing referrals of family and friends. Rewards will be items such as free movie tickets and gift certificates to local restaurants. Biweekly half hour health seminars held in the office will be used to educate our patients on subjects that are essential to maintaining their improved state of health.

These two means of communication with our existing client base will also provide a means of "back end" sales with direct response advertisements for exercise, nutritional, and therapeutic devices. Asa means of offsetting the cost of producing and mailing the newsletters, we will seek out corporate partnerships from our suppliers. In this relationship we will include an advertisement of their specific product s in our newsletter in exchange for their financial backing.

As our mailing list grows, we will have more bargaining power with these corporate entities. Although privacy laws prevent us from sharing our patients' personal information with these companies, it does not forbid usfrom mailing to them directly. As part of a grass roots effort to become entrenched in the community Dr. LeTip is a professional organization of men and women dedicated to the highest standards of competence and service. Its purpose is the exchange of business tips. Unlike the local Chambers of Commerce, there are no conflicts of interest allowed in LeTip.

Rubano was president of the Middlesex County New Jersey Chapter for 2 years and served on the executive board for 5 years.

Rubano's New Jersey practice during his 6 year membership with the organization. Rubano will also join the local Chamber of Commerce, with perhaps a different mindset than most other practitioners. Rather than attempting to get individual patients through the variouschamber functions, he will usemembership in this organizationas the avenue to further corporate relationships. In order to put Dr. Rubano in the public eye as the expert in the area for accident and chronic pain care, we will secure speaking engagements with local high schools and civic groupsand arrange meetings with local personal injury attorneys and physicians see section 5.

In addition, once annually we will coordinate our area's "Kids Day America" tm in which we coordinate the efforts of the localpolice, fire department, EPA, and other area businessesin aBig Event designed to increase awareness of children's safety, following the guidelines set forth by FuturePerfect. We have already secured the licensing as the official event coordinator for the Fort Myers area event to be held in May Since this event began 10 years ago,practitioners in the state of Florida have held some of the most successful events, with anywhere between to4, children being screened by theChiropractor.

It is important that we position ourselves as the most efficient and cooperative chiropractic office in town by not only speaking about service, but demonstrating it. We will do this by being open on "off hours" and "off days. We willmake it a point to provideopportunities for patients to be seen during these days and times. Patient phone calls will be returned within 2 hours and a hour emergency line will be provided for all patients. Understanding that communication is essential to how physicians and attorneys handle their clients, we will see to it that everyphysician and attorneywho refers a patient will get a phone call from the doctorwithin 1 hour and a report within 48 hours, with regular status reports to follow on a weekly basis.

This high level of communication for patients and professionalswill be accomplished during "off" hours by using a locator service which will automatically send a message to the doctor's beeper or cell phone that a message has been recorded. As we expand further into the corporate market, we will seek to function as consultants to midsize companies 50 or more employees. Our strategy will be basically the same, with just a slight variation. Direct response advertisements will be aimed at CFOs and safety managers instead of accident victims. Free reports will be geared to peaking the corporate clients' interest in us as the expert at reducing insurance cost, improving employer-employee relationships, and creating a safer work environment to help them keep more dollars in their pockets.

Communicationin this area is paramount. We will send daily Fax summariesin a clear, concise format to the companies' safety managers, detailinginjury and return to work status of their employees. Newsletters specifically geared to the corporate client's interestwill be sent monthly with legislative updates and tips for safety and injury prevention. Our Health and Safety Awareness Campaign outreach program to Hispanic workers through our affiliation with Faith Fellowship World Outreach Ministries 5 will facilitate our relationship with both the growing Hispanic community and demonstrate our commitment to servicing the area labor force.

We will never sell a patient on a visit by visit basis, but rather on a per case basis demonstrating the value of following a proven program that works for their complaint. We must never be afraid to tell the patient everything they need, but also keep in mind people do not always buy what they need but what they emotionally desire.

We must cause them to emotionally desire better health. When a patient balks at our care plan we must refocus them on the benefits of the end result and in the end be willing to walk away from someone who is not willing to invest in their own health. Our fees are non-negotiable. The same holds true when working at the corporate level.

When selling a company on our ability to service their workforce, we must make it clear that cheap care is not the same as cost-effective care. The following table and chart give a run down of forecasted sales. We expect sales to increase steadily as our marketing program and contact management system see Marketing Strategy Summary, section 5. The cost of Chiropractic Service is representative of what we believe to be a reasonable assumption of how much we need to spend in advertising, both internal and external, to obtain new patients.

While in the real world these numbers will vary based on the frequency of any one given patient's treatment some higher, some lower , averaging makes it easier to calculate. The only direct costs associated with chiropractic care are the cleaning of patient areas and laundry, and the chiropractors' time, which is accounted for by owner's salary in the Personnel Table. It had no call to action, is extremely user un-friendly, and has no possible way of knowing it worked at all.

That would probably perform far better than this. Pretty much instantly you know precisely what they are selling a liquor delivery service. Food delivery is now a suuuuppeeerr-competitive space, so any advantage over the competition is great. Awwwwwwwww what a cute chocolate lab! I kept that flyer on my counter for 2 weeks straight just because I liked looking at the happy lab This is actually a fantastically designed flyer that can easily be shared around an organization.

Personal letter from the owner showing his great credentials. Large and easy phone number to call. Describes different scenarios they can help with Fix tech for schools, churches, offices etc. This was a pretty solid direct mail flyer. They have 2 guarantees. Owners and employees are all shown in the mailing, they all look friendly and trustworthy. This means never in a million years will I have to pay someone to fix my air conditioner, the apartment handles all that jazz.

