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The best part is you don't have to be all that interested in finance or k 's or any of that stuff. In fact, if you really dislike such things, this is probably the perfect book for you. JL Collins takes these complicated and boring financial matters and does two nice things for you: 1 throws out all the crap you don't need to know, and 2 explains what you do need to know in layman's terms that anybody can understand. So not only is the wisdom in this book chockfull of solid gold nuggets on a need-to-know basis, but the delivery is crystal clear and simple to follow in practice.

He reminds me of David McCullough. He has the kind of deep grandfatherly "gather 'round the campfire for a story" voice. It's fabulous. In summary, this book is worth every penny. Along with a handful of other "quake books" that changed my life for the better, this one is getting added to that list right alongside John C.

I can't recommend this book enough. Get it for yourself. Listen to it. Make your kids listen to it. Your siblings. Your friends. Your parents. The lessons in it are too valuable not to share with everybody you know. This one is different. I have listened to this book over and over again. First step before you do any financial decisions is to read this book. Thank you JLC for your contribution. Book about how to invest simply, but does not touch much on the other aspects of personal finance. His logic is that capitalism works, so investing in this basket of roughly 1, stocks will manage itself.

Collins makes the claim that almost all personal finance workers ie. Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers are crooks and if you must work with someone in the profession, work with a fee-only advisor to save your money. If you can stick to the buy-and-hold strategy on your own, this book is for you. Stop reading reviews. Just get it. So simple and effective. Oh and by the way, start saving 40 years before you want to retire. The path is that Simple.

Unfortunately, it is not easy unless you had extra cash in the 80's. With that being said, I have saved you 6 hours and 35 minutes that should be spent looking for a helpful book on actually creating a budget to spend less than you earn and invest for the long run.

7 Paths to Simplicity - Experience Life

Personal Finance is often so over complicated. This is the first book I've encountered that simplifies the subject. It is easily digestible and makes a ton of sense. I wish I would have followed the principles in my twenties.

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Now in my early thirties, I am going to start implementing it. If you want to get out of debt and start living the life you've always wanted then pick up this book. This is the only book on personal finance I can recommend. Sounds pretty easy right? I've read six or seven early financial independence books recently and this one is the best.

I like the author's down-to-earth style and overall presentation. A great listen! This is a great beginners guide to learning about, managing and investing money. It provides a good high level strategic view, and also gives tactical and operational advice, especially about the types of index funds to hold in tax advantaged versus taxable buckets. However it is very heavily focused solely on Vanguard when not everyone will have access to, or want to use that firm.

It is fine if the author wants to use Vanguard, but he should provide more details on comparable index funds at other firms since most discount brokers pretty much have them now-a-days. Also, he doesn't give ETFs fair consideration. Why isn't this discussed? I like that the subject of charitable giving was treated towards the end of the book, although again I am puzzled by why he is pushing Vanguard Charitable. Yet again this is not mentioned. Personally I don't care for the author's use of the term "FU money".

I'm sure there is a better way to make this point without bordering on classless vulgarity. I bought this book because of the reviews, but I find it extremely unpractical and utterly boring. The author may have some good ideas about long-term finances, however, he has completely disregarded the short term. If I should summarize, his overall mantra is "become a millionaire when you are 70, but before that live as if you are broke". Also, I was expecting the tone of the book to be more like letters to his daughter - as the review of the book suggested - but it is nothing of the sort.

There is a lot of preaching about what is a good way to think about money and what is a bad way, ideas repeated a hundred times until it already hurts, and then the cherry on top of the cake was "someone give Mike Tyson a copy of my book". So, what exactly is stopping the author from doing that himself? I found this book interesting and it offers good tips and guides for investing and becoming financially independent - It is, however, very American-centric as this is the culture that the author is writing from.

I found this difficult to translate into a European model, particularly being a complete beginner. I did, however, find that there was some really good tips and advice on finances in general and is definitely a good guide for a beginner but I did find it very American based so difficult to follow from a European perspective. Definitely recommend. I love this book. Very simple, yet powerful! It really has the potential to change lives!

