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The field mouse tried to convince Thumbelina that her best chance was to make a good marriage, suggesting her friend whose "house is even bigger than mine, with huge rooms, and he wears a gorgeous black velvet coat". Thumbelina heard over and over again how handsome and rich the mouse's friend was, and eventually this friend dug a tunnel from their house to his. He was a mole. The mole did not like any of the same things Thumbelina did. He could not sing; he did not like the sunshine or the flowers. He did not even seem to be bothered about the dead bird at the entrance to his house.

Thumbelina felt sorry for the bird, a swallow, and tried to bury him, but he revived, so Thumbelina secretly cared for him all through the winter until he recovered, and "flew away into the dazzling sun". Thumbelina found the prospect of being married to such a creature repulsive. But the field mouse urged her on, arguing that the mole was such a good match for her, "And he's rich - with the finest kitchen and cellar. You should be thankful". Thumbelina climbs on the swallow's back, and they fly to where it is no longer winter.

In a sunny field in the new land there are some gorgeous white flowers, where Thumbelina can make her home. But lo and behold, "at the heart of the flower sat a little man so fair he was almost transparent, as if he were made of glass. He was wearing a tiny gold crown on his head, and fine shining wings on his shoulders. He was no bigger than Thumblina. He was the flower fairy. The two fall instantly in love, and get married. The fairy king does not like the name "Thumbelina". We shall call you Maia. In Hans Christian Andersen's original story, it was not a man but a bluebird who had been watching Thumbelina's story since the beginning, and he had been in love with her the whole time.

At the end, the bird is heartbroken because Thumbelina had married the flower fairy king, and he flies off, eventually arriving at a small house. There, he tells Thumbelina's story to the man, who is of course Hans Christian Andersen himself. I strongly suspect it must be the image of the pretty, doll-like little girl inside a tiny flower. The original critics seem to have been rightly concerned about the lack of a moral frame, however.

What message is this sending to young children? What of the peasant woman, who is left bereft so shortly after she is given her heart's desire? Or the butterfly, chained forever to the leaf and left to die? Is the message that if you are pretty you can have everything you want? Or is it that if you are pretty, you never have to do anything for yourself, and everybody will always help you? Is it that if you are ugly, like the toad, or the stagbeetle, you are also bound to be cruel? What are we to make of the entrapment theme, or of marrying the prince of your dreams?

Why did Walt Disney choose to make a apparently reasonably faithful adaptation of this story as an animated film as recently as ? For my part I almost daren't delve into the subtext of this story. But then, this is a fairy story, with a fairytale ending. And the more stories I read by this author, with their ugly outcasts, their rejections, humiliations or disappointments, the more I realise that he was inventing fantasies to express his own troubles and deep desires. I just wish I could get the annoying song out of my head. Danny Kaye sure has a lot to answer for Link here at your own risk!

Thumbelina sing Mar 11, Chelsey Ellice rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-star , hardcover , book-to-movie , favourites , stand-alone , back-to-childhood , own-it , favourite-stand-alone. My favourite Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale so far. I have always loved the movie and finally read where it came from. Good things come to those who wait! Now were is my prince? Apr 12, Farah Cook rated it it was amazing. This story was adapted from H. C Andersen. As a storyteller, Hans Christian Andersen shows taste for the tragic and horrible, even when he was infatuated with the sweet and romantic in "Thumbelina".

Poor Thumbelina is abduction by hideous creatures that do not have a sense of her grace and proper nature. However, her patience and striving for true love rewarded in the end when she reaches the end of its tribulations. I recommend reading this classic tale, of a well known Danish author who wrote the most spectacular children's stories of our time.

I don't like this story, never had and never will, the writing was was good but I have a huge problem with the beauty concept in it, the fact that thumbelina was sad because she thought she wasn't beautiful so that even a bug refused to have her, that the toad and his mother were ugly without even knowing them et j'en passe. Shelves: fairy-tales , childrens-translations , danish-children , picture-books , hans-christian-andersen , folklore-mythology , world-in-miniature , folklore-danish.

