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In the Hid. In the iVth. The Vth. Book concerns the Holy Ghoft. Sgcniiice K the Releotment of that Ulu- ftrious Refbroier. God ufed as his Inftrument, in. And by that which I have V feen of his, I judge him fitter to have been chained up. DeTpreaux htU thift mr4t'in -Mi. We have ftill a Letter of St. They made fo great aa ImpreHion upon the Peofde. That Pope declared tliat the Condition of the, fevx, under Chriflian Princes, was a gfea: deal wprfc diaH that of their Forefathers undd- Tbaratib.

He' law the firft. Kevejfihr Be fure to acquaint the Duke Vol. Dijfertatkta A Rever. Paris, iyii. This In- fcription is to be Icen upon it : D. M Dec xi. Tis well kaown, that a Ptrfiim was the Author of Mamcbrifiit. Authon of the Old and New Tefta- dent- He bdieyed that the foriner. Article XIX. Paul'f Church-Tard. Stryfe has wholly confecrated his Pen to the Pubr lick Good. When Xift, and his FgUowers, rofe up in 3J4. Varker refolvcd to go to their Camp, and exhort. Obedience to the Sing. PtfriCT- judging this a very air Oppominity, afcended the Oak.

The whole Camp. Saype a Tumult was " made, and the Preacher was threatened. Yet thofe that Wfere next him under the Tree. The People did not perceive it at firft : But fome who bad a Hand in the C3ieat, cried out, and faid. That our Saviour fweued Blood. The Cheat was found out : There was a Spunge upon the Crucifix.

They appeared at Church in ' the fame Pofbure Three Smtdajt cHie afier another, and were impnlbaed for fbme time, and then baniibed from IrelsMd. Imagei Hioukl Aand in' the Charcbca. I doubt, continuedtbefe Furnitures of bet Oa- " torv. Every body agreed to it. Reign of QaceaJHtny, and buried in a Dunghil. Fridejhwk were wrapped up and preferved. That Letter is worth reading. About that time --the Archbilhop waited upon the Queen. That Princefs did very much exclaim agaioft die Maniage of the Qeigy, and fpoke very angrily abqut jc. The following words of me Ardibifhop are very remarkable.

In If Tci. Tbd Archbilhop was the more concerned for it, becaufil there went x fiilie report that it had been done by bis ad-i Wee. Aitno J9. Paris ijij. In die lirft place. She menticxis die , Subjedb treated of in xht Remarks added to her TranHa- tion. In the. That Lady mvcs her Judgment about her own Pefor- mance in the following Words. No body will fee in it thofa ,. Vbus n'avez aucune compaiTion de votre ills, de " cet 'enfant innocent, ni de votre femme, qui va etre fi " malheureufe. Ut H Hit. Je n'ai jAai ni pere ni meie.

Cet enfant effrayi i! En ache. A R I';! G AST Ai. To prove ir, I Ihall confider in a tew Words each of thofe two Diftempers. In thoft iWo Difcafesj when they. Limbs feveral ways,. Which is confirmed by, opening the Bodies of thofe, who die of an Epilepfy ; for one will conftantly find fome varicous Veins, or aneu- riJmal Tumors, known by the Name of Glands, that are formed near the Cavities of the pia mater in the BUxiu ChoroiJes, or at the BaGs of the Skull.

However, I faw about Seven or Eight Years ago in the Hofpital of this City two perfed Cata- lepticks, whofc Members were as eafily moved, as thpfe of any Man that is afleep. One of thofe two Catalqp- ticks was about Fifteen or Sixteen Years of Age, of a melancholy Temper, and naturally ftupid.

At firft he had been lick of a inalignant Fever, attended with Drowfi- nefs, and then with a total Privation of Senfe ; the Pulfe, die Refpiration, and the Deglutition remaining entire. I took him to be an Apopledlick ; but when I came to lift up his Limbs, I foand he was a true Cataleptick. He remamed xf Hours in that Condidon, and died ; but when his Body was opened, I could not be prefent at ic.

