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Shattered and blackened hulks now only marked the position they had occupied but a few hours before. Old Dutch schetteren Low German schateren. Formations such as scatter-brained had parallel forms in shatter-brained , etc.

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Intransitive sense from s. Related: Shattered ; shattering. Shattered by the verdict, I understood our country to be in a dismal state. Shattered completely, she crumbled toward the exit and disappeared. Shattered glass from a row of blown-out windows crunched beneath her feet.

Shattered pieces of glass and yellow police tape surrounded the spot. Shattered and disorganized, their retreat to Corinth had but little order.

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Shattered Poland's dissevered hand fell without warning upon their desks. Shattered and slowly sinking, the frigate drifted out to sea. Shattered here and cracked yonder, some missing, some overlapping in curves, the tiles have an aspect of irregular existence. Old Dutch schetteren Low German schateren. Formations such as scatter-brained had parallel forms in shatter-brained , etc.

Something breathes behind you. You turn around, and then you see it. One eye glows brighter than the other.

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His warts ooze a glowing, green puss. No one will come back to save you. All Reviews:. Devin Eastmond.

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Share Embed. Add to Cart. Surprising as it may seem, the bulk of the game was made when the developer was just fifteen years old. The game provides players with a variety of heart-pounding ventures, daunting scares, and petrifying chills.

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  • Storyline Shattered takes place in a medieval land known as the Rinnoden Mountains, where Zombies threaten all life in the area. These creatures cannot survive when exposed to large amounts of light, and thus can only come out at night or else remain in dark interior locations. For a long period of time, a local wizard is able to create and maintain a shrine that brilliantly illuminates all areas of the mountains, thus eliminating the threat of the zombies.

    However, on one ominous afternoon, a spark of lightning shatters the shrine to pieces that are sent soaring into remote locations across the land. After a matter of time, all residents of the area flee for fear of the returning threat Gameplay You are the one villager that refuses to leave after the shattering of the shrine.

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    Your objective is to collect the scattered crystal shards and return them to the shrine altar in an attempt to mend it. However, you are met with opposition. Zombies flood every dark location in the mountains.