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But that boy needed some new clothes like nobody's business and when you have to pay for your own clothes, you jump at a chance that your mom and dad will buy you some stuff. Maybe it's because I'm an Eyre that I think that Eyres are surprise junkies , but I'm pretty sure surprises are part of the rite-of-passage. He was a little confused since he had asked for his fav. I'm sure he wondered why all the girls were beaming and trying to hide their excitement. We all loaded in the car and took him to a Mexican restaurant not the one he picked.

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When we got there and it was filled with a bunch of our favorite family friends he knew something was up. It wasn't an Eyre-style surprise because we didn't have any special way to tell him what we were doing once we were there we had another surprise up our sleeves for that , but we finally let him know we were going the the Imagine Dragons concert. His slow smile got pretty big. I wish pictures could do justice to show how many kids were there playing volleyball, basketball, tennis, swimming, eating, etc.

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Pin It. Labels: birthday , max. June 22, at PM. Sophie June 22, at PM. Eyrealm June 22, at PM. Gwyneth Webster June 23, at AM. Anne Camille June 23, at AM. Sarah Spitz June 23, at PM. What a way to spoil a birthday, he thought. He stood beside Mrs. Turner's desk as she pulled out an envelope from the center drawer. Turner," said Max. He smiled with relief.

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He wasn't in trouble after all. Turner smiled. The card was nice. Max was not expecting to get money too. Later, Mr. Huffington shows him something. Max Remembers : Max cannot remember why he has tied a string to his finger. Ruby looks around the house for chores and ends up doing them for Max and it turns out Max's string was for a yo-yo. Ruby's Candy Store : Ruby helps Candi at the candy store, but unfortunately she ends up eating too much candy.

Max's Checkup : Louise and Ruby play doctor. Max is chosen as the patient, but he wants to play with his markers. Max's Prize : Ruby and Louise look for special things for Ruby's charm bracelet. Max finishes a box of cereal to get a prize, just the thing Ruby needs to complete her charm bracelet. Ruby's Figure Eight : Ruby and Louise go ice-skating and try to make figure-eights while Max wants to play hockey with Roger and the other boy bunnies. Ruby's Surprise Party : Max is sent to look out for Louise approaching her surprise party, but Max keeps making false alarms, almost spoiling Louise's surprise.

Ruby Write a Story : Ruby wants to write a story, but Max wants to play cowboy, which later helps Ruby with the beginning of Ruby's story. Max's Dominoes : Max and Morris both want to play dominoes as Louise and Ruby try to practice a hospitality meeting. The dominoes prove to make a terrific welcome for the Bunny Scouts. Grandma's Attic : Max is curious to look inside a treasure box in Grandma's attic, but Ruby thinks he's not allowed to.

Max finds the key to the treasure box in a shoe and Grandma shows them something special inside. Max's Thanksgiving : Max wants to sample Grandma's famous stuffing. By the time Ruby has finished decorating, Max has eaten all the stuffing and is too full to have Thanksgiving dinner. Ruby explains that there is not an Easter Parade , and asks Max to take each egg as she finishes it and puts it in a basket to show Grandma.

Max plays the Easter Bunny hiding the same eggs many times, so that the Egg Hunt starts again. Ruby Delivers : Ruby must make and deliver some fliers for Bunny Scout cupcakes. Max thinks that his toy planes are "fliers" which help in Ruby's task. Getting Crabby at the Beach : Ruby collects seashells, but does not notice when Max tries to tell her about a mischievous crab. However, the crab has dug a tidal pool for them. Max Babysits : Max and Ruby go to the Huffingtons' house to look after Baby Huffington, who seems to like loud toys instead of quiet sounds.

Grandma thinks his pirate outfit is great in the fashion show and tops it off with a plastic parrot. Ruby's Safari : Ruby and Louise go on a safari, but Max scares them with his animal toys. By chance, they take a picture of a hummingbird. Max's Mud Bath : Ruby and Louise have set up the beauty shop again, with Max as their customer, but Max just wants to play in the mud.

Surprise Ruby : It's Ruby's birthday party. Ruby awaits a surprise party at their home, but Max makes off with her birthday princess tiara. Ruby's Birthday Party : Ruby's friends throw her a birthday party at Grandma's house. Max wants cake but Ruby insists they must play some party games before they eat cake. Ruby's Birthday Present : Ruby opens her birthday gifts and saves the pretty wrapping paper.

Max tries to wrap a present for Ruby, but gets stuck in the wrapping paper, making him the perfect gift. Ruby's Loose Tooth : Ruby loses a tooth and cannot find it. In the end, it turns out to be stuck in her muffin. Grandma's Berry Patch : Max and Ruby pick raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries so Grandma can make her special surprise berry recipe. Ruby's Detective Agency : Grandma has a surprise for Ruby, but before Ruby can go to Grandma's house she must solve the mystery of the missing Mrs. Max's Rocket Racer : Max wants to go on Mr.

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Piazza's Rocket Racer ride, but Max is below the required height line, so he tries many ways to look taller, until Mr. Piazza gives him an alternative ride. Max and Morris Blast-Off! The meeting gets that extra special touch when Max and Morris "help". Max and the Beanstalk : Max is not to keen on his dinner: green beans. Ruby tells him a tale about how beans are good for him. Piazza's store. Each time Ruby selects a pumpkin, Max distracts her and someone steals the pumpkin.

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Ruby tells Max to design a pumpkin face for Grandma to carve, but Ruby insists it must be a happy, smiley pumpkin. Max's Big Boo! Max tries every method to scare Ruby, but Ruby knows all his tricks. Max and Ruby's Christmas Tree : Ruby wants to put some ornamental decorations on the Christmas tree, but Max wants to hang up toys. Ruby forgets to put the star on top, but Max takes care of that.