It works. Thank you. I am very new to the investment scene and this book is brilliant and reassuring. Investing can seem scary at first but Mr Collins makes it a very simple concept to understand and provides real-world examples to make it even easier to get your head around. I would highly recommend new investors and even current investors who feel that they may be over complicating it.

This is a one stop book on how to plan for maximum freedom in your future. It's very detailed and yet very accessible. Collins reads the book formidably and comes across very trustworthy. Highly recommended. Thank you Jim, I have learnt more than I could of hoped for in one book.

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Excellent book for anyone interested in reaching financial independence. A bit too focused in USA, but understandably so. Those in The Simple Path to Wealth will serve you well. The Simple Path to Wealth is an essential addition to your financial library. Sure, you could probably figure this out on your own, but why reinvent the wheel? I cannot improve upon the best. He makes complicated subjects simple and easy to understand.

The Simple Path to Wealth is the first book I recommend to people curious about financial independence. This is the one to get. It is smart, thorough and accurate; and sometimes even funny. It is no understatement to say that his principles changed the way I invest and made me wealthier in the process. From one of the Big Five Book Publishers. The ideas here are practical, easy-to-understand and backed up by statistics.

Now, in this book, he has managed to take all the confusing investing knowledge of our age, and condense and clarify it into something anyone can understand. Despite the simplicity of the message, the outcome is powerful: the most effective investing strategy one can implement, whether beginner or expert! The book includes simple parables that untangle unnecessary complexity and show how the power of compound interest can provide you with the wealth of freedom.

The writing is straightforward and colloquial, and powerful points are highlighted in a way that is easy to grasp. Reading this book can be a wise investment in your future, as well as a clear reminder of what is really important in life. Stories that just happen to be about exactly what you wanted and needed to learn about your money. This one does. Collins breaks down otherwise-daunting concepts and terminology to make learning the world of investing easy and enticing.

He tells you everything you need to know to get started and to continue on with success. This is the only book on wealth and investing that you need to read. He cuts through all the spin, complexity and jargon of Wall Street and makes investing simple enough for anyone to manage their own portfolio.

Crucially, JL Collins covers the mental and emotional aspects of investing as well as the technical aspects which is rare amongst investment writers. His Stock Series introduced passive index investing to a wide audience. Now you can get the same wisdom, distilled in book form. Jim tells you how to avoid common investing fears, misperceptions and mistakes.

He teaches about diversification, asset classes, asset allocation and the best way to use retirement plans. This is a simple, proven path to investment success from a guy who actually did it. Like many of my peers, I developed an unhealthy fear of the market. By the time I finally realized investing was one of the best ways to build wealth while beating inflation, I had no idea how to do it. Then I started reading JL Collins. This book makes one of the most overwhelming financial tasks not just simple, but exciting.

JL Collins has a knack for fact driven investment ideas that you can learn from to strengthen your financial muscle. A masterful must-read for anyone who expects financial peace. Collins removes the mystery and nonsense surrounding investing. We feel much more confident about how we invest our money. We love our business, but love even more that work is becoming a choice, not a requirement. The JL Collins common-sense approach to building wealth makes it easy for anyone to be successful. A couple of years ago, when I naively thought it would be out much, much sooner, I sat down with Mike and Lauren of YouTube fame to shoot a bunch of video surrounding the concepts in my book.

There should be when the series is done and you can see their intro and the first here:. The others will follow weekly on that same channel. So Money interview with Farnoosh Torabi. Mad Fientist Podcast interview. Watch it. If you simply want to buy the book without having a monthly subscription, you have to go with the paperback. Congrats on the book release!

Really appreciate the wisdom on this blog. I frequently send people here to peruse the stock series. I posted the following review on the Canadian Amazon site amazon. I hope the book will be available there soon — I really enjoyed it! The Simple Path to Wealth is brilliant in its simplicity as a resource for anyone looking to start investing for the future and unsure how to do it, or for anyone who is already investing but unsatisfied with their results or afraid of the markets.

There is no complicated math, crazy get-rich-quick schemes or underhanded sales pitches. Thus, certain recommended products may not be available to an international audience. However, Collins acknowledges and responds to both of these issues in the book, inviting readers to tailor the strategy to their own requirements. Overall, The Simple Path to Wealth is a great resource. Thanks again for writing this book. I will be giving my son this copy. I will also stop by my local library and begin bugging them to buy one!

