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Sec 64 Parties may first seek reconciliation from available church bodies where marriage was celebrated. A marriage has irretrievably broken down where Sec 66 5. Maintenance payable to a person cannot be assigned, transferred, attached, or levied upon in respect of any debt or claim.

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Custody and maintenance of children remains under the Childrens Act and other law written law relating to children. Jurisprudence is slowly but steadily building on the Marriage Act, Here are a few pertinent points made by the Courts so far:. The Court had to interpret Section 66 2 e of the Marriage Act, which provides that a divorce may be granted where the marriage has been shown to have irretrievably broken down.

There was no doubt that the marriage had irretrievably broken down. The petitioner filed for divorce from his wife on the grounds of adultery. Section 66 2 a provides for the grounds upon which a civil marriage may be dissolved. These include adultery by the other spouse. In his petition and in his evidence the petitioner alleged that the respondent had affairs with other men, would come home late and drunk and was cruel to him.

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On the allegation of adultery the, court found that the petitioner had failed to name even one man with whom the respondent was committing adultery. The Court held that it is not enough to simply throw about allegations of adultery but the petitioner must adduce evidence to prove beyond a preponderance of doubt that indeed the respondent was committing adultery.

The petitioner must give names, times and occasions. The mere fact that he suspected one suspects his wife of adultery cannot amount to proof of the fact. As to application of the Act to causes filed before the commencement date. The Court held that the Marriage Act, was not applicable to a dispute that was filed on 31st October, and thus before the Act, which came into operation on 20th May, That even though the cause was heard on 28th May, after the commencement of the Act the cause was filed before the commencement of the Act.

This decision seems to be per incuriam in view of section 98 2 and the decision in M. The issue was whether the Hindu Marriages and Divorce Act repealed or the Marriage Act, applied to a divorce cause which was filed in before the commencement date. Lenaola J held that the Act applies to all ongoing divorce causes as far as practicable. The judge opined that the provision was inserted to take care of the lacuna created by Section 97 which repealed all the seven laws listed in the Schedule and which regulated marriage and divorce.

As to the waiting period before a foreign spouse can obtain permanent residency in Kenya. The appellants had appealed against the ruling of the High Court which denied their petition for a d eclaration that section 37 of the Kenya Citizenship and Immigration Act, which provides for a 3 year waiting period, as opposed to automatic residency status is unconstitutional.

The following persons, their children and spouses shall be eligible upon application in the prescribed manner for grant of permanent residence status in Kenya—. The petitioner had challenged the constitutionality of the Act for excluding some faiths Bahai from its scope. The Act was also challenged for permitting the practice of polygamy without requiring consent of existing wife or wives.

The court held that section 6 of the Act had to be read as including all marriages celebrated under any religious faiths duly recognized and registered in Kenya. The court further held that the practice of polygamy and registration of polygamous marriages without consent of the previous wife or wives is inconsistent with the equality provisions of the Constitution. He can be reached through ochieljd at gmail dot com. Do these laws mean that people married under for example have to register their mrriages as monogamous as the previous marriage acts are repealed.

I co habited for 3 years with a man who was customarily married. He went on and had a Christian wedding without my knowledge. What does the law say about this?


Do I have any recourse? They are polygamous marriages so i think the husband can marry another wife at his will not unless during your marriage you converted the polygamous marriage to a monogamous marriage. However, Christian marriages are strictly monogamous and hence he does not meet the capacity to contract a christian marriage since he is already married. Therefore, the latter marriage is null and void.

My question is, what documents does the my fiance need? By the way, Diana, do we have a registry of enactments at the national assembly where we can access the archives forthat matter? I must admit that Kenya has made such a commendable step in its trial to protect the marriage institution by passing this Law. However, I still strongly believe that Legislation at its best is helplessly incapacitated to protect marriages. Is this Act already in force? I am looking to register a marriage to be celebrated under customary laws and i am being told its not in force yet and that there are no forms in place.

What happens if you lose the certificate before you even signed it, we live in Dubai and our certificate has gone missing. Note that section 96 3 require the parties to a customary marriage to register such a marriage within three years of the coming to force of the Act up to 20th May, as the Act commenced on 20th May, Further, the Cabinet Secretary may extend the registration period by notice in the Gazette.

We are planning to get married in Kenya. Is it necessary to apply 21 day before or we can apply for marriage not as in advance? After we get marriage certificate in Kenya, where can I get apostil so it will be valued in Russia? Been married for ninetee years under customary. N Marriage not working and have been neglected including adultery.

Want to quit with child support. You would have to move the Magistrates Court to dissolve the marriage. I have been married with one kid for the last one year and wanted to know whether one can still get a marriage certificate and what is required of us? However, the law provides for a three year grace period from May and the AG is in the process of developing Rules to guide the process.

Dudley,if you were in marriage based in the past laws of equal share of property for both husband and wife despite the contribution.. I converted to Islam and will be getting married soon. If the Khadhi officiates the marriage what names will appear on the Marriage certificate i. You said marriage in embassies known as christian marriage? But we muslim marry and also my marriage with him with be civil marriage?


I dnt want imam of kenya come because i dnt believe in their things i only believe my iranian style so a pastor should came for him? Hi are affidavits done at a lawyers office recognized as legal documents that can stand in a court of law as record of a marriage? Was married three months ago under customary and just realised that the man is still married to another woman and a christian marriage,can it be nullified?

A party to a christian marriage has no capacity to procure another marriage while that christian marriage remains. Otherwise one commits the offense of bigamy and the subsequent marriage is also considered void.

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That means the subsequent marriage is treated as if there was no marriage at all. I have stayed with a lady of kenyan citizan, me also kenya citizan for oversix months. I am from a different faith than hers. Wnated to know if its true are we automatically husband and wife according to kenya law? Please help. I want to divorce my husband. Help please. These marriage laws are vague to succession law. That's why Photojojo founder Amit Gupta.

Married friends: What books on relationships did you read before getting married? Or wish you'd read? The discussion that followed produced a gusher of great recommendations from Gupta's friends and followers. The resultant reading list is a great place to start for couples ready to take the plunge into greater commitment or even couples who have already weathered quite a few storms together, but who feel they might benefit from a tune-up.

Here they are:. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman.

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This massive self-help bestseller was probably the most often suggested book by those responding. John Gottman, Another super popular suggestion, several respondents recommended basically anything by Gottman, a psychologist renowned for his research on what keeps marriages stable. There's comfort in the familiar, but there's a sense of excitement in finding new hobbies and activities to share. Take a day trip to place you've never visited. Sign up for salsa lessons. Try a restaurant on the other side of town.

It's human nature to want to strike back when the other person is being ugly to you.

What you need to do

But it's okay to be kind instead of being right. Of course, you won't always be able to take the high ground hello to my hotheaded temper! And it often diffuses the situation. A good annual physical. The fact that it's finally Friday. Go out and regularly celebrate the life you've made together. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Best Beach Reads. Getty Images. Here's the serious and fun stuff that will keep you together through good and bad.

A Special Place. Good Manners. Knowing When to Say "When". Dressing Up for Each Other. Shared Values. Special Traditions. Love Notes.

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Making a Big Deal out of Anniversaries. A Framed Photo.

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Your wedding photo does not count. Print it, frame it, and display it. Kissing "Hello" and "Goodbye".