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They are places where something is going on inside of you — some place of insecurity, fear, low self-esteem, or unmet needs. You need to take a good hard look at those buttons and ask yourself why they are so sensitive. What is the root cause of your hair-trigger feelings and what can you do to heal them? Talk to a counselor or friend or someone who can see you from an unemotional perspective. As you build your self-esteem and confidence in these areas, they won't be nearly as painful. Before you encounter your next button-pushing episode, make a conscious decision about the person you want to be.

You have the power to be a peacemaker in this world by seeking to rise above your emotional reactions. Practice detaching from ego-based thoughts and strive to connect to a vision of your higher self. I'm not saying this is easy, but if you plant the seed in your psyche now, before anyone pushes your buttons, it will help you stand firm when you want to overreact.

Sometimes there are people in our lives who take perverse pleasure in watching us squirm or lose control. It makes them feel better to make us feel bad. These are usually people to let go of in your life if you can.

Dealing with Difficult People- Introduction to New Series

They drain you of energy and joy. Some people will bottle up an issue and, knowing our vulnerabilities, will go for the jugular in order to make a point or stir the pot. If you have entrusted them with your vulnerabilities, it is a betrayal to use those against you, even in a so-called joking manner. But don't launch back with a barb. Ask for their support and love to help you heal instead. Let them know you expect open communication, not jabs and back-handed remarks.

When a button is pushed for you, try to view it as an opportunity for self-awareness, healing, honesty, and growth. Our closest relationships allow us great opportunities for learning more about ourselves and who we want to become. Conflict and hurt are inevitable, but you can teach yourself how you wish to behave the next time someone pushes your buttons. Have people pushed your buttons in the past? How have you handled it? Please share your thoughts and strategies in the comments.

I have a friend that pushes a button every time I see her and always, from what I can tell, unintentionally. I know that there is something in her behaviour that I identify with and this scares me. Hi Charlene, Aside from trying to understand what you identify with in her behavior, I think it would be good to have an honest conversation with your friend. On purpose. Dear Barrie, Your post shows up just in the right moment: My partner in life is a specialist in hurting my feelings by ignoring them.

He just informed me by the way, that his ex-wife stayed in our holiday-apartment a couple of months ago. There is to say, that I never met this woman since I know my partner — which is five years now. I just sent him an email asking, if he would promise me, not to let her go there anymore, if I would ask him to… After sending the email, I got your newsletter… But anyway, I have to know… Am I wrong? Do I overreact? Thanks for all your positive inputs. Hi Chris, Thank you for sharing your story here.

I am so sorry you are having this difficulty with your partner. If something your partner is doing is really bothering you, the two of you should be able to talk about it in a loving and supportive way. If your partner truly is an expert at ignoring your feelings and has no intention of changing, you need to consider if this is the best person to have in your life.

Thanks for your inspiring articles, Barrie. I get so much out of them and they help me cope with daily challenges. Button pushing is something I often have trouble with, even with my husband and kids who know how to get me going. Sometimes I can brush it off with humour, other times I want to explode.

Thanks for the reminder that it all stems from my inner feelings about myself related to insecurity and low self esteem. Maybe you can have a calm conversation with your family and ask them to stop pushing your particularly sensitive buttons. If you tell them how and why it bothers you, perhaps they will think twice the next time a finger is poised over one of your buttons. Great article Barrie.

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It took me a long time to realize that in truth, no one pushes my buttons but me. Yes, people do and say hurtful things, but my response to them is my choice… and sometimes Practicing Peace is a full time job! Thank you so much Linda! I really appreciate your sharing it. You are so right about practicing peace. I have been trying to apply the brakes with my husband since , he started his revolt to everyone that year, The revolt started with a real bang with four men being put in a critical care unite for trying to put him in his place, The front door exploded into my face the next few seconds and I was informed if I ever locked him out to be hurt again I would also be going.

The last two years have been like standing in front of a runaway locomotive, No compromise, no waiting on a future time everything is now, he does not wait for anything. I have lost all my friends now unless I get my husband out of my life, one of the things he refused to wait any longer on was sex after 31 years without, I was supposed to go to a political fund raiser with his fathers best friend, My husband put his foot down, more than hard with me trying to negotiate the way things were going to happen that evening, I said he should pick a place and we would meet with his mother father and anyone else in my circle that would come and calm my husband down, he refused the negotiation, said he was the only dog in the hunt, and from then on it was his way no compromise or promises taken and no prisoners either.

He raped me a few minutes later. Nothing has gone the way anyone wanted from my husband since, if they cross him he destroys them, if they interfere he interferes with them, A number of people have been hurt badly in both family situations, and when he made them angry enough to try direct action he reduces them to bloody piles. My father always told me when you can no longer negotiate its time to set defenses.

