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Even though his new book is a work of fiction, it is based in part on a true story that includes actual events that the author experienced or witnessed while on the job. Many of the characters portrayed in his new book are patterned after real people who have either worked or crossed paths with D. Gray during his 42 year career as a seasoned street cop. Il n'y a pour l'instant aucun commentaire client.

Partagez votre opinion avec les autres clients. Commentaires client les plus utiles sur Amazon. Loved Gray's first book 'The Warrior In Me' and wanted this work to be as good; some chapters were even better then Warrior, but about half kinda dragged. Introducing the characters and describing their careers was funny and well crafted as Wambaugh, Hope Gray sticks with building colorful cops and plots that have them dealing with real life in the street. Well written with very believable characters. If you like police procedurals,especially about the LAPD, you are going to like this book.

You feel like you know each of the characters while reading further into the story. I could not wait to get to the next chapter It's certainly obvious that the author has many years of law enforcement experience. I would recommend this book to anyone. You can always use our tried and true method of projecting the eclipse using a spaghetti strainer.

This eclipse is partial only, because the dark inner shadow or umbra misses the Earth by This saros started waaaaaay back on June 24 th , AD, and produced its last total solar eclipse on May 9 th , This was also the last total solar eclipse for Tasmania until June 25th, This series only has two more eclipses to go, with its last event occurring briefly over the Antarctic on August 3 rd , This also sets us up for the best of the three eclipses this season, the total lunar eclipse at the end of the month on July 27th.

This eclipse will be widely visible across Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia—only the Americas miss out. The U. East Coast is particularly well placed to try and spy the slim Moon low to the west, only 22 hours after New. After that, the Moon tours all of the naked eye planets, passing Mercury and Venus this weekend and passing Jupiter, Saturn and Mars en route to the July 27th total lunar eclipse. Will anyone webcast the eclipse live? So far, no webcasts not even from the venerable Slooh site have surfaced… if anyone else is planning on featuring the July 13 th partial solar eclipse, let us know!

Well, just under a year from now, the next total solar eclipse crosses Chile and Argentina on July 2 nd , Note that this event crosses over several major astronomical observatories at La Silla. A partial eclipse may not inspire many eclipse chasers to hop on a plane, but we can still marvel at the celestial ticks of a clockwork Universe carry on, right on schedule.

Can you feel the tremor in the Force? Early next Wednesday morning internet astro-memes collide, in one of the big ticket sky events of the year, with a total lunar eclipse dubbed as — get ready — a Super Blue Blood Moon total lunar eclipse. This is the first eclipse of , and only one of two featuring totality, lunar or solar. Paired with this eclipse is a partial solar eclipse on February 15 th favoring the very southern tip of South America, followed by another total lunar eclipse this summer on July 27 th.

The final eclipse for is a partial solar eclipse on August 11 th , favoring northern Europe and northeastern Asia. Full Moon and maximum duration for this eclipse occurs at Universal Time UT , just 27 hours after the Moon reaches perigee the day prior on January 30 th at UT. Standing on the Earthward facing side of the Moon, you would witness a solar eclipse as the Earth passed between the Moon and the Sun. Unlike the neat near fit for solar eclipses on the Earth, however, solar eclipses on the Moon can last over an hour, as the Earth appears about three times larger than the disk of the Sun.

And although astronauts have witnessed eclipses from space , no human has yet stood on the Moon and witnessed the ring of fire surrounding the Earth during a solar eclipse. Tales of the Saros: For saros buffs, this eclipse is member 49 of 74 lunar eclipses for lunar saros cycle , stretching all the way back to August 17 th , If you caught the total lunar eclipse on January 21 st , , you saw the last eclipse in this cycle. Stick around until April 18 th , AD and you can watch the final total lunar eclipse for saros Unlike total solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are leisurely affairs.

Not all total lunar eclipses are the same. The color of the Moon during totality is known as its Danjon Number , with 4 being bright with a bluish cast on the outer limb of the Moon, and 0 appearing dark and deep red. This is also one of the only times you can see that the Earth is indeed round with your own eyes as the curve of the shadow cast by our homeworld falls back across the Moon.

This curve is the same, regardless of the angle, and whether the Moon is high above near the zenith, or close to the horizon.

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Watch the January 31st eclipse live courtesy of the Virtual Telescope Project. The Great American Eclipse took 90 minutes to cross the US, with totality lasting only a few minutes at any location. After moving on, the temperature rose again. This rapid heating and cooling is what caused the ionospheric bow wave.

The bow wave itself is made up of fluctuations in the electron content of the ionosphere. This animation shows the bow wave of electron content moving across the US. The ionosphere stretches from about 50 km to km in altitude during the day. It swells as radiation from the Sun reaches Earth, and subsides at night.

