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View all 8 comments. Sep 29, Nas Dean rated it it was amazing. Ravenna Ruggiero hated her life as the daughter of a working class mother and later as of the other woman. She had been bullied and scorned at. Only at one time Jonas had shown kindness to her. Now Jonas was after revenge and there was no kindness in him. Where was the man Ravenna remembered?

It was an intriguing concept for Ravenna and she had to find out even while Jonas blackmailed her into working for him. Yet all sort of sparks fly being alone with him. Would they give in to their passion and forget who they were? There is mystery as well. Who was she trying to cover for? And why? Read this astounding romance to find out all answers. Annie West once again mesmerizes her readers with her characters emotions. You will be hooked in from the very first page to find answers to your questions. Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.

Aug 01, Jenny rated it did not like it Shelves: heroine-not-a-virgin. This month HP releases are all awful so far. Even Annie West's book. So boring I almost slept while reading it.

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Also it was extremely depressing! Jonas Deveson vows he will have his revenge against the woman that destroyed his mother. With his father dead, his mistress has now stolen money from him. Finding Ravenna Ruggiero instead of her mother, he finds her much better suited to the revenge he has planned. Ravenna finds out that her other has stolen money to help her out. Facing up to Jonas is difficult, but resisting him is beyond her.

Very nice. Sep 11, Nancy Crocker rated it really liked it. Jonas Deveson is set on revenge. He is looking for Silvia Ruggiero. Ravenna tells Jonas she took the money and will work to pay off the debt.

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But sometimes things are not always as they appear. The charact Jonas Deveson is set on revenge. The character of Ravenna Ruggiero was the best part of this novel. She has gone through so much in her life. She was a fierce warrior when faced with a life threatening illness. She defended the one that helped her the most, in her time of need. She was passionate and so very strong for one that has suffered so much. While I understand his wanting the money back, he was brutal at times with the way he talked to Ravenna.

His tongue cut quicker than a knife ever could. I think the thing that saved this character somewhat was his change of attitude after learning the truth. Of course he did redeem himself in the end. But I would have preferred a bit more groveling. I thought the author did a really good job showing the differences that others perceive between the upper class and working class society. I really enjoyed the Epilogue in this book. I loved how it showed the changes in the couple and what had transpired.

I recommend this book to readers who love contemporary romances. Oct 06, Maria rated it it was amazing. Things are not only quite the way they seem. Jonas thinks he has the measure of Ravenna. She is, he believes, a predatory gold digger like her husband-stealing mother. Now that he's discovered that her mother, Silvia, has stolen money from his family, he's determined to make her pay - preferably behind prison bars. When Ravenna owns up to the theft and offers to work to repay the money, he thinks it's a case of 'like mother, like daughter'.

Ravenna alone knows how her mother has suffered down thr Things are not only quite the way they seem.

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Ravenna alone knows how her mother has suffered down through the years. Thrown out of her family home as an unmarried, pregnant teen, she has also suffered while working as a servant, having been wrongly accused of theft in the past, without receiving an apology when her innocence was discovered and continually being treated as a social inferior.

She's just lost the man she loved and Ravenna won't see her thrown into jail. As Ravenna works on refurbishing Jonas' childhood home, a bond develops. Suddenly, Jonas realizes that maybe he's misjudged Ravenna after all. An engaging and beautifully written romance story about how there are in fact, two sides to every story and learning the other side of the story can be surprising. Sep 04, Helen rated it it was amazing. It is sensual and emotional so loved it.

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Sep 30, Mel rated it it was amazing. A good read, I devoured it in one sitting! Ravenna and Jonas's story is feisty and their zinging chemistry is well constructed. I really liked that they were the focus - most of the action sees the two of them alone, with no associate characters to draw away attention from their relationship. The manor house is well realised and I especially liked the fact that Ravenna shuns Jonas's gift of a gorgeous dress and instead wears one she has made of curtains - a cute and endearing nod to "The Sound o A good read, I devoured it in one sitting!