My husband over5whelms all defenses and overruns them. I have always been fearful of going against what people wanted, I had hoped my husband would eventually understand, He does not! He wont forgive me, he wont allow what happened before to continue, and to many are now watchi8ng over their shoulder to make sure they are not in his target sights. I know we abused him for many decades, he might have the right to demand his life back, but does he have to do it so hard and fast. They must know I am even more of a target and I could lose everything including the one good thing out of the last two years, My and my husbands son.

He has made it clear if I try and get around him one more time I will leave without our son because I am bi polar. Any suggestions, should I just put my head down and be the wife my husband requires, or should I do as his father wants and defy him, putting him in his place, I know defiance is the one way out of the life I have built. What helped me a great deal, was my exposure to the 4 basic personalities categorized by Tony Alessandra as Director Relator Socializer Thinker Each of them respond to situations differently Understanding this gave me a different perspective why people act the way they do.

Hi Pinny, You are absolutely right — our personalities have so much to do with how we react. Some people feel things so much more deeply while others let it fall of their backs like water on a duck. Perspective always helps us manage our reactions to others. Great point! Hi Alexis, That is quite true for some button pushers. But I do think there are people who say things unknowingly that can stir the pot. But in those cases, it was more about me than them. Intentional button pushers who do it out of meanness are deserving of contempt, but also compassion. If your pleasure is causing someone pain, that is quite sad.

Its crazy, because I have been putting up with two at work that seem to just cause me a lot of grief , but I am trying to pray and remember kind words, thoughts and actions. Its not always easy, as I have become quite angry, and I am trying to remember that alot of time there are underlying reasons that people take a jab at someone, and part of it could be their own unhappiness at events in their lives, and see you being happy and becoming more content, they have a tendency to try to take it away, and I think its usually unintentional or subconscious, not always a conscious thing.

With others, they see that request as an invitation to push your buttons even more. When a button-pusher gets no reaction, eventually they will grow tired and stop. I think your strategy is a good one. Just smile and breathe. Give them no push-back. Their words are just words — nothing more. I like this how you presented it Barrie.

These buttons are really too sensitive sometimes. We do need to find out why. Yes it is difficult Roman.

Seven ways to be insufferable on Facebook

If you can find just one little strategy to put between your feelings and reactions, it will buy you time to let the feelings pass and analyze the reasons behind them. It definitely takes practice! I just had such an incident with my ex-boyfriend. I know he does not intend to hurt me, but I do feel sometimes some blame in his voice and that just reminds me of my previous relationship which I initiated to end also. Anger is often a cover for pain.

For me, I either look inside or outside. If I am over-working, I am more irritable buttons more sensitive. Taking on less or taking time out for myself makes my buttons less easier to penetrate. Or, how do I not take it so personally? Maybe they are anxious, lonely, having relationship conflict of their own. Hi Marci, Oh you are so right — when we are tired or stressed , our buttons are extra, extra sensitive! And yes, sometimes it is very clear that the issue is completely about the other person. Hi Barrie, Very useful post!

My reaction when people push my buttons depends on whether it is intentional or not. If it is intentional, then I try not to react in a way they expect me to. After a couple of times, they are likely to stop trying to push my buttons as they are not able to unsettle me and get a reaction that would give them satisfaction! If it is unintentional, then I try to look within and figure out why it makes me feel so.

You are doing exactly the right things Gaori. And you are so smart to look at your own reactions and try to understand them. That is the starting point of personal growth. My hubby is a button-pusher extraordinaire. I do not understand why someone needs to get that reaction. His father used to get a perverse kind of pleasure when he picked on me until I managed to get my emotions under control and quit responding at all to him. DH is an expert at dishing it out but God forbid if you give it right back to him. Hi, I completely relate with you. I have to a point where I feel like my husband wants me to look bad and after the anger the sadness overwhelms me to why he needs to do this to me….

He says it is a joke to others, while he is really calmly implying things about me that are inaccurate and involved times in our marriage where he was unfaithful. So at a time when he was rebuilding trust with me I was of course cautious — he now implies I was controlling. When in fact we both know what the truth was…. Your article depicts exactly how it is…his seemingly calm ways but I am the one who is seething at my mouth in reaction….

If only there were much more personal blogs just like this specific one in the actual cyberspace. You have helpfull comments.

