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I am completely over it. You can obviously add your favorite additional add-ins or make substitutions I know some people prefer sliced green onions to red onion and some people like to add paprika to their dressing , but this if my favorite combination and I really recommend you try it out exactly this way at least once for yourself. The dressing I just mentioned is what really sets it apart from other potluck recipes you might have tried.

It provides just the right amount of creaminess — the noodles are coated in just enough sauce and are neither dry nor are they drenched in the dressing. Macaroni salad will keep for up to five days when stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container. This is a great salad for making in advance I actually recommend chilling for at least an hour before serving and serving at picnics and potlucks, but try not to leave it out at room temperature or worse, in the heat!

Nothing better then Macaroni Salad. I use all of the ingredients except Mayo. Miracle Whip only for this dish. Also can throw a can or two of drained tuna in it. Made this for a party last night. Great salad.

Best Ever Classic Macaroni Salad

I addd a small jar of capers. Loved the dressing. Thank you! Love it! Great recipe! Will absolutely make it again.

Best Macaroni Salad

Third time making it. Love it easy.

This macaroni salad is delicious. My hubby, who does not like potato salad with sweet pickle, loved it along with my son. Recipe Rating. Macaroni salad is one of my favorites and this recipe definitely did not disappoint. It is very easy and simple one.. Thanks for a great recipe!!!!

This was a huge hit at my latest bbq. I changed the recipe a bit to my taste but the overall recommendations were easy and delicious. In my version I used red and green bell peppers, half the amount of mustard, and an additional cup of mayo. I did not use the pimento peppers, celery, or relish. I have made this twice, following the recipe, and something is just not right. The pasta seems to not be creamy at all, like it absorbs the mayo. I was wondering if the pasta needs to be chilled before adding the other ingredients. I am also using Barilla macaroni.

Oh no! You just really need to make sure the pasta is fully drained before adding it in. Hope this helps!

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I just made this — other than substituting pickle juice for vinegar I followed recipe exactly could not be easier. Excellent recipe — thank you! Easy but tastes like it was a lot of work. Looking forward to checking out your other recipes. I added 3 hard boiled eggs and sliced olives. Served at bbqs with carne asada, chicken, Spanish rice, pinto beans. Thanks so much! Thank you so much for this recipe — made it to use up some hard boiled eggs and I threw in some peas too, per your recommendations.

I had corned beef I needed to use, so in it went. I cubed some cheese and added that too.

Your recipe is versatile and the sauce is very tasty. Not boring! What us your favorite food. Meat starch vegetables desert restaurant???? Do you have a book out? Thanks so much for your teaching and experience. Much appreciated. I want to try this recipe for the first time…can you tell me the most important ingredients and steps I should not miss.

Sounds great.

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I am making this tonight. Serve it at a family cookout or neighborhood potluck and it will be devoured by adults and kids alike. Seasoning the cooking water with plenty of salt helps ensure that the pasta gets off to a good start as far as flavoring. The salt really works its way into the pasta as it cooks and seasons it in a way that cannot be achieved by adding salt to the cooked pasta. The seasonings get stirred into the pasta before the mayonnaise and this helps the pasta absorb even more flavor. If you want to jazz this basic Macaroni Salad up a little, try adding a few peas, some diced ham, a chopped hard-boiled egg, or some diced cheddar cheese.

You can count on it to make every cookout a smashing success. I made this recipe for lunch today, adding some fresh fried chicken wings and some baked beans. Very good. I just made this for a Memorial Day party I doubled the recipe. Tysm for sharing. But I thought I needed to because this was great!!!

The Best Macaroni Salad Recipe

It has a great tangy flavor. It was also super easy to make and I already had all the ingredients at home. Thank you for sharing this great recipe! I made this last night for the leadership team I am a member of at our church…. I am gluten free and no-one seems to notice the macaroni I used was gluten free.

Easy recipe…. Truthfully, I find that traditional version rather bland — and being a displaced southern girl, this is much more my style. Love the hint of spice and our great traditional taste — thanks for sharing this yummy recipe. Oh wow Carrie! A Hawaiian Luau for a Christmas party sounds like so much fun!