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Merola likes to educate folks about the wines and foods of Italy, so he also enjoys hosting educational events, such as the one coming up Dec. The chef had to turn away 60 people after he reached the guest mark. I headed for Brevard County, for Merritt Island, straight from the airport.

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I went to culinary school in Rome and worked in restaurants in Malta and England. I later owned a bar in Italy. A year ago in December, we opened an Italian market on U.

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  6. Our guests can expect the oldest Sicilian and Neapolitan specialties made from scratch and with respect to the ancient traditions of real Italian food. We have two kids, Sarah, 5, and Christian, Sarah loves to help in the market and everyone loves her. She later wrote another or so sonnets, these addressing spiritual themes, which she gave as a gift to Michelangelo, one of her closest friends.

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    She spent time with various popes, the Queen of Navarre, and the great writers Baldassare Castiglione and Pietro Bembo. She became very involved in reformist circles and, after her death in , was accused by the Inquisition of being a Protestant heretic.

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    Vittoria, it seemed, was one of the most interesting women of the Renaissance. Over the course of a year in Italy and several subsequent summers, I spent as much time as possible tracking her down.

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    This involved two different kinds of work. These materials were typically unpublished, needing to be transcribed from their original copies before I could translate them. In a remote monastery library, for example, in the town of Subiaco an hour or so from Rome , I sat undisturbed — and unmonitored — surrounded by piles of unsorted papers from the Colonna family archive, ranging from receipts for small payments made by Vittoria to her magnificent nuptial contract. For more than a decade after she was widowed, she lived as a lay guest in several nunneries.

    So in summer , I went to a Trappist nunnery in the small town of Vitorchiano, outside Viterbo, to understand what her daily life was like during these years.

    Vittoria Colonna at the Crossroads of History | American Academy in Rome

    I found the convent through a young nun in Rome, who had a good feel for what the closest 21st-century match would be to the convents Vittoria lived in five centuries ago and who generously arranged for the sisters in Vitorchiano to take me in. I arrived very eager to talk to the nuns and learn about their lives. To my surprise and dismay, I discovered I had come to a silent order.

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    I decided not to ask. My contact with the nuns was limited to attending their liturgical services. As a Jewish woman, I found the prayers largely foreign, although they did include a good number of psalms. But since Vittoria always made a point of attending all the canonical hours — eight services spread out over the course of a day, from early morning until late evening — I thought I should do the same. Even during the services, however, I was not really with the nuns.