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The statement is punctuated by three panels featuring four different types of Green Lanterns. In order to manipulate his ring, Rot Lop Fan focuses on a sound in the range of f-sharp. For this reason, he has a bell insignia on his ring and costume. The second panel, pictured above, shows the reader the new direction Morrison might take us in future issues.

Finally, we have a panel which I believe shows two Green Lanterns. Dead center is the infamous living planet Mogo. On the right is possibly the Lantern Flodo Span. Flodo Span, a creation of Steve Englehart and Joe Stanton, was a gaseous form held together by his power ring. During a battle with the sentient Sector , we learned Flodo Span can increase in size to overcome an entire space sector.

This would have made Flodo Span briefly the largest Lantern in history. Tragically, Flodo Span is believed to be dead after his ring was sucked into the power battery causing his form to dissipate. It was part of the sneak preview released to EW and, in many ways, was the catalyst for this blog series. I had to know if Chriselon was already part of the established canon or a Morrison creation. That investigation opened the door to madness. The episode aired on September 18, The forum post is from May 14, Diamalon was Green Lantern The crystal based lifeform met his end when he was brutally sniped by Yellow Lantern Bedovian during the Sinestro Corps Wars.

Diamalon gets sniped. Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special 1.

Volume 1 Issue 4

Art by Ethan Van Sciver. Chaselon Biography from Green lantern Vol. So many senses. Chaselon has a rough history. Chaselon gets the drill. Remember that time the Missle Men attacked and blew it all to hell? Metal Men Vol. Space Sector scan for replacement sentient initiated. The Corps member identifies himself as Lantern He is, I believe, an invention of Grant Morrison.

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In only a handful of panels, Morrison manages to give us a quick backstory for Tox. This statement is interesting. Typically, at least in recent Lantern lore, ring bearers are chosen by the best possible candidate in proximity to the ring. Occasionally, a ring has been passed along family lines. Grant Morrison was one of the co-conspirators behind the weekly epic series The Lantern, along with his partner Xax, were defeated by the forces of Lady Styx during the battle of Space Sector I believe this is inaccurate because at one point Tox says they were investigating the disappearance of the Green Lantern of Vengar.

Therefore, the sector designation of Thorman Tox is still unknowns he could very well be related to Maxim and a previous Lantern of Sector Sadly, the Tox Lanterns tend not to last more than a handful of panels. Xudarians have a long and storied history as the Green Lanterns of Space Sector His ring is passed on to a Xurdian child named Somar-Le Tomar-Tu would later go on to become a Darkstar, murder Goldface, take on the Corps, and kill himself.

Somar-Le is an important addition to the Corps. She arrived when the Corps was facing an existential crisis and brought with her a sense of childish joy. All of that background brings us to Trilla-Tru. The Morrison invention creates an interesting paradox in the Corps.

What Is It That Makes Grant Morrison So Different and So Appealing?

Each Space Sector typically has two active Corps members all of the Terrans make this a confusing rule, but, technically, the official Lanterns of are currently Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. Everyone else is an honorary Corps member. There is, as far as we know, a third Lantern representing Space Sector Dalor. The official predecessor of Tomar-Re has been missing in action for decades.

If Dalor, who should be Green Lantern Is he still out there? Will Morrison solve the mystery of Dalor? By the way, the Lantern who falsely accused Dalor was Jordan. Not sure why this book of origins is trying to bury that fact! This is invaluable content! They are, essentially, all Maltusians. When the four of them find a computer in the gut of a giant dead creature, they are greeted by a hologram of Tom Strong who states that they are needed to save the universe.

After the four of them make it back to their world, Mister Terrific tries to leave the three of them at Simon Stagg's compound only to be drawn back to them. Malleable Physiology : Plastic Man's powers are derived from an accident in which his body was bathed in an unknown industrial chemical mixture that also entered into his bloodstream through a gunshot wound. This caused a body-wide mutagenic process that transformed his physiology.

Eel exists in a fluid state, neither entirely liquid nor solid. Plastic Man has complete control over his structure. Density Control : Plastic Man can change his density at will, becoming as dense as a rock or as flexible as a rubber band. There is no known limit to how far Plastic Man can stretch his body. Size Alteration : He can shrink himself down to a few inches tall posed as one of Batman's utility belt pockets or become taller and larger than a skyscraper.


Shape-Shifting : He can contort his body into various positions and sizes impossible for ordinary humans, such as being entirely flat so that he can slip under a door or using his fingers to pick conventional locks. He can also use it for disguise by changing the shape of his face and body. Thanks to his fluid state, Plastic Man can open holes in his body and turn himself into objects with mobile parts.

In addition, he can alter his bodily mass and physical constitution at will, creating virtually no limit to the sizes and shapes he can contort himself into. Superhuman Agility : These stretching powers grant Plastic Man agility, flexibility, and coordination far beyond the natural limits of the human body.

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Color Change : The only real limitation of Plastic Man's powers relates to his color, which he cannot change without intense concentration, for example even requiring intense focus simply to turn, say, his nose blue. He generally does not use this ability whatsoever and sticks to his red and yellow colored uniform.