Its size is always fluctuating during the day. The ionosphere is also where auroras occur. The ionosphere plays an important role in the modern world. It allows radio waves to travel over the horizon, and also affects satellite communications.

Cristeros: For the Greater Glory

This image shows some of the complex ways our communications systems interact with the ionosphere. There are different types of waves and disturbances besides the bow wave.


A better understanding of the ionosphere is important in our modern world, and the August eclipse gave scientists a chance not only to observe the bow wave, but also to study the ionosphere in greater detail. The GNSS data used to observe the bow wave was key in another study as well. They were also surprised to find structures of increased TEC over the Rocky Mountains, though that was never predicted. These structures are probably linked to atmospheric waves created in the lower atmosphere by the Rocky Mountains during the solar eclipse, but their exact nature needs to be investigated.

The power of modern observing methods, including radio remote sensors distributed widely across the United States, was key to revealing these new and fascinating features. They came, they saw, they battled clouds, traffic and strange charger adapters in a strange land. Yesterday, millions stood in awe as the shadow of the Moon rolled over the contiguous United States for the first time in a century.

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We drove from Dalles at 3 AM. Nearing the observation spot, we got a flat tire! It was AM, and no phone line! I sent a text to the land owner and somehow it reached him and we managed to be there by AM. We observed from a secluded spot about 30 miles from Madras, with a 2 minutes and 2 seconds of totality.

The sky was really clear during sunrise, but as totality approached we got some thin clouds hovering in the east. Luckily, it was thin enough to not spoil anything. The first and second diamond ring were spectacular with the eye, probably with the help with the thin clouds. We calculated about 7 degree drop in temperature. The shadow was enormous, engulfing Mt Hood from the west and flew past above us towards and towards the Sun. Our group from Edmonton observed totality under clear skies near Birch Creek, Idaho. The temperature dropped noticeably.

The sky took on an eerie indigo hue as the last vestiges of direct sunlight were obscured. Around the black limb fiery coral pink prominences added intense colour highlights to the scene. Just beyond the corona gleamed Regulus, closer to the Sun than is possible for any other star of first magnitude or brighter, while off to one side Venus shone brilliantly, far higher in the sky than its customary window of dominance in normal twilight. All too soon the right edge of the lunar silhouette brightened, then blossomed in a brilliant diamond ring that continued to intensify for a couple of glorious seconds until filters again became a must.

By now the mountains to our east were in darkness as the umbral shadow receded from our immediate location, leaving a number of our small party in tears from the intensity of the experience. Wyoming- Kelly Kizer Whitt Astronomommy. We woke up in the Tetons Monday morning to a sky streaked with clouds. But the hourly weather report showed clearing, so we headed to our spot before 7 AM.

We were able to secure parking by our preferred observing location, the Mormon Barn with a view of the iconic Teton range in the background. Looking east, we saw the clouds slink away to the south until skies were blue and clear, despite lingering haze and smoke on the northern horizon from wildfires.

Then when darkness fell, it came fast and the temperature dropped hard. But first I glanced down and saw the slithering, wiggling lines of darkness and light known as the shadow bands. They have a truly creepy quality as they dance in the growing dark. Then we looked back up as the sliver of orange disappeared and the Sun winked out from our glasses. Pulling them off, my family let out cries of surprise when they saw the black hole where the Sun had been, surrounded by the long, wispy, intricate corona.

The eclipsed Sun and corona took up a much larger space in the sky than I expected, but the photo I took just like when photographing a full moon does not give a true representation of what you can see with your eyes. I only took three photos because I wanted to just enjoy the view. I almost forgot to look for the stars. We saw a plane, Venus, and Sirius. Our eyes never adjusted enough to spot Jupiter or the others and the rosy glow of a false twilight brightened all horizons in a degree ring. So soon it was over. These phenomena were a bright and beautiful warning to get our eclipse glasses back on.

The world returned to daylight fairly quickly, but the drop in temperature lingered a bit longer. Our memories will last a lifetime. Nebraska- BigBadEd. Towards 9 AM the crowds started to swell, including aliens, welders and the governor of Nebraska. Some clouds went by at mid-coverage, casting a spectacular crescent. A thoroughly wonderful experience shared with friends and spellbound crowd, definitely worth the trip from Florida.

I saw it the eclipse from Weston, Missouri, just northwest of the Kansas-Missouri line. Clouds and rain obscured the sun for most of the eclipse, but the rain subsided during totality and allowed us to get outside for the quick move into darkness. There was a change in how things were colored — as if you were looking through darker and darker polarized glasses, and the silence took on a feeling, like a deep vibration. Missouri- Jeudy Blanco Jeudyx. It was amazing. We changed plans last night, instead of going to St Joseph we drove to Columbia.

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