Thumbelina , illustrated by Adrienne Adams. Given my fondness for the work of illustrator Adrienne Adams, whose artwork can be found in many of my favorite children's books by Rumer Godden , I was quite excited to discover that Adams had also illustrated a number of Hans Christian Andersen retellings, amongst them this lovely Thumbelina. Fairy-tale purists will be pleased to know that this edition contains a full and faithful translation of the original Danish, done by R. I can't say the Thumbelina , illustrated by Adrienne Adams.

I can't say the prose "sparkles" it never does with Keigwin , but the narrative is engaging enough. Adams' artwork is the real draw here, with lovely color and mostly black and white spreads. The depiction of Thumbelina's mother, when she first sees her tiny daughter, is particularly fine. The sensibility here might be a little old-fashioned, but this is still a wonderful picture-book adaptation of a popular tale. Apr 11, Anna J. My favorite fairytale! One of my absolute favourite fairy tales by one of my favourite story tellers! Such a beautiful, classic little fable that paints gorgeous images.

Wonderful to revisit a childhood classic like this! View 1 comment. Shelves: rabbit-ears-productions , fairy-tales-folktales , bedtime-stories , children-s-book , fairy-tale-romance , picture-book , read-in , my-blog-reviews , fantasy , strong-heroine. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Also, the scene where there is an image of the white marble palace by the lake is extremely breathtaking as you can see the reflection of the palace in the lake. I would recommend this story to children ages three and older since it has nothing inappropriate for the children. Review is also on: Rabbit Ears Book Blog Dec 25, Eyehavenofilter rated it really liked it. Input had to read this over again. It is such a great " fairy tale", classic. HCA is one of my favorite authors, and always. Besides tiny cute thugs are always in. This version is so beautifully done, in watercolor, that is fluid and almost delicious, in its technique.

I love the retelling of tales, especially when done so well. View all 3 comments. Thumbelina , illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline. Brian Alderson, the British children's author and critic, whose many folkloric projects have included the editing of Andrew Lang's color fairy books, as well as a collection of Hans Christian Andersen's tales The Swan's Stories , here turns his attention to the classic story of a tiny girl, no bigger than a thumb.

The trials and tribulations of Thumbelina Tommelise in the original Danish - kidnapped by toads, set adrift on a river, seized by may Thumbelina , illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline.

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The trials and tribulations of Thumbelina Tommelise in the original Danish - kidnapped by toads, set adrift on a river, seized by maybugs, almost forced to marry a pompous old mole - are all here, as is the appropriately happy ending. Although my loyalties lie with other Thumbelinas , I was pleased to see this new edition, with lovely gouache and watercolor illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline, whose artwork has graced books such as Kate DiCamillo's The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

His Thumbelina can look quite put out, as in the scene in which she is surrounded by the maybugs, or startled and alarmed, and her expressive little face adds great interest to this retelling. This is definitely one that fairy-tale fans - particularly those interested in Andersen - will want to examine! Shelves: childrens-translations , danish-children , picture-books , fairy-tales , hans-christian-andersen , folklore-mythology , world-in-miniature , folklore-danish.

Thumbeline , illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger. Anthea Bell's translation of the story, reprinted earlier this year , features the only appearance - so far as I know - of Thumbeline. Done to distinguish her work from other translations and adaptations? Pos Thumbeline , illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger. But leaving aside this titular diversion, Bell's narrative is immensely faithful to the original, and should be most welcome to readers looking for a complete retelling of the tale.

The illustrations are done by the immensely talented Lisbeth Zwerger, whose fairy-tale work has included a number of other Andersen tales, from The Nightingale to The Little Mermaid. Full page paintings are paired with full-page text, and are a little bit darker than many of the other contemporary interpretations I have seen. I was reminded, in some scenes, of Arthur Rackham's illustrations.

