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Tons of businesses go wrong by focusing on the first question. All things being equal, answering the first question above may be enough to convince some visitors to do business with you.

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However, on the web, all things are rarely equal. Ask yourself what makes you different from the dozens, or possibly even hundreds, of others out there doing the same thing. Everything you do to sell yourself has to focus on what your customers need, want and value. Great businesses are not necessarily those that do something unique. In fact, the bulk of your content should revolve around your UVP. Verizon Wireless gets a lot of flack for being expensive, but they are thought to have the best network. Because nearly every piece of content and advertising states it.

Selling products and services is pretty easy. For the most part, you have to realize that people searching and landing on your site already know they need your product or service. So that leaves selling yourself. Every bit of content on your site must be about them.

You can tell people that you sell widgets, or you can tell them that you understand their problems and sell the solutions they need! Are you an expert in your industry? You should be! Start making your knowledge work for you, and your customers. The easiest way to show your knowledge is through a blog. Your knowledge should be littered throughout the content of your site, as you write product and service descriptions, values, and specs. They provide specs, detailed installation instructions, maintenance information, and even videos explaining the composition of the flooring, such as this one:.

You should also be looking for some expert citations that show your authority.

5 Ways to Sell Your Products By Selling Yourself First

This might mean writing articles for other industry sites or even building a library of tools, tips, and tricks that other sites would want to source. Look for unique ways to demonstrate your knowledge so your visitors have no doubt that you are their go-to company! Most people think of site security as an IT issue. We can be very protective of our reputations and personal brands. Impression management is what you do to control and filter how others perceive your brand.

Instead, I encourage you to select some of your social profiles to make public and discoverable, and share your journey in authentic ways to whatever extent you are comfortable with. Snapchat and Instagram Stories also let you post some Stories publicly while sharing others privately with individual contacts. Others like LinkedIn are meant to be public and professional, and should be optimized as the destination for anyone looking to learn more about your career, get in touch or do business with you.

Consider how you want to set up your social accounts to create a platform for sharing who you are. The actions you take online—from leaving comments, to liking posts, to tweeting pictures—leave a digital footprint. And leaving your footprints in the right places can effectively help you network with others, garner interest in your business, and attract clicks to your site. As part of your efforts, seek out or create communities where your target audience lives.

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It doesn't even have to be online. Platforms like Meetup , among others, help you find the right offline communities to participate in around your city. Be mindful that your actions should ultimately aim to contribute value to these communities. People will recognize and even revile baseless self-promotion. Before you post anything, ask yourself if you're undermining the integrity of the community or its rules.

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Focus on using your voice to do the things that add value: teaching, entertaining, engaging and inspiring—your reputation will grow from there. Check out the following groups to learn from like-minded entrepreneurs, especially if you're a Shopify store owner:. The power of a good bio shouldn't be underestimated. You can use the personal brand statement we discussed earlier to inspire your bio. Take a look at Richard Branson's bio and how it not only captures his personality and interests but features his company's Twitter handle and a link to his blog.

Twitter Tip : Strategically pin a tweet to the top of your profile, then actively engage with other accounts. Use Twitter Analytics to see which tweets generate profile clicks over time. Braveen Kumar is a content marketing manager at Shopify where he develops resources to help aspiring entrepreneurs start and grow their own businesses.

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Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. In the meantime, start building your store with a free day trial of Shopify. Email address. Your store name.

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Create your store. What is personal branding? Get your story straight Everyone has, at the very least, the beginning and middle of their own story to tell. Craft your personal brand statement Don't try to be unique. Just be you-nique. Your personal brand statement consists of 3 key elements: Your target audience : The specific market or people that you serve. The value you offer : How you help your target market. What makes you unique : Why people choose to do business with you.

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