1. Focus on your own behavior

Two faced people are not worth your time. Ill mannered behavior should be discounted. Peace be upon us. My father pushes buttons in a way to get a rise out people. Then when the victim reacts he gets passive aggressive and he acts annoyed!!!! Many men go to great lengths to hide the fact that they are married. If a husband can have an affair and betray the woman he married, then he is capable of telling multiple lies, both to the wife and mistress. Bottom Line : Unless a woman is a sociopath, she feels guilty for crossing the line, just like any normal human being would.

Every adult is accountable for their own actions -- of that there is no doubt. Unfortunately, sometimes circumstances and poor decisions can lead to affairs. It's not likely on the goal list of any woman to get wrapped up in an affair with a married man and potentially lose her career, credibility, friends, or -- in some extreme cases -- her life because of it. Not to mention, some women who have affairs are also married and have families of their own that they are jeopardizing by getting involved in an affair.

Many women end up being the other woman by having a "fling" with a man with whom they never intended on being with on a regular basis. They may or may not have known the man was married but they went ahead anyway, later ending up infatuated or in love. There are women out there that don't have a problem dating married men and seem to have little regret about it, but generally speaking, this is not usually the case.

Many times a husband will make promises that can string a mistress along until so much time passes that it becomes difficult for her to break it off. A husband may even go so far as to tell the mistress he's separated or in the process of a divorce when this is not the case. If a mistress is in love, she may not want to end it, even if she knows it's wrong.

If a woman has become a mistress and she knows that her lover is married, then most certainly she feels jealous. She feels jealous every time he walks out the door. She knows he is going home to another woman. She knows her lover has another life at his home which she will never be a part of. Unless she has a family of her own, a mistress's life is usually pretty lonely, emphasized by the fact that her heart probably sinks just thinking of what her lover is doing at home with his wife and family.

She feels jealous that he shares a bed with his wife and will never know the true level of intimacy that's going on despite what she's been told. Some mistresses even have children with their married lovers. Imagine what a complicated web that must be. There's no doubt that a mistress feels envious that her lover's relationship with his wife is not a secret to the world like hers most likely is.

One thing that many mistresses crave more than anything is validation that her relationship with her lover is real. Sneaking around in secrecy is not the ideal for having a healthy, long-term relationship. A mistress, like any other woman, wants her lover to be proud of her, to tell their friends about her, and for them to have the desire to tell the whole world how much they love her. Well, this is a no-brainer, but unfortunately, love and lust are blind. When this happens, needs get buried, and in a relationship, unmet needs will always feed resentment. In a healthy relationship, both people need their turn at being the supported and the supporter.

Next Saturday I get to choose what we do. If your partner constantly goes through your receipts, phone bills, text messages this shows a toxic level of control. Lying and cheating will dissolve trust as if it was never there to begin with. The toxicity of this lies in the slow erosion of confidence. Know when enough is enough. Your voice is an important one. I think I might be in a toxic relationship. What now? See here for how. Be clear about where the relationship starts and where you begin.

Keep your distance emotionally and think of it as something to be managed, rather than something to be beaten or understood. Look for the patterns and look for the triggers. Above all else, know that you are strong, complete and vital. In an attempt to make it make sense, you might blame history, circumstance or your own behaviour. The truth is that none of this matters. Love can be a dirty little liar sometimes. So can commitment. Staying in a relationship should never have losing yourself as one of the conditions.

If a relationship is built on love, it nurtures, restores, replenishes and revives. Everything you need to be happy is in you. When you are with someone who suffocates those precious parts of you, be alive to the damage they are doing. You owe them nothing, you owe yourself everything. I can see that my fantasies of reconciliation are likely just that— fantasies that could yield some small initial result, but that would dissolve over time, taking us right back to the kind of interactions that led to the split to begin with.

Too many matched perfectly with the examples you gave above. Desmene you sound so clear. It sounds like the wisdom was in you all along. I deal with people who get stuck in these relationships and they do not realize that they have options. In this day and age is so easy to meet new people thanks to the internet. One should never feel locked into a relationship.

Even if people stay in a relationship for the kids, build other professional and social relationships outside of that. The relationship was intense and passionate. I knew that he was serious about our relationship, but I had a nagging feeling of insecurity because he was married before — divorced for 7 years. Also because he was so successful in his career, and I was just a young lady starting my first job. Out of my insecurity, I did things to intentionally push him away — said hurtful things and flirted with other men.

We had plenty of arguments because of my insecurity. Somehow or rather, our relationship lasted for 2 years, but we fought every other week. I was always apologetic, tried to explain that I love him but was always very insecure. Whenever I reply to him, he would ignore my messages. You never cared about me. He would tell me that I destroyed the relationship. He did nothing but showed me love and care, but I threw it all away. Not to reconcile, but I fought so hard for his forgiveness. No matter what I say seems to make sense to him. He even claimed that I was stalking him. Yet, he is the one initiating all these texts.