The manor house is well realised and I especially liked the fact that Ravenna shuns Jonas's gift of a gorgeous dress and instead wears one she has made of curtains - a cute and endearing nod to "The Sound of Music" perhaps? It made me smile! Oct 12, H. Laffin rated it it was amazing. Once again Annie has done a great job with this book. What is the payment for the debt.

So we start reading, and its the typical theft story. But as you read I was just going to start the book and read it here and there. BUT I couldn't put it down. Heck it was hard to put the book down to get my recycling cashed in and some pies bought. Because all I could think of was what happens? So Once again Annie has done a great job with this book. So once I got back, I carried on reading.

I loved all the back stories I mean you've got Jonas and his strong, perfectionist character who is angry with his father and the woman he'd left Jonas' mother for. And then you have Ravenna and I love that name. And this woman is trying to clean up the place her mother lived in with Jonas father.

And its clear Ravenna didn't completely approve. So when they meet Jonas and Rave, you see she is weak Right then, I needed to know why and what was the cause of her frailness. And when she finds out why Jonas is out for her mother, you get a sneak peek at the issue going on with Rave. Page after page I turned and read and read. It was nice to have the hero open up about his weaknesses first. While she held strong on her own demons. I loved the way he hated her at first- though they had briefly met once before.

Annie West

Having the passion between them grow and grow. Then having them embrace it only for his indifference towards her to stand in the way. Having them take a step back and work together, where they built more on their combined loves and similarities, was like sitting on a fence-as you waited for what you knew was in their hearts. When I finally caught up to the scene I had tears in my eyes. I had suspected that was an area Annie were going.

But she wrote it so well. And I've read other novels where they jump at the epilogue of her story sooner then later. When he found out, -and I love that he trusted his gutt and followed her. He cared right from the start, and he had when they met the one time prior. I love how the honesty came to be. Though it frustrated me how she put her love aside so he could have what she felt was right for him. Though it hurt her deeply. The ball topped it off I thought he was going to do something rash, but you kept him as he was, though it was wonderful to know he was silently going insane!

I felt like I was reading a version of beauty and the beast. Most importantly this novel if read by the women who do suffer from infertility, I believe it will give them enlightenment. Because don't we all want a baby to hold in our arms. And to know that having adopted your child, shouldn't make the love for that child no less then if it were from your own womb and blood. Fabulous JOB!!! Keep them coming Annie, she's a very talented, witty author. A must read!!! Cheers H. Oct 01, Susanne rated it it was amazing.

An Enticing Read to Remember When Jonas Deveson decides to exact revenge on the woman who ran away with his father and left his mother a broken woman, he doesn't realise just how sweet that revenge will be. Presented with evidence of fraudulent withdrawals from the family account, Jonas travels to Paris to confront his dead father's mistress.

Instead, he finds her daughter, Ravenna Ruggiero, who claims to have committed the theft. In a nice touch of irony and with the mother missing, Jonas decid An Enticing Read to Remember When Jonas Deveson decides to exact revenge on the woman who ran away with his father and left his mother a broken woman, he doesn't realise just how sweet that revenge will be. In a nice touch of irony and with the mother missing, Jonas decides to put the Ruggiero women back where they belong--as servants--by forcing Ravenna to become his housekeeper at the ancestral home, just like her mother before her.

And if he can enjoy his pound of flesh with the luscious Ravenna, even better. I love how Annie West creates such powerful tension and apparently insurmountable conflicts between her characters, forcing them to examine their deepest fears and insecurities on the way to finding their happy-ever-after. Her writing sparkles with powerful emotions and sizzling tension, and entices the reader to take the emotional rollercoaster ride she puts her characters through. Long after you've turned the last page, you won't be able to forget them, and you'll have that lovely feeling of contentment that their happy-ever-after was fully deserved.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This book was absolutely sizzling. The chemistry between Jonas and Ravenna was just hot hot hot! It started from their initial meeting and just didn't stop for a single minute, the chemistry was that fierce on both sides. When I was reading I could practically feel the sizzle coming off the page and into my imagination, showing me the passion that these two possessed for one another both when they were in the room together and when they weren't. The wanting was just so apparent, and even though This book was absolutely sizzling.

