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If you link with Starling you will probably grow exponentially too! Please add as your next integration.

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February 25, Wave Connect is a Google Sheets integration that helps you: Download your invoice, customer, product, and report data from Wave. Upload invoice, customer, product, and transaction data onto Wave To learn more about this integration, including how to set it up, I recommend visiting this Help Center article on the topic.

February 26, Can i add my request for Starling and Monzo integration. February 28, March 7, Agree with the above, you can get a direct bank feed from Starling - please look into implementing direct support for this. Many thanks. March 13, Charlotte Member Posts: admin.

March 14, I plan to switch my banking to starling and so looks like I will need to switch away from wave as well if there is no support here for starling.

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The bank account itself will take priority over accounting software. March 25, Just moving all my business banking over to Starling and would prefer not to have to change accounting software!

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April 6, WildIsle Member Posts: 1. April 7, JamieD Administrator Posts: admin.

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April 13, April 24, I feel like we haven't had any positive confirmation that this has been suggested to yoddler, other than suggesting that we submit a request on their website. It would be nice to know if Wave had any communication with yoddle about Starling. April 25, But this is definitely something that would make me move if not fixed soonish.

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April 25, edited April 25, Gah what a waste of time, setting everything up has been. April 26, Very frustrating that even in offering a hand in trying to make this happen there's no movement. It's onto Xero for me I'm afraid. May 8, May 22, edited May 22, May 26, May 31, I fully agree.

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Starling shares your philosophy - they provide free business banking for sole traders and small firms. June 10, June 11, June 14, The sparseness of available challenger bank connections was due to a few factors, but can be boiled down to the following:. It comes back down to the evolving landscape of data-sharing and bank connections. In simpler terms: how do the bank and third party ensure that the person requesting data from the bank actually is that person, and, what are these players allowed access to?

Similarly, data aggregators like TrueLayer, have done the necessary work to connect with these APIs and provide a user journey that fits the Open Banking spec. Say goodbye to the days of typing your credentials in five times before getting them right and being able to link successfully. Or, having to give out every single number and letter of every single online banking credential you own, which you and I both know, is a nuisance.

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Now, rather than loading a webview where you are presented with the fields for your online banking credentials, you will be asked to type in your email address. How many accounts do you have to manage your finances? What about your credit score and your bills — do you have to use a separate app or website to stay on top of these? We think that great things can come from working together. The partnership will allow you to initiate a mortgage application and follow it through the entire procedure — right from our app. We believe this is a much better prospect than trying to build out our own savings and insurance products, which we would then upsell to our own customers, as has traditionally been the case in banking for a long time.

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These are a set of functions which allow services to talk to each other. In this case, Wealthify use our API to help speed up your account opening process by pre-populating a number of fields with data we have, and we use their API to show your Savings and ISA balances within the Marketplace.

A few partners, such as Wealthsimple and Habito, are starting out sharing data back to Starling but not yet using our APIs; this is something they will be integrating in future though to ensure user get the best possible experience.

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Each partner will need different levels of information too: for example a mortgage broker may need to see your transactions instead of you having to send bank statements , whilst an insurance partner may need access to your personal detail such as name, address, phone number and email. Regardless of how the integration is set up, you will always be brought into the Starling Bank app, told what information you will need to share and be asked to agree before any connection is made.

Plus, with our open API, all this information can be shared quickly and securely, with the option to revoke access anytime from the Marketplace section of our app.