Did I really destroy the relationship on my own? You do not have to have his forgiveness. You did nothing wrong but want to be loved and to give love. You said it yourself, he claims you are stalking him yet he is initiating the contact. You said that. No, you are not a bad person, he is. This man does not love you. This man DOES not love you because he is not capable of love. He needs you only to take you apart piece by piece until there is nothing left for him, and then he will toss you to the side and you will never be given a reason, he will take no blame and he will probably not leave you alone because negative emotion from you is just as good if not better than the positive.

Does he tend to have a pattern with his anger? Maybe you can try to notice these things now. And you will stand on your head trying to explain to him what really happened, but then he changes the subject and you find you are defending yourself for something that happened five years ago.

And when he finally gets you tied up in knots and in tears and almost crawling on the floor trying to make him happy, he walks out the door and you get a nice lively dose of that oh so painful, silent treatment. And who knows now if he will come back, or who will he run to, and when you are just about at the end of your rope, there he is. And he walks in like nothing ever happened. And you are so damn grateful and relieved that he is home and he is safe, that you let it go. And then it starts all over again.

Have I hit on any truths there for you? He does not love you, love does not feel so horrible. Love should not hurt so badly that you start to doubt your sanity. Because it has nowhere to go but downhill now. It sounds like he has already discarded you, threw you in the trash and takes not one bit of the blame on himself. He is already looking for a fresh victim and is just going to finish using you up while he looks.

Today is the day I declare my freedom though. He is out of my home, we are now divorced, and he almost has all of his stuff gone. What is left now he can come get escorted by the police only. He has dragged this out for four months, and Yesterday was the last time. No more chances. But I also promise that you can heal, from this and even start to feel some hope, trust is barely starting to happen with me, but very little and I guard it with my life.

But I have a glimmer now. And Karen, remember those months ago you said I would become stronger? I said I would be superwoman! Yahoooooooooooootie, I am free. He cannot define who I am, no one can do that but me. And I have taken yet another stand in my pursuit for freedom and it is worth more than anything else to me right now.

There is a good chance that you are the “friend” that everyone finds insufferable on Facebook

OH, and you know what else? You know that pain you get everytime you think of him, and you remember him how it was at first? Your heart breaks all over again? You will get to a point when you realize that person you fell so hard for is not real. The real one is the one that can look at you while you are crying your heart out, and you feel that you might just die from the pain,, you will see in his eyes only the disgust he feels for you and your weakness.

And he will leave you there on the ground so broken you first think you will die, then you begin to welcome it, and walk away from you without looking back. You are no longer even fuel for his sickness. Thank You God for letting me out of that sick living.

And for the chance now I have to find myself again. And for all that has come in between. Amen and hallelujah. Well said!!! God bless you and your strength to share and help others!!! Often, we seek relationships that support our opinions.

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Why do people manipulate others? Is it because they are idiots? Is it because they need to feel powerful? Our life experiences have confused our insecurity, uncertainty and anxiety in our previous relationships of passion. Dane Se- he had a beautiful relationship that lasted several years, now he was with me, I should turn the game all different to receive this love with open arms and live! Without worrying about anything else, I would try to live this love, that moment until it lasted …. Instead, we fall in love with someone emotionally unavailable. Someone who leaves us uncertain.

Someone who pulls us away when we need closeness. Someone who treats us as our needs does not matter. Leaving is NOT the only solution. I used to be in that relationship! I am not the enemy! Married 39 years, the first 30 were miserable, got counseling, and the past 9 years have been better to great! A lot of my time was wasted by not standing firm in what I expected in our marriage.

That is not how we are suppose to live, not ever. We were not put on this earth to be miserable for 30 years and there is no way you will ever convince me that this man has any respect for you. If it is God you are worried about displeasing, My God, loves me, I am his child, and he does not even wish me to stay in misery to please him, he wants me to be the best I can be and he wants me to help out and do what I can to ease suffering of his other children. That marriage is not one that he would approve of, he wants us to grow and live and love not suffer and plead and demand.

But I really wish for you to find your peace where you see fit, and I wish you only the best. We all might not get the chance to live that long. If i only got 50 years on this planet, it means i will die miserably if i want to stay in a 30year old miserable marriage. If i got 60 years on this planet, it means i spent a good amount of my life miserable because i got marry to the wrong person, terrible advice….. Pam, I completely agree with you! And those are the same ones who refuse to agree with you if you are living a happy and healthier life than theirs.