H 3 Tba Dg. He was a little more Qupid than beforei aDodied four Years after of a Peripncumony. And therefore the Members of a Caialeptick may eafJy be moved by determining the Spirits without the Will of the fick Perfon ,- and the Limbs will remain in t e fjme State, lill it be changed by tnesternalCaufe; for fuch a Change cannot be prwiuced by a Pain like that which we feel when our Members. Some maintained, that tbey were in Cmvulfion i odicrs found tbem pliant; and fomekqit a Medium.

I went Home very much dilpleafed with myOblervation as to tbeHypothc- fis I had ibcmed before. The fick Perfon remained 24 noun in that Condition ; and then began to feel and Qwak fome Words. In rhe mean time tbey continued to ftir his Anns with Violence, lb far as to make hunweay; and therefbte one cannot befure whether he remembred what pailod during bis Symptom.

He haA ncicher Scnfe nor Motion ; however, tis Eyes were open- ed,, apd he looked upon thofc that were prefent : -Being violently pinched, he mvie no Anfwer : His Pulfe was nuurJJ, and he had a 'free Refpiratioa. The lower Jaw was in fuch a violent Convulfion, that it was hardly poffible to find a Moment, to make him fwallow fome Broth, infomuch that.

Article XXH. Rotccodami, apud Bcrnardiim Bos. Sold by F. VaiUant m the Strand. Roteidam, ; t. In the Epi- file to the Hebrews, dqe Law of Jefus Chrift is compared with that of Mofii - and it appears from that Compari- forii that the former is much more excdleot than the latter.

Tbofi: Confiderattons moved the Audnr to pub- lifli this Commentary. Tbs' Readers vfH. Oroaia, with whom ' he had a Conierence. He obftrvcs, that this Part of the Difpute with the Jttm, ought to be managed widi peat Prudence ; for he acknowledges a double Senfe in moft Prophecies that concern the Meffiat, -viz.. After- wards be hews, that the Literal Senfe does not fully an- fwer thofe Prophecies ; and that a more fublimc and more excellent Senfe lies concealed under it, as it were under a Type, tnd was entirely fiilfilled in Jefus Chrifl, according to all the Force and Energy of the Words.

Which gives him Occafion to make, in his Prcfece, leveral judicious Reflexions againfl Aliwories. Ar- b,Goog[c A tT. I when die, Cold was o fevere andfo extraordi- nary, lo order to account for it. In the fiiTie Year, Cauterov, one of their. During the Froft. Article XXIV. Their old Stomach raniOtes away, and' likewife dwic Inteftin ; -at leaft M. They D What is voy remarkable, is, that the old Scomacq is digested by di?

Faithfitll, trmt- ffatea into Englifli jS-ow the SwediOi. Jn 8vO. She took -,. Ev6- ty body is in the dark, whilfl Oie fees An Stat. She often pravs for the King. She has ao SuaigtUqlieT ". AitfbiiT luring fiteira ia gcBcnl. Jeftiic Oiould be iaid, itat. I cannot make you foifible of it by entring into Particulars ; for.

Can I com- pare them together? Rendes, we know that an Evil does frequenrfy pro- duce a goodThingi which would not have happened, had h not been ibr that Evil. Daticers,' jbyGuogk' n? Thoie Bpoks. It mil be. The Ancients lud. Part or. What will then bpcom? Hi gim of. There is always a prevailiDg Reafon that inclines' me Will, without neceffitating it. God docs not fxU to chufe what is beft, but he is not forced to it ; and there is no KeceiBty in die Objed of his Choice, for aoother Series d Thinp it equally poUible. Ihilance can' Degt- vaipf fuch. W0Hld be a very, difficult thing to. It Dg.

Water, wbeo ftozeo, u in Its properState. SfKoe Bodies. It ouriit to be obferved. The Roifoa of it is. Ce n ter. Se- " cond under the Form of Spirits. CEafe to run kx diem. To give an Inftance of M. COme ObfervaticAs upon the Nature. M, Tibrt and M. Tliofe two Works conuin many noble Thoughts expreflcd ia a very beautiful Style. VoLia K Ar-. Rewards and Punilhmems, both in this World and after this Life, entirety depend upon it.