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Max's Snowplow : Ruby tries to shovel the snow off the lawn to make room for Grandma to get to their house, but Max's toy car turns out to be easier. Max's Mix Up : Max wants to continue sledding, but Ruby wants to play dress-up with her dolls. When Louise and Morris come over, Max sees that Morris is sledding at the same time. So Max switches his snow clothes with Morris. Max wants to make it a pirate treasure hunt. Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle : Ruby is assembling a jigsaw puzzle, but Max's wind-up lobster swipes one of the pieces.

Max chases it all over the house to retrieve it. Ruby's Homerun : Ruby and her friends are playing baseball. This is Ruby's first time playing and it seems Max and his toy airplanes are not making the game any easier. Ruby's Missing Tune : Ruby and Louise are practicing their ballet that they're going to put on for Grandma.

Max would rather play in his race car. When he breaks Ruby's radio by accident, he helps them with the music, causing Ruby to remember the tune. Ruby's Rainbow : Ruby is trying to make a rainbow painting for Grandma, but Max keeps trying to get her to go outside. Max and Roger are making one as well, but when both pairs clash, Max and Roger decide to combine the floats into one. Max's Big Kick : Roger is teaching Max how to kick a football while Ruby and Louise make a leaf collage, but somehow the park does not seem big enough for the four of them.

Ruby's Snow Bunny : Ruby and Max have made a beautiful snow bunny. Now Ruby has to find somewhere safe from the tobogganing. Ruby's Snowflake : Ruby has made snowflake cookies for herself, Max and Grandma. She decorates them while trying to keep a determined Max from taking one for himself. Ruby's Good Neighbor Report : Ruby is writing a report for Bunny Scouts about good neighbors; she asks various neighbors who she should write about and finds her subject: Max.

Further showings of this episode are under the title of "Ruby's Report". Candy Counting : Ruby and Max go to Candi's store. Ruby tries to count a jar of gummy worms to win it, while Max interrupts her. Max's Balloon Buddies : Max and Ruby are at the fair. Huffington gives Max a balloon animal but he keeps losing it. Ruby's Penny Carnival : Ruby and her friends are having a penny carnival to make money for an excursion, but Max would rather make a haunted house instead.

Ruby's Gingerbread House : Ruby and Louise are trying to build a gingerbread house, but Max and his gummy worms keep getting in the way, sometimes scaring the girls. Max's Christmas Passed : As Christmas passed, Ruby is sad, but intends to take the decorations off, but Max has a surprise in store for Ruby. Max's Castle : Ruby and Louise are making a castle out of blocks, but Max keeps on adding more and more blocks.

Bunny Hopscotch : Ruby and Louise are trying to play hopscotch, but Max keeps annoying them by using stones. A particularly messy Max wants to play, but the girls will not let him. When Grandma comes over with the glass slippers, only Max's paws fit them. Ruby's Hula Hoop : Louise is trying to teach Ruby how to use a hula hoop, but Max and his wind-up bugs keep distracting her.

Max's water toys hinder the girls' practice, but help with their final routine. Super Max's Cape : In the park Mr. Huffington ask Max and Ruby to watch their baby for a bit. Ruby tells him the story of Emperor Max's New Suit to get him to try on some clothes, but it does not quite have the effect she was hoping for. Max and the 3 Little Bunnies : Ruby, Louise and Valerie are playing with paper dolls, but Max tears their house with his blimp toy. While Ruby makes Christmas tree decorations.

Ruby's Spa Day : Ruby makes her own spa for her and Louise, but Max wants to play his drum, which keeps interrupting the girls. Ruby's Birdie : Max's rocket launches interrupt Ruby's quest to achieve her best in badminton. Ruby's Bedtime Story : Ruby wants to finish reading her bunny version of the Nancy Drew books, but Max keeps stopping the story.

Max's Sandwich : Ruby loves trying the exotic food at the multicultural fair, but Max just wants a sandwich. Picture Perfect : Ruby needs Max to stop making silly faces so they can take a picture for Grandma. She tells him the tale of "Max and the Three Bears". Little Ruby Hen : Max is not helping Ruby. Max's Ride : Ruby wants to see everything on her trip to London, England. Max just wants to go on the rides. Max's Kite : Ruby wants to learn how beach volleyball is played. Max just wants to fly his kite.

Max's Beach Ball : Max and Ruby are visiting the beach today! Ruby wants to makes a seashell necklace. Max just wants to play with his beach ball. Ruby's Tower : While it is raining outside, Ruby is building a tower as Max wants to find some things that "bounce". Max and the Magnet : Ruby makes a special brooch for Grandma, but Max's magnets cause her some interference. Ruby's Autograph : Ruby wants to get an autograph from Bunny Pavlova, while Max just wants to have a slice of pizza.

Max wants to give him a robot, but Ruby insists to give him a safe one, and he ends up making his own robot. Go to Sleep Max : Max wants to go in Ruby's upper berth in the sleeper car, Ruby mistakenly believing he wanted to stay up. Conductor Max : Max helps the other passengers as he tries to get back Ruby's greeting card he lost in the conductor's hat. Lights, Camera, Ruby! However, when Martha, who is supposed to play Spring, falls ill, the girls desperately try to find a replacement for her.

Ruby's Big Case : Ruby and Louise read an old Bunny Drew novel of Grandma's, but are forced to investigate when pages of the book are gone. Grandma's Geraniums : Ruby is trying to plant geraniums in Grandma's garden, but Max keeps taking items that Ruby needs for planting, so that he can come up with his own surprise for Grandma. Space Bunny : Ruby goes to Grandma's attic to get some things to finish her scrapbook, while Max plays with outer space toys. Max's Sprinkler : Max wants to play with the sprinkler while Ruby and her friends are having a summer fashion show.

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