The wanting was just so apparent, and even though they both fought it with each of them claiming they hated because of the circumstances the other that didn't last long. They gave into their passion, and it was pretty hot, but emotion was there too. Especially how they came about making love the first time was, yes partly because of the physical, but more in Ravenna's response to Jonas being hurt and wanting to comfort him and make him feel better and soothe him. Because she didn't want him to feel any pain because she began to care for him and she wanted to be there for him. So there was emotion there that prompted the deed not that they were hot and bothered and decided to go at it.

No there was that need for emotional closeness and connection in that scene that made it more about intimacy and closeness than just the physical. And it was emotional an emotional, yet hot scene, showing these two in fact were starting to build a bond with one another and it was developing and growing with this scene building upon that, and though after that special moment together they had a few bumps in the road, the connection never fully went away for either of them. They both needed and wanted each other and not just in a physical way but emotional ways as well, paving the way for their bond and feelings to grow into love.

And they missed that part of that relationship when they went through a little hiccup along the way.

An Enticing Debt to Pay (At His Service, book 5) by Annie West

But again that didn't last too long and they did make up and boy that scene after the ball was so steamy that it was practically scorching. When they gave into their passion for one another the second time after denying it for so long, there was a whole lot of passion going on and this was more of "I couldn't wait any longer without giving into my want for you and I need you now" scene. And though that scene was more steamy than the first one and more hungry, fast paced, and raw with their physical needs, it didn't mean the emotion wasn't there because there was.

The desperation was due to them missing each other so deeply and having to have denied their passion and connection to one another for so long and not want anyone else except the other person, showing the growing love between them. And it made for an intense and passionate scene that readers love reading about in love stories and seeing through these love scenes how their emotions were growing and changing as their love story continued on, which I enjoy reading myself.

And it was hot! There was lots of tension between them, in a totally good way I might add, but it wasn't just the sexual tension, which like I said was pretty hot since they were practically attracted to one another from meeting one, and just continued throughout, it was more to do with the conflict that added to their tension of why they couldn't be together or develop feelings for one another.

It was the whole basis for this plot that was meant to keep them apart and I enjoyed seeing it unfold in my eyes and seeing what was going to happen to them and how they were going to get past it or resolve it so they could be together in the end, and enjoying the ride I took as a reader on their emotional, love story and journey. Basically the set up was that Ravenna's mother, who was Jonas's father's mistress, stole money from Jonas to pay for Ravenna's cancer treatments.

Jonas's dad had just died and Ravenna's mom knew she would get no help from Jonas being that he hated both his dad and Ravenna's mother blaming her for the breakup of their family and his mom killing herself. So when Jonas found this information out, just about the stolen money not the cancer treatments for Ravenna, he was livid and promised to make Ravenna's mother pay. Only instead of finding her mother he found Ravenna instead, who was shocked to hear what her mother did and didn't condone that her mom did that, but understood why so Ravenna, knowing what her mom did for her, decided to take the blame herself, vowing to face the consequences herself.

Though he was very angry at Ravenna when she told him about the money, he didn't really believe her, but let his anger take over and he decided since Ravenna was taking responsibility for it he would make her pay by forcing her to fix up his family home all on her own, thinking it would be good for her to earn her way. And that was the basic setup with passion, chemistry, and lots of emotions along the way as they dealt with dealing with each other and dealing with developing this relationship with one another and coming to terms with the fact that they wanted each other, and later come to care about one another.

So, lots going on there with lots of misjudgments and conflict along the way especially on his part. He was distrustful and hated her mom, though he had every right to, and vowed to have his revenge for Ravenna taking his money, and was at times cruel to Ravenna when she didn't deserve it once he found out the truth about everything he was a completely different guy with his whole perspective shifted, and it was nice to see the change in him.