ValU anfwers him. You mar rdy upon toy WoH fer ft. That Qgd knows what you will do. Two contradiftory Propofitipns are frequently poffible. DQt dcfly it.. D 5 mod b, Google. However, let us go on with our FiiHon. Antony, How! I repeat it ;again j You will do aU that I have faid. He would be aolwered, Se fine fata Iksim feili Jperare precanJa. He cannot give the Lie to God's Prefcience. But what will SixtM lay? Hares feirful, AQes filly, atid Lions courageous.

It feems tome that. Why then does he piinifll trie? I perceive your Cunning : You have catched me ; You don't deal iajriy, with me. What would you have medo? That dlvulie Food is not to be found among Men. Let m hear St. Why he orders it lb ; why he hardens fome, and fhcws Mercy to others. Aod becaufe he is alfo ijiGnicclyJuft. Men arc fome- times hardened after they have been regenerated ; and thereftwe we muft look for another Caufe of Evil. Let ui therefore ti;iaft toGod's. Qiri't I te a good King? If you go co Binie, you are undone.

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Great Maftcr of the Gods! You have convinced that Man that he is irt the wroiig. Go to my Daughter Pallas, : You will learn of ber what 1 was to do. She touched the Face of thteiitrus with vi plive-Branch, which flic held in her Hand. In like maiinci-: you may imagine a regu- lar Serjes of Worlds, each, of which will contain the pje in Queftion, and vary its Cirqlipiftances and Conft- quences..

But if you fuppofe a Cafe,, which only diflcrs from thcaftualWorld in one rhing. I will iheW you Ctnie. Hegpca toaCitylikr Cerinth, ficuated between two Seas, where he buys a fmall Garden. What was the meaning of it? Pitt your Finger upon 'im Line, pud FalUi, aod you will fee. Wife of Us Friend. But this ]3 notbini, if. By John Bat- TE. A Tofthumous fFark. He diiboud! B- XXXl. It will conliil of ten or twelve Sheets. The Illd. The IVth. DoAor, dun hundred Yean before the coming of Chrift.

All tfaofe Books run iqxin Mora- lity and Politicks. Volume I. Vbhme II. The whole aaorne4 with a great many Copper-Cuts neatly engravedl reprefenting the Antiquities and other remarkable Things of that Country. Pagg; S :thft! There is no Couniry that has more Mouri- tlins and fewer Rivers. Wbep be came to tie Oowa. When that great Prince died. They cannot apfM-ehecd that the Europeans fliould fwear in a fit of Anger.

Concubines before theyniarryjifdiey appear tobeof an ; atnotOus Temper. Tliofe that are generally beUeved io die Pficdtwvnwt HeUgion. Tne MeintDg oF which U. Tr ic Softflsfi, of;. Tie I? Howwer, 1 wouldnot b? I bnly r mean, oat tbey are not mdefted for not going to the " Mcdques, for difienting from their Pricfts in feme " Points, or for embracing the Opinirais of fome Sci2s. AapHC " Nobilu? C Winpy. Girli ue of Ago bv the Law at NioeYean. Bmtidtlat and M. MfrtM tb. That Poet would have an Opera to confift only of Ec- logues. Raone, apris CortidUb au Theatre admiti,. Fat M. Thfjkk of the Faculty of Mpntpcliier.

Montpellier, AOd Dr. Thejr did it upon occafion of Dr. This Doc- trine is not approved tn Phyflclc. Afirt goes On thuf.

Egyptian Book OF The Dead Translated KEMET VS CHRISTIANITY

Tis certain, that the Oefiphoffu. Such a Diviiion coijld never reach tbe Elcosents isr Principles of whicli r iS cgrtjpofed i and therefore the Chyle, formed, by that means, weald only be a Co! Sdi tiid;iSii]pl ut-i muft be inwated one from luwtbvr, to iona afiot- wards ti quite 'difiereot CoUpound: by s nnr OmbU- tiation. Aa fiw. It ibay reafonaMy'beftippbfed. How then can an? CholerS and the Pancrcacictt Juice. CoQtradion of the Guts, and tooviog iBwly in thptr Ca.

