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And the Roman Church fattens on the nations she governs. And that the Roman Catholic Church is on the road to world-wide supremacy is a fact that none can at present gainsay. She not only exercises religious dominion over the multitudes, but is also able to manage and guide the Beast. All vassal kings and human rulers, especially within the revived Roman Empire, are under her sway.

Civil and political power are subservient to her rule and supremacy. And such thorough and complete subjugation over the vast imperial and apostate power headed up in the Beast is already in the making. Two distinct ideas are represented by the woman and the Beast. We can express the opposites thus—. Thus corruption and violence, which brought about the Flood Genesis , are to reach their climax in the woman and the Beast. Seated on the back of the Beast, is a prophecy that the apostate church will be carried and supported by the nations, and will rule and reign with temporal power.

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Already Rome is working for that hour, when once more seated on the back of human government, she will seek to rule the earth. First of all, the seven heads represent seven mountains or hills. Rome is fast becoming the seat and center of universal authority and influence, as is evidenced by the visit of the pope to the UNO, and by the fraternal meetings between the pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury which envisages a united church with the pope as its head.

In the next place, the seven mountains are the seven kings or successive forms of political government.


The sixth, who reigned as John wrote the Revelation, was blasphemous Domitian, who also was assassinated. The Beast will be the eighth, out of the seventh. While the Beast is distinctive in character and work, yet he continues the form of autocratic rule of the seventh head. And it is the woman who dominates this last sovereign expression of every anti-Christian movement and sect then in evidence, consolidated and controlled by Satan.

The following contrasts might prove helpful:. It is also a term unfolding the licentious character of the apostate church in her last days. Such a word implies a spiritual fact hitherto hidden and incapable of discovery by mere reason, but now revealed. The union between Christ and His church is a mystery. Likewise the union between the apostate church and the world will be the mystery of iniquity.

This appellation of the woman suggests a widespread system of spiritual evil, which represents the culmination of all evils operating against the true church while it was on the earth. What we have before us in this seventeenth chapter is mystic Babylon. The next chapter presents us with commercial Babylon.

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And that there is nothing forced or unusual in such a transfer of names is evident from Revelation where Sodom and Egypt are given as equivalents for Jerusalem. The offspring of this mother of harlots will be numerous. Apostate Christendom will be the parent of all kinds of religions, idolatries and arts used by Satan to turn men from God.

Under the figure of the mother of harlots we have religion at its worst and the source of all that is morally loathesome.

Fornication is illicit intercourse, and spiritual fornication is tantamount to idolatry. In the description John gives us of the luxurious attire of the harlot, Dr. Robertson says that the Apostle applies the finery of the temple prostitutes in Asia Minor. As the distinctive color of the woman is scarlet, it is not hard to identify the Roman Catholic Church whose official and distinguishing color is scarlet. Scarlet is everywhere in this scarlet-colored church—scarlet bands, scarlet cardinal hats, scarlet robes for pontiff and priests.

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