All in all, a lovely little book, and a fine addition to the many editions of Thumbelina or Thumbeline currently available. Thumbelina , illustrated by Arlene Graston. Fairy Tales Told for Children, First Collection , Thumbelina has been interpreted as everything from an allegory of Christian suffering and salvation, to a tale of female masturbation. Needless to say, younger readers will probably just appreciate it as an exciting adventure story, albeit one with a fairly passive heroine.

This edition fe Thumbelina , illustrated by Arlene Graston. This edition features the translation of Eric Christian Haugaard - whose tome, The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories , has become something of a standard in the field - and it reads very well. Arlene Graston's watercolor illustrations are a pleasant accompaniment to the tale, although I sometimes found them a little too dark for my taste.

I wasn't sure what to make of the subtle mosaic-like pattern she used as a background in her paintings, which sometimes worked very well, and sometimes seemed out of place. Still, despite these qualifications, I found this to be a charming retelling, and while it doesn't quite equal the Lauren Mills Thumbelina in my esteem, it has great narrative and aesthetic appeal.

Shelves: childrens-translations , fairy-tales , hans-christian-andersen , danish-children , picture-books , folklore-mythology , world-in-miniature , folklore-danish. Thumbelina , illustrated by David Johnson. Part of Rabbit Ears Entertainment's series of fairy-tell retellings, this adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's Thumbelina is mostly faithful to the original, with one or two minor changes obviously intended to make the heroine less passive. Thumbelina asks the fish to help her escape from the toads, for instance, rather than just weeping on her lily pad.

David Johnson's ink and watercolor illustrations are hit or miss, some - like that depicting the Mo Thumbelina , illustrated by David Johnson. David Johnson's ink and watercolor illustrations are hit or miss, some - like that depicting the Mole entering Mouse's home - felt murky and crowded; while others - such as the full spread depicting Thumbelina, as Sparrow departs for the south - had a lovely and expressive delicacy. I wonder if I would feel this way if I didn't know there was a CD? In any case, I found this a pretty but mostly unremarkable, adaptation of Thumbelina : the fairy-tale lover can do better.

Shelves: fairy-tales , childrens-translations , hans-christian-andersen , danish-children , picture-books , folklore-mythology , world-in-miniature , folklore-danish. Thumbelina , illustrated by Brad Sneed.


Is this really the ninth picture-book version of Thumbelina I've read and reviewed - the tenth, if you count Thumbelina of Toulaba - for my Hans Christian Andersen project? Color me obsessed! And color it is, that makes this adaptation illustrated by Brad Sneed such a pleasure! With deep-toned watercolor illustrations, created with vivid greens and blues, and gorgeous reds and yellows, this edition of Andersen's classic tale of a diminutive girl who m Thumbelina , illustrated by Brad Sneed.

With deep-toned watercolor illustrations, created with vivid greens and blues, and gorgeous reds and yellows, this edition of Andersen's classic tale of a diminutive girl who must escape a series of unappealing would-be bridegrooms, before finding the ideal mate, is a visual feast. The narrative is mostly faithful to the original, but even if it weren't I would still have enjoyed Sneed's artwork. All things considered, I'm glad I decided to take a look at this recent edition, although I think I may be done with this tale for the forseeable future Not my favorite Andersen but a lovely, little story.

Jul 31, John Yelverton rated it really liked it. A very sweet and beautiful story. You almost don't want it to end. May 06, Neri. One of my favorite tales when I was a child.

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A beautiful story which stood the test of time. Oct 15, Emilie Rhoton rated it really liked it. This book was one fairytale I always remembered getting read to when I was younger.

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Thumbelina is different from all the other fairy tales we hear about. It is much more dark in a way than fairy tales from other stories. In this book, Thumbelina is a beautiful and extremely small girl who bloomed from a flower. Thumbelina is kidnapped by other creatures and she must find away to get back to her family and to her one true love.