London :. Origin of the Moriaftitk Life. Jif map Empire in her Policy and Goverotnent.. At theendjif this Volifmei Mt. Tbe following Book is lardy coaw to my Hands. Amlklodanii, apud Joan. IVrittm bj em of his Friendt, iK. A Cifcr? That Jeamcd Man has writ many Booiti. Six LettctB of M. L bC and ieveral Ecdefiaftical Traditions. Farit, 1 DuhonrStu boldly de- f nifs lie Martyrdom of the TiMan.

BKhs, Boan. The Koyal PaiMx a Ifftdxm iatboat a. The Audior nacntioR a Molque. Nuta andRaiiins, and defired him toeatdicm. The Ferftani call hxtaMaf' ttr ef Titats, becauie he is not dead, and has not been Overcome by Time, as other Men arc. Two Horfes ready feddled are daily lopc in one of the Kill's Stables, and in other Places, for.

One of them is to be feen oa a' Bridge at Ifpaban. IIL " N. The other, engraved on the FrontUpiece of a Mofque built in a folicary Place, is cxprcfled in tbefc Words. They tell many pleatant Stories of liitn ; and this among others. The King being informed of the difmal EftSls of Poppy-drink, prohibited the Sale of it in publick Places, upon feverc Penalties, TTiat Liquor, wmch is only the Juice of boiled Poppy, makes every body merry and good humoured ; but when the Ope- ration is over, a Man finds himiclf more melancholy than before ; aiid in procefs of time grows dul!

But me King had declared his Mind : It was a dangerous thing to repi;efent to him the iad Confequences of his Proclamation, and no body durft fpeak to him about ir. Kel Anayet undertook to do it ; and faid that die iirft time the King hould go out, he would plainly tell hira. He took two or three of his Men wich him, and ordered foot or five othcis to come. Whqn the King cfliae near the Gate, he ipokc kiuder ftiil, and faid Jiay, fiay, fy Gafi Name, you pail have Cloth tnough at ung at I have any kft. Tba Jefter flicws himfelf with an EB in hi? Hovi I faid tlie King, is it a fnore profitable thing than to torn my Service?

And thep naming many confidcrablc Perfons, who fuffered moft by. As they went by, there fell 3 prodigious Quan- tity ; They were very large, red, and fo heavy, that they could not rife. The Country People, Who take them up. Whereupon they make a Com- parifon between tahiesuid wild AnimalG. They fay. After- Vfvis IjOd cocnmtiuled a Soul to get into bis Body, and ta animate it, which he refiifcd to do ir. TomatTyi becaufe fay they the Perfedion of Men confifting in Maniage, 'tis ncccf- fary he fliould return into this World to take a Wife: a.

Some Years after iibfis contrived the Mat- ter fo, that the King being a Hunting went that way of his own Motion. That Prince perceiving at a great Di- ftance a noble Building raifed in a Ddcrt, went to it, and ask'd who had built it. No body in his Retinue knew any thing of it. TheKing fell a Laughing, and iaid, it was a very abfuid Notion for a Man who pretended to be a Prophet.

The King was convinced by this Argument, and worihipped God, as Mofes taught him. No body is ot! The Author lays he never law the King in a Mofque. He adds. That "they pray " at home; and that thofe Prayers are accounted as good ' " as if they were performed in Mofqucs. They live in feveral Pans of Perfia and of the Indies. They are not fo well fliaped, nor fo white as the Mahomttan Perpant. They are not very fond of converting with.

The Guehns have but few Priefts, who are very igno- rant of t'lieir own Religion. Sir John Charikn mentions a large Book, which hehasfeen, containing an Account of their Dodrine ; but he could not get it explain'd to him. They believe, or pretend to believe, that there is aSu-r prcmc Being above al! It is generally believed that the Guehres worUiip Fire. They generally pray before the Fire. One of their moft conftant Traditions is.

