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All that we suffer through Leads to determination The trials we all go through Gives us strenght to carry on Something within us burns Desire feeds the will to live A reason to believe! I will see redemption! All in due time Shadows will give way to light All in due time!

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One of the reasons that my colleague Jordan Peterson has become such a celebrity is that so many of his critics are so confused. On more than one occasion, he has come out of debates looking like the guy who brought a gun to a knife fight if one can excuse the metaphor. As a philosopher and a critical theorist, I feel some responsibility for this, because those of us who trade in these concepts for a living have not done a good enough job at saying what we mean.

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Since I was a member of the jury that awarded it the Shaughnessy Cohen Prize, I thought I might say a few words about why the book stands out among all others published this past year. With the release of the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, there has been an enormous amount of discussion of the need for reconciliation or even just normalization of the relationship between Canada and its First Nations. A great deal of this discussion has been rather fruitless, in part because it has been confined almost entirely to the plane of symbolic politics. Race, as I and many other academics never tire of reminding people, is a social construct.

Many people who say this, however, do so in a perfunctory manner, before going on to treat it as though it were a natural kind, eternal and unchangeable. It is a particular way that many people have of framing certain aspects of individual identity and social interaction. It is, however, not the only, and not a necessary way, of framing things.

Thus it always makes sense to ask, in any particular circumstance, whether race is the best way of framing an issue. This question has particular salience at the moment, because many social justice advocates in Canada have been pushing fairly hard for a number of social problems that were traditionally framed in terms of immigration and ethnicity and multiculturalism to be reframed in terms of race and anti-discrimination.

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I happened to stop in the other day though, and I found myself worrying about the sort of messages that we are sending to boys in our culture. It has become quite standard in many quarters to condemn Canadian society, along with all of its institutions, as being thoroughly and systematically racist. This type of racism was interpreted first and foremost as a derogatory attitude certain individuals have, that leads them to engage in discriminatory behaviour — treating some people better than others based on their racial characteristics.

At first blush it is tempting to just assign MeToo and NeverAgain to the growing pool of hashtagged social movements that happen to get their teeth into the media cycle for an extended period of time.

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They both benefit from being related, in one way or another, to the infinite-scroll train wreck that is the Trump presidency. And most importantly, both are at the spearpoint of what looks to be rapid and in many ways shocking social change. But these two movements are interesting for another reason: They force the question of why this is happening.