And even though Jonas was a little hard on Ravenna, I didn't hate or not like him for a second because the only reason he acted that way was because he didn't understand what was going on and that fact that Ravenna took the wrap for her mother didn't help matter either. But even when he was first introduced, I didn't hate him or despise him I even liked him despite the fact he was a little bit of a hard ass. I could tell there so much more to him than this anger, which was the easiest emotion to express and safer where he didn't have to explore the hurt and the pain that he faced while his father cheated on his mother from what it sounds like the get go.

So, he had a lot of resentment towards his father and not only for hurting his mother, but also for being an absent parent in his life just like his mother was who cared more with her husband's affairs than her own child, leaving Jonas basically alone and not having that perfect family that he wanted and hope to achieve someday for himself. He had a lot of emotions going on and didn't know how to deal with them so he dealt with the anger at Ravenna instead, but you could totally tell that he was a lost lonely little boy that just wanted some love and affection and Ravenna gave that to him, what he needed him the most.

These emotions just made me feel for him and feel bad for what he had to go through in his life where he practically the breadwinner taking care of everyone who should have been taking care of him at a young age. So, I really understood him and where he was coming from even though he could have been a bit nicer to Ravenna, and got it and never felt anything negative towards him and I absolutely loved him as the hero because he was so real and flawed.

Plus he made up for the fact that he was a jerk to Ravenna, showing her his softer side and that he did in fact care and care about her. And he showed her how much he did in fact care about her and that the only thing that mattered to him was that they should be together, proving it with not only words, but action too. I can't complain about him really, and his was still pretty great guy, who was very much an alpha male.

As for Ravenna, I really loved her too. She had this heart of gold and really persevered and pushed through when hard times came in her life, showing that she had this innate strength to her that helped her through. I mean she would had to have strength to get through all those cancer treatments and fight for her life the way she did and came out on top, beating her disease. That strength carried over to her regular life when she had to deal with Jonas, not backing down from him and standing up to him when he confronted her about the money and even took the blame for her mother, knowing full well that Jonas would punish her and not her mother, but Ravenna wanted to spare her poor mother after what her mother did to save Ravenna's life so Ravenna felt like she could pay her mother back this way and faced Jonas head on.

When he gave her that impossible task of getting his house ready for the ball, she never balked or complained and took to the task head on so she could repay this debt to Jonas and that strength helped her do that. But even though Ravenna had this inner strength to her, she also had this vulnerable side as well that I enjoyed seeing because that made her into this well rounded character.

She was vulnerable not only because she feared her cancer might come back, but she was also vulnerable to Jonas, who she was really beginning to care about and want to be with and hoped that they could mean something to each other. But after their first night together, he basically stomped on her heart saying that their night was nothing but physical to him and nothing changed on his part with her repaying the debt and they could maybe have a physical relationship as well.

But he also compared her to her mother and his father's relationship, saying he won't fall for that trap and he thought that was why Ravenna slept with him in the first place, which really wounded her heart as well as some of the other unflattering things that he said to her. And it hurt because she began to wish that they could have a relationship and hoping that they would and that he did in fact care for her, but from his careless words she found out that she was very wrong on that score, and their night together wasn't special for him like it was for her.

That broke her heart, but made her come back to reality and she kept on moving forward with the project. But yeah that scene was killer to read as I was in Ravenna's head and just all the emotions that were going through her and piercing her heart, believing that something good would come that year after she had a bad one, but it was ripped away pretty quickly.

She realized then that she was a fool to think he would want her permanently, a poor nobody, who couldn't give him children because the cancer treatments left her infertility. So, that was a reality check, but it didn't stop her from doing her job or wanting him. And order to do her job yet be in his presence required strength on her part even though she was still vulnerable to him, and I liked that balance in her and seeing her deal with the situation and him while craving him and missing that special connection to him that she felt she had with him the first time they made love.

