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The Warrens have worked on hauntings that have inspired the films "Amityville Horror," "The Conjuring, "Anabelle" and more. Lorraine Warren continues to lecture with her son-in-law Tony Spera about the supernatural and what to do if you encounter a being from beyond. Have you been to any of these haunted places? Do you know of a haunted site not on the list? Tell us in the comments. Which do you think is the scariest? Do you know of a haunted house not on the list? Tell us in the comments or e mail wendy.

The doll allegedly began to move about their apartment on it's own. Left on the couch it would be found in closed bedrooms. It also began leaving the girls messages, and they found themselves with strange scratches and cuts.

The 15 scariest haunted houses in the US

They eventually called the Warren's -- renowned paranormal investigators-- who proclaimed the doll was host to a demonic spirit, preformed an exorcism and then placed the doll in their museum of haunted objects. As is the story with many mental hospitals in the early 20th century, treatment was cruel and methods were not made entirely public until after the facility was shut down.

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The Fairfield Hills State Hospital was not alone in its stories of mysterious deaths and maltreatment, according to Damned Connecticut. Also like many abandoned mental institutions, claims of haunting and paranormal activity abound. The first strange thing about this cemetery - dubbed by some as the most haunted in Connecticut- is that there is no story to explain the paranormal activity.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia () - IMDb

As far as these hauntings go, people have claimed to have heard children's laughter, seen a boy playing who suddenly disappears and sighted a man carrying a lantern up the path. Of course, people also say, upon entering the cemetery, they have experienced extreme temperature drops, feelings of dread and of course -- general creepiness.

With its history of tragedies, it's no wonder Lake Compounce has a reputation for being haunted. Beginning with a property trade from Chief John Compound to a group of white settlers after which Compound drowned in the lake the theme park has accumulated a long history of oddities, according to Damned Connecticut.

ALABAMA: Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham

Throughout the years the amusement park has accrued quite the list of deaths, especially freak accidents in relation to the rides. Because of this, it's no wonder people claim Lake Compounce haunted. Claims of eerie music, disembodied voices and dark, shadowy shapes are abundant. There have also been incidences of lights turning on and off by themselves, objects moving of their own volition, and general after-hours creepiness reported by security and staff. Like any old, abandoned factory - especially one with a history of random tragic deaths - creepy stories are rampant at Remington Arms.

Its history of workers falling into boiling vats of metal, as well as freak explosions have led to reports of shadowy figures wandering in the factory as well as eerie lights and voices, according to the Travel Channel. Police officers in the area have mentioned seeing suspicious paranormal-type activity in the factory as well. Local gangs or haunted for sure? Slated as "The Wicked Witch of Monroe" after her husband Captain Joseph Covey went out for a walk one day - right off a cliff - Hannah Cranna's story is quite the local legend. According to the story on Wikipedia , Hannah would scare her neighbors into giving her food, punishing those who refused with bad spells and rewarding her believers with good.

She reportedly told the locals that she would soon die and wanted her casket carried on foot as opposed to by wagon to the cemetery. The pallbearers went against her wishes and used a wagon - to no avail: the casket rolled off the wagon again and again. Litchfield Inn, Litchfield The ghost of a Native American woman is said to haunt the kitchen and dining room.

Grove Street Cemetery. Shubert Theatre.

5 most 'haunted' places in Massachusetts

New Milford Historical Society Museum. Milford Historical Society All three of the Colonial buildings are rumored to be haunted. Sleeping Giant State Park. Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden An apparition of a man dressed in black has been seen by the castle. Fairfield County Haunted lighthouses and mansions — the perfect recipe for a gripping read, a scary movie, or a weekend visit to Fairfield County. Sheffield Island Lighthouse, Norwalk Home to a young ghost named Abbey, along with two adult ghosts that care for her.

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  5. Lockwood-Mathews Mansion Museum c. Bruce Museum.

    Scariest haunted houses in the U.S.

    Bruce Museum, Greenwich Witnesses have claimed to see the ghosts of an ill-fated Irish lass and her handsome piper. Seaside Shadows Haunted History Tours. Captain Grant's, Nathan Hale Homestead Captain Daniel Packer Inne. City of New London. Want more like this? What are you most interested in getting more about?

    15 of the Most Haunted Places in America

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