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In , his application was rejected because he had not sent in the original documents. At this point he became very ill, had to have some of his foot amputated, and developed leukaemia — a dramatic decline in his health that he attributes indirectly to the prolonged stress of his immigration battle.

'It's destroyed my life': Windrush victim recognised as legal citizen after 13 years

His ill health meant that he was unable to focus on his citizenship problems until he was interviewed by the Guardian in February , and the Home Office got in touch out of the blue with a letter telling him how to apply to naturalise information that he was already very familiar with. He has no idea how many fruitless phone calls he has made or attempted to make to the Home Office, but estimates it would be over 50 over the course of 13 years.

He asked the official about compensation , and was told that no details had yet been decided by the government, but that once they were, staff would call him. Howard asked if anyone was going to apologise to him, and the official said that he was sorry for any problems Howard had experienced, and added that the prime minister and the former home secretary had also apologised. The official said he did not know how the errors had been made.

Another friendly member of staff said the Home Office was expediting the production of biometric cards the formal driving licence-sized photo ID for Windrush citizens, and he could expect one to be couriered to his home in the next three to four days, or even sooner. Outside the building, Howard abandoned his attempt to rein in his emotions and wept.

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It has completely ruined my life. Buying clothes was a problem.

Friends had to buy them for me. She was a grafter. The picture had an innocent appearance, but it captured the memory of when they took their first victim.

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As the years passed, they kept in contact with one another. Eugene Greer changed his name to Jordan Chase and wrote several books that would become bestsellers, propelling him to a level of popularity only dreamed about.

Jordan hired Cole Harmon as his Head of Security, Dan Mendell moved on to become a dentist, Alex Tilden became a successful banker and, oddly enough, Boyd Fowler ended up working for the Department of Sanitation, picking up road kill. Despite their career differences, they would keep meeting to torture and rape a woman for at least a week before having Boyd to kill her.

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They did this with at least twelve women before Lumen Pierce. In a non-linear structure, he reveals his early life, youthful transgressions, arrest, and time on death row, with several twists and turns. No one else appears on screen. Supplementary footage and sound effects are included as Yarris describes events.


The title refers to the word triskaidekaphobia , one of many words which Yarris learned while educating himself in prison. Time Out ranked it with four stars out of five, with the summary "This death row documentary sets up an intriguing mystery that'll keep you gripped until the final moments".

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the phobia, see triskaidekaphobia. British Film Institute.

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