That their Religion wilfc prevail again i and that the Empire will be reilored to them. Tney entertain themfelves and their CMdren with thofe Hopes. The Author informs us. WHEN Dr. Whereupon he alledged two Oiy- mical Experiments, i. Thofe Glands or Secretory Vetiys. The Time did not allow him to explain many Tilings jdattng to Secretion ; for Inftance, of what Ufc are the Nerves and lymphatick Veflels cf the Gland? He will enlarge upon thofe Things in a particular Dif- ourfe.

Patavii Ly- mu ij The 6ift Edition of thole Letters came out at Pant in the Year itfyi. Am- Aelodanii, Anno Aerae Chr. M d c c x i, Armenorum M ci, x. The ArmenUm and " M. LalUyi In the Year i6io. He informs us. To prove it. This is the Subjea of the firft Qiapter of hia Dillertation. In the Second, M. Scbrnier meodoat in this Chapter all the Armenian Books,, thu have been printed in feveral Parts of Eunpe. The Readers will not be difpteafed to find here ibme of ttejfe Words.

The Armemm. Bible was publifhed snAmperdept in Sthri'Jrr gives.. Stbfihin' iPO ld have. Jbevi niote particular. Tbey believe that Chrift did really defcend into Heti, and preached hij Gofpcl there i- which was a conlmon Opinion aitaohg the andentChriw ftians. He has left off psfonnine Divine Service.

He lifes. Sometiines he remains- in the Situation wherein he bmpens to be : Ac other times he riles and walks. The Fit never came upon btm twice in a Day, but. When belaUs into that kind of Extafy. J WhilH tBofeSyaipton? When Mr. Epilepfy proceeds'. From thonce. In the Gulph of yemci-ihe Current follows the Chanel of the Gulph. A- V iy, ;s,. Befides, he has eitlwr quotod-orfetdowp ac. Pttrk, ijti. Be idblves tfais. Stones, Silk and WocA. Befides, be tcacbis tovr tp foakeSouu.

Having a mind to cultivate Come Floweri. Anr one may eafily xtaikt ttait Expori inent. Thu Cora muft audi-fwcH and rai. OQ w iidi. Tbofe InfeifbiiKyergo about this Work tnitwfaen th? When tbey can get no Wheat,, thpyttkc'Rye. Though Ants are very knowing. What appeared to me wondeim.

The Window, upon which thofe Ants bad made tlieir Settlement, looked into a Garden , and was ivfo Stories high. Some of them were ftrangely perplexed, and could not get to their Journey's Old. InfuchaCaie, the fbtingdf Ants, or thofe that are not fo weary. Some are To unfortunate as to M down with their Load, when they are almoft come Home: When this happens, they feldom lofetbeii' Corn, and carry it up agaia.

Sbe was ready to climb up again. TbeirNoftsareataUtiniescoveiedwiththofe Tiies, with-, out lay lacumbrancei and chcy lay out 'their Corn and dieir dry Earth in' the Sun about the Tilet, as one may fee eveiy Day. M-dfla Loifiere. I need not iniert here what that Author by's about tholib Infefls : Yqu may fce his Relation. Irefoived then to deftroy it entirely, and to kttie thofc Ants in my Box. In the Morning. Hole but their own. TTiey keep up a fort of Trade atnong rhemfelves ; and 'tis not true that thofe Infects arc not for lending. T'is faid, that fome Birds eat them j but I never faw any Inftance of it.

Three or four Anrs fell upon one, and pulleuher feveral ways, till ihe was torn in Pieces. WaschereeveragreaterUnioninany Commonwealth?

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Every diingiscommonamongthem; which is not to bo feen any where elle- Bees, ofwhich we are told lb many wonderful Tilings, have each of them a Hole in their Hives i their Honey is their own ; every Bee minds her own. Article XLIV. XIV, Kaicnd. Laufanna; Hdvc- tionun. Tbe Author fliews with great Perfpicuity, that Men of all Pro: fedions ought to.