7 Easy Ways To Stop Feeling Angry Right Now

Misery is the norm to them. I think I was in a toxic relationship and even now it feels weird to say this because he was such a nice guy but you know I still broke up with him because he was not nice. Another example, we were both unemployed at the time. I decided this because I think that I may have been the toxic one. Michelle this sounds like a relationship where perhaps the combination of you both was more an issue than the type of people you are individually.

This is so spot-on. I had some hard, hard work to do to recognize how I had really ignored so many signals, all in the hope of being loved and affirmed. Feeling the old shame of unworthiness just gutted me, but columns like this one helped me see that, while I certainly bore responsibility for not really listening to my intuition and keeping myself and my energy safe, I am a beautiful, whole person, deserving of truly supportive, respectful friends.

Long process, and still ongoing, but my primary focus right now is growing love and trust in dialog with my Inner Self. Thank you so much for your offerings here! How about when you find yourself in one toxic relationship after another? Toxic people are drawn to people with warm, generous, open hearts. Are you deliberate about who you allow to be close to you? Or is it more a passive process where they are drawn to you and you let them close.

Do you listen to the early feelings you have about people? Your intuition in these situations is so important. Intuition is the collection of memories, knowledge, wisdom, etc that sits just below the surface of your consciousness.

15 Signs of a Toxic Relationship -

It is based on real information, but generally the information is just out of your awareness. If you feel as though you are the one who deliberately chooses these people, what is it that draws you to them? Who do do they remind you of? Your mother? When people are drawn to the same people, it is often a sign of unfinished business. Let me explain. We humans have a pressing and intense need for closure. Because this need is such an important one, you will continue to look to have it met.

Remember, this happens out of awareness. You might find yourself being drawn to people who remind you of him, and then look to them for that protective love. Of course, it might be something completely different to either of these possibilities that sees you being drawn to the wrong people. Have a think about what draws you to these people, what keeps you in the relationship and where you would like your boundaries to be.

The key is understaning that you 1 do not always have to be the nice guy and 2 You can be very happy by yourself. Once you understand those two things you end up attracting the right people for business and social. You are quite right there Theonlyone. Truth is, I have very good intuition but my biggest fear really is how far can I lean on intuition when there is d risk of having no friends at all?

Afterall, no one is perfect, right? Karen, I have my intuitions and they are usually frightenly true … at least it turns out to be true. I tell myself that since no one is perfect, why should I expect my friends to be? Sadly, I only get to answer that question myself when the damage has gone too far. I made a friend 15 years ago and she was practically my best friend for the first 8 years. She had her moments of irrational outbursts every now and then … and demonstrated moments of intense immaturity… But there was no major toxicity at the time, to make me flee.

Truth is she was quite caring on her flip side and I believe, even till now, that she truly appreciated me as a friend then. Then sometime in the 8th year of our friendship, she introduced me to her brother who came home on a visit from the states… and before long …and with her encouragement…. And that was when things started getting weird. Now, just around this time, she had just come out of a broken relationship herself, so I tried all I could to encourage her and support her through it … though in earnest, I never got d feeling she was really into the guy and she admitted this several times herself… even before her relationship ended.

Anyways back to my relationship with her brother … she lured me on until we actually started dating and we officially became an item. Then she became aggressively aggressive. She would reign all manner of negative comments, fault finding and accusations at me, as an opening statement when I call her on the phone.

Once when I travelled to the states on a Christmas visit to her brothers, he gave me an engagement ring. I came back home naively excitedly sharing my joy with her … she put on a front… but that nagging intuition told me things were not necessarily as they seem. Her rudeness and weird behavior persisted in days that followed. As it just so happened, her brother was quite the indecisive himself and I was increasingly getting uncomfortable with the whole arrangement… her behaviour not helping matters.

I told that I would be waiting, if he ever changed his mind. Here I was hurting and needing a shoulder to cry on but her reaction was soo toxic … I could taste it. She pretended she was hearing it for the first time and reprimanded me, like one would a child, saying I should never have given him the ring back … I should have held on …bla bla bla. This is by far the most toxic relationship I ever had with a female friend and all the more saddest, because I still believe we once had a true friendship…. The weirdest part is.. She got married about a year after I broke up with her brother… and as an afterthought, sheepishly asked me if I would join her bridal train, I respectfully declined…..

Now 5 years on … we work in the same office now…. I do everything possible to not get burnt by her toxicity. I would get a new job. But really, look into getting out of that office. What I would say is that what happens is that some people are raised to be a bit idealistic about relationships. Unfortunately, the real world is not fair and people can be vicious. Nice guys do finish last. That is the sad truth of the matter. Karen, I want to thank you for this site. Margaret has a point and I applaud her for reaching this goal.