I appreciate the review and the sale, and I love the idea of bugging your library to stock it. I have been lucky to have great jobs that I enjoyed. And then came a fork in the road, where there was talk of outsourcing my division at work.

The Simple Path to Wealth: Your road map to financial independence and a rich, free life

I was always a good saver, but I also had an expensive lifestyle, so I became much more diligent in getting my financial house in order. Two years later when the outsourcing became a reality I was in much better shape — I had a fatter bank account and I was armed with an understanding of how early retirement could be achieved.

I discovered an empowerment I never had before realizing I had choices! Otherwise, I am sure I would have stayed in Boston expensive and taken another job with my same company — in a different division that entailed a one-hour commute twice a day. Instead I relocated back to my hometown in VA.

Now I see my parents, sisters, nieces, nephews and old friends on a regular basis and am really part of their everyday lives. Before I followed your blog, it never occurred to me I was close to financial independence. A Simple Path to Wealth perfectly encapsulates the principles from the blog. I think she will enjoy it just as much as I did.

See a Problem?

Thanks for letting me know! I just ordered 2 copies to start, need to make a list of gift recipients before bigger order from the Amazon link on your website. Maybe will donate one to our library. I appreciate the sales and, what really feels good, is that the message will reach beyond the blog! Congratulations on getting it done, what a great accomplishment.

Hit the link at the end of this post and you can watch the Intro and 1. Finished it earlier today while sitting pool side. I really loved it. Great work, you have given a very much needed gift to the world. Thanks for the very kind works and especially for your coming Amazon review. Those really help. She clearly has excellent taste in presents. I also published the review on my blog.

Hi Jim, wanted to touch base because I saw you will be attending FinCon this year according to the attendee list. I will be attending as well first time attendee. I know how difficult it could be to plan, write, and publish a book—especially a book on investing. I know that this will inspire many to follow the correct path to financial independence. Looking back over the three years it took, I am a bit stunned at the time, effort and labor it took.

Your blog is one of the first personal finance sites that I found and it truly altered the direction of my financial life for the better! It expands on the ideas while at the same time being more focused and concise. The writing is far more polished as well. I am humbled and proud to be your friend. Your book is a trend setter and timely for those who are about to enter the world of investment. I will certainly buy two copies for each of my daughters as I want them to reap benefits of your wisdom. This also shows power of Internet and what it can do to transform countless lives; your blog has already proven that simplicity is the cornerstone of happiness even when it comes to achieving financial independence.

My younger daughter is at Columbia Law school so she will need this book to learn how to save once she starts making money. Hope your daughter reads it, she at the perfect age. Sometimes our kids hear the message better from someone other than us. I consider this blog to be one of the most important sources of personal financial advice on the internet.

Given that this website is an invaluable resource, it seems the least I can do is order this book and post a review on Amazon. Please keep up the excellent work, Jim. Too busy with the book and now with the launch. Fantastic wedding present as well — wish I had got it 10 years ago with ours!! Congratulations on finishing the book. And I really appreciate your coming Amazon review! I am only now understanding how important those are…. Congratulations on publishing! What an achievement! This book deserves all the accolades it has received so far, and deserves to do very very well.

The one economist that recommends renting and investing the difference is seen as a bit of a hippy. They tell me the book and Kindle versions should be merged to one landing page in the next few days. That should help. Hi Jim, This is great news! I would love to do an audio version. Some say I should hire a professional narrator others, citing my voice, suggest I do it myself.

I have no doubt this book will help many people make wiser choices when it comes to saving and managing their money. I appreciate you taking the time to write it. The world is better for it. So far that free time has proven elusive. Congratulations, Jim. I first followed your blog more than 3 years ago and your posts back then have helped inspired me to change my financial life. Recently found your blog and going through the Stock Series. Wow I wish I knew about all this many years ago! But never too late to start.