Invulnerability : Plastic Man's powers extraordinarily augment his durability. Some stories, perhaps of anecdotal quality, have showed him susceptible to surprise attack by bullets, in one case oozing a substance similar to liquid plastic. He is resistant to high velocity impacts that would kill an ordinary person, resistant to blasts from energy weapons Batman once mentioned that he could presumably even withstand a nuclear detonation , and is bulletproof.

His bodily mass can be dispersed, but for all intents and purposes, it is invulnerable, even from many forms of magic in the DC Universe. For example, Plastic Man was once reduced to individual, separate molecules and scattered across the Atlantic Ocean for centuries. It's untouchable by telepathy. Immortality : Plastic Man does not appear to age; if he does, it is at a rate far slower than that of normal human beings. In the aftermath of the Justice League story Arc "Obsidian Age", Plastic Man was discovered to have survived for 3, years scattered into separate, individual molecules on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean without decaying or being otherwise affected at all.

Ultrasonic Detection : Plastic Man's body will start to "ripple" when an ultrasonic frequency is triggered. This perhaps implies that Plastic Man is himself more like one giant, living organ than he is a "whole" made of component parts and organs, etc. Master Detective : Although no longer a criminal, he has insight into their mindset, enabling him to be an effective sleuth. He is also considered to be a lateral thinker and much smarter than he lets on.

His semi-liquid form remains stable at relatively high and low temperatures, provided that the temperature change is gradual. A sudden change induces a complete change of state, creating a truly solid or truly liquid form. Once thawed and reassembled, he was physically unharmed though emotionally traumatized. In the JLA story arc "Divided We Fall", Plastic Man is shown to have some weakness to extreme heat intense heat vision attack from a Martian and was temporarily melted.

In some versions, Plastic Man is also vulnerable to chemicals such as acetone , which melts and destabilizes his putty-like form, although he will eventually regenerate when the chemicals are gone. Another weakness is that the only colors Plastic Man can mimic are the colors of his body and costume i.

Whether this is an inherent flaw in his powers or a mental block has never been explained, whereas, his son, Offspring, also gained his father's powers, but is able to mimic at will any color he chooses. During Offspring's introduction, it was revealed that Plastic Man could change color, turning his nose blue to prove to Batman that he could. This color change, however, was possible only with a great deal of Plastic Man's concentration, even for such a very tiny area. The imprisonment and confinement drove him insane, and upon his release he lashed out at those around him.

He fights Elongated Man , having the upper hand until Batman brings Plastic Man to his senses with a punch to the face. Batman declares that Plastic Man is the most powerful superhero in the room. Carrie Kelley as Catgirl describes him as being: "Immeasurably powerful. Absolutely nuts. He constantly changes shape and cracks jokes causing the other members to repeatedly tell him to "shut up".

The Shattered Door: Morrison Investigations: Volume 1

Plastic Man — , written and illustrated by Kyle Baker , harkens back to the Jack Cole version of Plastic Man featuring Eel O'Brian tended to by a monk in a mountain retreat following the events of his normal origin story. Inspired by the monks kindness, Eel resolves to use his powers for good, becoming the crime fighter Plastic Man, and works for the FBI. In this series, Plastic Man gets a girlfriend FBI Special Agent Morgan, revealed as the surgically altered fiancee that Plas' alter ego had left in the s and adopts a Goth teenage daughter, Edwina.

He is scientist Gunther Ganz, whose consciousness has been transferred to a "living polymer". In the alternate timeline of the Flashpoint event, Eel O'Brian is a villain. After Heat Wave was sent to death row after killing Jason Rusch , O'Brian arrives to break him out in the flying fortress of the military Doom prison , having been hiding in the body of his cellmate Cluemaster. While O'Brian helps him to retrieve his weapons, he discovers Heat Wave attacking the guards' control room and attempting to ram the flying prison at Cyborg 's home city of Detroit.

After Heat Wave is defeated by Cyborg and imprisoned in Belle Reve , O'Brian is revealed to have survived the flame gun and smuggles himself into the prison in Heat Wave's new cellmate's body and is later shown advancing on Heat Wave.

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He is seen among the gathered super-heroes at Congress after Lara Lane-Kent delivers a speech to them, mingling among the heroes and politicians in the continuity where Lois didn't die. In this story, Plastic Man is against Superman's changed ethics after the Metropolis bombing but doesn't physically try to stop him until Superman arrests Plastic Man's son Luke Offspring for opposing him.

He breaks into the Regime's underwater prison, rescues his son, and frees the captured super villains and Green Lantern Corps while encouraging them to focus their efforts on bringing down Superman. Plastic Man and Woozy battle Professor Grushenko at the museum over a magic elixir with resulting hijinks. Warner Bros. Movies columnist Greg Dean Schmitz in June In December , new development of a Plastic Man film was announced, with Amanda Idoko writing the screenplay and Robert Shaye will executive produce. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bendy, comical superhero. Andrea Kane.

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The Shattered Door: Morrison Investigations (Volume 1)

The Heir Hunter. Chris Larsgaard. Laura Iding. Bullet Beth.