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As a lawyer, Abril was well aware that the Spanish constitution requires the national government to. He was the first politician to understand the major difference between the. So he said no to.

In Italy, Catalan is recognized as an official language at the municipal level at Alghero in western Sardinia, but is not recognized at the national level. According to Abril, both Cerf and Klensin were at this time resistant to the notion of an Internet community being defined by language and culture, for the purposes of a sponsored Top Level Domain. At this meeting Klensin asked:. Here is an egregious example:. Give these folks their second choice.

But they refrained from publicising their decision. According to Abril, Twomey wrote to them in August; both governments replied by early September confirming their stated positions Abril, Amadeu Abril has estimated the cost of the. Its registry platform will be provided by CORE, who provide the same registry service to the. Domain names under. Will there be much demand for these names outside Catalonia? Gaining higher visibility through use of a top level domain TLD is not, of course, sufficient to promote the increased use of that language.

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Broadband access to the Internet in Spain in December had an average penetration of 8. However the Generalitat has taken steps to provide affordable broadband access to percent of Catalan households, including remote dwellings in the Pyrenees. This pragmatic solution is supported by all of the elected Catalan political parties Grau, ; Generalitat de Catalunya, There are reportedly more than 6, human languages and dialects in use today [ 12 ], each one providing both a means of communication and a sense of cultural identity, including a distinct historical context, for its speakers.

But of course the numbers of speakers of these languages varies hugely. Most of the most spoken languages are also extensively read and written, providing access to distinct literatures, histories and other cultural resources, as well as providing for the more fortunate readers, writers and speakers the ability to participate in relevant economic, administrative, religious and judicial systems, as well as within relevant communities.

To what extent are these languages used on public Web sites? Measuring the usage of human languages on the Internet is a very inexact science, but Table 1, based on work by Guinovart , shows the relative proportions of 45 languages identifiable by the search engine Alltheweb amongst the million Web pages it had crawled by 26 March And they need not be restricted to minority languages.

This criterion would make it very difficult for a language community whose language is already associated with a country name and hence an existing country code, e. This criterion will make it difficult for language communities with fewer than one million users to get a high score. The history of the campaign to win.

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Whereas support for. The same political sensitivities and cultural limitations will face other language communities wishing to use the. There are a number of important concomitant resources needed to promote the use of any language on the Internet. It is significant that the Catalans have covered all these bases through appropriate policies and investments. I am grateful to my two doctoral thesis supervisors for their valuable feedback on an early draft of this paper: Dr Roy C.

This paper would not have been possible without the time generously given me by Amadeu Abril i Abril in Barcelona, and by Dr Bruce Tonkin in Melbourne, in briefing me on key aspects of the campaign for. Miquel Serra.

Open registrations for Volt II: Challenging large energy infrastructure projects. | ODG

Albert Balcells, Catalan nationalism: Past and present. Translated by Jacqueline Hall with the collaboration of Geoffrey J. New York: St. Generalitat de Catalunya, Private communication to the author, 20 September Barbara F. Grimes and Joseph Evans Grimes, Volume 1: Languages of the world. Dallas, Tex.

Do you accept the challenge of visiting Catalunya? By Gerard Piqué

Paul Hoffman, ICANN, ICANN, a. ICANN, b. The Peoples Energy Sovereignty Network Catalonia and the organisations that are part of it, want to invite you to participate in the second edition of the VOLT, a journey that aims to establish links between different groups, campaigns and local struggles.

The VOLT also aims at building alliances to work on future responses to major energy projects. The aforementioned projects consist of gas and electricity interconnections that promote the creation of the single gas and electricity markets within the EU.

Balanç de l’energia

These projects benefit from privileges such as public funds and accelerated administrative procedures for their implementation. These institutional dynamics clash with local realities, which are often relegated to the role of passive actors that just accept whatever the high-profile arrengements. Moreover, these UE strategies have a strong dimension beyond EU territory, as these infrastructures penetrate the North of Africa, the Middle East and the Caspian region.

Thus, the VOLT II wants to challenge the goals, the plans and the implementation of large energy projects, putting concepts like democracy , sovereignty , development, rights and necessities in the center of the political debate; and will attempt to answer questions such as whether the large energy project cycle is democratic?