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Naturally I was sceptical, but my curiosity was sufficiently aroused to explore further. I have always had an interest in electronics and audio. I was and still am a licensed amateur radio operator with a good ear for sound, so I went home that night, rewired some audio equipment, and started to play some of the suspect records backwards fully expecting to hear nothing but gibberish. Much to my surprise, from the very first record I listened to I began to hear clear, grammatically correct sentences, mixed amongst the backward gibberish.

My first thought was the sound track must have been altered but subsequent tests revealed no manipulation. Suspecting an over active imagination I asked friends if they could also hear the backward messages. Most of them could with no prior prompting on my part. This was indeed most curious. The messages they contained were not necessarily evil, as the fundamentalists had claimed, but rather covered a wide range of subjects such as love, politics and other general topics. Shortly afterwards, my little hobby took a dramatic turn when I accidentally stumbled across the phenomenon in normal human speech.

Another early example found occurs as a live commentator is describing the scene in Dallas Texas when President John F.

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Kennedy was shot. Suddenly my little hobby had turned into an obsession. I began taping as many people as often as I could and I found backward messages to be prolific, many of them as clear as the forward dialogue, occurring in grammatically correct sentences that often related to what was being said forward. I searched libraries and bookshops trying to find any other work on the subject and could find none. It then became obvious to me that this was a field that was totally new.

Then in , I was encouraged by my good friend, Greg Albrecht, to write a book about the topic.

Reverse Speech Voices of Unconscious Examples Cassette Included by David John VG

We found that if a lie was spoken in forward speech, the backwards speech would often correct that lie and speak the truth instead. Additionally, we found that if pertinent facts were left out of the forward speech, the backward speech would often put them in. We also noted that the backward messages occurred approximately once every seconds of normal relaxed conversation and less often in a public speech, maybe once every seconds. Greg and I became convinced that we had discovered something extremely significant.

We needed to call it something and explain it in simple terms. In short this theory states that the process of spoken communication is two fold, forwards and backwards. As the human brain is constructing the sounds of speech, it is putting those sounds together in such a way that two messages are communicated simultaneously, one forwards from the conscious mind and the other in reverse from the unconscious mind. The theory also stated that Reverse Speech was a communication process.

The backward messages can be received and understood by the human mind. We know this because many instances of reversed conversation have been found in Reverse Speech, where questions are asked and answers subsequently given, all in reverse. Also, EEG testing that was undertaken in showed the brain clearly responding to backward messages.

I later theorised that the existence of Reverse Speech may explain many aspects of human intuition, why we can often get a gut feeling when talking to someone that they can or cannot be trusted, or that there is more to the conversation than they are telling us. Unconsciously, we are receiving the reversed messages and recognising the feelings they create in us as human intuition. Greg subsequently went onto other affairs and I continued the research alone. If the song has a cowboy in it, will that count? Is it important what country the song is talking about?

Is Ohio western enough? How about Hotel California? I'm from Philly, anything west of the Susquehanna River counts as Western to us, and Lancaster County is plenty country. They use horses and buggies out there. I found a Fleetwood Mac song sung by the Dixie Chicks Motown's Country-Western!?!?! Well let me just dig out my sequined Diana Ross halter gown, and pull on a pair of elbow length white gloves and I am sooo there.

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Must be a stray Bunion or two around who can do the backup. I know I know I know I know!!! They're country, right? I mean, their from this country The Eagles were country-rock, which meant that at times, for me, they edged dangerously close to madness. But then, "Hotel California"? I like the idea of the Dixie Chicks, but can't listen to them.

I bought one of their CDs one day though, because some guy in the store was railing about how they were terrorists or traitors or something, so I bought the disc right in front of him. That was pretty fun. I gave it to someone. Sometimes a country song will sneak by me and I'll like it in spite of myself. An old song called "Too Many Crooks" by Unicorn is fairly country, slide guitar, bit of a twang to it, but I love it.

Those just popped into my head just now. They aren't automatically forbidden though, just evidence of a need to be wary. Neil Young sings a great song about a hound, and it's pretty twangy, but I like it anyway. No no no. Motown is the Anti-Country!

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  • Motown is so cool even thinking about it gives you brain freeze. CSNY is kinda in that country-rock category. The songs are so brilliant that I forgive the country. Neil Young is a god who walks among us.

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    • Stephen Stills is pretty damn cool too. There was an X-Files in which Luke Wilson was a vampire sheriff with a twangy accent. The idea was to challenge fans to see if they could find hidden verbal messages. It worked. All over the world people were buying Beatles albums and recordings of other performers and manually rotating their turntables backwards to see if they could hear the messages. Messages intentionally recorded in reverse came to be known as "backward masking" and when the recording was played in reverse they were as intelligible and clear as any forward recording was.

      When the record was played in regular forward mode the backward masking was usually "buried" among the guitar riffs so as to be "masked," and not meant to be heard well. These messages varied among performers from straightforward communications to cryptic and mysterious messages which may have had no factual meaning. The search for backward masked messages led to the surprise findings of other intelligible sounds, and many references to Satan.

      Such findings led to the thorough examination of hundreds of rock music recordings in reverse, and the findings of many references to Satan and hell. Parents became concerned that their children were being unwittingly subjected to satanic programming, ministers railed against the decadence of rock and roll music, and legislation was even introduced in California to require record publishers to warn listeners of any records which intentionally had backward sounds recorded.

      Reverse Speech | Voices from the Unconscious

      Working at the time as a youth counselor, those in his charge had come to him with the shocking news. He also had the initiative to see if the phenomena was limited to music, or if such messages were also present in other forms of communication. David became very involved in the study of speech reversals and eventually labeled this form of communication "Reverse Speech," a very descriptive moniker.

      His study became very thorough. He documented a variety of forms and structures of reversals and categorized them, and connected the voices of the reversals with the understanding of the subconscious and collective unconscious as put forward by Carl Jung. The study became quite deep and detailed, and gradually evolved to a general theory of verbal human communication. The theory, developed over a decade of research, contributes immensely to our understanding of the communication process, and brings to humanity a new and bright horizon in communication to see and explore.

      It states that 1 Human speech has two distinctive and complementary functions and modes, and 2 these two modes of speech are dependent upon each other. The Overt, or Conscious, Mode is spoken forwards and is constructed by conscious cognitive processes.

      The Voice Of Spirit - Subconscious & The Spiritual - Reverse Speech David Oates 2018

      The Covert, or Unconscious, Mode, spoken simultaneously with the Overt Mode, is a reversal of forward speech sounds constructed by subconscious processes. But How Does It Happen? How does Reverse Speech happen?


      How does the human mind construct cognitive, meaningful communication in reverse while speech goes on forward? Oates' research has shown that speech reversals occur with greater frequency when the speaker is more emotionally charged. Formal speeches have very few reversals, perhaps one every two to three minutes. As a person speaks in a more informal and relaxed environment the reversals increase in number.