This scares her since she has never been outside her house before thi This book was one fairytale I always remembered getting read to when I was younger. This scares her since she has never been outside her house before this moment. While trying to get back home, Thumbelina makes many new friends that cherish her for herself.

Throughout this book we learned that size doesn't matter. All that matters is that you are willing to try and that people care about you no matter what you look like. Thumbelina learned that and that her true love was meant to be and her friends are always there for her. This book is a great book for any person who is struggling with who they truly are. Mar 01, Jon rated it it was amazing Shelves: scandinavian-literature , short-story.

A spritelike young girl adrift in a stream, on a lilypad with a leashed butterfly as a sail. A narrow shaft of light shining down upon a dead swallow in an underground mole's tunnel. A white-winged fairy floating to and fro amidst white flowers peppering marble ruins twined with grapevines, all glittering in the sunlight. Thumbelina is full of wondrous, fantastical imagery. It's a heartwarming, touching and transcendental story.

The creatures Thumbelina meets along her journey feel genuine and al A spritelike young girl adrift in a stream, on a lilypad with a leashed butterfly as a sail. The creatures Thumbelina meets along her journey feel genuine and almost human, and she's confronted with their selfishness, jealousy, and bitterness. They provide a foil to her childlike innocence and kindness, and remind us that while such virtues often render you vulnerable, they can also be a powerful way of affecting the world and the people around you.

Thumbelina is a quintessential fairy tale packed full of Andersen's endless creativity, and a must-read for adults and children alike. Dec 29, Katter rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-stories. This fairy tale is oh so cute! I have loved it since I was a little girl and saw Don Bluth's animated version of it. What a fun adventure! I also like knowing that the whole story was created because of a sweet swallow who built it's nest above Hans Christian Andersen's window.

That man had such an imagination! Unlike in the animated version, Thumbelina never sees her human mother again, which is rather sad. That poor lady! I still liked everything about the book and only wish it were longer! Als This fairy tale is oh so cute! Also, the Fairy Prince is barely introduced but he will always be Cornelius to me. I can't see it any other way! Predictably little Thumbelina gets her wings and lives happily ever after, and that's just the way I like it.

One of my favourite childhood stories. Mar 05, Candice Adams rated it really liked it. Thumbelina is a classic fairy tale story with a very jump around plot. Although i really enjoyed the overall concept of the fairy tale and the idea of a tiny girl coming from a flower, I felt like the story was a little confusing with how much it jumps around. The beginning of the story is very touching when a mom just wants a little girl and she gets her wish.

After she is snatched for the first time by the frog, the story starts to go down hill. Thumbelina gets taken by so many different charac Thumbelina is a classic fairy tale story with a very jump around plot. Thumbelina gets taken by so many different characters and the seasons in the story fly by so quickly, the actually plot of the story gets lost underneath the constant changing of scenery.

Once Thumbelina meets her prince, the story is restored and faith is regained it the fairy tale ending. The only problem I had with the ending was that I feel like it was cut short and a full explanation of the marriage wasn't given.

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Overall this was a well written fairy tale, but the setting changes could have been cut in half, and that would have made the plot 10x better. Oct 18, Katie Hutson rated it it was amazing. A woman and her husband cannot have children, so the woman went to the local witch. She told her she wanted a baby, the witch gave her barleycorn to put in a pretty pot and then something will grow.

After a while, the plant grew in the pot and out popped a baby girl, who was no bigger than their thumb. So they decided to call her Thumbelina. Her parents made her a nursery that they placed on the windowsill.

Thumbelina (Illustrated)

In the spring, there was a toad, Mrs. They're complex tales, but since Andersen himself was pretty complex, we like to think that art imitates life. Or something like that. Thumbelina is a literary fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen first published by C. She successfully avoids their intentions before falling in love with a flower-fairy prince just her size. Pinterest Twitter Facebook. Tunne lukkosi Kimmo Takanen. Orjattaresi Margaret Atwood. Wanted Janne "Nacci" Tranberg. Tuhansien villasukkien maa Tiina Kuu.