Glad you got the book. In many ways it is the material in the Stock Series combined with that of other posts, distilled into a better organized, more concise and better written I think format. Great job on the book. Looking forward to your podcast with Farnoosh Torabi as well. Will you be podcasting on any others? I stopped by my local library to ask they purchase this book today. They directed me to their website to request the book. I was able to visit their website and fill out the book purchase request form in a matter of seconds.

So, Help Mr. Congratulations on the publishing of your book. I will definitely swing by Amazon and pickup a Kindle version of it. Anxious to dive in this weekend. It sure has come a long way from somewhat of a reluctant hero trying to provide his daughter with ageless financial advice to now this. We sure appreciate you, Jim. And I very much appreciate your kind words, Jon. It has been a remarkable and unexpected journey. I emailed your comment to those guys. They all got a kick out of it. Not sure they agree I belong, but that was your call not theirs!

I can add a link in my site and upcoming Teachable course. I just looked and you already are linked in my Teachable Course almost done! I am going to update my resource section on my website though. My course is specifically for teachers I am a teacher on how they can get access to index funds huge pain in the neck. I just got my district to do it but this is pretty rare and I think every teacher should have access to these funds. The course also has a section on: 1.

Both of those units are with the intent that teachers could then take the newfound money and put it into index funds with the goal of maxing out their b and then some. Any chance this book will be listed on Google Books as well, or will be directly available from your site? So, possibly, but no plans at the moment.

Got the book last night. Love it so far…. Thanks for the great info. We had some brief conversations, but I decided to continue my plan to self-publish because:. Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice throughout the years. I intend to give this book to my brother as one of his wedding presents. I read the Millionaire Next Door and liked it, but then I like this sort of thing.

I can see where someone who was lukewarm on the subject might not care for it. A review will definitely follow. Suffice to say it did the trick on putting me to sleep. You could have it easily available as a pdf version. At the risk of sounding immodest, I think this is an important book that has the potential to help make lives freer, richer and happier. I want to see it reach as broad an audience as possible. That will take having a major publisher behind it and sales numbers that give me the clout to insure it gets their attention and efforts once they take it on.

On the other hand, if I can count and present the sales done directly, it might be the best of both worlds. We never buy books anymore. But decided that yours would be the exception. You have a high bar to clear: your book has to make us at least eleven bucks just to break even. See, if you had read my post more closely, you would have seen I recommend getting it from the library.

Oh, I saw that. I even looked up the catalog at the library. On your hands! Only if I get a cut of all the money following my advice is going to make you, DbF. Congratulations, JL! Gonna go purchase this now. God bless. Do you have information somewhere here on the blog or in the book on a path to moving IRAs that are in a managed fund over to Vanguard?

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  6. I have no idea how the transfer should be done. Thanks for any info on that. I just want you to know that I have always enjoyed your blog. Your content was always top notch and free of charge. My favorite post was probably the one on FU money. Thank you for providing me hours of entertainment and free resources that I could always use in my classroom. Our podcast, which you can find out more about at FutureSquared. The people who make investing endlessly complex, because if it can be made complex it becomes more profitable for them, more expensive for us, and we are forced into their waiting arms.

    Here's an important truth: Complex investments exist only to profit those who create and sell them.


    Not only are they more costly to the investor, they are less effective. The simple approach I created for her and present now to you, is not only easy to understand and implement, it is more powerful than any other. Together we'll explore: Debt: Why you must avoid it and what to do if you have it.

    The importance of having F-you Money.

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    How to think about money, and the unique way understanding this is key to building your wealth. Where traditional investing advice goes wrong and what actually works. What the stock market really is and how it really works.

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    Why the stock market always goes up and why most people still lose money investing in it. How to invest in a raging bull, or bear, market. Specific investments to implement these strategies. The Wealth Building and Wealth Preservation phases of your investing life and why they are not always tied to your age. How your asset allocation is tied to those phases and how to choose it.

    What investment firm to use and why the one I recommend is so far superior to the competition. Why you should be very cautious when engaging an investment advisor and whether you need to at all. Why and how you can be conned, and how to avoid becoming prey. Why I don't recommend dollar cost averaging. What financial independence looks like and how to have your money support you. The truth behind Social Security.