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But this part of Tuscany is not only a great mountain location to visit, but also renown for its seaside locations and beaches.

A wonderful blue sea, the breathtaking Apuan peaks on the back and wild pine-groves are the natural elements that make this stretch of coast line so special, with the elegant towns of Massa and Carrara, situated at the foot of the marble mountains. A sandy riviera, 20 km long, offers tourists well equipped beaches with sailing and diving centres.

In Marina di Carrara, you can find one of the most famous Italian sailing clubs, a forge of champions, such as Luca Santella, the Chieffi brothers and Paolo Bottari, who have excelled in regattas around the world. Known around the world for its marble quarry, Carrara is the capital of marble and the centre of the marble industrial sector. Marina di Massa is famous for the beauty of its many Liberty style Art Nouveau villas. Do not miss the unique view from the Pier of Marina di Massa, with the mountains covered in snow during winter or showing all the beauty of the marble in the summer.

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From the city centre, you can take a stroll to the Malaspina Castle , which is just a short distance away. The city offers a vast choice of accommodation and sport facilities, besides the well equipped beaches with private changing cabins, parasols and restaurants. The Apuan Alps are unique due their geo-morphological and naturalistic features: the mountain range is roughly 60 km long and runs along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea including Versilia, Lunigiana and Garfagnana.

As we mentioned earlier, the area is famous for the beauty of its marble and deep chasms, large cavities in the karstic subsurface and different types of rocks that create the perfect environment for a rich flora and fauna. Among the traditional products of the area, we find the Lardo di Colonnata, lard spiced with aromatic herbs from the Apuan Alps, aged and preserved in marble containers, special home-made bread baked in wood-burning ovens, wild herbs used to prepare polenta incatenata, made with corn meal, wild herbs and black-eyed beans.

Taglierini with beans is one of the main pasta dishes, then you can taste also stringoni tagliatelle , topeti gnocchi and the wonderful tordelli. Skip to main content.

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