Century, that is, againft fanfenifm. Fampe- htna, He will treat, in the uft jdace, of hole Decifionc that were made Iw aPuel; and then of the Trials by Water, and a ted-hot fron, aB4 of Jbme other Ways of clearing one's felf. That PafTagc is cx- prcffed in thefc. However, he owns, that thole who were to gght a Dud, uied to beg of Si. Siipii- dem Jblebani qui ad ilHus tumulum in oratione pemodancnt in - pugoa vidores endcre.

In the Year 12; j. Thofc Decrees, lays the Author, plainly fliew bow much the f Frtncb Clemy abboned that barbarous Cu- ftom, which they coulanot fupprcfs. If lientiti B'ektt vifited St. Duels were at that time appointed by tbe Judgps. Our Author proceeds to mention feveral Men emr- nent for their. PixiSdce ; and it appeals hf the 'Recherchss of Pajquier, that it was forbidden by fe- veral Courts of Juftice.

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Boot written by Father leBiun,. Jaques au Soleil d'or, pro- chc la Fontaine S. Scvcrin, Mdccxi. Taken from the J? Paris Tliis Volume for the Year Tliat Lady was happily delivered of a fourth Child. Gamhlfhe perceiving that flie had a Fever, frequenC vomiting Fita. That Worm was in motion for foroe time. Though it. A more particular Defcciption of chat Wonn may be feen in the Book. Wheretq onM. Ill Q, obierveB. Does it get into the Body with the Food, or Wifethe Air?

Gandalphe ii of Opioion, riiat 'tis bet-! It appears from a. Some -Prclinitnaiy Trcatifa will beprefixcd to it. Where does the Branch of a Fig-tree take the Roots, which did only belong to the wht3e Tree? The Difoourfe of M. Gwffrefs Experiments upoa Metnlsj ;nade witb. It foUowt from my Experiments Qys M. That it is the fiunc in the Four imperfed Metals, and eren in Mercury. Vratiflavix, fumptibos CliriiUani Biftichii. THk Lives, contained in this Volume were grown ,. Opufiula yaria de Latmitate Jufifiosfultsrum Vitervm.

LugJuni Batavorum, lyii. ITiai CoUeAion contains, i. De "wrbis jion fatU prebatis Latmtatis, aut non ix re- cepta pgnificatlom, ijel contra Grammaticorum regulas i Jurifienfaltk Mfurpatis. De Sspetiti, Hfdem Ttrbh in Digefia. De EtymcUsiis Juris Civilis. They were printed at' Paris in. Publifhed at Paris in the lame Ycir. They were written by one and the laine Autltor. Tbe difierent Chandlers that have been, and are adually ulcd in Printing, arc placed in a proper Or- der with their Hiilory.

He Ihews, how firveral Popes, EmpercKirs and tiirm, have encouraged Printing, and what Chaises they have been at upon that account. Article L. London : 'Printed by Geo. The Holy Scri- pcure. The late Mr. If the Obfervations of the Rabbins were generally as judicious as this, their Works would be more valuable tlua diey are. That is,. Every body. In the next place, the Author fhews the -Vanity pf. That Paflage deferves to be inferred here.

Pmzonmi maintains, diat all Men living were then gathered in the Land of ShsKdr, jmd formed but one Nation, He confutes thole, who affirm the Contrary ; and makes fome other Obfcrvatioia. I hall obfinve that M. Interpreters don't agree about the Smfe of this Faf-i lage: And they faid. Some lay, the Inhabitants of the Land of Stmar grew fo im- piousj as to rife up agdnfi: Codi and luidenook to build ft Tower of a prodigious height Co attack him in Hearen.