Though she did her best to deny it and stay out of his way, but that could only go for so long while knowing she would have to leave in the end so he could get his family that he desperately wanted. I really liked her and enjoyed her and thought she deserved a happily ever after more than anyone. Didn't like Joans's dad for obvious reason of cheating on his wife and leaving his son alone to deal with the harshness of reality. He was more of a teenager than an adult man, seeking his own pleasures along the way without worrying about the consequences of his actions or who he was hurting along the way.

He was a very selfish man, and for the life of me I didn't quite understand why or if he even loved Ravenna's mother, since he had all these affairs and apparently only married his wife for her money. And if he did love Ravenna's mother, then why? What made his do an about face all of a sudden was it because it was the woman that made him change or what? Though Ravenna's mother did say that even though they were together, he still liked to live in luxury and have expensive tastes, but that didn't mean he loved her.

And as for Ravenna's mother, though missed guided did care about her daughter and what she did to Jonas's family along the way and she did love Jonas's dad, but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. What was it about him? Was it that he charmed her like Jonas said by giving her expensive presents along the way, but Ravenna's mother didn't seemed move by that only by her love for his father not the money and the gifts he could give her.

So that I didn't quite get unless it was the whole adage "love is blind", but I still didn't get it or I understand why she fell for him so hard because he didn't seem to have an redeemable qualities to me that would cause someone to fall in love with him not after all that he done to his family, but the point was she did and that complicated matters for all involved. Everything in this story really worked well together between the plot, the characters, the conflict, the passion, and just the whole love story aspect of the book. It was a really well developed story with a believable and growing love story along the way.

I really liked how it developed and grew over time without dragging it out too long nor rushing into anything that felt unbelievable or unrealistic. This was a satisfying and steady pace with lots of up and downs along the way that made the story flow so well with both character development and relationship development with their emotions changing towards one another as the story progress with the underlying tension still there. And the tension and build up was great so when they finally did come together it was a satisfying scene and almost like a sigh of relief that they finally gave into their passion, which was steamy and lovely to watch.

It was just lovely to watch this love story unfold with completely likable characters, and I don't really have any complaints about the book, really because everything just fit so well together and like I said above worked, and I got through this fairly quickly as I followed Jonas's and Ravenna's romantic journey and love story that they both deserved and got with both of them healing the other and providing what the other needs out of life while loving each other whole heartedly.

Nothing was really missing for me and everything was in perfect balance in the story that made me really devour and enjoy it hence the high rating. Well done, Annie West. Another great one, and I can't wait to read more books by you in the future. May 22, Maura rated it really liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , multiple-author-series , harlequin-style.

So he hies off to confront her and instead ends up confronting her daughter, Ravenna. She realizes that her mother stole the money to pay for Ravenna's cancer treatments and so she takes the blame herself. Jonas, disappointed that the girl he was fond of when she was a teenager and mom was the housekeeper has turned into a gold-digger, plans his punishment. He'll make her work as his housekeeper at the estate he's rebuilding the one that's going to earn him his dream family and she'll suffer from all that hard work.

He's surprised to find she's an honorable, respectful and hard-working and not at all the greedy gold-digger he took her for. The two learn to work together and have something of a friendship, though Ravenna longs for romance after the one night they spend together. But she also knows that she can't give him his dream, even if he did decide he wanted her.

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I liked how unusual this revenge story ended up being. It's not your standard revenge story where the hero sets out to seduce the heroine or anything. Jonas wasn't nice about it or anything, but he really did just want her to be his housekeeper - granted it was to work her ass off so he could force her to give up and then press charges, but there weren't any plans for a cruel seduction or anything. Page Prev of 5 Next. Added to basket. Add to Basket. View basket Checkout. Yeats in Love Hardback. The Sheikh's Princess Bride Paperback. The Sheikh's Princess Bride Hardback.

Rebel's Bargain - The Chatsfield 7 Paperback. The Sultan's Harem Bride Hardback. Rebel's Bargain - The Chatsfield 7 Hardback. Not registered?

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