However in the grand scheme of things they probably only lost a couple of hundred dollars on this, but made many-many-thousands from the business this mailing brought in. Shows a list of all services. Displays contact info very large. Clearly is going for a crowd without insurance. Offers good coupons. Can easily get lumped into B-pile. No personalized intro from the head dentist or staff Example: Neil Patel D.

The descriptions made me think these dentists are not super experienced. Almost read like they were just graduated. You want to be like the ,th patient. This is a piece of mail advertising custom court floors for homes by SportCourt :. I like the picture it shows, as it kind of sums up the product. Join the email newsletter for a good time and more fun guides! You can also see our full direct mail swipe file and browse for ideas. Neville … finding this post today means something very special to me … 5 days ago I was thinking that in the area where I live, I have never seen direct mail advertising.

Do you think this is a great opportunity for me now? What services could I offer them? Direct mail advertising too? What would be a good idea to do a test? Well, a little, not so much! I need help writing letters to my prospective clients. This is great. I was wondering if you have any government examples of direct mailers critique examples. What makes a government mailer look official?

Thanks for posting so many great examples! Suuuuure, no prob. Neville, This is such a well written, thoughtful piece. Your review has nailed the creative. Great work! I saw your comment about EDDM not being great for personal trainers but they are great for dentists. Would this be an effective method for someone in the field?

Can you link some great examples? Yes, the reason direct mail works for some industries is the price per customer they get paid, and the likelihood someone will be interested in the service. Bad Example: A chiropractor advertising to college students for chiropractic services. So this would be a non-optimal place to advertise. Good Example: A chiropractor advertising to a retirement home for chiropractic service.

Download this entire Direct Mail Guide including all the samples and markup shown here:

These people probably have A LOT of need for chiropractic service, and would be willing to spend considerable money on it. You can see even more direct mail examples in our direct mail swipe file! People sort mail address side up. Call the address side the front.

I like the Tech Support flyer. Since I work with a corporate audience I like the idea off a piece that will be passed around the organization.

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I am a member and have saved all of your emails, referring back to them often. If you liked those flyers, you might wanna check out my One Pager templates all free! I remember one time I went to a pretty well known designer store, and I purchased a few things for my wife. I had a small talk with the manager, signed up for their mailing list, and went on my merry way. About 7 days later, I got a handwritten letter from the manager thanking me for recent visit to the store. I know hand-written notes generally perform quite well.

My buddy Brian has a company called MailLift and all they do is send hand written followup mail, and it works really well! Keep up the good work. Thank-you for this Neville! What, in your opinion would work better, to get a buyers attention when using direct mail pieces?

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Long copy? Great article. How timely as I just got 3!!! They could have saved on postage by putting all 3 in the same envelope. Keep up the good work! Hahahah, some of those companies definitely send A LOT of mail…. Most of our stuff are occasional cards like birthdays, or holidays. But a few of our clients send their mailers inside a handwritten envelope.

The mailer listed the prices for the type of service double and single driveway so there was no need to waste time calling around for estimates. And contact information. Very simple and easy! Also, the food delivery DM that you have in this article is on point lol! This was great Neville, thank you. I have never been very creative but have ideas for my own postcard and door hanger for my own business but that is not the marketing part which I need help with.

I am sure you are very busy and have a lot to do, how can I communicate with you about this to find out your schedule, prices, etc…? Thank You. Awesome stuff, Neville.

Effectively use direct mail marketing to grow your practice

This made it pretty clear where that line is — as well as how crappy krappy? Thanks Matt! Great examples! Interesting comment above regarding DM not working for personal training services even though she is selling services, lead me to wonder if DM would work in my industry — Group Health Insurance brokerage services? However if the margins are small, then maybe not. Your face as the stamp on the postcard at the end of the article, reminded me that you can have custom postage stamps made with your picture, your family, or most anything else.

The shared postcard is a way that food delivery services and other low margin offers can afford to get massive direct mail exposure. My favorite direct mail is little handwritten note cards like thank you notes. And we all know what relationships lead to. My name above is linked to a thorough explanation by the man I learned it from. Happy Mailing! Oh cool you have a junk mail stash too! I find it very helpful to thumb through at times for ideas I also enjoy keeping BAD direct mail Our site, Thankster.

And with it you can easily automate things by integrating it with your CRM or other software, such as Infusionsoft for marketing automation, through our Zapier integration wee also have some direct integrations. These are great examples! Great article BTW, love receiving your emails. Awesome Candace…. Also, personal training is more about a personal relationship or convenience.

Effectively use direct mail marketing to grow your practice - Chiropractic Economics

It might be easier to get clients through a gym or doctors referrals than direct mail. They would spend a lot of money on the mail drop and get very little profit out of it. However for a business like a dentist, just 5 clients can equal tens of thousands of dollars, so that would be a great candidate for direct mail. Neville — Thank you for this awesome guide! My day job is a nonprofit and we send mailers to our members and potential business sponsors.

[Full Seminar] Fundamentals Of Direct Response Marketing

We used to shop around for printing companies until we found our current one. My tip for others is to find your old-school customer service oriented print company and always use them. If there ever is an issue, he always makes it right without a fuss. When we were doing a special piece for our capital campaign, he made an appointment to meet with us at our office with reps from the mail house.