Others will hare it. The ye-wifb ParaphraAs have an odd! He bdieves that Tower waa built for a prefent Ufe, and that therefore the Hebrew word Sim ought not to bcrendred Nomen, a Name, but. Sigmim, Monumentnta, hidcnm, a Sigfi, a Monument, s ilf. Tis true the word Sem is never to be found in that Senfe ; but the Author makes leveral Grammatical Obfervations to flicw chat it had like- wife that Signification, and confequencly may be fo un- derftood in the PaHage abovementioned. Tuofe Obfer- vatioos are worth Reading: I Ihall only take notice of one.

He oblcrves d at Tifiatus explains the whole PalBge in the iame Manner. R IciiiM;. Perixaniuf adds , That the Confufion of their Language was not a PuniOiment, but a Means which God made vfe of to force them to divide thcmfelves into [bvcral Bodies, and to iiihabit Several Parts of the Earth.

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LettREs dc M. The letters of M. Jayi the jihbot " Mongin. Tliat Authofj though a Prencbman, ufed to fay. Lrttir II. Lyons, iiS;;. But 'tis for otherwife. What are the Works, ay he. The lat- ter, in his divine ptcamtrme, as it is called, entertains the Reader with mere Trifles and old Women's Tales, deftimte of all Learning, and rather calculated for the ignorant Vulmr, and unchall Women, than for learned and virtuous Perfons, Laftly.

He copimunicated his f DeTign to me j and I approved it. What is true and editing, and " what I look upon as the true Mjnjcle.

Six 'f pr feven thoufand People have been fecn in one Day f at that CroDt. CLL dated. No twdy diirft write oreDquirc after News. Article UII. Tables, containing an Account of the Originj and the prefent State of each particular Circle. SiiagrofhM Jtcem Crrtulomm S. Saiubomethon, which contained an Account of the antienc Theology of the tbemiiant. He oUerves, that moft Mifliottft- ries that are fent into the Levant, do more harm than Kxxl to Religion.

There is a Manuiaipt Copy of it in the Library of tbe Kiog of tnoiee. He reckons among the Hereticksi thofe. According to thwiancient Bifliop,. He mentions fdme Chtiftians. Piurum, Lugdmi The Apology of that learned Jefuit is far from being filtisfiiia:oiy : At this rate, one might juftify the moft ig- norant and the moft ftupid Writers.

Thofe Truths mile in us a greater f Eufib. X, in fine. Though I have a due Efteem for the Wrirings ot. As the Number of Herefies has been frcquattly mid- tiplted without any ReaTooj 'tis aMb very probable chat many ancient Hereticks were not fo vicious as they have been represented. Many People are ape to fency. When Michael SeTvetui was upon his Trial, the Judges were of Opinion that fo great a Hcretick had been a great Sin- ner ; and therefore they asked him, ifhether he had never comtmtted Pormcation? He anfwered. That he had never been guilty of that Sin.

There is in M. That Book is wnc- tca by way of Catechifm. IntheneXtChapter, M. He gcnorally put into the Hands of his Woric- men liie Copies he had. He printed in that manne; the firft CrwiEdirionof Pi! The firft EditioD of St. Chryfofiotneh Commentaries upon St. Cave to proves that the firll Editions of the Fathers are more faithfiiE than others, is this, vix. Simna denies, that the new Editions of the Fathers have been designedly corrupted or fupprefled by the RowAuCathoiicks on. Venetus apwct' Juntas Tis to be obferved'that this Edition is tlie" Same with that of cheYeaE Any one would be apt to infer from that Title, that.

Caw, M. He afllires us, tint the Text of St. Cbrj- fifiam. I ihall occafionally make an Oblervadon rdating to tfair Siibjed. That ibe Tidewas not " a fuffident Reafim to make me think fo : 1. That if the " EditiM's hid corrupted the Text of St. D 5 mod b, Google Art. Moft religious Communities pretend [to have a Right to reform their Writers : Nay, the Ihminieant made a Sta- tute about it. The Edition of St. Thofe who procurca that Edition, undertook only to render St. AmSrofe more in- telligible, cfpecially" in his Quotations out of die Holy Scrroture.

S ber Dg. Til well known, that tbofe of ChuiceUor Segmer, and M. Upon thele Words in St. Ibe Notes contained in this Work are good, when tbe Com- piler quotes good Authors ,- but when he gives hu own Scnfc, he ipeaks Ibmetimes very impeKiocntly.

Aliyah Burke

Itat MS. Next to tbefe Words in St. Matthewi Gofpelj Ch. Dr Jnterpntatiim Ebr. The Prefeces to each Gofpel, publiflicd under the Name of St. The Greek MS. The Charaders. Words, which perfetSly apec withtlje Latin of tfie Vul-. Alanufcript are above a Thoufand Years old. BuE fo ' great an Antiquity ought not to be affribed to all the. All tM MSS.

talios kemet uncovered book 1 Manual

The lame may be bid of aU oAer Writings. Cyril and St. Moravia Was formerly a large Kingdom, whicli is now reduced to a Province of that Name depending upon Bo- hemia. There was on hfs Breafl: a Had of a black Bull, wnich he held up with hjs right Hand j and he had an Ax in the left. A irately Bed lay by him. He held a. The Hiir of that Dein?

Per Gerhardum Btafum, Mfd D9ff. Fags- i Par M. Moreau de Mautour. Mereau de Mautour was to. Thai DiflertaT'. The Momtmeats latdy found in the Cathedral Church of Pmr. Tboagk his Explication appeared very Ingenious, it was not ge- Tierally approved ,'-andfome -few Days after, M. Which gives the Author occafion to tnake Two Enquiries, i. Can a woman who lives her life based on logic and tangible things believe and trust in the love of a man claiming to be a magical being, a selkie? From the moment his gaze landed on her dark beauty, Rowan Kilgour knew she was his life-mate.

A woman in hiding and a hunter, what happens when they encounter one another? A lone hunter of things foul and evil, Dak is unwittingly drawn in by a quiet woman Rule abiding Naval doctor Alexis Rogets, was fazed by one thing only. The blond commander that she had met two years previous. He owned her dreams. If only all dreams could become reality. But, rules were rules. When a man who usually gets things his way meets a woman who only accepts her own way, what will happen Nicola Holland has fought hard to get where she is.

She does not take no for an answer and refuses to back down from any challenge. So how, with one glimpse of the voluptuous sepia beauty sitting alone, all that sanity and control disappeared like waves receding from the beach? A free read exclusive for our yahoo groups. When life gives you a second chance, how do you decide what to do? Dominique Rule knows what the pain of loss can do to your soul. Not willing to take the chance again, she lives by the code of no dating. And if you are stupid enough to get invol Thirty-five year old Aspen Townsend was home for the holidays.

She had a great job and wonderful friends. This holiday season, thanks to the disobedience of a four-year old, Aspen was also reunited with a tanned man who bore silver eyes from her past Flaxen blond hair and blue eyes that…seemed able to penetrate through to her soul. Can a mortal man, without magic or coercion, bring a goddess to her knees just with the power of his love?

Damian Keith teaches Ancient Egyptian history but his love lies in the magic of mythology. An amateur collector of artefacts, he spends muc A mercenary, the lover who betrayed her, and a second chance, can they make it work? Standing six-three with a strong body, golden-brown eyes, dark brown hair with both blondish and red highlights, half Native American, half Caucasian Mace Dylan An uncontrollable wildfire rages reuniting two old lovers, will they survive or will the blazing inferno snuff out their happy ending?

Teague 'TJ' Johnson loves being a smokejumper. Roaring down a fast line into the middle of a fire didn't faze h Aren Van der Ness has been away from Savoy Valley for a few years and returned at the request of a friend. A man used to being When death comes calling and you live, you can withstand anything life throws in your path. Even the most tempting man imaginable, who will change the very foundation of all you believe. Despite being told she imagined it, Kira Winters knows what A head-strong woman and a powerful man.

Who will surrender first? Will surrender bring a brief delicious surprise or a temptation that lasts for a lifetime? Robert Chadwick Jr. Usually he takes what he Review Depot. She loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at aliyah aliyah-burke. Her days are spent sharing her time between work, writing, and dog training.

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